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Posting History for Occupy Wall Street

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R.I.P. A Garden Grew in Oakland Today.
Oscar Grant Plaza filled Saturday afternoon with a couple hundred people come to the first #BlackSpring event in Oakland. The organizers came up with a great idea, an its already spread across the ...
jpmassar 05/02/2015 9 49 - -
We Are People for Bernie
Right after Bernie Sanders announced his intention to run, grassroots supporters from the occupy, labor, environmental and socialist movements published an open letter endorsing his candidacy . ...
clenchner 05/02/2015 48 71 3 -
From Oakland to Baltimore. Labor & Community Against Police Terror on May Day.
A simple tweetpic essay. from the 510 to the 410 — m4rg1n4L (@marg1nal) May 1, 2015 Putting the final touches on chalk art at Oscar Grant Plaza before the march ...
jpmassar 05/01/2015 6 18 1 -
Baltimore. Tweetpics from the Streets.
It's hard to know exactly what's going on. From the storyline the tweets tell, after Freddy Gray's funeral this morning things heated up considerably. Various police transports have been set on ...
jpmassar 04/27/2015 151 107 1 -
A Photo from Baltimore.
Photo : If ever a photo should exist to explain how we feel every day, from the moment we arise til we fall asleep. — The Real Segun Idowu (@RevrendDoctor) April 26, ...
jpmassar 04/26/2015 94 209 2 -
Just A Snapshot of a Few of the Many Who Brought a Postal Privatization Effort to a Standstill.
It wasn't the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day . Or even the Eleventh Month. It was, though, the 14th Day of Fourth Month of the Fourth Year in the War to Save the Berkeley Post Office and Fight ...
jpmassar 04/19/2015 24 104 2 -
International Day of Action in the Fight for $15. Pics from around the World.
In Oakland, California, every McDonald's in the city but one was shut down beginning at 8:00 AM for an hour in a coordinated show of force to demand $15 and a union. All the actions then converged ...
jpmassar 04/15/2015 6 19 - -
Strike Debt Take Three Strikes at Student Debt, Scores Hat Trick.
Although Prock finally has the degree, the only potential job the college helped her find was a ...
jpmassar 03/30/2015 10 19 - -
"It's An Interesting Case." The Sale (Or Not) of the Berkeley Post Office.
Background : For at least two and half years The City of Berkeley and its residents have ...
jpmassar 03/27/2015 8 16 - -
No, This Is Not the Day Another Young Black Man is Not Executed by the Police.
Another day, another young black man riddled with police bullets . Seven officers shot at a Nicolas Thomas as he was fleeing in his car. Allegedly running from a warrant for parking tickets. The ...
jpmassar 03/24/2015 48 57 - -
Commander of Chicago Police Unit at Homan Square Resigns. Plus Civil Rights Lawsuit To Be Filed.
Will the dominos continue to fall as happened recently in Ferguson? Or will Nicholas Roti, the chief of the bureau of organized crime, operating out of the now-infamous Homan Square police warehouse,
jpmassar 03/19/2015 35 119 - -
Berkeley Declares War on the Homeless.
Tuesday night, March 17th, to a packed crowd, the Berkeley, Californa City Council voted 6-3 on a plan to banish the homeless from O'Berkeley declare war on the homeless.
jpmassar 03/18/2015 64 64 2 -
Breaking: Ferguson Shooter Reported to be in Custody. Press Conference This Afternoon.
There's a number of reporter tweets, some with caveats, saying the police have the Ferguson shooter in custody, that just got published. Update : There is confirmation that someone was arrested ...
jpmassar 03/15/2015 106 71 - -
Papers Filed to Recall the Mayor of Ferguson.
Official recall papers were filed today for Mayor James Knowles of Ferguson. Those filing now have 60 days to get enough signatures to force the recall. They left little to the imagination in their ...
jpmassar 03/13/2015 19 42 - -
Missouri Wants to Execute a 74 Year Old Man with Dementia Who's Missing Part of His Brain.
