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Popcorn-passing Schadenfreude
In 2008, after President Obama was first elected, it looked for a moment like the GOP was going to self destruct in a fit of apoplexy. While Rush railed, guys like Eric Cantor were making quiet ...
Parallax857 03/01/2013 7 9 - -
Obama Confident for a Reason
The President used his radio address to make clear that tax rates would be going up on the rich. Welcome to the post-election political landscape. The Republicans have lost, even if they continue ...
Parallax857 12/08/2012 22 22 - -
Let's Say Yes and Work for More
Just want to put in my two cents because this is an issue on which we've all really worked hard. So much of our efforts to elect more and better Democrats have been with an eye toward our goals for ...
Parallax857 12/19/2009 29 15 - 50
Rock Salt on Snow?
Erick Erickson over at RedState has posted a call to action for his Neanderthal brethren. His proposal? His readers ...
Parallax857 10/13/2009 11 2 - 12
Freepers Think We're Afraid of Palin
Newsflash! This just in from They now try reverse psychology. They want Americans to think that the liberals want her to run, so Obama can defeat her. But she WILL ...
Parallax857 07/12/2009 74 14 1 33
Sarah Palin -- Unending Fount of Stupidity; Enjoy!
Politico has an article up today in which Sarah Palin complains about her alleged unfair treatment at the hands of the media and ...
Parallax857 01/08/2009 66 17 1 58
Greenwald -- Nail, Head, Bang!
Glenn Greenwald wrote an amazing piece this morning and, since he doesn't crosspost here, this diary is to make sure ...
Parallax857 01/07/2009 18 43 - 16
Dick Morris Is At It Again!
Does anyone else find it scary that Bill Clinton once considered Morris a close adviser? Setting aside what it says about Bill's character, I find Morris fascinating in his utter sleaziness. Never ...
Parallax857 11/16/2008 85 11 - 26
So What if Obama Really Were . . .
Uhmm . . . now that Obama's our president, would somebody please tell me what's wrong with being Muslim?
Parallax857 11/15/2008 14 10 1 1
Wingnuts Gone Wild!!!
This morning, a friend forwarded an angry message from Ronald Reagan's lunatic son, Michael. The letter, posted below, is worth a read, as entertainment if nothing else. My friend was all freaked ...
Parallax857 11/14/2008 59 18 1 23
ABC Screwed -- Obama Ad Pulverizes Daisies
As it turns out, ABC blundered in spurning Obama last night. If ...
Parallax857 10/30/2008 75 48 - 17
Godwin's Law in Action
According to Wikipedia: Godwin's Law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an adage formulated by Mike Godwin in 1990. Specifically, it states:
Parallax857 10/27/2008 7 - - 14
Palin -- The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Here's what CBS is reporting : Sarah Palin told a customer at a Philadelphia restaurant on ...
Parallax857 09/28/2008 9 2 - 9
Please Tell Me This Didn't Really Happen
Did Clinton just congratulate Palin ? Did she really say, "We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's ...
Parallax857 08/29/2008 42 4 - 3
Breaking -- First MSM Report on McCain's Affair!!
Just kidding. You've . . . just . . . been -- get ready -- this is good . . . BARACK ROLLED!! {Psst: Now click the play button. Pleeeaaase!}
Parallax857 08/10/2008 100 13 - 17
Dancing with the Universe
If you haven't seen this already, make sure the volume is turned up on your speakers and enjoy. It's a real heart opener. With definite political overtones, plus obvious spiritual undertones (or ...
Parallax857 07/06/2008 11 5 - 2
MSM reports McCain's use of the "C" word !!
No, not really. But consider, for just a moment, what the world would look like if the very same media that extensively reported the words of Obama's preacher, with endless debate regarding how such ...
Parallax857 06/22/2008 9 15 1 16
FISA & The Long Road Home: The Need for Discipline
In all the discussions about Obama's position on FISA, his failure to firmly stand up for what we all know is right, it's important to recall the missed opportunities and failures of President Carter.
Parallax857 06/21/2008 13 19 1 16
Dr. Evil Obama is prettier than Saint McCain in "Brooksiland"
Today, David Brooks hoists himself by his own petard of absurdist, disingenuous blather. I refer to ...
Parallax857 06/20/2008 16 4 - -
A Tale of Two Internets
Personally, I'm not big on stories, diaries or comments implying the election is all but over. There's a long history of overconfident Democrats getting punked, an infinite palate of ways in which ...
Parallax857 06/16/2008 6 5 - 11
Social/Political Change We Really Can Believe In
I want to share something Obama said that I found inspiring. "Michael from NYC" posted this on Al Giordana's blog, The Field ." “I ...
Parallax857 06/05/2008 5 - - -
I Blew It!
On Monday I posted a diary predicting that Hillary will concede the race. In fact, I went so far as to assert it was a ...
Parallax857 06/04/2008 12 2 - -
Hillary IS Dropping Out -- Take it to the Bank
That's a prediction. A prediction about which I feel certain. Will explain why below the break.
Parallax857 06/02/2008 78 35 2 16
Relax People -- Hillary's Not Going to Denver
I understand why Hillary's behavior, which seems completely irrational, can be upsetting and unsettling. However, while she might look nuts, she's actually playing an angle. Not necessarily a smart ...
Parallax857 05/28/2008 101 27 - 13
A Whole New Way of Seeing: Oprah Interviews Jill Bolte Taylor
Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed a Harvard professor and brain researcher who experienced and observed her own stroke, from the inside out. As a result of this experience, and the spiritual ...
Parallax857 05/20/2008 20 7 1 2
My First Fundraising Letter From Hillary -- with Response
Just received a letter from Hillary Clinton requesting money to support her continuation in what she terms "a neck-and-neck race," and inviting me to join her campaign. How nice of the good ...
Parallax857 05/15/2008 29 23 - 24
The Audacity of Hypocrisy
Here we go again. Bill Clinton is apparently on a campaign to build inter-party unity between Democrats and Republicans in our shared revulsion with him. Leave it to Bill to single handedly destroy ...
Parallax857 05/01/2008 37 14 1 -
We owe much to these kids!
Earlier today, a diary was posted bringing to light the impact that a bunch of college kids in Pennsylvania had in ...
Parallax857 04/24/2008 2 1 - 10
And Now For Something Completely Amazing
A fascinating talk by a brain researcher describing her own stroke. Really worth watching!
Parallax857 04/09/2008 13 17 4 77
Obama's Latest Ad for Pennsylvania -- a Winner!
Check out this latest Obama ad for Pennsylvania.
Parallax857 04/08/2008 29 14 3 15
We Made It Happen
On March 9th, this community came together to try to bring attention to an ad script written by an anonymous guy in Tucson,
Parallax857 03/25/2008 5 8 2 1
Today I am proud, for the first time in so many years, to be an American.
Parallax857 03/18/2008 - 3 - 4
Steve's Fantastic Obama Ad Idea
An Obama supporter in my community, Steve, came up with a great idea for an Obama ad. Too good, in fact, not to share. He's an Independent and not a member of this community, but he gave me ...
Parallax857 03/09/2008 359 794 16 72
Political and Spiritual Reflections of a Dying Lee Atwater
As an idealism not seen in politics since 1968 struggles to emerge, what can we learn from the life and death of Lee Atwater?
Parallax857 03/04/2008 37 19 1 29
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