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Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists’
This is not from me. This was eloquently written by a true expert in their field whom everyone should listen to, educator, Gerald J. Conti. I picked it up from an article in the Washington Post by ...
PoppaD 11/10/2014 336 459 22 -
Dear Mr. 1%
Dear Mr. 1% Remember all those long torturous hours as a child playing Monopoly? One kid (Mr. Moneybags) would buy all the utilities or matching properties, creating ...
PoppaD 10/29/2014 2 5 - -
The Hypocrisy Of Ebay
Two things happened on bay Saturday, Dec 21. The art auction of George Zimmerman, renowned killer of Trayvon Martin, came to it's natural close, rewarding the rookie artist with $100,000. On the ...
PoppaD 12/23/2013 11 13 - -
eBay Removes Anti-Zimmerman Art Same Day They Sell George’s For $100k
On Saturday, Dec. 21, the same day that George Zimmerman closed his ebay auction of his painting for over $100,000, the online auctioneers removed Michael D'Antuono's anti-racism painting inspired ...
PoppaD 12/23/2013 21 16 - -
George Zimmerman & The Art Of Murder
George Zimmerman is a lucky man. As if getting away with murder wasn't enough, Remorseless George found a way to capitalize on his ill-gained celebrity by auctioning his "patriotic" painting on ...
PoppaD 12/20/2013 7 3 1 -
The Art Of Voter Suppression (The Real Voter Fraud)
Voter suppression laws are meant to "kick the Democrats in the butt.” revealed Don Yelton, precinct chair in the Buncombe County, North Carolina Republican Party recently on the Daily Show, “...
PoppaD 11/04/2013 5 8 1 -
Commemorate Newtown on Gun DEPRECIATION Day, January 20.
Ghouls and psychopaths call for gun-appreciation Day in wake of Newtown massacre. Care about the twenty 6-year olds killed, the 6-teachers killed, NOPE! Care about their guns YEP. Honor Gun ...
PoppaD 01/17/2013 2 2 - -
Glenn Beck - The Voice Of Reason?
Conservative Icon Defends Liberal Artist's First Amendment Right And Together Give A Lesson On Civil Discourse. I am the artist Michael D’Antuono who is drawing fire from the Religious-Right for ...
PoppaD 11/29/2012 11 1 - -
Has Grover Norquist Put The GOP In An "Uncompromising" Position?
We've all been warned about the looming fiscal cliff. During the campaign, the Republicans would often point to a clock counting off to the moment of our economic apocalypse. That may be a ...
PoppaD 11/25/2012 20 11 - -
Let's Give Thanks To Our First "Illegal Immigrants"
With Thanksgiving approaching, we all look forward to eating turkey as we celebrate the pilgrims’ first feast with the indigenous people of the land. As I dreamed of stuffing and cranberry sauce,
PoppaD 11/17/2012 19 4 - -
Whatever Happened To John McCain?
An Open Letter To The Former Maverick Dear John, You have been a true American war hero, a maverick and a respected senator. That's a lifetime of achievements any mothers' son would be proud of. I ...
PoppaD 11/15/2012 29 6 - -
Lobbyist Puts Republicans In "Uncompromising" Position It is generally accepted that the most powerful man in the world is the President of the United States. After all, he controls the world's ...
PoppaD 11/13/2012 11 6 - -
The Real (E)-Voter Fraud
Should The Romneys Own Ohio's E-Voting Machines Through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney and his wife, son and brother are major investors in an investment firm called H.I.G. ...
PoppaD 10/30/2012 4 6 - -
The President Could Win With Just These Two Words Apparently the old ad man in me still works in my sleep because after watching the President's speech at the Democratic Convention last night, I ...
PoppaD 09/07/2012 3 5 - 44
Putting Out A Contract On Public Employees
The nation, along with many states and local municipalities are burdened with overwhelming debt. Like a company that's about to file for bankruptcy, they can't afford to honor their contractual ...
PoppaD 07/03/2012 59 30 2 282
Is Stephen Colbert Unbalanced?
That is the question a number of people are asking since he has not as yet given equal time to the progressive leaning artist Michael D'Antuono after devoting over five minutes of air time to ...
PoppaD 06/15/2012 35 3 - 403
JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States, said Thursday that it lost $2 billion in the past six weeks in a trading portfolio designed to hedge against risks the company takes with its ...
PoppaD 05/16/2012 14 5 - 88
Are Conservatives More Racist?
What One Piece Of Art Revealed... My new painting inspired by the Trayvon Martin tragedy called "A Tale Of Two Hoodies" has created somewhat of a stir. A popular subject of blogs, it has been ...
PoppaD 04/23/2012 46 22 1 335
Could Cosby Be Wrong?
Bill Cosby feels the Trayvon Martin case is about gun ownership, not race. As you can see, based on my new painting, " A Tale Of Two Hoodies" below, I think it may be a little of both.
PoppaD 04/16/2012 43 3 - 349
No Day at the Park - For Protesters
I was at Zuccotti and Union Square parks today in New York City in search of Occupy Wall Street protests. What I found (and didn't find) was discouraging.
PoppaD 03/21/2012 5 8 - 70
The Fight Against Corpocracy
With Corporate personhood, bailouts, tax breaks for the rich and entitlement cuts for the rest, one thing is clear, class warfare has been waged. The corporate elite have taken command of our ...
PoppaD 03/14/2012 1 3 - 40
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