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An Assistance Dog Trainee for FloridaSNMom's family
I know I haven't been around much lately. Frankly, I've been trying to avoid political arguments -- I have too many things going on in Real Life to get sucked into that. I've been working on ...
Noor B 08/10/2013 44 69 1 -
Thank you all
Saturday night's fundraiser blew past my hopes. The full amount raised was $760 dollars, give or take a bit. I've transferred enough to my bank account to more than cover the check for the oil ...
Noor B 12/31/2012 4 30 - -
Community Fundraiser: More Month Than Money - GOAL MET! THANKS!
I have resisted this for months, and finally, I have to swallow my pride. My husband is working, and if things had stayed okay, we'd still rock along. But things aren't okay. I need more medical ...
Noor B 12/29/2012 92 51 - -
MD-01 Race: Up the creek without a candidate.
Maryland Juice broke this Monday, and I just found it. Better to share late than never, I guess. Rosen is out of the race for the Democratic ticket. Period. End of line. Teapublican incumbent Dr.
Noor B 09/13/2012 22 11 - 107
Hybrid vehicle retrofits just around the corner!
For a few years, I owned a Prius. God, I loved that car. But it got creamed twice, and I couldn't get a wire crate large enough for my dog into it. I traded it in for a used RAV4, so I'd have the ...
Noor B 09/11/2012 72 38 1 358
How much is a painting worth?
Specifically, how much is it worth in a split donation, half to the Obama campaign and half to Wendy Rosen's campaign? Take a look below the orange arabesque, tell me what you think, and I'll ...
Noor B 09/06/2012 9 12 - 98
The least among us
Somebody hit a kitty in front of my house, in the early hours of the morning. When I found her, rigor had already set in. Whoever hit her left her there for dead. But I don't think she died all ...
Noor B 06/05/2012 38 67 - 363
Help fund an obscure story, waiting to be told
Have you ever heard of the Highwaymen? No, it's not an obscure indie band. It was an ad hoc group of African-American artists during the civil rights era, documenting the Florida landscape they ...
Noor B 02/20/2012 6 6 - 45
Dear Markos (an open letter)
Markos, I have tremendous respect for what you've accomplished with this site. Even when you make mistakes, I usually feel sure that your intentions are the best possible. This is still true even ...
Noor B 02/16/2012 44 22 - 150
WYFP: Resolutions Suck
Yes, they do. And I'm not making any this year. WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, ...
Noor B 12/31/2011 92 33 - 187
WYFP: Holidays Approaching Edition
I am not ready for Christmas. I am not ready for Yule. I am not ready for New Year's. I am losing my everloving mind. WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to ...
Noor B 12/03/2011 137 36 - 282
A shot across Rick Scott's bow
Many of us who are current or former Florida residents have been aghast at the actions of Rick Scott and his wrecking crew. I can't -- and won't -- speak for my compatriot Florida "ex-pats", but ...
Noor B 11/28/2011 70 280 2 1603
Kos Katalogue member: Peregrine Spirit Heartworks
My cottage business is a fiber and needle arts studio. I love fiber -- cloth, yarn, raw fiber, roving, decorative stitching, the whole nine yards (literally). I love clothes that suit the wearer's ...
Noor B 11/25/2011 10 33 1 117
A mandala for our Nurse Kelley
As everyone knows, our own Nurse Kelley (KelleyRN2) has had an awful year health-wise. First there were the breathing problems this summer. The doctors never figured out that one. Now she is ...
Noor B 11/22/2011 122 161 - 601
WYFP: An Embarrassment of (Creative) Riches
A few weeks ago, my UU fellowship started a women's spirituality workshop focusing on the intersection of spirituality and creativity. We've been using Julia Cameron's book The Artist's ...
Noor B 10/29/2011 183 35 - 275
#OWS: Occupy Baltimore Given Deadline to Disperse
Occupy Baltimore needs a show of solidarity, and they need it now! I've been trying to follow the news on Occupy Baltimore via Facebook. After a hectic weekend when I barely got ...
