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Importance of "Stuff" in Elections
I'll bet one of the most-often used words in the recently concluded national election was "STUFF." Yes, stuff. I'm sick of hearing about keeping stuff and giving away stuff. I'm sick of hearing who ...
OHeyeO 11/13/2012 20 25 1 -
Dayton, OH Rally Photos - Updated with Dedication
Nothing was going to keep me away from seeing Barack Obama at Fifth-Third Field here in Dayton, Ohio today. Having him speak at the facility that brought life back into downtown Dayton after a 40-...
OHeyeO 10/09/2008 41 55 3 93
The ad that wins Ohio
The Ohio Democratic Party has prepared a new ad that illustrates the eight years of economic pain suffered under Bush & Republican rule. It lays out how devastated Ohio has been over the last eight ...
OHeyeO 10/01/2008 8 11 - 2
Have Fun While Helping to Win Midwestern Swing States
Nine weekends left until the election on November 4. That's nine opportunities to plant a subliminal message in the minds of Midwestern swing state voters. The next nine weeks is peak season for ...
OHeyeO 09/08/2008 6 5 1 2
Cafferty File Explodes with Palin Comments
Someone asked me to generate a diary about the Cafferty File yesterday afternoon. Jack told us "When it comes to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the ...
OHeyeO 09/03/2008 18 14 - -
DDN - McCain disappointed Dayton
In a great Dayton Daily News commentary this morning, Martin Gottlieb suggests ...
OHeyeO 09/03/2008 14 12 - 1
"Country First" - More McCain BS
Josh Orton over at Mydd has a great diary cautioning everyone to think about the "Country First" slogan McCain is now peddling. McCain ...
OHeyeO 08/29/2008 2 - - 8
Let's Celebrate the Palin Pick
I just donated $49.49 to Barack Obama in celebration of his pick for VP. This is a request for all of you to donate in an amount comfortable for you ending with .49 to celebrate McCain's pick of the ...
OHeyeO 08/29/2008 28 5 - 1
Remember the Promise You Made in the Attic
Now that I have your attention, there’s a 20th Century story I’d like to tell that may assist those coping with flooding disasters in the 21st Century. The title of the diary refers to a ...
OHeyeO 06/25/2008 28 28 1 327
FISA Fiasco = Radioactive Fallout from PNAC Agenda
This country had a jackass (sorry, I'm one of the 28%ers at the other end of the scale) installed as President and had him re-elected so the first pre-emptive war could be launched and implemented ...
OHeyeO 06/20/2008 13 14 1 -
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