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A Republican carpetbagger from Maryland in Montana
What would it sound like if a Republican, born in Baltimore and raised on the Eastern Shore, ran for office in Montana? Would he say something like "go downy ayohshun aand ketch some craabs, hwun" ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 11/08/2013 6 3 - -
President Obama Will Let ALL the Bush Tax Cuts Expire...
...if he doesn't get what he wants. This from Jake Tapper: White House officials insist that they're confident that a deal will be struck. One top Obama adviser, however, told ABC News that if the ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 11/09/2012 23 40 - -
Let ALL the Bush Tax Cuts Expire
Understandably, the president compromised in late 2010. But the president shouldn't compromise this time. Assuming that the Republican-controlled House won't pass a bill that extends the Bush tax ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 11/07/2012 28 18 - -
Important Quiz on Tax Brackets
Many Americans simply don't understand how tax brackets work. If you're an accountant, you'll get this quiz right. If you follow tax policy closely, you'll get this quiz right. If you do your own ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 11/07/2012 6 - - -
PA: The Secret of Republican Last-Minute Fascination
As noted here by dilgre , Romney is planning to go to Pennsylvania on Sunday. As noted here by TofG , McCain and Palin tried this four years ago. To quote this article from October ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 11/01/2012 9 13 - -
Axelrod bets mustache on PA, MI, MN
Obama will win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota. David Axelrod just bet his mustache on it.
Ordinary Average Blogger 10/31/2012 13 5 - -
Meat Loaf music fans for Obama!
I have been and will remain a Barack Obama voter. I have been and will remain a big fan of Meat Loaf's music. There's no need to mock Meat Loaf's art just because of Meat Loaf's celebrity ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 10/26/2012 17 2 - -
BREAKING: Donald Trump Offers TWENTY DOLLARS to Obama!
Donald Trump has offered President Obama TWENTY DOLLARS , payable to a charity or charities of Obama's choosing, if Obama releases his college application, college records, and passport records. ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 10/25/2012 14 6 - -
The brilliance of the Big Truth strategy
In the last two debates, the president has employed a smart, simple, and effective technique to counter Republican messaging. Call it the Big Truth strategy.
Ordinary Average Blogger 10/23/2012 2 10 1 -
What would Teddy say?
Suppose that in August 2009, Obama had called up Senator Kennedy on his deathbed to talk about the next presidential election. Look, Ted. I know this is the last thing you want to worry about right ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 09/04/2012 1 3 - 30
A historic precedent for civil rights
It was an election year. The nation was divided over a contentious civil-rights issue. The Democratic party broke with tradition and came out in favor of civil rights. It cost them politically -- ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 05/10/2012 1 4 - 21
Obama's support for marriage equality is meaningless...
... unless he gets reelected. If Romney wins, he locks in a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for decades. At that point, we may as well give up on getting the Supreme Court to decide ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 05/09/2012 19 30 - 224
Keep your eyes on the prize
The ultimate goal of the fight for marriage equality is one of the following: 1) A Supreme Court ruling that the constitution, as it stands, protects the right of gay marriage throughout the country.
Ordinary Average Blogger 05/09/2012 3 4 - 27
Ten-Year-Old Mitt Romney and Dogmeat
When Mitt Romney was ten years old, he belonged to a church that wouldn't admit people of black African descent to the Priesthood. For that matter, when Mitt Romney was thirty years old, he ...
Ordinary Average Blogger 04/19/2012 10 4 - 125
How can Obama's secretary's tax rate possibly be higher? (with real numbers)
Please check my assumptions. Fox is reporting that Obama paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, Anita Breckenridge.
Ordinary Average Blogger 04/13/2012 33 - - 201
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