Noor B 10/25/2011 3 15 - 80
Occupy DC/October 2011/99% Movement: Saturday evening field report
I spent some time this evening with the demonstrators at Freedom Plaza. Please note that this is actually the October 2011 demonstration, but their goals and ideals are compatible with the ...
Noor B 10/09/2011 14 35 - 142
Occupy Together Everywhere
Occupy DC yesterday was a hoot. I had a great time. I wish I was 20 years younger, because I really wanted to stay overnight. But my spine just cannot handle sleeping on the ground any more. ...
Noor B 10/07/2011 12 23 - 78
WYFP: The Depression Quilt 2.0 Edition
Sometime last winter, as I realized I was slipping into the black, I went fabric shopping. I had a gift card to a national fabric chain, I had the redecorating jones, I needed cheering up, and I ...
Noor B 09/24/2011 131 51 1 307
Maryland Kos: June 2011 Unemployment Map
First off, you want to go here. Then we'll have something to talk about below.
Noor B 08/19/2011 10 4 - 60
An open letter to my US Senator
The New York Times has an editorial today that everyone should read. In that editorial is a link to proposed ...
Noor B 07/26/2011 11 14 - 90
WYFP: Life. Oy.
It's been a wild, weird month. I'm going to make this short and sweet, because we're late getting this up. And yes, I really missed you guys!!!! WYFP is our community's Saturday ...
Noor B 07/02/2011 77 56 - 301
WYFP Midweek Open Thread
I just finished my sub assignment for the week. It was a good week in many ways. I just wish I could get [ahem!] compassion-challenged members of conservative parties to come listen and watch for ...
Noor B 04/20/2011 113 19 - 185
WYFP Midweek Open Thread
Where the hell is spring? I swear, there's been three days of cold and crappy for every single warm sunny day this season. How the hell am I supposed to get any gardening done in this weather?
Noor B 04/13/2011 70 22 - 138
WYFP: “Check out of that room full of sorrow”: a journey through major depression
The line comes from a Moody Blues song on their album The Keys to the Kingdom . And man, does it fit my life. WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about ...
Noor B 04/09/2011 232 83 3 525
WYFP Midweek Open Thread
Given the levels of general angst that have been floating around lately, it seemed to me that having an open thread would not be amiss for our community. So here it is: WYFP Midweek ...
Noor B 04/06/2011 56 23 - 141
WYFP?: "One Ping Only" Edition
Schedules are a dicey thing sometimes. Most weeks they work, but once in a while, they don't. That's okay. It's why I have this job. WYFP is our community's Saturday evening ...
Noor B 03/26/2011 156 42 - 362
WYFP? Testing, testing (the group), a.k.a. the dry run
Don't get excited, guys. I'm not jumping the gun. This is a test -- a dry run, if you will. Of course, it's not WYFP?, even in dry run, without our boilerplate: WYFP is our community'...
Noor B 02/16/2011 39 15 1 161
WYFP: Political Violence Edition
There's not much more to the shooting of Rep. Giffords I can add. But between this and the semi-explosive mailings here in Maryland, I suspect I am not alone in being very deeply saddened and ...
Noor B 01/08/2011 94 19 - 57
WYFP: Conscience and Conviction edition
This has been a hell of a year. And I don't mean that in a good way. It's been the culmination of four years of stress, grief, anger and pain. A silver lining exists, though, and ...
Noor B 11/20/2010 221 57 - 64
I have created a monster. Her name is Violet, and and she is a pumpkin-thievin' dog. You think I am kidding???? I have photographic proof!!! WYFP is our community's Saturday evening ...
Noor B 10/30/2010 196 42 - 217
Thank you for my quilt, everybody!
The good doctors sent me home Friday afternoon, since I was able to totter down the hall and keep liquids down. I guess their rationale was that if I wasn't puking or in uncontrollable pain, it ...
Noor B 09/27/2010 47 49 - 74
What They Endured For Their Daughters: Women's Suffrage, 90 Years' On
Girlfriends, can we talk? Oh, yeah -- you men can listen in if you like. But right now, I really want to talk to those women who are wondering why voting might not matter very much this year. ...
Noor B 09/06/2010 29 34 2 233
Draft Stephen Colbert! Restore Truthiness!