Yes, he was convicted of first degree murder some 20 years ago. But no, both on general principles and in this specific circumstance, he shouldn't be executed. ...
jpmassar 03/12/2015 12 31 - -
Breaking: Shots Fired at Police in Ferguson. Two Officers Hit. Update. Video.
The basics : CNN Thursday morning Those still there just after midnight were starting to leave when gunfire erupted "no less than 100 feet" away from the crowd of protesters, Kayla Reed said. Two ...
jpmassar 03/11/2015 266 119 - -
Breaking: Ferguson City Manager Axed.
Vote was 7-0. "The City Council will conduct a nationwide search for a new City Manager." Lulz. #FergusonCCM just said #Ferguson City Manager #JohnShaw was just removed from his job effective ...
jpmassar 03/10/2015 93 214 1 -
Yet Another Bomb Train Goes Up in Flames.
Oops . A BNSF Railway train loaded with crude oil derailed and caught fire on Thursday afternoon in a rural area south of Galena, Illinois, according to local officials and the company... Dark ...
jpmassar 03/05/2015 85 146 1 -
$12.25/hr. It's Not Just a Good Idea. It's Now THE LAW (In Oakland, CA).
Yup. Today is the day. The minimum wage hike to $12.25/hr, with accruing paid sick leave, passing as it did with more than 80% (!!) support in November, is now in effect in Oakland, CA. It began 3/2/
jpmassar 03/02/2015 7 12 - -
Homeless Man, Pinned Down by LAPD Officers, Shot and Killed.
This happened just a few hours ago in Los Angeles. Original facebook page video is here. Graphic video: From the LA Times: a dramatic confrontation ...
jpmassar 03/01/2015 220 180 4 -
Cop Declares No Pee Zone, Pushes Man to Ground and Slaps Him.
Watch the first minute or so. (warning: gratuitous violence) According to this article , this took place in a public bus terminal, so why the cop thinks the man has no right to pee or even be ...
jpmassar 02/23/2015 18 34 - -
"What May Be the First Organized Student Debt Strike..."
It began with a crazy idea more than two years ago.
jpmassar 02/23/2015 47 34 4 -
Five Hours for Yuvette Henderson, Gunned Down by Emeryville, CA Police.
On February 3rd, 2015, Yuvette Henderson was or was not shoplifting as she left Home Depot in Emeryville, CA , a small city nestled between Oakland and Berkeley. She did or did not have a gun, ...
jpmassar 02/22/2015 74 156 2 -
"When We Have a Crowd That Large, We Release Dogs For Crowd Management."
London Colvin, 21 year old student and military reservist, standing at 5' 3" and weighing in at 110 lbs, was being held down forcifully by two larger police officers when a third decided non-human ...
jpmassar 02/01/2015 75 173 2 -
The Berkeley Post Office is Still to Be Sold. But It's No Longer for Sale.
Such is the mythology the US Postal Service would have us believe about the Berkeley Post Office. You see, Postal Service lawyers were caught lying to ...
jpmassar 01/30/2015 13 47 - -
Anti-Austerity Party Syriza About to Win Big in Greek Election.
Exit polls show that Syriza, a Greek political party which has pledged to "end austerity" and re-negotiate its debt obligations with the EU, is poised to win a big victory - and possibly a majority ...
jpmassar 01/25/2015 216 119 - -
New Mayor Gets a Wakeup Call.
Nothing like a 6:00 AM wakeup call for the new Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, on Martin Luther King Day. Breaking News A large contingent have come to the home of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to ...
jpmassar 01/19/2015 46 144 2 -
Amazing! Holder Ends An Asset Seizure Program.
I am impressed. Attorney General Holder today announced he was ending the Federal Government's "Equitable Sharing" program, otherwise known as civil forfeiture. Under this program ... local and ...
jpmassar 01/16/2015 99 243 3 -
7688 Windows Later. Yet Another Occupy Oakland Lawsuit Settlement - This Time For $1.3M.
The brutal suppression of Occupy Oakland by Oakland Police and Oakland's Government has now cost Oakland's taxpayers 7688 broken windows (at the official federal funds discount rate of $1000 per ...
jpmassar 01/13/2015 44 125 1 -
Solitary Confinement on Rikers Island to End for Those Under 21.
