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John Boehner Wins Biggest Pussy Award!
John Boehner has just won the coveted "Biggest Pussy to Ever Serve as Speaker of the House" Award, by scheduling a vote on his infantile lawsuit against the president instead of attending to the ...
Pragmatus 07/15/2014 105 5 - -
Kittens Rescued From Exterminator
For anyone ill-disposed to read cat stories, stop right here . There is a big problem in the US of overpopulation of companion animals, especially cats. Feral cats will breed, creating more cats, ...
Pragmatus 07/12/2014 110 152 - -
John Boehner: Spineless Lickspittle
Pragmatus 07/12/2014 12 15 1 -
California to Elderly, Disabled Renters: F#ck You
California suffers under the boot heel of developers, most egregiously in the guise of the “Ellis Act”, which has effectively gutted rent control ordinances and now runs roughshod over ...
Pragmatus 07/06/2014 9 16 1 -
Answer to Gov. Pig LePig of Maine
Since Gov. McGOPig of Maine considers Social Security and Medicare “welfare pure and simple”, as a man of principle he will surely repudiate such benefits for himself when he is eligible. Uh, ...
Pragmatus 06/26/2014 6 8 - -
*Sigh* John McCain, Please Shut Up
Pragmatus 06/20/2014 9 12 1 -
GOP Stalinist Apparatchik Denounces Obama
Is the GOP completely devoid of ideas? Yes. Are all their reactions just knee-jerk? Yes. Are there any Republicans who aren’t douchebags? I’m looking, I’m looking… Any stupid GOP ...
Pragmatus 06/17/2014 8 11 - -
Let’s Make Trouble! Help Lindsay Graham Prove His “Amnesty” Bona Fides!!
Following up on this fantastic Joan McCarter DailyKos post about Harry Reid’s pointing out Lindsay Graham’s endorsing the idea of amnesty for illegal immigrants , we should all now pitch in to ...
Pragmatus 06/12/2014 2 1 - -
Boycott Target: It's That Simple
The DailyKos diary which featured the gun-toting asshole inside the baby department at a Target store turned my stomach. Target is apparently too timid to refuse entrance to people sporting firearms.
Pragmatus 06/11/2014 31 11 - -
Dear Senator Terrapin McSnapping-Turtle
Well I see you wasted no time retreating even further into your shell when you heard about Eric Cantor, the House majority Leader (in case you forgot) being slaughtered in a primary election within ...
Pragmatus 06/11/2014 3 10 - -
The GOP is consuming its own!
As Saturn devoured his children (as Goya saw it, below) So Eric Cantor has been sent to the showers!!
Pragmatus 06/10/2014 13 8 - -
GOP 2014 Strategy Laid Bare! Victory Guaranteed!
As if everyone didn’t know already, or at least those whose brains have not been rotted by Fox Noise and Glenn Beck, the GOP has latched upon a firm strategy for victory in the various Senate and ...
Pragmatus 06/05/2014 3 9 1 -
AFA Rejects Harvey Milk Stamp? A Good Way to Bite Them in the @ss…
I just sent the “American Family Association” the following postcard. Should cause a few wet panties/boxers around their mail room—
Pragmatus 05/29/2014 10 5 - -
Dog-Pile on Richard Burr, R-NC
In a letter breathtaking in its arrogance, Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina on Friday blasted veterans’ groups for being insufficiently antagonistic toward VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. The ...
Pragmatus 05/26/2014 9 20 1 -
Entrepreneur CEO Charged with FELONY Hit-And-Run
Yet another example of the privileged thinking (and acting as if) the laws pertain to everyone but themselves. Nirav Tolia, founder and co-creator of several Silicon Valley start-ups, has been ...
Pragmatus 05/25/2014 18 19 - -
NASA to Shut Down Spitzer Telescope?
Due to the dysfunctional (i.e. Republican) Congress, funding for the Spitzer Space Telescope is in jeopardy. Not only Spitzer but eight other ongoing space missions may have to be terminated for ...
Pragmatus 05/25/2014 9 18 1 -
Pepper Idiot Congressmen with Postcards
Emailing a congressman, especially a Tea-bagging Repugnican, will have zero effect and won't even come to his attention. Of the thousands they must get every day, probably less than a dozen are read,
Pragmatus 04/17/2014 13 29 - -
Vlad the Invader: Penny for your thoughts?
