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Four Humble Suggestions for Fixing the Police
Police are currently in a crisis as the amount of bad apples in the barrel are reaching critical mass while the infotech is documenting their actions global and instantly. The basic public trust in ...
Patience John 04/29/2015 10 7 - -
New Kinloch mayor still locked out?
Any news this morning? While the country is lasered onto Baltimore. The new Kinloch mayor has yet to be able to get in the door of city hall. Seriously. New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from ...
Patience John 04/28/2015 6 18 - -
Thoughts on Holier Than Thou by a Freethinking Lutheran
So wow, first off, people who waste their time reading me will be shocked, shocked I say, to find out I actually am a member of the Good Book. Just not the biggest fan on how other people use it. ...
Patience John 04/27/2015 21 11 - -
The Nut About Pistachios
Well, this has been a long time coming. This is what happens when you look forward and let all those yahoos keep their ill-gotten gains, giving them more buying power! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee ...
Patience John 04/06/2015 22 26 - -
Come See Bernie Sanders in Austin Tomorrow
Howdy my fellow Texans, we got a full-blown lefty coming to town! Come see Bernie Sanders at the IBEW Union Hall tomorrow. The IBEW Union Hall is on 71 (aka Ben White Boulevard because this city ...
Patience John 03/30/2015 5 8 - -
The Pretzel Incident Under Review
Washington, D.C. - Last Sunday, Dick Cheney freely admitted that the Bush Administration believed torturing innocents was justifiable, going against this republic's long held tradition of the ...
Patience John 12/16/2014 1 2 - -
Clown Cars on the Border
While reading the internetz about the great border closing, which oddly got more coverage than the environment march, I noticed right off it was in Starr County. Starr County has one of the last ...
Patience John 09/22/2014 4 8 - -
Ferguson Live : Police approaching peaceful protestors
Archive Link: Watch and tell a friend. 8 Minute mark is when the police arrive. Then the police just started randomly shooting people ...
Patience John 08/13/2014 24 16 1 -
AIPAC Named Secretary of State
Washington, D.C - In a stunning move brought on by the Citizens United decision, a corporate entity for the first time will become a citizen official. The legal construct known as AIPAC (American ...
Patience John 08/02/2014 42 28 - -
Liberty of La Linea
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Ah, sweet Lady Liberty, first thing many migrants saw before arriving in the Great Apple, ripe of the American dream. ...
Patience John 07/10/2014 2 3 - -
Exhibit C Stands for Corruption: The Walker Files
After finding the cruz of the case on page 144, I have been casually watching Suárez make England cry and reading the Exhibits behind today's ruling. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary ...
Patience John 06/19/2014 12 21 1 -
Greg Abbot and Texas GOP plan to bankrupt every Texas city, town and village.
So wow. I finally got the stomach up to read the clown car Texas GOP Party Platform. While a lot of attention has been given to the GOP's desire to return to an era where Gay Therapy was not a quack ...
Patience John 06/17/2014 63 83 2 -
Hillary Clinton, A Review of the Record
Since I am not instantly becoming a fanboy of Hillary Clinton for 2016, I am being called all sorts of things. From far-right flag planter to delusional Leftie, so far I have ran the gambit and ...
Patience John 06/15/2014 73 15 - -
First Two LGBT Marriages in Texas Official!
Ha! This is the beauty of having closed-minded knuckleheads pen your state laws. Sooner or later their desire to be the Baptist Taliban will paint them into a corner. Four LBGT Texans in Dallas ...
Patience John 02/16/2014 15 26 - -
HaHaHa! The Zimmerman "Painting", A Great "Derivative" Piece, Update: DU Chimes In
Ah, I love when total yahoos turn to art, as you can see from my past diaries, I even took it upon myself to find meaning in Former-President George Walker Bush's pieces. Today we will discuss The ...
Patience John 12/17/2013 43 39 1 -
Thanksgiving Bonus
Herbert sat hat in hand, outside the New Boss's office. All the New Bosses had just arrived off the assembly line, the latest in AI technology. Now the corporations could have physical bodies and ...
Patience John 11/27/2013 7 19 1 -
Zeitgeist Bush Art Reviews : Norquist's Bathtub
Norquist's Bathtub , Oil on Canvas George Walker Bush, 2010 Any art critic knows that to speak of the art of W is to speak to timelessness itself. His pieces often stretch meta across the canvas ...