In addition to the 10/2/2010 march, there is now a movement afoot to draft Colbert into holding a Restore Truthiness rally on the Mall in Washington, DC. This is going to be short and sweet, and ...
Noor B 09/02/2010 4 11 - 125
WYFP:  Same Ol', Same Ol' Edition
There's something worse than being out of work and having a pile of household projects to keep you occupied. It's being out of work because of an injury, having a simply humongous list of household ...
Noor B 08/28/2010 195 44 - 47
WYFP: Changing of the Guard Edition
For several years now, musings85 has been the coordinator for the Saturday night bitch-a-thon we all know and love as WYFP. He's done a fabulous job, lining up hosts weeks, even a few months, in ...
Noor B 08/21/2010 228 44 - 35
WYFP: Waiting for surgery edition (mini update)
This is actually akin to waiting for Godot. Unlike the two poor souls in Becket's play, though, I actually know when my wait is over. S-day is September 23. I'm going to go ahead and post, and ...
Noor B 08/14/2010 247 89 - 50
MD-1 House Race: Tea Party talking points on the Shore
The Lower Shore's local news website, , has this story up today. ...
Noor B 06/20/2010 44 17 - 130
Cut your hair, save the Gulf
Hyperbole? No. Hair absorbs oil. Women of a certain age will know this, if they think about it for a minute. Remember hot oil treatments? Remember how fast your sun-damaged hair soaked up that ...
Noor B 05/04/2010 31 33 2 71
Another bank goes bust.  This time, it's personal.
Crossposted at Docudharma On a few occasions in recent years, I've written about my mother's death, the horrific relationship I had with my brother, and commented in various diaries about ...
Noor B 04/21/2010 163 339 1 333
WYFP:  Silence is the terms for peace
Many of you who frequent WYFP know about the long and bitter family warfare that I found myself in the middle of three years ago, shortly after my mother died. The fault lines fell thus: we two ...
Noor B 03/20/2010 201 59 - 26
WYFP:  Shifting Paradigms Edition
Over the last couple of years, I've noticed a slow but inexorable shift in the overall American mentality. At the risk of oversimplification, the sense that something is inherently wrong with the ...
Noor B 12/05/2009 184 40 - 99
WYFP: Puppy Training Edition
Well, for once I get to host this with an FP that is really a source of joy: I'm a new puppy mommy! My FP tonight is crate training and house training. That's the fly in this bowl of cherries. ...
Noor B 08/22/2009 226 56 1 42
WYFP:  Missing Vaginas Edition
Okay, I'm coming out: I was born without a vagina. No uterus either. No Fallopian tubes. I do have a dandy pair of ovaries. But... thirty-four years after diagnosis and thirty-three years ...
Noor B 08/08/2009 405 273 4 54
WYFP:  Summertime Whine Edition
For the first time in a few years, this summer has been a quiet season, filled with the unassuming work of making a house and a yard into a home and a garden, my personal oasis. It feels peaceful, ...
Noor B 07/11/2009 266 46 - 28
For eight long years I struggled with a sense of creeping horror that I had somehow slipped into some phantasmagorical mirror-image of my country. I wondered if I really was real honest-to-god ...
Noor B 11/05/2008 5 5 - 18
WYFP? The Nightmare Edition
What's Your F@*king Problem (WYFP) is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult ...
Noor B 11/03/2007 270 56 1 17
FSF/FSM's Atkinson: Bush as Prez for Life? Is he nuts????
Well, here we have it: proof positive that at least one wingnut wants President Bush to remain in office indefinitely beyond the expiration of his term in January 2009. Markos, I love ya, and I ...
Noor B 08/20/2007 111 44 4 44
Another Iraqi governor assassinated
This story just caught my eye on the NY Times website, full story here. A quick link update:
Noor B 08/20/2007 9 11 - 14
Another piece of the puzzle in the NY Times
Yesterday I posted a diary that unnerved those who read it, and scared me even as I was putting it together. You can read it here. ...
Noor B 07/24/2007 25 16 2 5
UPDATED: Whither the US? The economy and impeachment.