Actually—three cents, because that’s what the value of the ruble has plunged to since Vlad the Invader decided to chew off a chunk of Ukraine because his puppet Yanukovych got his strings cut by ...
Pragmatus 03/04/2014 17 1 - -
More Hate From Dick Cheney
Today’s diary from Laura Clawson merely points out that the deeper one goes into this pile of shit, the more—um—shit we find. Thanks, Dickhead Cheney, for identifying the food-stamp poor as ...
Pragmatus 02/25/2014 2 1 - -
Christie: How Are the Mighty Fallen
Chris Christie, once the semi-darling of certain media as a rising star (and possible savior) of the GOP, currently squirming in throes of its own making (e.g. the Tea Party biting it in the ass), ...
Pragmatus 01/13/2014 9 2 - -
George Zimmerman Now an Artist
Yep, after harassing an unarmed youth, then shooting him to death when he realized he had bit off more than he could chew, then driving around Florida like an asshole who can’t read speed limit ...
Pragmatus 12/16/2013 28 9 - -
Boeing Moves B-1 Bomber Program to Oklahoma, Screws Up So Badly the Air Force Takes Contract Away
In another Boe-neheaded move, some dim bulb in Boeing’s management thought, “Hey! Let’s move our B-1 program (one of America’s principal bombers, known affectionately in the military as “...
Pragmatus 12/07/2013 213 160 1 -
Romney Jr. Hails Self as Hero in Car Crash
Josh Romney tweeted the world yesterday about his heroic act of “saving” four people who were in an SUV that crashed into a house yesterday in Salt Lake County Utah.
Pragmatus 11/29/2013 50 21 - -
Virginia AG race down to 17 votes
The Virginia State Board of Elections has Obenshain winning the race now by only seventeen votes. From what I hear (and there is a lot of internet noise sloshing back and forth on this) is that ...
Pragmatus 11/11/2013 7 8 - -
Herring Ahead in VA AG race: VA Board of Elections
Hi folks. Latest news in the seesaw, Marjorie-Daw of the Virginia Attorney General's race is a 32 vote edge for Democrat Mark Herring . This is the unofficial tally for the Virginia Board of ...
Pragmatus 11/06/2013 42 23 - -
VA BOE: AG Vote Count Complete
With 2558 precincts reporting out of 2558, the tally is: Mark Obenshain 1,099,302 Mark Herring 1,099,083 Obenshain is leading by 219 votes. Provisional and absentee ballots are yet ...
Pragmatus 11/06/2013 19 5 - -
Suddenly VA voting turns fishy
Awhile ago (and if you check the VA by-county voting website, it is still the case) there were only four outstanding precincts left to count in the Attorney General's race. Democrat Mark Herring ...
Pragmatus 11/06/2013 21 6 - -
Is Facebook Boring? Even Facebook says “Yes”
Even according to its own financial assessments, Facebook (FB) is becoming passé . Young adults are skipping the service in favor of Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr. Part of the reason is the ...
Pragmatus 10/30/2013 14 5 - -
Sessions Was the “Can’t Stand You” Jerk: CENSURE HIM!
Surprise, surprise—someone named Sessions made a jerk of himself again. But not in a frivolous way, not in a way that should be shrugged off. As widely reported today, from unimpeachable sources,
Pragmatus 10/24/2013 17 15 - -
“Concern Troll” Exposed, Canned at White House
The White House has uncovered—and fired—a senior national security official who was posting “concern troll” messages on Twitter disparaging the President, Vice-president and others in the ...
Pragmatus 10/23/2013 16 10 1 -
Next Week’s New Yorker Cover
Can’t add much more. Note the visuals...the ghosts of John Boehner and Ted Cruz ascending into irrelevancy/nothingness...the tombstones of issues they have killed for their party. Thanks go to ...
Pragmatus 10/16/2013 19 23 1 -
Boehner Agrees to Kill the World
John Boehner, whose only hope of going down in history is to make it into the books as the weakest, most spineless jackass ever known in American government (even James Buchanan would blanch), has ...
Pragmatus 10/15/2013 25 2 - -
As we creep along towards fiscal Armageddon, thanks exclusively to the Tea Party and the mysterious hold it has on John Boner's Boehner's short hairs, US markets are gearing up to react with terror ...
Pragmatus 10/13/2013 65 20 - -
To end shutdown SWAMP Boehner with letters
Folks, the only way to end the government shutdown is to shame John Boehner into giving it up. You can’t call his office—their phones are overloaded and they simply let you dangle on hold forever.