In an unprecedented move (at least in the United States) the New York City Board of Correction announced today : Starting January 1st, 2016, no one under the age of twenty-one will be put into ...
jpmassar 01/13/2015 6 15 - -
Big, Big News. Updated. Albuquerque DA to File Murder Charges Against Two APD Officers.
Update : Charges filed. Press conference at 2:00 PM today. See below. There may be justice of a sort for James Boyd, a mentally ill homeless man killed by Albuquerque police as he has camped out in ...
jpmassar 01/11/2015 94 272 3 -
Oakland is no longer in a QUANdry. Oakland has gotten itself SCHAAFed. Will #BlackLivesMatter?
Yesterday, January 5th, 2014 marked the end of the reign of Quan in Oakland. The ex-Mayor left a legacy of some 10,000 homeowners and their families evicted - many illegally, all immorally - from ...
jpmassar 01/06/2015 13 19 1 -
Paradigm Shift for the New Year
There are several paradigm shifts we need to make in the following years in order to make this “a more perfect union”. (You might have your own list!) First paradigm shift needed imo, is that ...
glitterscale 01/06/2015 5 10 - -
When It Comes To Ending The War On Black Communities, Which Side Are You On?
Which Side Are You On? That's the question being asked of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors. You see, back on Black Friday, #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Oakland shut down the ...
jpmassar 01/04/2015 22 28 2 -
Up a Notch: St. Louis Police Station Occupied.
Taking it one level further, today activists protesting police terror in St. Louis County, Missouri occupied a St. Louis Police station. (A week and a half ago, activists blockaded the entrances to ...
jpmassar 12/31/2014 94 245 4 -
A New Low. Four Year Old Handcuffed and Shackled at School.
We've seen seven year olds handcuffed , and eight year olds tased . Now, perhaps trying for a world record, Nathan Greene Primary School and a County Sheriff in Virgina managed to handcuff and then ...
jpmassar 12/25/2014 328 225 - -
Voices Matter. Words and Music of the Struggle in Oakland for #BlackLivesMatter.
On December 13th, the largest protest gathering in the Bay Area since the Occupy Port Shutdowns and General Strike took place. Three to five thousand people assembled at Oscar Grant Plaza in ...
jpmassar 12/18/2014 3 10 - -
Break Up the Big Banks and #OccupyCitibank
[This is an announcement from some Occupy Wall Street folks in support of an action tomorrow, 12/18/14. I am one of the signatories.] Occupy Wall Street is an idea whose time has come . And ...
clenchner 12/17/2014 4 12 1 -
BREAKING: Oakland Police Station Blockaded.
Anti-Police protest marches have been trying to get to the Oakland Police Station at Broadway and 7th Streets for years now. Every time they attempt to do so their way has been blocked by Oakland ...
jpmassar 12/15/2014 145 308 10 -
Breaking: Oakland Police Infiltrate Protest, Pull Gun
An undercover police officer at an anti police violence and killing protest in Oakland last night pulled a gun on protesters before or after another officer was allegedly assaulted, depending on ...
AoT 12/11/2014 156 92 - -
Protesters In Berkeley Have Literally Stopped A Train In Its Tracks.
protesters in berkeley have literally stopped a train in its tracks — noah kulwin (@nkulw) December 9, 2014 There are at least two thousand protesters out on the ...
jpmassar 12/08/2014 366 182 1 -
Berkeley Witnesses a Police Riot.
Someone made a pretty poster days ago announcing that one of a series of protests in the East Bay against police terror would begin where Berkeley and UC Berkeley meet - at 5:00 PM on Saturday ...
jpmassar 12/07/2014 406 414 9 -
No Charges for Cops Who Killed Darrien Hunt
There will be no charges for the cops who shot Darrien Hunt in the back six times while he fled. Posecutors in Utah have determined that two police officers were justified in the fatal shooting of ...
AoT 12/05/2014 131 173 3 -
Breaking: Officer Will not be Indicted in Eric Garner's Chokehold Death.