Patience John 10/07/2013 4 3 - -
Scott Walker's Mining Buddies Deploy Militia
There is a little slice of heaven, especially for the hunting and fishing-type, up in Wisconsin called the Penokee Hills. Unfortunately for said little slice of paradise, it appears to contain ...
Patience John 07/16/2013 15 26 - -
Chavez Look-A-Like Competitions Total Coincidence
Miami, Fl. - For the last few weeks across Latin America, the newest fad is to hold a Chavez look-a-like contest. From Paraguay to Mexico, bars and jardins are catching on, but some were surprised ...
Patience John 03/05/2013 2 - - -
Tour de Force: A Review of Bush's Paintings
While I certainly do not agree with the public release of candid private photos , the recent release of images from the Bush Family has brought to light the astounding work of George W Bush. While ...
Patience John 02/08/2013 105 62 1 -
Locusts of the Floor Clock
One two PUNCH four. One two PUNCH four. That completed the first part of the routine for Joe. Next came the small dripping that would be with him all afternoon. Tick Tock of the floor clock. Joe ...
Patience John 12/09/2012 4 5 - -
OP, Our President, delivered at Reddit.
Just a quick diary to show how savvy President Obama is, versus Romney, who probably doesn't even know what Reddit is. The best part of Reddit is that world gets to hang out and each comment is ...
Patience John 11/06/2012 6 9 - -
Big Tex Self-Immolates Over Perry Re-Election News
Dallas, TX - There is hardly a dry eye in the Lone Star as Texas's mascot Big Tex died today. Soon after learning that Rick Perry planned to run for the governor's office again in 2014, Big Tex made ...
Patience John 10/19/2012 15 15 - -
Will Romney Roast Obama Tonight?
Of all the years not to attend the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, that's what I said to myself this week now that I have left the city that never sleeps. Besides being able to give directly to ...
Patience John 10/18/2012 13 4 - -
Romney's Gerald Ford Moment Video
I had no idea where Mitt was going with his "Women Need to be home making sandwiches" bit, considering he had spent weeks holed up in his mansions with the best debate coaches money could buy. But ...
Patience John 10/16/2012 29 11 1 -
Romney Style! A Delightful Diversion for Saturday
First off, this is the best parody of the election season so far: This is almost as good as the Real Slim Shady standing up! And for the ladies and men only welcomed in the Democratic Party:
Patience John 10/13/2012 2 17 - -
President sells out Texas, rest of Keystone Pipeline on the way
Update (Hat Tip to TJ for pointing out Obama flip-flopped on this): UPDATE 2-Obama to push US agencies on south Keystone line
Patience John 10/07/2012 60 18 1 250
What if I told you a Democrat is gonna win Ron Paul's seat?
Shocking, I know! Of course, once again the gerrymandering of the Texas GOP has done goofed by trying to force Nick Lampson out of politics. Yes, the Nick Lampson that won Tom DeLay's seat and saved ...
Patience John 09/26/2012 97 311 - 3075
Terry Jones did not make the film, Sam Bacile did.
I noticed pitchforks and torches were rightfully being assembled, but in the interest of truth inherent, I must point out who actually made this film. First off, most people have not even seen the ...
Patience John 09/12/2012 28 19 - 264
GOP Goes Skinny Dipping in the Sea of Galilee
Here's a bit you might want to bring up the next time a Republican says President Obama is embarrassing us overseas. About a year ago, several GOP House members decided to get extremely drunk in ...
Patience John 08/20/2012 13 8 - 81
Tip of Tongue Resolved: Romney is Joe Isuzu
Remember those commercials? I do from my youth, and to help you refresh your memory, here are a few clips: And this one is a great example of how Joe Isuzu perfectly reflects Romney's recent trip ...
Patience John 08/16/2012 13 15 - 134
These OPSEC yahoos were debunked long ago.
Wow, I couldn't believe it when I saw none other than Benjamin Smith trotting out the swiftboating of President Obama. Nevermind that Admiral McRaven ended all discussion about this matter, but yet ...
Patience John 08/16/2012 17 10 2 150
Ultimate Romney Flip-Flip Video
This. Romney is about to find out that the Internetz, the Internetz never forgets. Watch in awe as Romney flip-flops on every single issue possible. Watch as even Rick Perry and Fred Thompson ...