Pragmatus 10/03/2013 14 3 - -
GOP Screwing America Part MMDVIX
Yep, folks, all this hostage-taking by the GOP threatening to shut down the government or default on our debt has thrown the markets into yet another turmoil. What I don't understand, is why the ...
Pragmatus 09/27/2013 6 - - -
A Way to Shame McDonalds
There’s a campaign currently underway, by means of petitions, to embarrass McDonalds into paying a living wage. I doubt the high rollers in the company’s hierarchy will be moved—that’s why ...
Pragmatus 09/16/2013 18 2 - -
Live Streaming: Costa Concordia Salvage
The effort to right, refloat and tow away the gigantic Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that foundered last year off Italy's Giglio Island, has begun. Live streaming of the event, courtesy of The ...
Pragmatus 09/16/2013 10 5 - -
“Oh Please!” Item o’ the Day
Just when you thought scientific research couldn’t get more arcane and/or divorced from the real world, scientists at Emory University in Atlanta have been groping “teabags” to answer some ...
Pragmatus 09/10/2013 16 1 - -
107-Year-Old Killed by SWAT team
Apparently the SWAT folks in Pine Bluff Arkansas couldn’t figure out a way to deal with a 107 holed up in a room with a handgun other than shoot him to death .Granted, anybody with a handgun ...
Pragmatus 09/08/2013 141 152 2 -
Goofy Cat Pic o' the Day
Before we get started, and to forestall the inevitable critics, I am perfectly aware that this diary has no redeeming social, political or cultural value, and adds nothing to any discussion of any ...
Pragmatus 09/03/2013 66 144 1 -
GOP NYC Mayor Hopeful: "Kill the Kittens"
Yes, folks, just when you thought the GOP couldn't get any further removed from compassion of any kind, New York City mayor hopeful, the GOP's very own Joe Lhota (sorry--can't read that name without ...
Pragmatus 09/02/2013 49 23 - -
Dear White House: Wait for UN Report
This morning's news from the White House included "proof" that sarin gas was used by the Assad regime in the recent engagement in Syria where over a thousand civilians were killed. Sorry, but I can ...
Pragmatus 09/01/2013 32 4 - -
RIP Julie Harris
One of the greatest actresses of all time, Julie Harris, died over the weekend. Two of her best roles were as Abra, the sensitive girl torn between the two Trask brothers in John Steinbeck’s “...
Pragmatus 08/26/2013 17 31 - -
Nate Silver, NY Times Part Ways
August 25, 2013 Nate Silver, the über-guru of polling and poll-aggregating, and creator of the famous blog (a.k.a. will no longer be associated with the New York Times, ...
Pragmatus 08/25/2013 19 12 - -
Gay Mayor for San Diego
With the announced resignation of Bob Filner, to take effect August 30, San Diego will acquire a new mayor in the form of City Council president Todd Gloria, a gay Democrat . (My apologies for the ...
Pragmatus 08/23/2013 17 4 - -
Weiner's Wiener--Again
For crap's sake. This dope doesn't learn anything. I'm a complete liberal, but this guy has to go, and his banishment should take him the farthest away from the public eye as possible. He had to ...
Pragmatus 07/24/2013 68 2 - -
Rolling Stone Tsarnaev Cover
OK. Here’s my 2¢. I don’t quite understand the furor over putting the Boston Bomber suspect on the cover of the Rolling Stone. True, his image is loathsome, with its privileged “whatever, ...
Pragmatus 07/18/2013 27 6 - -
Bradley Manning: Worse Crime Than My Lai?
I have a suggestion. Let’s treat Bradley Manning with the same severity that we applied to, oh, let’s say, the 1968 My Lai, Vietnam massacre, where over 500 innocent men women and children from ...
Pragmatus 07/09/2013 74 29 - -
Fox "News" Stupidity--Again
Well folks, despite the general run of polling which shows that Ed Markey holds a comfortable lead over that Gomez yutz, Fox News thinkgs they are neck and neck! Real Clear Politics summary of ...
Pragmatus 06/15/2013 7 5 - -
Forty Years Ago Today
Here’s my pick for the greatest racehorse of all time—Secretariat. On June 9, 1973, Secretariat won the first Triple Crown in 25 years. He set records for all three races (Preakness time, ...