Sources: Staten Island grand jury decides not to indict officer in #EricGarner Case. Tune to NY1 for the latest. — NY1 News (@NY1) December 3, ...
jpmassar 12/03/2014 503 272 4 -
Breaking: Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down BART at West Oakland Station.
#Shutitdown. First it was freeways, the meme spreading across the nation. Now the Blackout Collective has shut down the West Oakland BART with a human chain - in support of Mike Brown and in memory ...
jpmassar 11/28/2014 82 81 1 -
Oakland, Night II. We Are the People. Don't Shoot!
Last night protesters in Oakland #ShutItDown for Mike Brown on two freeways: I 980 near 14th St and I 580 near 36th St. Temporarily stymied in their attempt to get onto I 580, protesters managed to ...
jpmassar 11/26/2014 10 16 - -
#ShutItDown For Mike Brown: Demonstrators in more than 170 U.S. cities stop traffic as they protest.
Demonstrators in more than 170 U.S. cities stop traffic as they protest #FergusonDecision : — CNN International (@cnni) November 26, ...
jpmassar 11/25/2014 212 129 1 -
Oakland's Action the Night the Grand Jury Lied. "We Have Taken the Freeway."
The announcement in downtown Oakland. "That's it. No indictment. What ya going to do?" This is 14th & Broadway, the heart of downtown Oakland, adjacent to Oscar Grant Plaza. About 400 people ...
jpmassar 11/25/2014 25 57 1 -
Why is Texas About to Execute Yet Another Innocent Man?
Cameron Todd Willingham was almost certainly not ...
jpmassar 11/24/2014 30 83 2 -
NYPD Kills Again
Another young man has been killed by the NYPD . Unarmed, as is so often the case. A “nervous” rookie cop fatally shot an unarmed man without a word of warning in the stairwell of a Brooklyn ...
AoT 11/21/2014 32 32 - -
Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down Mel Watt, Demands Principal Reduction for 5.1 Million Homeowners.
There's nothing that I can add to this takedown by Elizabeth Warren. Listen as she chastises Mel Watt, the new head of Federal Housing Financy Agency, which oversees Fannie and Freddie, as to why he ...
jpmassar 11/19/2014 340 343 7 -
Chicago Murders Up 50%: Rahm Manipulating Murder Rate News
Chicago Murders in November 2014 up 50% during the same time last November. In November 2013 there were 28 total murders. There have already been 24 murders as of November 16, 2014 with 14 more days ...
Hyde Park Johnny 11/18/2014 12 14 - -
Strike Debt Radio Turns an Ear Towards Predatory Payday Loan and Check Cashing.
Together on Strike Debt Radio the debt-dispatching duo of Mike and Cassie expose the nasty business of Payday Loan shops.
jpmassar 11/17/2014 5 13 - -
Violence Will Not Be Tolerated.
#ViolenceWillNotBeTolerated — minefield101 (@minefield101) November 12, 2014 Mo. ...
jpmassar 11/11/2014 132 179 1 -
Drop That Plate Right Now!
Who knows what evil lurks in the plates men carry? "One of the police officers said, 'Drop that plate right now,' as if I were carrying a weapon," said Abbott, who runs a nonprofit group called ...
jpmassar 11/04/2014 14 41 1 -
Oakland Will Pass the Maximum Minimum Wage Today.
I wouldn't be surprised if the new Congress votes to lower the minimum wage in January. But regardless of who wins control of the US Senate or which of fifteen candidates becomes the Mayor of Oakland,
jpmassar 11/04/2014 9 25 1 -
Profitizing and Privatizing: The Berkeley Post Office is About to be Sold!
The announcement came with last Friday afternoon's news dump: Post Office officials confirmed that the Berkeley Post Office was "under contract" to be sold , after rumors had been flying for the ...
jpmassar 10/29/2014 43 43 - -
Michael Brown Autopsy Report Leaked. Here It Is.
Tweeted out minutes ago by an Anonymous account. The deceased body sustained multiple gunshot wounds, three (3) to the head... It was reported that the deceased's mother was on the scene... ...
jpmassar 10/21/2014 647 297 6 -
Really? Really?? They Just Sandblasted a Michael Brown Mural.
