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Pootie Pad Party: New Fabrics for Cats
MiMi enjoys a Pootie Pad it is a constant lament in our country that things are not made here anymore, that our biggest export seems to jobs. Well, Daily Kos has produced some steps in the other ...
Sara R 03/26/2015 54 40 - -
Pootie Pads for the Holidays - Kos Katalogue
Our booth at the Portland Pet Expo in October. Pootie Pads are made in Portland, OR, with love. NOTE: We are continuing our special sale for you this week only. Your purchase of Pootie Pads will ...
Sara R 12/10/2014 8 26 - -
Pootie Pad Party: Special Sale (Kos Katalogue)
Our booth at the Portland Pet Expo last weekend. Pootie Pads are made in Portland, OR NOTE: It is Caturday and we have a special sale for you. Today, your purchase of Pootie Pads will help us ...
Sara R 11/01/2014 64 55 1 -
Pootie Pad Party for Kos Katalogue
Our booth at the Portland Pet Expo last weekend. Pootie Pads are made in Portland, OR The holiday shopping season is officially underway. Sometimes, folks are hard to shop for. Some will go so ...
Sara R 10/17/2014 46 52 - -
Good to Start Early: Scouting out the Kos Katalogue, Pre-Holiday Rush
I've recently moved into a new house. Lately, I've started to unpack my treasured objects from creative, talented Kossacks--all obtained via the Kos Katalogue . Let me give you a short, personal ...
peregrine kate 10/16/2014 27 29 3 -
Kos Katalogue 2014 Holiday Mothership - HOTLIST THIS!!
How we spend our money is political. When you are considering the purchase of holiday gifts, why not support the work of a small business run by a Kossack? The benefits are many. You will find ...
Sara R 10/10/2014 24 44 28 -
Pootie Pad Party: Petite Cat Pad Sale to Benefit a Petite Cat's Health Care
Our Basement Cat, Betty, is very ill. She is hyperthyroid and we have just learned she has a kidney problem, too. It is very possible that there is something else going on, too because she is ...
Sara R 09/26/2014 53 49 1 -
Pootie Pad Party: Sale on Petite Size for Cats
Pootie Pads make excellent and fragrant pillows... Welcome to the Pootie Pad Party, home of the fragrant, organic catnip-filled quilts for cats that all the Daily Kos pooties have come to love. It'
Sara R 08/11/2014 37 33 - -
A Pootie Pad on Every Computer Desk
My computer desk was usually messy stacked with books, papers, pens, and junk. There wasn't room for a cat to sit. A month ago, I decided to clean the computer desk, dust, and everything! In no ...
joedemocrat 07/05/2014 20 40 - -
Pootie Pad Party for Phil N DeBlanc
Phil N DeBlanc's quilt top, layered for quilting As many of you know, Phil N DeBlanc is very recently widowed. He just buried his beloved wife and his heart is breaking from the loss. We are ...
Sara R 03/29/2014 53 63 1 -
Pootie Pad Party: After Catmas Sale!
MiMi enjoying a Pootie Pad It's a brand new year -- does your Pootie have a fresh Pootie Pad, a personal quilt full of the best organic catnip anywhere? If not, we're having a sale and it is a ...
Sara R 01/08/2014 55 62 2 -
Pootie Pad Party: Holiday Joy for the Kitties
Molly with her Pootie Pad If you are looking for a holiday gift for a cat-lover -- or if you have beloved pooties at home, consider a Pootie Pad! Pootie Pads are small quilts for cats filled with ...
Sara R 12/14/2013 39 68 - -
Pootie Pad Party - Portland Pet Expo and Sale!
My sister, Ann, at our booth. Note the photo frame at the right -- we showed the photos you gave us! This past Saturday was the Portland Pet Expo -- and it was our first experience with a booth ...
Sara R 10/17/2013 33 57 - -
Pootie Pad Party: Photo Parade!
Catnip!!! Ann and I are going to have a booth at the Portland Pet Expo this Saturday and we are getting ready. This is a very big deal for us and our little business! To better announce our wares,
Sara R 10/09/2013 116 86 2 -
Pootie Pad Party: Boots says, "Thank you!"
People have been kindly inquiring about Boots and her teeth so Boots and I would like you all to know that she's doing much, much better. She had a deep cleaning of her teeth yesterday and ...
Sara R 08/15/2013 72 60 1 -
Pootie Pad Party - One Day Sale!
Boots, the Community Quilt Project Spokescat Our darling Boots hasn't been herself, lately. Poor thing has not been frisky at all. We took her to the vet this morning and it is pretty clear that ...
Sara R 08/11/2013 112 85 1 -
Cleo's Pootie Pad Arrives from Kos Katalogue blogathon
On Wednesday, I purchased Cleo a second Pootie Pad during the Kos Katalogue blogathon. I bought her first ...
joedemocrat 07/13/2013 48 44 - -
UPDATED: NEW ITEM! Kos Katalogue: Winglion Quilts and the Community Quilt Project
This is going to be a testimonial diary. We talk a lot at this site about the importance of community. Talk is one thing; it's a lot harder to live it. Harder ...
Aji 07/10/2013 106 74 3 -
Catnip Manor's response to ZenTrainer's call out post
ZenTrainer posted a request for Bootie Pads here with much acclaim. We here at Catnip Manor have put our heads together and have come up with a few questions in regards to the post. What size ...