Patience John 08/16/2012 3 5 1 68
Romney required "several years" of Tax Returns in VP Vetting
So I was piddling around the Sunday media and decided to see the reaction to Romney's bold choice of picking Ayn Rynd's cabana boy. Of course, CNN had the puff piece I was looking for, with a nice ...
Patience John 08/12/2012 1 6 - 38
Texas Senate Round-Up #1
We got ourselves quite a thing happening down in Texas. While I am sure it will end in pony tears once again for my beloved Texas Democratic Party, it was rather nice to see Blowhard Dewhurst sent ...
Patience John 08/02/2012 24 8 - 62
LIBOR Scandal Cost You Your Home? Get it all back.
OKay, this has to the best kept secret in the USA right now. You think I am kidding? This is brought to you by our Federal Reserve my friend. Proof:
Patience John 07/31/2012 7 6 1 128
Goody Bachmann Saw Grover Norquist With The Devil
Oh my, one has to wonder what exactly is going on in the ol' Republican camp these days. In their throaty rush to try and revive the Obama is Muslim meme and tie it to the Muslim Brotherhood for the ...
Patience John 07/22/2012 9 21 - 185
The Barclays Shuffle or LIBOR Debt on the Cheap
I knew I saved these documents for a reason. First off, I want to state I got these documents on the up and up, no grand hacking was implemented or corporate subterfuge deployed. Basically, I am ...
Patience John 07/05/2012 10 21 2 112
Our Idiot Country Makes Me Laugh
Oh man, I knew the wrong-Right would be out in force today because the Supreme Court did to them what they did to my Hope Pony in 2000 with Bush v Gore. After my morning constitutional, I decided to ...
Patience John 06/28/2012 13 13 - 126
Romney Picks Romney as VP
Salt Lake City, Utah - In a surprise move going against over two-hundred years of tradition, Republican-candidate Mitt Romney announced today that Mitt Romney would also be his Vice-Presidential pick.
Patience John 04/12/2012 4 1 - 26
Santorum Dimebags Obama
Via The amount of demagoguery you are about to witness is astounding. From a 2010 speech, Rick Santorum calls President Obama a drug dealer, peddling dimebags in ...
Patience John 02/23/2012 11 18 - 202
Mittens and the Pretty Woman Parable
Oh Mitt Romney. Mittens, oh Mittens, why will you not accept the fact that you are Vice Presidential material at best? Instead, here you go again, trying to be the Belle of a Ball the Republicans ...
Patience John 01/24/2012 2 4 - 69
Gingrich did the most despicable thing Newt could imagine.
Tonight, the Republican debates lead with the story of the day and Newt Gingrich proved once and for all he can dish it, but he cannot take it. See him in all his glory here:
Patience John 01/20/2012 151 358 6 2513
My Fellow Texans, We must stop this ugly tradition
Ah, Texas, one of the few places that can be the envy and disgrace of the world at the same time. It's part of our make up. One day we elected the first openly lesbian mayor of a major city, the ...
Patience John 08/20/2011 24 18 - 168
Rick Perry fancies himself a Prophet.
Wow, not sure where Hot Tub Hero Rick Perry is going with this crazy run for Vice-President, but on Fox News' Your World with Cavuto when asked about his popularity in Texas, Perry had this to say: ��
Patience John 06/14/2011 16 3 - 106
Rick Perry Goes Full Cross With Hate Group
I wondered what angle Rick Perry was gonna go for his campaign to be Vice-President. Remember one thing about his run, this is for the Vice-President's office because he is to bone lazy to be ...
Patience John 06/12/2011 21 25 - 219
Weiners and Popcorns
So I have been at the ranch awhile and just recently found out about this Weiner's wiener dust up. I instantly knew it was a joke, for that dude is married to one of the most intelligent and ...
Patience John 05/31/2011 4 2 - 119
Libya Missing from Obama's Middle East Speech
So, tomorrow is a rather big deadline for President Obama, it marks 60 days since we started our engagement with Libya. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 allows the president 60-days to conduct ...
