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So..about Penn State
This diary serves one purpose, and that is to provide people with the contact information for the NCAA. Unfortunately, they don't have an email interface or address in their contact info, but here ...
Orman West 07/12/2012 5 11 - 97
What Paycheck-to-Paycheck Means
A quick google-fu of the subject reveals that there are a whole bunch of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. I don't think anyone really understands what that means unless they've lived the ...
Orman West 01/28/2012 110 194 2 768
#OccupyChi, The Energy, The Challenges, The Saboteur
So I went to Occupy Chicago yesterday. My company has an office just about a few blocks from what Occupy Chicago is referring to as HQ (Outside the Chicago Board of Trade and the Fed on Jackson and ...
Orman West 10/06/2011 25 32 - 140
The Short Man
Once upon a time there was a small mining town with two classes of people. There were short men and there were tall men. Every day the short men went to the field and dug brick after brick after ...
Orman West 09/27/2011 1 8 - 75
There's something happening here
The full impact of what has been done has been slowly forming up in my head for the past couple of days. I am sure there are long-ranging nuances that I have not yet thought of, but in the process ...
Orman West 08/02/2011 77 32 - 280
A Government of Wealth and Itself
Disclaimer: This is not going to be a data heavy diary. This is my mental vomit only. OK, my mental vomit and some fun cartoons I found. Also, there are exceptions to everything. Always.
Orman West 07/29/2011 1 1 - 27
If you aren't 1 of 400, it's your rodeo
If you are NOT one of the 400 people sitting on as much money as the bottom 50 percent of the population, now is your moment. If you let it slip away, the action you will need to take the next ...
Orman West 03/10/2011 10 9 - 70
A night at the Horseshoe
So I spend some time playing poker. Not often, not for high stakes. More like monthly for a couple hundred dollars. Typically, I win (ego boost done). So this weekend I went to the Horseshoe. I ...
Orman West 03/07/2011 3 1 - 22
Nationwide Rally TOMORROW
Union or not, here we come If you enter your zip, it will give you rallies near you. Noon local time ...
Orman West 02/25/2011 21 23 1 124
We don't need to be unionized to be mobilized
I am tired of the Middle East protests being compared to WI/OH/IN. It is not the same. Not even a little the same.
Orman West 02/23/2011 2 - - 12
Dear US: Times have changed, so should you
I recently reconnected with an old friend. It says right on his facebook page that he is a republican christian. So after the obligatory whats-gone-on-in-your-life-over-the-past-five-years exchange, ...
Orman West 02/10/2011 16 7 - 135
Let's talk about my 401k
I keep reading that a 401k is a fraud (most recently in the comments for the diary on the rec list about class warfare). In the immortal words of me...I don't get it.
Orman West 06/29/2010 41 1 - 23
Open letter to the leaders of the world
This letter is intended for all the leaders of the world, whether they be governmental, corporatist or spiritual in nature.
Orman West 06/16/2010 8 - - 26
Help me. I know I should do the work myself
but with Christmas, the offspring, the job, the everything...this issue went from "eeeeerrrrrrgg" (last week) to "huh?" over the weekend. Can someone please take a moment to answer my questions in ...
Orman West 12/21/2009 10 1 - 11
Reid to unveil final offer on healthcare bill on Saturday morning
In a surprise move, Reid removed his mouth from Lieberman's right testicle long enough to toss a wink at Obama (who was busily working on lefty), and state that he would unveil his final offer on ...
Orman West 12/18/2009 43 6 - 65
New goal: Long term victory
I hate that I have been made to appreciate the GOP. I am a retired single mom (meaning I am now married. I'm not retired from the workforce) with a pre-existing condition who went without insurance ...
Orman West 12/17/2009 6 3 - 37
Tip of the Hat to the GOP
This is a piece of pure, unbridled political genius. Really, I have no choice but to grant grudging admiration to the right on this one. I can tell you that I never in a million years could have ...
Orman West 12/16/2009 13 2 - 11
Welcome to my Fiefdom
This is my first diary on DailyKos, though I have been e-stalking you guys for years. I guess I have finally reached critical mass, wherein if I don't exercise SOME outlet for my frustrations I may ...
Orman West 12/15/2009 11 7 - 31
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