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CIA Evidence from Whistleblower Trial Could Tilt Iran Nuclear Talks
A month after former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was convicted on nine felony counts with circumstantial metadata , the zealous prosecution is now having potentially major consequences -- casting ...
NormanSolomon 02/26/2015 11 41 - -
CIA Mission: Destroy the Whistleblower and Perfume the Stench of ‘Operation Merlin’
The leak trial of CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling never got near a smoking gun, but the entire circumstantial case was a smokescreen. Prosecutors were hell-bent on torching the defendant to vindicate ...
NormanSolomon 02/03/2015 3 17 - -
The Invisible Man: Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower
The mass media have suddenly discovered Jeffrey Sterling — after his conviction Monday afternoon as a CIA whistleblower. Sterling’s indictment four years ago received fleeting news coverage ...
NormanSolomon 01/27/2015 6 21 - -
CIA Leak Trial: “This Case Is Not About Politics” [sic]
Continuing to deliberate as this week gets underway, the jurors in the CIA leak trial might ponder a notable claim from the government: “This case is not about politics.” The prosecution made ...
NormanSolomon 01/26/2015 4 7 - -
Leak Trial Shows CIA Zeal to Hide Incompetence
Six days of testimony at the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling have proven the agency’s obsession with proclaiming its competence. Many of the two-dozen witnesses from the Central ...
NormanSolomon 01/22/2015 5 9 1 -
Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling
Midway through the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, one comment stands out. “A criminal case,” defense attorney Edward MacMahon told the jury at the outset, “is not a place where ...
NormanSolomon 01/20/2015 14 23 - -
Race, Leaks and Prosecution at the CIA
Condoleezza Rice made headlines when she testified Thursday at the leak trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling — underscoring that powerful people in the Bush administration went to great ...
NormanSolomon 01/18/2015 3 15 - -
Scapegoating CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling
This week, in a federal courtroom, I’ve heard a series of government witnesses testify behind a screen while expounding on a central precept of the national security state: The CIA can do no wrong.
NormanSolomon 01/15/2015 24 16 - -
Whistleblower Trial in CIA Matrix
When the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling got underway Tuesday in Northern Virginia, prospective jurors made routine references to “three-letter agencies” and alphabet-soup ...
NormanSolomon 01/14/2015 1 7 - -
Why Jeffrey Sterling Deserves Support as a CIA Whistleblower
The trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, set to begin in mid-January, is shaping up as a major battle in the U.S. government’s siege against whistleblowing. With its use of the Espionage ...
NormanSolomon 01/04/2015 7 21 2 -
James Risen’s New Book Exposes the “War on Terror”
No single review or interview can do justice to “Pay Any Price” -- the new book by James Risen that is the antithesis of what routinely passes for journalism about the “war on terror.” ...
NormanSolomon 10/17/2014 220 237 6 -
Perpetual War Is Fine With the New York Times After All
The editorial board of the New York Times has an Orwellian knack for war. Sixteen months ago, when President Obama gave oratorical lip service to ending “perpetual war,” the newspaper quickly ...
NormanSolomon 09/11/2014 2 4 - -
Editorial Position of the New York Times: Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter
[This post was co-written by Abba Solomon, the author of The Speech, and Its Context: Jacob Blaustein's Speech "The Meaning of Palestine Partition to American Jews."] Over the weekend, the New York ...
NormanSolomon 07/23/2014 176 94 1 -
Does Uncle Sam Have a God Complex?
As a matter of faith, some people believe that God can see and hear everything. But as a matter of fact, the U.S. government now has the kind of surveillance powers formerly attributed only to a ...
NormanSolomon 07/15/2014 9 8 - -
An Assault from Obama’s Escalating War on Journalism
In a memoir published this year, the CIA’s former top legal officer John Rizzo says that on the last day of 2005 a panicky White House tried to figure out how to prevent the distribution of a book ...
NormanSolomon 05/29/2014 17 31 - -
Why We Need Media Critics Who Are Fiercely Independent
The most renowned media critics are usually superficial and craven. That’s because -- as one of the greatest in the 20th century, George Seldes, put it -- “the most sacred cow of the press is ...
