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An Open Letter To The Guys Who Run The World
Hi! This is directed to the hundred, or couple hundred, people who actually run things. I don't pretend to know who you are, whether you're some sinister Council of Illuminati or just a bunch of ...
Pope Buck I 01/27/2015 152 285 14 -
Michael Sam Walks The Streets of Mayberry: Lessons In Visibility
Mom and I have been watching a lot of "Andy Griffith Show" reruns on MeTV lately, because they happen to fall in the otherwise dead zone between the local news and the Wheel/Jeopardy hour. (Yes, I ...
Pope Buck I 05/13/2014 6 4 - -
Is "Socialism" losing its sting as a buzzword?
Madison, Wisconsin's indispensible John Nichols has another great Nation piece out: Is Paul Ryan Making Americans More Favorable Toward Socialism? He starts off with a surprising new poll result: ...
Pope Buck I 12/02/2012 33 33 2 -
An Appeal To Sane Republicans
This diary isn't really aimed at my fellow Kossacks for the most part - though I believe there are a fair number of "recovering Republicans" and "appalled Republicans" among them, so it's worth a ...
Pope Buck I 11/07/2012 6 7 1 -
This IS Our Progressive Moment.
I think it's time. Time to take back the national discourse. The signs have been coming in all night. Tea Party crazies being decisively turned back from the Senate. Actual progressives (!) ...
Pope Buck I 11/06/2012 2 14 - -
Mitt Romney, WHY do you hate America?
"Why do you hate America?" Every liberal in the country knows this question quite well. We heard it a thousand times in the aftermath of 9/11, through the opening phases of the Iraq and Afghan wars,
Pope Buck I 09/12/2012 13 12 - 81
Everybody Hates Mitt, or: RMoney, R-Problems
Does anybody like Mitt Romney anymore? At this point in the campaign, the whole GOP apparatus is still pretending like crazy - pretending he can win, pretending they're behind him, pretending they ...
Pope Buck I 09/11/2012 17 13 1 184
What if this is OUR 1980?
The election of 1980 was a pivotal one - perhaps THE pivotal one of our times. It marked the beginning of the Reagan era and 32 (and counting) years of "trickle-down" economics, foxes guarding the ...
Pope Buck I 09/06/2012 45 18 - 248
A Family I'm Proud To Be A Part Of
During the Republican convention, watching the Paulites, the Tea Partiers, and the moneyed folk running the show all going at each other: watching speaker after speaker build their speech around ...
Pope Buck I 09/04/2012 22 65 - 304
Clint Eastwood: Gestalt Therapist
[Note: This is my first-ever published diary though I'm a longtime lurker - be gentle. At the suggestion of nailbender, I expanded this from a comment made the other night on one of the Clint ...
Pope Buck I 09/01/2012 128 295 7 1348
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