Two weeks ago artists created a Michael Brown mural in Trenton, New Jersey on the gate to a vacant storefront - with the permission of the proper authorities. Then the police decided to get involved.
jpmassar 10/20/2014 208 305 6 -
BREAKING: Turkey to Allow Kurds into Syria to Reinforce Kobani
Turkey has said it will allow Kurds [warning: autoplay video at link] to travel through Turkey to help in Kobani. Still under siege despite gains against ISIS, fighters defending the Syrian city ...
AoT 10/20/2014 112 65 1 -
Nubia Bowe, the Young Woman Arrested and Beaten for Not Dancing on BART, Receives Deferred Judgement
Seven months after being dragged off a train, beaten by BART police, taken to Santa Rita and beaten again by guards, the Alameda County District Attorney decided to halt court proceedings against ...
jpmassar 10/18/2014 66 187 1 -
St. Louis officer kills another citizen tonight
At Shaw and Klemm in South St. Louis, 17 shots went into and killed a young citizen who was carrying a sandwich. It is a St. Louis problem, not a Ferguson problem. National ...
e2247 10/09/2014 20 18 - -
There Are Fifteen Humans, and One Dog, Running for Mayor of Oakland.
It's not like a dog couldn't do a better job. After all, the City of Oakland can't manage its ...
jpmassar 10/07/2014 28 25 - -
Breaking: Ohio Open Carry Protest Against Killing of John Crawford, Supporters Occupy Police Station
On Saturday afternoon at least a dozen open carry advocates marched in protest of the killing of John Crawford by the Police in Walmart because he was carrying a BB gun that looked real. Virgil ...
AoT 10/06/2014 63 76 - -
Taking on 'Odious Debt' Everywhere: Strike Debt Goes on Television, Radio and The Big Screen.
Almost two years ago Hannel Appel, Bay Area native and Occupy Wall Street veteran, came back to the Bay Area, came to a General Assembly of Occupy Oakland and called on people to form Strike Debt ...
jpmassar 10/03/2014 9 20 - -
Those Damned Hippies. They Rezoned the Post Office.
One year and two months after the idea was first floated, legislation to rezone Berkeley's Historic Civic Center, including the US Post Office property at 2000 Allston Way, became law last night. ...
jpmassar 10/01/2014 59 140 2 -
Utah DA Says Police Murder Justified. Video Says Otherwise.
Dillion Taylor was walking out of a 7-11 in Salt Lake City on August 11th with headphones on. No one knows how much of or if he heard at all the officer who shot him dead's orders because... he's ...
jpmassar 09/30/2014 35 48 - -
Confirmed: Ferguson Cop Shot Tonight, Debunked: Rumor that Ferguson Cop Shoots and Kills Young Man.
Twitter is alive with reports of a young man dead in Ferguson and a cop, who may or may not have been shot by the young man, wounded. Almost nothing about what has or may have happened is clear. ...
jpmassar 09/27/2014 110 85 - -
" I wake up screaming, and I still have lumps on me." Women beaten by CHP Officer to Receive $1.5M.
It happened three months ago, on July 1st. It went viral. And then it got lost track of amidst Ferguson. Usually settlements take years, but Marlene Pinnock, pummeled on a freeway ramp by a ...
jpmassar 09/24/2014 21 44 2 -
Blocking the Boat. A Once and Future History.
The call has gone out again , as it did a month and a half ago , to stop an Israeli-owned ship from unloading at the Port of Oakland. There is a long and, to many, proud tradition of such actions ...
jpmassar 09/23/2014 4 12 - -
Now They're Sending SWAT Teams After Unlicensed Barbers.
Perhaps in the 60's we needed regulations against barbers going around cutting off hippies' hair. Perhaps in the 600's barbers need to be licensed; after all, bleeding someone to cure them of what ...
jpmassar 09/18/2014 262 521 5 -
Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee Erases $4,000,000 in Student Loan Debt - For $100,000!