NormanSolomon 04/13/2014 2 9 - -
The Feinstein Syndrome: “The Fourth Amendment for Me, But Not for Thee”
Who knows, soon we might see headlines and cable TV shows asking: "Is Dianne Feinstein a whistleblower or a traitor?" A truthful answer to that question could not possibly be “whistleblower.” ...
NormanSolomon 03/12/2014 22 20 - -
Hillary Clinton: Playing a Dog-Eared “Hitler” Card
The frontrunner to become the next president of the United States is playing an old and dangerous political game -- comparing a foreign leader to Adolf Hitler. At a private charity event on Tuesday,
NormanSolomon 03/07/2014 56 18 - -
Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?
International law is suddenly very popular in Washington. President Obama responded to Russian military intervention in the Crimea by accusing Russia of a “breach of international law.” ...
NormanSolomon 03/03/2014 26 21 - -
Why Amazon’s Collaboration with the CIA Is So Ominous -- and Vulnerable
As the world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon wants a benevolent image to encourage trust from customers. Obtaining vast quantities of their personal information has been central to the firm’s ...
NormanSolomon 02/20/2014 7 8 - -
If Obama Orders the CIA to Kill a U.S. Citizen, Amazon Will Be a Partner in Assassination
President Obama is now considering whether to order the Central Intelligence Agency to kill a U.S. citizen in Pakistan. That’s big news this week. But hidden in plain sight is the fact that Amazon ...
NormanSolomon 02/12/2014 20 14 - -
Cut Off the NSA’s Juice
The National Security Agency depends on huge computers that guzzle electricity in the service of the surveillance state. For the NSA’s top executives, maintaining a vast flow of juice to keep Big ...
NormanSolomon 01/27/2014 19 10 - -
The Blind Alley of J Street and Liberal American Zionism
[This article was co-written by Abba A. Solomon and Norman Solomon.] Since its founding six years ago, J Street has emerged as a major Jewish organization under the banner “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace.�
NormanSolomon 01/22/2014 51 15 - -
Why the Washington Post’s New Ties to the CIA Are So Ominous
American journalism has entered highly dangerous terrain. A tip-off is that the Washington Post refuses to face up to a conflict of interest involving Jeff Bezos -- who’s now the sole owner of ...
NormanSolomon 01/13/2014 10 23 - -
The CIA, Amazon, Bezos and the Washington Post: An Exchange with Executive Editor Martin Baron
To: Martin Baron, Executive Editor, and Kevin Merida, Managing Editor, The Washington Post Dear Mr. Baron and Mr. Merida: On behalf of more than 25,000 signers of a petition to The Washington Post,
NormanSolomon 01/08/2014 3 8 - -
Is MoveOn Less Progressive Than the New York Times Editorial Board?
The New York Times is hardly a progressive newspaper -- but when it comes to the surveillance state and ongoing militarism of the Obama White House, the establishment’s “paper of record” puts ...
NormanSolomon 12/22/2013 8 11 - -
Under Amazon’s CIA Cloud: The Washington Post
News media should illuminate conflicts of interest, not embody them. But the owner of the Washington Post is now doing big business with the Central Intelligence Agency, while readers of the ...
NormanSolomon 12/20/2013 8 14 - -
Under the Global Shadow of Big Brother, Journalism Must Light Up the Political Sky
Every new revelation about the global reach of the National Security Agency underscores that the extremism of the surveillance state has reached gargantuan proportions. The Washington Post just ...
NormanSolomon 12/05/2013 2 7 - -
Overplaying Its Hand, Israel Still Holds Plenty of U.S. Cards
[This article was co-written by Norman Solomon and Abba A. Solomon.] More than ever, Israel is isolated from world opinion and the squishy entity known as “the international community.” The ...
NormanSolomon 11/25/2013 6 18 - -
The Obamacare Disaster and the Poison of Party Loyalty
Four years ago, countless Democratic leaders and allies pushed for passage of Barack Obama’s complex healthcare act while arguing that his entire presidency was at stake. The party hierarchy ...