Horace Boothroyd III 07/09/2013 52 32 - -
At long last - Pootie Pads for dogs!
Puppy Faces At ZenTrainer's insistance, Pootie Pads are at last giving dogs fair play. We are making herbal mats for the canines now with a soothing blend of organic lavender and thyme quilted in.
Sara R 05/30/2013 91 50 1 -
Need some feedback: Community Quilt Project website
A kind friend has rebuilt the Community Quilt Project website -- and included Pootie Pads in its store. This developer would like some feedback, please. Community Quilt Project website What are ...
Sara R 04/22/2013 44 33 1 -
in praise of pootie pads
When Sara R shipped the quilt for Leaves on the Current, which you can see here with Leaves: she included as an additional gift a number of Pootie Pads for our four felines. I can assure they ...
teacherken 04/20/2013 37 106 - -
Pootie Pad Party: Kos Katalogue Sprite of Spring
Maggie shows how the fashionable Pootie Pad is worn this season. Pootie Pads are small, catnip filled quilts for cats. If you visit the daily Pootie diaries, in the comments you've probably seen ...
Sara R 04/11/2013 24 35 1 -
To Stay Aloft, Sometimes Angels Need a Few Extra Feathers for Their Wings
There are a remarkable number of angels in this community. More, frankly, than I would ever have thought possible from a Web site. But even among that number, there are a few who stand out for what ...
Aji 04/02/2013 119 145 4 -
Pootie Pad, 6 Cats--No Waiting
Last week an anonymous Kossack gifted me with a pootie pad by our own Sara R. My husband and I chose the Bookshelf pattern because we have a tabby pirate whose favorite thing to do when bored is to ...
irishwitch 02/27/2013 32 45 - -
Pootie Pad Party: New Fabrics!
Roger loving his Pootie Pad Pootie Pads are small, catnip filled quilts for cats. If you visit the daily Pootie diaries, in the comments you've probably seen pictures of our community cats ...
Sara R 02/23/2013 52 69 5 -
Pootie Pad Party: New Fabrics for January
Pecos enjoys a Pootie Pad Pootie Pads are small, catnip filled quilts for cats -- made by me and my sister as a small business enterprise that started here on Daily Kos. Jobs are still an issue, ...
Sara R 01/05/2013 75 79 7 -
Kos Katalogue: Pootie Pads and Lavender Quilts for the Holidays
MiMi enjoys her Pootie Pad The holidays are sister and I would be honored if you would consider our offerings for your holiday gift list. Also, ours is a shop that is participating in ...
Sara R 11/11/2012 47 71 3 -
Pootie Pad Party: Time to Snuggle
Marmalade and Tiger share a Pootie Pad It's getting chilly and the pooties want to snuggle -- and how better than with their own, cat-size catnip quilt?
Sara R 10/28/2012 31 45 1 -
Pootie Pad Party: Helping Ann
MiMi enjoys a Pootie Pad As some of you may know, my sister, Ann, is very ill with pneumonia for the last week. She's on bed rest for another week at least. We need some income in the meantime ...
Sara R 09/29/2012 107 103 2 533
The Community Quilt Ladies Plan for NN12
Quilt signed at NN10, pinned for quilting My sister, Ann, and I are both looking forward to our trip to Providence, RI for NN12. Thanks to Kitsap River, we will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall. ...
Sara R 04/26/2012 32 57 - 230
Pootie Pad Party: Website Transition
Pecos enjoys a Pootie Pad The Pootie Pad website is down pending some changes (it will be back up soon). In the meantime, you can still buy the catnip mat that started right here on Daily Kos. ...
Sara R 04/07/2012 68 75 6 573
Pootie Pad Party: Testimonials, Please!
Chata enjoys a Pootie Pad Many thanks to all who gave input for a logo for Pootie Pads , our quilted catnip mat for cats. We will be going for the ...
Sara R 03/03/2012 74 39 - 296
Pootie Pad Party: Choosing a Logo
Sara R 01/14/2012 84 73 - 567
Pootie Pads (Kos Katalogue Member)
Sara R 11/25/2011 56 61 1 292
Pootie Pad Party -- New Petite Size
Sara R 11/15/2011 16 48 1 226
Pootie Pad Party: Halloween Edition
NOTE: Republished as there is still time to receive a Halloween Pootie Pad before Halloween. Please note that the links to buy Halloween Pootie Pads are at the end of this diary , not in the ...
Sara R 10/11/2011 98 70 1 336
Pootie Pads for Netroots Nation
Sara R 09/13/2011 30 36 - 184
Pootie Pad Party - You Can Haz Cheezburger Edition
My sister and I thought it might be fun to have a summer special edition of the Pootie Pad, a quilted mat for cats that is filled with potent, organic catnip. So, without further ado, we announce....
Sara R 07/16/2011 67 44 - 299
Pootie Pad Party - Wholesale Adventure!
Sara R 05/08/2011 46 57 - 270
Pootie Pad Party - Royal Pootie Edition
Sara R 04/29/2011 71 74 1 419
Pootie Pad Party – Things We Have Learned
Pootie Pads -- a small business lab for two underemployed sisters Pootie Pads are small, cushy quilts for cats -- with catnip quilted in.
Sara R 04/17/2011 82 64 1 380
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