Almost two years ago the Rolling Jubilee , a project of Strike Debt (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street), announced an ambitious stunt - raise $50,000 and abolish $1,000,000 in medical debt. They ...
jpmassar 09/17/2014 94 307 7 -
Not Quiet on the Democratic Front: Why Occupy Still Matters on 3rd Anniversary
Posting full essay, links, pics with permission of the author Marni Halasa .. a New York lawyer, journalist and political performance artist. She consults for citizens, unions, community groups and ...
LOrion 09/16/2014 4 13 1 -
Dear President Obama. I Am 11 Yrs Old and I was Born in Honduras. I Ask From My Heart For Your Help.
Via Addictinginfo....
jpmassar 09/14/2014 15 17 1 -
Now They Want to Criminalize Compassion.
In San Antonio, Texas, it is already illegal to ask for money in a variety of public locations. (1) Not satisfied with attempting to drive the homeless out, the Chief of Police and some on the City ...
jpmassar 09/13/2014 153 154 1 -
A Small Victory: Urban Shield, the Police Militarization Glorification Convention, To Leave Oakland.
Some four hundred protesters outside the Marriott in downtown Oakland on Friday, September 5th listened as a protest organizer announced that the Word from the Mayor had come down: The City of ...
jpmassar 09/09/2014 12 46 1 -
OU Campus Police Beating, Norman OK.
OU campus police "arresting" man. First diary here, so bear with me. I wouldn't normally write anything, but this one hits close to home. The police at my university, The University of Oklahoma, ...
GrantR 09/09/2014 9 27 1 -
GoFundMe Supports Murdering Cop, Not Abortion
GoFundMe, which allowed people to raise hundreds of thousands for a murdering cop in spite of the lack of bonefides of those raising the money has shut down the page of those trying to raise funds ...
AoT 09/05/2014 23 19 - -
From the Folks Who Brought you Ferguson: Urban Shield Arrives in Oakland, CA.
It's four days of glorifying militarized police and their deadly toys. It's a convention which markets death via its trade show and whose 2013 publicity has a picture of commandos on a BART train ...
jpmassar 09/02/2014 50 124 2 -
No Incident Report? Then Where's Use of Force Report? More Ferguson Violations
Immediately after the fatal shooting Chief Jackson gives details to the public of the incident defending the actions of Officer Wilson Last week I wrote here about how the St. Louis County (SLCPD) ...
Charlie Grapski 08/31/2014 51 170 6 -
Its NOT a Race Problem Its a POLICE Problem
The following is a comment that I recently posted to a diary which tries to claim that one incident involving an armed white man that did not result in his being shot to death - proves that the ...
Charlie Grapski 08/31/2014 208 15 1 -
Why Ferguson Incident Report Unlawful & How Obtained
There has been much made of the Incident Report, the lack of one, and then the production without any of the significant information, in the news lately. But what people don't know is how it ...
Charlie Grapski 08/25/2014 190 389 13 -
Sleepers, Awake! Occupy Every City
I've had it with nearly everything I've heard here about Ferguson, Missouri and Detroit, and New York, and California, and all of this third-rate third-way baloney. Where are you, Occupiers? We ...
commonmass 08/17/2014 44 34 1 -
Hey White Folks, You Need to Listen When People of Color Talk About Race
I thought about titling this diary something like "The first step to ending oppression is listening to the oppressed" or alternatively, "Hey White people STFU!" But the first, though more accurate, ...
AoT 08/13/2014 350 229 5 -
Breaking: Another Officer Involved Shooting in Ferguson, MO
From the LA Times . t. Louis County police officer has reportedly shot and critically wounded a man who police say pointed a handgun at the officer early Wednesday in Ferguson, Mo., where the fatal ...
AoT 08/13/2014 73 41 1 -
Occupy Movement's Third Annual National Gathering July 31 - August 4
The US news media currently ignores most events and protests associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Activists from across the nation will be gathering in Sacramento, California on July ...
Mark Taylor Canfield 07/29/2014 13 18 1 -
Corrupt America: Tonight 7 EST
Tonight, in the inaugural week of Occupy TV, at 7 PM EST will be the first episode of CORRUPT AMERICA with Charlie Grapski (me). Occupy Television Tonight's ...