Pragmatus 06/09/2013 4 1 - -
Last Moments of Watertown Chase
The media has been reluctant to provide exact locations in the recent chasedown of the Boston marathon bombing suspects, with good reason. But thanks to eyewitness Andrew Kitzenberg, who posted his ...
Pragmatus 04/22/2013 9 7 - -
Koch Brothers Angling to Buy Los Angeles Times
Serious negotiations are underway to sell the Los Angeles Times to the Koch Brothers. You all know who they are— Here’s the story:
Pragmatus 04/21/2013 16 6 - -
World’s Oldest Person Turns 116
Jiroemon Kimura , the world’s oldest living person, turned 116 April 19, 2013. (While it is still April 18, 2013 in the Western Hemisphere, Mr. Kimura lives and was born in Japan, where it is ...
Pragmatus 04/18/2013 13 11 - -
Some interesting stuff comes up when you send various GOP dignitaries through the Anagrameter. Sarah Palin • SHARIA PLAN (So it’s she that’s plotting the Muslim takeover!!) • A SHARP NAIL (...
Pragmatus 04/14/2013 15 6 - -
A Sign From Above?
At 5:38 pm local Italian time, a gull alit on top of the copper smokestack that was erected atop the Sistine Chapel to direct the smoke of the burned ballots of the Cardinals within, which will also ...
Pragmatus 03/13/2013 6 2 - -
Pope-a-Palooza! Vote For Your Fave!
Well folks, the Great Mandala (oops, wrong religion) the Wheels of Heaven have turned enough to provide us with yet another season of Pick-the-Pope. The main contenders, as I, Lapsed-Catholic ...
Pragmatus 03/04/2013 34 4 - -
GOP Maniac Running for LA Mayor
Hi folks. Sorry to take away time here, especially for those of you for whom California (particularly Los Angeles) is as interesting as dung beetles mating in the Sahara. But there is a race for ...
Pragmatus 03/01/2013 7 7 - -
Human Artifact on Mars?
I know this will seem irrelevant in the midst of the real news stories of today, namely the GOP again proving itself the party of Bullshit and Broken Promises in the Senate. I mean—who’da thunk ...
Pragmatus 02/14/2013 27 3 - -
Today’s Hard-to-Believe News:
Ex-LAPD cop gains sympathizers on social media The “ex-cop” being Christopher Dorner, who apparently killed himself yesterday near Big Bear ...
Pragmatus 02/13/2013 12 1 - -
Pope Says “Laters!”, Quits
Pope Benedict the (whatever) annouced today that he is quitting the papacy as of February 28, for health reasons. There is no word whether he will be taking Sarah Palin's place on Fox. (Unlike ...
Pragmatus 02/11/2013 12 1 - -
Steve King Rips Karl Rove
It's CAT FUD time!! Karl Rove has apparently been engineering behind the scenes to quash any attempt by US Representative Teabagger from Iowa Steve King to run for Tom Harkin's seat which will be ...
Pragmatus 02/07/2013 6 10 - -
Richard III’s Body Found?
Tune in tomorrow (story here ) when the University of Leicester will announce whether a body found in the recently discovered ruins of Greyfriars monastery is that of the last Plantagenet king, ...
Pragmatus 02/03/2013 310 150 4 -
No Filibuster Reform? Obama Will Be BARRED From Naming Anyone to the SUPREME COURT
If meaningful filibuster reform is not enacted on Tuesday, when the Senate officially goes into its first 113th Congress session, President Obama will be entirely frustrated (again) from doing ...
Pragmatus 01/21/2013 15 18 1 -
You guys will have to forgive me because the following is a paraphrase of the item, although Abby’s response, I assure you, is word for word. I tried Googling this but came up empty, although I ...
Pragmatus 01/18/2013 5 7 - -
Gun Nut Killed Surrounded by His Own "œDefensive"€ Weapons
According to USA Today, Keith Ratliff of gun-loving€™ Georgia, and manager of one of the most popular gun channels on YouTube with 3 million fans, was killed by a bullet to the head while ...
Pragmatus 01/11/2013 43 11 - -
$1 Trillion coin design released!
I have Paul Krugman to thank for this chicanery. It's pretty funny though. Don't know the original source or I would laud him/her too. Check out Professor K's blog at this link... http://...
Pragmatus 01/08/2013 27 12 - -
America’s Oldest Person Dies
114-year old Mamie Reardon of South Carolina has died. From AP via CBS News… Two daughters say Mamie Rearden of Edgefield, who held the title as the oldest person in the country for about two ...