NormanSolomon 11/18/2013 248 44 - -
Big Brother’s Loyal Sister: How Dianne Feinstein Is Betraying Civil Liberties
Ever since the first big revelations about the National Security Agency five months ago, Dianne Feinstein has been in overdrive to defend the surveillance state. As chair of the Senate Intelligence ...
NormanSolomon 11/06/2013 12 35 - -
Why Snowden’s Passport Matters
When the State Department revoked Edward Snowden’s passport four months ago, the move was a reprisal from a surveillance-and-warfare state that operates largely in the shadows. Top officials in ...
NormanSolomon 10/23/2013 40 38 - -
Google: Doing Evil with ALEC
Google Inc. is now aligned with the notorious ALEC. Quietly, Google has joined ALEC -- the American Legislative Exchange Council -- the shadowy corporate alliance that pushes odious laws through ...
NormanSolomon 10/10/2013 4 11 - -
Here Comes the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, Dragging a Broken Moral Compass
The announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, set for October 11, is sure to make big news. The prize remains the most prestigious in the world. But the award has fallen into an ...
NormanSolomon 10/07/2013 11 5 - -
The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown
To the people in control of the Executive Branch, violating our civil liberties is an essential government service. So -- to ensure total fulfillment of Big Brother’s vast responsibilities -- the ...
NormanSolomon 09/30/2013 19 24 - -
Obama’s Justice Department: Trumpeting a New Victory in War on Freedom of the Press
There’s something profoundly despicable about a Justice Department that would brazenly violate the First and Fourth Amendments while spying on journalists, then claim to be reassessing such ...
NormanSolomon 09/24/2013 4 14 1 -
Liberal Luminaries in Senate Are Swing Votes on Bombing Syria
Many senators began this week still uncommitted on whether they’ll vote for attacking Syria. Among the fence-sitters are enough “progressives” to swing the Senate’s decision one way or the ...
NormanSolomon 09/09/2013 2 7 - -
The Repetition Compulsion for War -- and How It Might Fail This Time
No matter how many times we’ve seen it before, the frenzy for launching a military attack on another country is -- to the extent we’re not numb -- profoundly upsetting. Tanked up with talking ...
NormanSolomon 09/07/2013 134 128 4 -
Obama Administration Now Saying It Can Attack Syria Even If Congress Votes Against Authorization
Grassroots pressure has forced President Obama to seek approval from Congress for an attack on Syria. But Obama is hell-bent on ordering a missile assault on that country, and he has two very ...
NormanSolomon 09/01/2013 51 14 1 -
While Cameron Defers to Parliament, Obama Locks into Warfare State of Mind
The British Parliament’s rejection of an attack on Syria is a direct contrast—and implicit challenge—to the political war system of the United States. “It is clear to me that the British ...
NormanSolomon 08/30/2013 7 11 1 -
Repression of Whistleblowers: Making It Easier to Attack Syria
Without whistleblowers, the mainline media outlets are more transfixed than ever with telling the official story. And at a time like this, the official story is all about spinning for war on Syria. ...
NormanSolomon 08/28/2013 22 15 - -
‘You Failed to Break the Spirit of Bradley Manning’: An Open Letter to President Obama
Dear President Obama: As commander in chief, you’ve been responsible for the treatment of the most high-profile whistleblower in the history of the U.S. armed forces. Under your command, the ...
NormanSolomon 08/22/2013 217 118 - -
The Moral Verdict on Bradley Manning: A Conviction of Love in Action
The sun rose with a moral verdict on Bradley Manning well before the military judge could proclaim his guilt. The human verdict would necessarily clash with the proclamation from the judicial bench.
NormanSolomon 07/30/2013 13 19 - -
Congress: Obama’s Willing Executioners of the Fourth Amendment
It’s now painfully clear that the president has put out a contract on the Fourth Amendment. And at the Capitol, the hierarchies of both parties are stuffing it into the trunks of their limousines, ...