Patience John 05/19/2011 47 3 1 131
Paul Ryan Suggests Default Fine By Debt Holders
The mind just wanders on the wonders of the Republican Party sometimes. Here we got Rep. Paul Ryan, a very SERIOUS dude I am told, who just happens to be the chairman of the House Budget Committee, ...
Patience John 05/17/2011 10 12 - 121
Gingrich Called a Fool & Embarrassment on Fox News
Tape delays, how do they work? While I never expect anything resembling professional journalism to come out of Fox News, you'd think with the dwindling supply of Republican puppets to run in 2012, ...
Patience John 05/17/2011 24 14 - 246
Texas “the national laboratory for bad fiscal policy”
Now, don't let me get in the way of daily 2 Minutes of Hate on my dear old Texas here on the DailyKos, but I would like to point out our current fiscal fiasco started well before the current ...
Patience John 05/16/2011 10 3 - 69
George Washington and Rick Perry have a chat, Loser Pays
A funny little cartoon explaining how Rick Perry is in bed with ol' King ...
Patience John 05/10/2011 2 1 - 38
Texas Republicans to Repeal Dam Common Sense
Boy howdy, the Texas Republicans were due, I tell you. Having not shown their red baboon asses in quite some time, you could just feel the stupid rambling down the tracks. Well, the crazy train is ...
Patience John 05/09/2011 21 11 - 167
Slow Claps for the Cheering of Not Cheering
"I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." Mark Twain Ah, like clockwork, those that are not for anything, but against all, the ...
Patience John 05/02/2011 28 4 - 82
Lieberman/Edwards 2012 Primary Challenge Polling at -5%
In shocking development today, the primary challenge ticket of Joe Lieberman/John Edwards 2012 is polling at -5%. Even thought many of their closet advisers warned the pair not to even think about ...
Patience John 04/29/2011 22 4 - 241
Trump Lies to Himself on Vietnam Draft
Okay, fine. I know we have more pressing issues, but with Donald Trump telling our biggest trading partners mother fuckers, it's time for the Left to step in. I seriously can't believe we have to do ...
Patience John 04/29/2011 11 5 1 127
Dear President Obama, why is your DOJ siding with the police state?
You know President Obama, one of the main reasons I voted for you was the fact you were a constitutional scholar. For many years, the Bush Administration had trampled over our civil liberties in the ...
Patience John 04/20/2011 10 12 - 68
Hey Sen. Schumer, keep the shuttle, we're taking NYC's gold.
Well, well, well. Here is a dude who has decided to pick a fight with Texas! I'm glad Senator Schumer has taken time out of his busy day down on his knees on Wall Street to taunt Space City about ...
Patience John 04/18/2011 6 - - 25
Sanchez is a non-starter in Texas Senate Race
This has to be the stupidest balloon floated over Texas in awhile, which means something considering the three-legged dogs the Texas Democratic Party trots out. I have never been more embarrassed to ...
Patience John 04/18/2011 29 12 - 206
Net Savings on Clean Air since 1970: $47 Trillion
If the Republicans want to have a grown up discussion about the budget and real savings over a long term goal, then unfortunately their gutting of the EPA is one of the worst things we could do. In ...
Patience John 04/14/2011 11 17 1 65
I'm not just a leftist, I'm a radical leftist and Pro-Alternative Voting
I think it's funny, people are being pigeon-holed into two parties in this country when in actuality the USA is a fine tapestry of interests. For far to long, we've had a gorilla and a cheetah in ...
Patience John 04/11/2011 14 10 1 102
Something Completely Different: Internet Searching Presented by Hungarian Folk Dancing.
Bubble searching is a really inefficient search in my opinion, but I am an relevance oracle. But this, this is awesome.
Patience John 04/08/2011 6 3 - 51
Texas Republicans, a voice of reason on planned parenthood.
Everybody just settle down! I know, right? Texas being the voice of reason goes to show just how far off the tracks DC has become. And not just any Texans, because I know how people love to hate on ...
Patience John 04/08/2011 77 75 - 543
The Year was 2006, and in Waukesha County...
Luckily, this is EXHIBIT 10! Public record, thank you copyright! Waukesha Couny voting bedeviled by Scott Williams, ...
Patience John 04/07/2011 21 43 - 286
GOP rolling dice on GI's pay
One of the major aspect of the current budget battle that is being overlooked is the effect on the men and women in the armed forces. Through a cruel twist of fate, for some reason a soldier serving ...