Pragmatus 01/05/2013 18 5 - -
Discharge Petition—NOW IS THE TIME
OK. All of the President’s negotiating over the “fiscal doohickey”, ever since the election, has come to nothing. John Boehner pulled Plan B out of a hat and his caucus shoved it up his ass.
Pragmatus 12/22/2012 5 7 - -
Frightful GOP ticket possibilities in 2016
I’m hoping that in 2016 the GOP follows its tradition of nominating the man who lost in the previous primary season. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time (think of Dubya) but it happens often ...
Pragmatus 12/11/2012 5 1 - -
Montgomery Burns on the Fiscal Cliff!
Of course we have the good folks at Fox (yes, there are good folks there otherwise we would have no Simpsons) and Matt Groening and all his little elves for this timely tutorial...
Pragmatus 12/07/2012 3 7 - -
Adelson Pisses Away Extra $33 Million on Late Romney Gamble
This just in from Dow Jones Newswires, datelined December 06, 2012 17:05 ET (author: Brody Mullins). In the final three weeks before the election Sheldon Adelson and his wife were suckered into ...
Pragmatus 12/06/2012 22 16 - -
Christian Science Monitor Proves Fox Viewers Lame-brained
At last! Scientific proof we can wrap our minds around. Here, straight from reporter Eoin O’Carroll at the Christian Science Monitor , are the results of a survey of Americans who derive their ...
Pragmatus 12/05/2012 19 30 1 -
Krugman on PBS News Hour Tomorrow! (Dec 4)
Tonight PBS’s News Hour interviewed the non-economist Erskine Bowles, who has no real experience in government, for his view on what’s needed to avoid the looming “fiscal cliff”. After ...
Pragmatus 12/03/2012 7 5 - -
*** GUARANTEED Solution to the Fiscal Cliff ***
The GOP will continue to play games with the world economy, dangling the prospect of disaster in hopes of keeping the goodies for the only social class that still finds them relevant. This will ...
Pragmatus 11/16/2012 11 6 - -
Sometime between now and the end of next week Rasmussen will begin pushing a “Miraculous Inexplicable Surge”™ on Mitt Romney’s behalf. The numbers will be ludicrous—Romney up by fifteen ...
Pragmatus 10/14/2012 46 7 - -
Psst! Mittens! Wanna Divert Attention From that Video?
Easy - just provide your missing tax returns. I’ll betcha in two hours nobody on earth will remember an idiot thing you said at that fund-raiser. I happen to be one your despised 47 percent, and ...
Pragmatus 09/18/2012 1 1 - 38
Bounce? I got ya bounce right here
THanks for these charts go to Nate Silver at the New York Times, who exhaustively averages the polling in any given season and then publishes the trends. The image below shows the latest in the ...
Pragmatus 09/09/2012 4 8 - 117
“Half of all Americans are on Government subsidies”
This is the big lie that is currently being passed around on the right, and even mentioned by such darlings as that great thinker Ayn Rand Jr. Paul Ryan. The full slur is below: “Taxpayers are ...
Pragmatus 08/28/2012 28 15 2 157
Akin Stays!
Whether for good or ill, Todd Akin is staying in the Missouri Senate race. Now the GOP is in a complicated pickle. Having said publicly that they will stop funding Akin’s campaign, if they keep ...
Pragmatus 08/21/2012 8 4 - 110
Pro-Lifers Doing SATAN’s Work???
Oh brother, I know I’m going to get barbecued here for this diary. But it needs to be said, I think. I always find it amazing that fundamentalists never sit down and follow their dogmas and ...
Pragmatus 08/21/2012 6 9 1 96
Keep Akin in the Race!
C'mon, folks. Now's your chance to shove the game of politics right back in Karl Rove's face. Please click through to the Todd Akin for Senate site below and after clicking the "CONTACT" tab on ...
Pragmatus 08/20/2012 12 - - 76
Next Progressive Project: Santorum as 2016 GOP Nominee
Provided the Rmoney/Ayn Rand ticket goes down in flames this November, which seems more and more likely as the two of them waste more and more time trying to shift the focus from Mittens’ tax ...
Pragmatus 08/18/2012 19 7 - 111
Even is fed up with GOP crazies
I found these rules, some of which are quite hilarious, amongst those potential posters to must agree to even in order to register… • 6. It is forbidden to promote or give any kind ...