Most of us have been worrying about the state of this country for some time, and not just politically. Impeachment is only part of it. Endless diaries and other blogs comment upon the economic ...
Noor B 07/23/2007 43 31 7 12
Red Cross Alerts Military Families of New Scam
This is really cruel: The American Red Cross has learned about a new scam targeting military families. This scam takes the form of false information to military families....
Noor B 06/15/2007 14 19 - 5
What we all need: a moment of levity
Let's face it: the news the last several weeks has been grim and grimmer. We're continually body-slammed with one scandal after heartbreak after outrage on what seems a daily basis, and there is ...
Noor B 06/08/2007 19 9 - 7
A requiem for my mother
After a long, hard struggle and decline, my mother died early this morning. I've been awake for nearly four hours now, trying to sort out how I feel and what I want to say. Ours was a difficult ...
Noor B 03/24/2007 24 32 1 16
Action Project Planning for Restoring Our Constitution series, vol. 1
This is a special purpose diary for those interested in the plans to distribute this series, Restoring Our Constitution , to ...
Noor B 03/06/2007 15 16 3 11
ACTION: Help deliver "Restoring Our Constitution" series to Congress
As those who've read the series know, I'm one of the authors in the historical essays section. After two of these, I feel some sense of, well, not ownership, but of responsibility for the series. ...
Noor B 03/04/2007 31 28 2 40
ACTION diary: stop war with Iran BEFORE it starts
I've been getting updates in my email from CODEPINK for a long time. They show up at least once a week, often once a day. Most of the time, there's a petition, or a fund-raising drive to send a ...
Noor B 03/02/2007 21 11 - 2
Restoring Our Constitution: The Stuart Crisis of Court vs. Country – a historical reflection
During my years in graduate school, I had the great good fortune to take a historiography class and a research class under a serious Stuart-era historian. His focus for the research course was the ...
Noor B 03/01/2007 35 22 3 70
Restoring Our Constitution: Common law, Magna Carta, and the Great Writ: a historical essay
Disclaimer: I am not a legal scholar. Nor am I a medievalist. But I took enough courses on medieval history while working on my secondary field, early modern Europe, that I've got some idea of ...
Noor B 02/23/2007 19 34 8 221
Announcing the winner of the Molly Ivins Memorial Chicken Award!
Before I announce the winner, a few introductory remarks are in order. I must say the margin between the winner and the nearest runner-up was absolutely colossal, an overwhelming landslide. Most of ...
Noor B 02/20/2007 9 3 - 1
Vote today for the recipient of the Molly Ivins Memorial Chicken!
Thanks to the good folk who found my last diary and gave me their favorites to add to the ones I slated in this race, I have a modest roster of candidates for the Molly Ivins Memorial Chicken Award:
Noor B 02/18/2007 14 11 - -
Announcing the Molly Ivins Memorial Chicken Award
Pssst: shameless plug to all of Molly’s fans here – please, please rec this up so it stays current for an entire day. This won’t work otherwise. Things have ...
Noor B 02/14/2007 11 23 1 9
Pakistan 2007: shades of 1970s Chile?
A lot of us remember the Pinochet regime and its nasty practice of "disappearing" critics of that government. I think a similar situation has begun to emerge in Pakistan, so far on a much smaller ...
Noor B 01/14/2007 14 20 1 149
NYT: Bush Authorized Iranian Arrests
Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice confirmed Friday that President GW Bush authorized the arrest of the Iranians from their consulate in Irbil, linking it to an order issued several months ago to ...
Noor B 01/13/2007 30 25 - 11
"Road to Guantanamo": a critique of the Winterbottom and Whitecross film
Noor B 06/04/2006 2 4 - 2
Over 1,000 desertions from the British army
Noor B 05/28/2006 9 16 - 4
The most desired immigrants: NURSES
Noor B 05/24/2006 21 6 - 9
What we have wrought in Iraq
Noor B 05/19/2006 7 7 - 2
Want to sue AT&T et al? Hang on to that retainer fee....
Noor B 05/13/2006 6 11 - 8
So much for the UK's new Foreign Secretary
Noor B 05/09/2006 2 8 2 3
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