Patience John 04/07/2011 3 1 - 13
Taking words for granite.
I was not impressed by President Obama's speech last night. To be fair, I am a serious three issues voter, finance, foreign policy and civil rights. Now considering we are broke, and war has broken ...
Patience John 03/29/2011 17 4 - 66
People Without Oil
It is rather shocking that this day and age, the InfoTech Age at that, that the powers that be can still manufacture consent for war with the ease of suggesting an afternoon tea. Already people are ...
Patience John 03/24/2011 3 - - 13
Israel admits to abducting missing Gaza engineer
No real surprise here, the foreign press and international human rights organizations have pretty much figured out how the Mossad kidnapped the lead engineer of the Gaza power station. For those not ...
Patience John 03/22/2011 165 11 - 393
Getting Sad at Tea Party Nation
Judson Phillips, the founder of the Tea Party Nation, is not a smart man. The kind of dude who squats with his spurs on then claims a snake done bit him. Case in point: Tea Party Nation ...
Patience John 03/16/2011 11 20 - 270
Had No Idea Southeast Kansas Was Full of Racist Scumbags
Well, you learn something new every day. State Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro, he's just this guy, you know? He's not only the elected official, but he speaks like a man of his people, or so he says. “...
Patience John 03/15/2011 10 17 - 170
Scott Walker is Against Universal Human Rights.
Long have the Republicans railed against the United Nations, because this body has denied them their cover for imperialistic wars, among other schemes. Long have the Republicans incited their base ...
Patience John 03/10/2011 19 4 - 67
Walker's Waterloo: 111.70 (4) (L) Strikes prohibited, Strikers will be fired.
Short and sweet intro, I use to read these for fun and leisure, and pick up a check, but this is personal. Link to the passed Bill:
Patience John 03/09/2011 179 313 10 2699
So James O'Keefe bagged NPR? This is sad.
Glad to see NPR sticks to their guns like Democrats in Congress, or the White House for that matter. Why is that every time James O'Keefe releases a gotcha video the center-left or Democrats trip ...
Patience John 03/09/2011 30 23 - 225
Republicans find slam dunk case of voter fraud.
Remember how the Republicans were telling everyone to look out for voter fraud in the 2010 Midterm elections? "Be vigilant!" they said. "Watch out for fraud!" they said. Well, luckily everyone ...
Patience John 03/04/2011 72 293 4 2152 is down.
How much money do we pay these guys? And why is their site down? https:/ - add a / https:/ - add a / All down. I'm ...
Patience John 03/03/2011 23 8 - 234
Texas Republicans Exempt Their Servants from Immigration Reform
Happy Birthday Texas! It's been quite an eventful 175 years of two-steps forward and one step back in the beautiful dance we call the two-step. Seems our lovable knuckleheads on the Republican-side ...
Patience John 03/02/2011 25 44 - 217
Texas demographer Steve Murdock is a burro.
No offense to burros, I love those guys. I guess Steve Murdock is more of a jackass than a burro, seriously. This guy, let me tell you about this piece of work. Texas demographer: 'It's ...
Patience John 02/27/2011 1 - - 21
Koch Brothers: 20 Years of Astroturfing in Wisconsin
This story, amazingly enough, starts with a great lady, a solid Democrat and stalwart of the African-American community in Milwaukee, Polly Williams. Over a score of years ago, Williams crusaded for ...
Patience John 02/27/2011 12 24 3 139
Texas Moseys Towards Modernity on LGBT Rights
Texas appears to moving forward in the beautiful dance of our people known as the two-step. Lord knows over the last decade we definitely took one back, but across the Lone Star change is in the wind.
Patience John 02/25/2011 12 9 - 58
The Koch Brothers Unleash Their Propagandist on Wisconsin
Undaunted by their puppet's epic failure at message control, the Koch Brothers are using their propaganda mouthpiece Americans for Prosperity to launch a huge media campaign in Wisconsin over the ...
Patience John 02/24/2011 6 8 - 99
Governor Walker Should Be Charged with Bribery, Class H Felony
I am no big city lawyer, but I have been to known to hand such people their egos back to them on a silver platter. After researching what I considered a quid pro quo, the acceptance of a vacation to ...
