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A Christmas Potpourri
It has been a long time since I did a diary, so here are some Christmas-related images I've produced over the years.
Old Sailor 12/23/2014 11 15 - -
Thank you...
for the many expressions of concern and the good wishes! I am definitely feeling better but where I go from here has not been decided yet. The two main options seem to be try another statin or don't ...
Old Sailor 04/02/2014 11 37 - -
Big Sister: The Early Days, Part 1
I have already done a diary about "Big Sister Comes to Live With Us", here . This diary continues the story, in photos, from that diary. The photos were taken very soon after we brought her home. ...
Old Sailor 02/20/2014 12 15 - -
Brother Kitty and His Baskets
After my partner's mother died, he got some of her Longaberger baskets and put a few of them on top of the wall unit in the front room. Brother kitty became very interested in them and would go up ...
Old Sailor 02/17/2014 30 60 - -
Little Sister Comes To Live With Us, Part 2
First, I apologize for taking so long to post Part 2. I got distracted, and other stuff. Part 1 is here . I'm publishing this in the morning, as sort of an experiment. I'm not aware of any rules ...
Old Sailor 02/15/2014 23 19 - -
Our Memorial Service for Sister Kitty
When we lost Sister Kitty (born 1989) in 2005, we decided to have a private memorial service for her. First, here is a photo of her on her favorite corner of the couch.
Old Sailor 02/12/2014 23 31 - -
Little Sister Comes to Live With Us, Part 1
One day early in May 2010, my partner went to the monthly lunch held by some of his co-workers. One of them pulled out some photos and said that she needed to find homes for some kittens. Her ...
Old Sailor 01/03/2014 11 31 - -
When They Were Very Young
In 1989 a litter if kitties was born in a city north of here. Nobody wanted them, ant the litter was deposited on the doorstep of a shop selling cat-related things in another city. Sister Kitty and ...
Old Sailor 12/11/2013 23 22 - -
Progress Report
First, I would like to thank all of you who responded to my first diary about my internet friend's sick kitty. I appreciate it very much. My friend obviously noted the concern about the kitty being ...
Old Sailor 12/01/2013 7 7 - -
A kitty in trouble
One of my good internet friends made this post on her blog about an hour ago. The blog is written as though it is being written by her kitty. I wonder if anyone recognizes the symptoms. Also, it ...
Old Sailor 11/27/2013 21 23 - -
Big Sister Comes to Live With Us
The "sister" part and getting big comes later, but Big Sister is what I'll call her. About six months after our beloved Brother Kitty went over the Rainbow Bridge to join Sister Kitty, we were out ...
Old Sailor 11/26/2013 13 23 - -
Big Sister and Little Sister at Halloween
Here goes my very first diary. I should state at the beginning that I did not encounter the term "pootie" until I came to DK. We have always referred to our cats as "kitties" or "cats". I'll try to ...
Old Sailor 10/28/2013 15 20 - -
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