Charlie Grapski 07/24/2014 8 14 1 -
Hey Kossacks! When You're in Detroit Steal Some Water for Me - and Give it to the People.
I'm not going to Detroit. Truth to tell I probably would have if I'd known I'd get to participate in Netroots Nation AND be part of an uprising against shit-stupid bureaucrats and one-percent ...
jpmassar 07/14/2014 7 18 - -
The Seeds of Protest Bloom. Staples Boycott Goes National.
Staples is feeling the heat from a national boycott , called by the American Postal Workers Union and recently endorsed by major non-postal-worker unions across the country. Some of the seeds for ...
jpmassar 07/12/2014 100 325 3 -
Rahm's Numbers Game: Is Killing People
After a deadly Fourth of July weekend, let's reflect on crime in Chicago using some public information that apparently the Attorney General missed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Attorney General Eric ...
Hyde Park Johnny 07/07/2014 13 19 - -
McDonald's CEO: "We Are Trying to be a Really Great Employer." Actually, Don, You're Delusional.
It'd almost be funny if it wasn't on the backs of millions of low-wage workers. As a New York Times article on other companies that pay more than they have to notes: At the McDonald's shareholders ...
jpmassar 07/07/2014 21 54 - -
California's Highway Patrol Stoop to New Low. Pummelling a Possibly Mentally Ill Great-Grandmother.
You may have seen the video of the Indiana cop shoving a paraplegic, tipping him over from the curb onto the street . That was bad enough. You may even have already seen the video of the incident ...
jpmassar 07/05/2014 139 185 3 -
A 4th of July democracy experiment (help needed! <10 minutes)
Recently, Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page released a study of nearly 1800 issues from 1981 to 2002 in which a national survey asked a favor/oppose question about the issue. This is how they ...
akadjian 07/04/2014 15 5 1 -
"Now You're Going to Jail." Cop Quote After Tipping Over Parapalegic in Wheelchair.
What kind of human being does such a thing? Watch as an Indiana police officer, sworn to protect and serve, pushes a paraplegic man over, out of his wheelchair on the sidewalk, over a curb and ...
jpmassar 07/03/2014 108 147 1 -
Baby Critically Injured by a Swat Team Flash Bang Grenade Will Live. He's Going Home.
No one has yet answered my previous diary's question When Are You Allowed to Toss a FlashBang Grenade Into a Baby's Crib? (Well,there's the obvious: "Any time you feel like it if you are a ...
jpmassar 07/02/2014 38 74 - -
Good Morning California! How Does it Feel to Pay the State's Lowest Paid Workers 12.5% More Today?
Almost unnoticed, the minimum wage in California went up today to $9.00/hr from $8.00/hr , a 12.5% increase. Hundreds of thousands of workers will now be taking home a little more each week, while ...
jpmassar 07/01/2014 16 17 - -
It's Official! Oakland Will Vote on the Highest Minimum Wage in the Country in November.
The Alameda County Registrar of Voters yesterday validated the signatures for Lift Up Oakland's ballot initiative calling for a $12.25 minimum wage, inflation adjustments, and paid sick leave, ...
jpmassar 06/28/2014 60 47 2 -
Operation Occupy Google!
Twenty some East Bay and San Francisco peeps headed down from Berkeley this morning to Mountain View to - and, no, I'm not making this up - Occupy Google. Hoping to engage the Google ...
jpmassar 06/24/2014 21 36 1 -
Occupy San Diego:No New War on IRAQ Emergency Action
Occupy San Diego got this message from Veterans for Peace: Thursday, June 19, 2014 San Diego Veterans for Peace is calling for a bannering on the 6th Avenue overpass (over I-5) this Thursday, June ...
Horace Boothroyd III 06/18/2014 13 33 2 -
Harvard Business Review calls bullshit on today's "capitalists"
Capitalists seem uninterested in capitalism—in supporting the development of market-creating innovations. - Clayton M. Christensen and Derek van Bever, [
arendt 06/15/2014 154 340 26 -
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