Patience John 02/23/2011 57 29 - 228
Walkercide: Killing the American Dream for Corporate Paymasters
When will we wake up to the greatest threat to our republic in a generation? The average American citizen has more to worry about from our corporate overlords than any Frankenstein blowing back on ...
Patience John 02/23/2011 37 76 5 322
The Koch Brothers' End Game in Wisconsin
Oh my, we got ourselves quite a tail-wagging going on in Wisconsin. You are thinking, what? This is about collective bargaining and workers' rights! Bullshit. You are being wagged. As always this ...
Patience John 02/21/2011 247 510 36 3169
Walker's Fraud: The Elephants in Wisconsin
This was just to important not to put on top of my now silly diary: Via JSFOX : Wisconsin did not have a budget problem short term or ...
Patience John 02/17/2011 15 24 - 99
Republicans Vote Against the Constitution
Now, I have no idea what this pie fight could possibly be about. But last evening, all but two House Republicans voted against the Bill of Rights! I kid you not. Has the partisan politics of the ...
Patience John 02/16/2011 7 12 - 90
Know Your Meme: Scumbag Governor
Recently on the Internetz, a meme was started concerned Scumbag Steve . This memeball really took off as users started to apply the most ...
Patience John 02/09/2011 12 9 - 117
Update: Coming flap on FLAP in Texas: Mandatory Arabic
Oh man, when I heard Mansfield ISD was going to make Arabic a mandatory language for elementary and intermediate schools, I could just feel the herp and the derp rising in Texas. In case you haven't ...
Patience John 02/08/2011 79 5 - 273
A snowball's chance in Texas.
As some might have heard, we had a bit of a power outage last week in Texas. While this gave many people a much needed two minutes of hate on the Lone Star, more rational people understood that some ...
Patience John 02/07/2011 21 12 - 140
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R) gets it completely wrong on Egypt.
Let's just get right to it, shall we? America Must Stand With Her Ally Egypt U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter's statement on the crisis. by Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter 01/28/...
Patience John 01/29/2011 49 24 - 174
Defunding Schools = Defunding the American Dream
There has been a lot of talk in Texas lately about cutting spending on education. Mostly, Rick Perry does envision slicing and dicing extra-circular activities. While we all know the sacred cow of ...
Patience John 01/28/2011 9 10 1 90
The GOP's Bill to Repeal Campaign Finance
If there are two things Republicans are good at, it's lying and doing their corporate masters a solid. The long list of Republican lies is long, from lying the country into a war to your basic ...
Patience John 01/24/2011 3 8 - 75
Speaker Boehner Reprimanded on House Floor
In a surprise move that crossed party lines, the Republicans joined the Democrats in passing a harsh reprimand against House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). A historical first, it also signaled an era ...
Patience John 01/18/2011 16 9 - 55
So I backed up, plus more.
The one aspect of the Grand Old Party is their almost comical nature of being late adapters. From technology to civil rights, the Republican Party is usually the last segment of our society that we ...
Patience John 01/09/2011 17 22 1 132
The hidden nugget in all the noise.
I was going to bury President Obama in critism, not praise him. That was until I fully read the what exactly what was in the deal that was just struck. Now, I am with the tax the rich crowd, even ...
Patience John 12/07/2010 23 8 1 46
The Wheels of Justice Turning on Big Banks
The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, but they do turn. As a proud member of the mob, I usually like quicker but so is the system of the world. Today a bits of good news have started to show ...
Patience John 11/17/2010 16 18 - 188
Mr. Olbermann, you are wearing your jersey in the booth
While I would expect no less passion and prose from a wordsmith such as yourself, I am unfortunately not buying your position that some form of objective journalism cannot exist in our republic. The ...
Patience John 11/16/2010 113 6 - 40
Exposed: King Street Patriots and Texas Republicans
So I originally posted this at the most redundant of times, but I do see interest in the King Street Patriots on the front page. As I am familiar with these yahoos, and the Texas Republicans who ...
Patience John 11/02/2010 9 24 - 146
Republicans always lead with the chin, especially on voter fraud.
So lately, I have seen an uproar from the Republican side about voter fraud. Odd, I thought, since they had already discredited ACORN under false pretenses, I wondered why they would continue to ...
Patience John 10/27/2010 5 14 - 130
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