Pragmatus 08/18/2012 25 17 - 556
Ayn Rand Diary Removed
Apologies to all who were offended, however I would encourage people to read extended, in-depth biographies of Rand, particularly reparding her sexual manipulativeness. She was quite frank about ...
Pragmatus 08/16/2012 18 - - 598
Paul Ryan an intellectual??
I guess journalism is really dead when commentators, even those who should know better, simply latch onto a description and pass it along without bothering to discover how apt (or inapt) it is. Here�
Pragmatus 08/11/2012 22 22 - 156
RASMUSSEN MIRACLE! All 2012 "Polling" Already Done!
A “credible source” rumored to be an investor in party to the most intimate secrets of Rasmussen “Polling” has squirreled out a copy of all the “polling” they plan to release between now ...
Pragmatus 08/07/2012 6 1 - 266
Newsweek declares: ROMNEY IS A WIMP
It’s official! The image that Mittens Rmoney has been projecting since he threw his tea-cozy into the ring, despite desperate wriggling to the contrary, i.e. that of a spineless manipulatee of ...
Pragmatus 07/29/2012 6 5 - 128
Adelsen Gives $100 Million to Save $100,000 on Taxes
You’d think these jillionaires would have more sense. They see Mitt Romney as the guy that will preserve their tax breaks, which means save them perhaps $100,000 on their federal taxes. So that’
Pragmatus 06/14/2012 24 3 - 114
The Spectre of Stupidity
The results in Wisconsin have given us a glimpse of just who is going to be directing the future of America— Yep, the “Low-Information Voter” (LIV) will be running the show after this fall’
Pragmatus 06/06/2012 14 3 - 63
Democrats Need to Stop Blathering!
The biggest problem with the Democrats’ message machine is that they keep using stock phrases that automatically put some people off. Instead of bringing the truth directly to the voter’s ...
Pragmatus 04/20/2012 12 4 - 94
Earl Scruggs: An Audio Tribute
Here’s a sample of good old American music, one of the few entirely indigenous varieties, known widely as bluegrass, but as Good Ole’ Mountain Music to the cognoscenti. Click for the Flatt & ...
Pragmatus 03/29/2012 22 26 - 129
“Americans Elect” So-Called “Third Party” Gets More Bogus All the Time
Most potential voters have heard of “Americans Elect” , a supposed “bipartisan 3rd party” approach to electing a president. News shows have featured their shills periodically, all with the ...
Pragmatus 03/28/2012 10 7 2 126
Rasmussen’s GOP Friendly Polls—Just Say No!
Nobody who follows US politics is unaware of the accusations of bias in the pollster Rasmussen. Neither can anyone be unaware of the logic behind such accusations. Yet still, Scott Rasmussen’s ...
Pragmatus 03/16/2012 14 10 1 151
The End of the GOP? It Could Happen by 2016
Let’s consider two scenarios: #1. Mitt Romney is the 2012 GOP nominee #2. Someone else is the 2012 GOP nominee Now let’s see how each situation would play out. #1 If Mittens wins the ...
Pragmatus 03/08/2012 37 13 - 305
First Real Hope for Eradication of HIV
New Procedure Expands on Sole Cured Patient’s Experience. Building upon the success of the first-ever cure of someone with HIV/AIDS, a new treatment has been developed that modifies the genetic ...
Pragmatus 02/28/2012 29 55 4 335
South Carolina to Mittens: You’re Goin’ Down!!!
To put this in a Biblical perspective… How are the mighty fallen… —2 Samuel 1:...
Pragmatus 01/21/2012 2 - - 81
Who do the GOP voters want for their nominee? NOBODY, by a wide margin.
Here , courtesy of CBS News, is the breakdown of sentiment among GOP voters faced ...
Pragmatus 11/11/2011 4 2 - 44
Texas Judge Caught on Video Beating Daughter with a Belt
Here’s the way life plays out in Texas . This is a judge for Aransas County, Texas, beating his daughter with a belt . (...
Pragmatus 11/02/2011 21 1 - 161
How Are the GOP Mighty Fallen—Chapter VII
Well folks, once again the rats are fleeing another GOP ...
Pragmatus 10/21/2011 5 1 - 77
Help out Elizabeth Warren!
My shortest diary ever! If that’s not a reason to read on then you are just impossible to please… Kudos to Elizabeth Warren for making her MA Senate campaign official. Go to Act ...
Pragmatus 09/13/2011 7 1 - 25
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