NormanSolomon 07/25/2013 12 15 1 -
Obama’s Escalating War on Freedom of the Press
The part of the First Amendment that prohibits “abridging the freedom … of the press” is now up against the wall, as the Obama administration continues to assault the kind of journalism that ...
NormanSolomon 07/22/2013 372 162 3 -
Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough—We Need the Power to Stop It
For more than a month, outrage has been profuse in response to news about NSA surveillance and other evidence that all three branches of the U.S. government are turning Uncle Sam into Big Brother. ...
NormanSolomon 07/10/2013 4 8 - -
Pursuing Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World
Rarely has any American provoked such fury in Washington’s high places. So far, Edward Snowden has outsmarted the smartest guys in the echo chamber—and he has proceeded with the kind of moral ...
NormanSolomon 06/24/2013 15 22 - -
Uncle Sam and Corporate Tech: Domestic Partners Raising Digital Big Brother
A terrible formula has taken hold: warfare state + corporate digital power = surveillance state. “National security” agencies and major tech sectors have teamed up to make Big Brother a reality.
NormanSolomon 06/20/2013 1 2 - -
David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Bill Keller Wish Snowden Had Just Followed Orders
Edward Snowden’s disclosures, the New York Times reported on Sunday, “have renewed a longstanding concern: that young Internet aficionados whose skills the agencies need for counterterrorism and ...
NormanSolomon 06/17/2013 14 22 - -
Clarity from Snowden -- But Murky Response from Progressives in Congress
House Speaker John Boehner calls Edward Snowden a “traitor.” The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, labels his brave whistleblowing “an act of treason.” What about ...
NormanSolomon 06/13/2013 16 4 - -
Edward Snowden's Profound Gift to Us
In Washington, where the state of war and the surveillance state are one and the same, top officials have begun to call for Edward Snowden’s head. His moral action of whistleblowing -- a clarion ...
NormanSolomon 06/10/2013 34 29 - -
An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein About the Bill of Rights
Dear Senator Feinstein: On Thursday, when you responded to news about massive ongoing surveillance of phone records of people in the United States, you slipped past the meaning of the Fourth ...
NormanSolomon 06/07/2013 4 15 1 -
Bradley Manning Is Guilty of “Aiding the Enemy” -- If the Enemy Is Democracy
Of all the charges against Bradley Manning, the most pernicious -- and revealing -- is “aiding the enemy.” A blogger at The New Yorker , Amy Davidson, raised a pair of big questions that now ...
NormanSolomon 06/05/2013 80 26 1 -
Our Twisted Politics of Grief
Darwin observed that conscience is what most distinguishes humans from other animals. If so, grief isn’t far behind. Realms of anguish are deeply personal—yet prone to expropriation for public ...
NormanSolomon 05/28/2013 2 3 - -
Obama in Plunderland: Down the Corporate Rabbit Hole
The president’s new choices for Commerce secretary and FCC chair underscore how far down the rabbit hole his populist conceits have tumbled. Yet the Obama rhetoric about standing up for working ...
NormanSolomon 05/09/2013 18 18 - -
“Primary” a Democrat Near You
Progressives often wonder why so many Republican lawmakers stick to their avowed principles while so many Democratic lawmakers abandon theirs. We can grasp some answers by assessing the current ...
NormanSolomon 05/01/2013 3 8 - -
Time to Renounce the "War on Terror"
As a perpetual emotion machine — producing and guzzling its own political fuel — the “war on terror” continues to normalize itself as a thoroughly American way of life and death. Ongoing ...
NormanSolomon 04/24/2013 4 18 - -
The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink
After the bombings that killed and maimed so horribly at the Boston Marathon, our country’s politics and mass media are awash in heartfelt compassion -- and reflexive “doublethink,” which ...
NormanSolomon 04/17/2013 5 9 - -
Howard Dean Is Raising Key Questions About Obama and Democratic Party Leadership
I was glad to read about Howard Dean's statement a couple of days ago, raising basic questions about the current leadership of President Obama and the Democratic Party. What's below is from an ...
NormanSolomon 04/16/2013 700 339 10 -
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