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Last Night was decided on January 8th, 2009.
...when we abandoned the 50 State Strategy that brought us success in the 2006 midterms.
Punditus Maximus 11/05/2014 155 154 2 -
What were the audit success rates?
Ok, can someone educate me on this? What does the IRS consider a "successful" audit? Where they find that the person was totally in compliance, where they find that the person was obviously ...
Punditus Maximus 05/13/2013 10 2 - -
Obama makes it clear he views us as chumps
I can't believe this didn't get more play. From the SOTU :
Punditus Maximus 01/31/2012 709 1 - 1661
Understanding Obama's new tack on banker fraud
Yeah, I've been trying to understand where Obama's coming from with his new "investigation" into mortgage fraud. Firstly, this change of policy has to be the end of the obviously lying meme that ...
Punditus Maximus 01/25/2012 145 20 1 483
Newt's "Open Marriage" and Cain's Infidelity
By now, everyone's heard that Newtie's ex-wife is gonna finally spill that Newt wanted a formal "open marriage," rather than go on the DL for his side nookie. This won't affect any sane person's ...
Punditus Maximus 01/19/2012 15 - - 102
Obama's immigration crackdown snares brown Americans
Hey, look, a conservative twofer : In a spate of recent cases across the country, American ...
Punditus Maximus 12/14/2011 16 - - 93
Occupy LA brutalized, and where is Obama?
Silence has pretty much become consent at this point.
Punditus Maximus 12/03/2011 255 12 2 608
How Barack Obama's Free Trade Deal Was Ratified Lawmakers of the governing Grand ...
Punditus Maximus 11/22/2011 13 - - 102
Obama is losing my vote
So, right now, I have a choice between a candidate for President who is totally down with violently suppressing the Occupy movement, and another candidate for President who is totally down with ...
Punditus Maximus 11/20/2011 330 10 - 576
Obama on Zuccotti Park
This diary is a request for information: Has there been any response from the White House on the violent eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park, and Mayor Bloomberg's book-burning?* This is ...
Punditus Maximus 11/17/2011 95 2 - 359
Obama's failed Presidency.
Obama has failed and will continue to fail as a President, because of his ideological commitment to maintaining the Bush/Reagan economic oligarchy. He will also fail, because his blindness is so ...
Punditus Maximus 11/07/2011 330 5 - 755
I wasted ten minutes, and so should you.
I signed this petition : We call on the Department of Justice, ...
Punditus Maximus 11/04/2011 2 6 - 89
More houses for the 1%!
sigh... That's why the Obama Administration is pushing a potential plant to auction off foreclosed properties in bulk to investors, ...
Punditus Maximus 10/27/2011 20 1 - 59
Obama, HAMP, and the oligarchy
I was going to try to pull together a discussion of Obama and HAMP, and my realization that Obama was Just Another Oligarch. Then Yves ...
Punditus Maximus 10/09/2011 21 1 - 95
8% unemployment is also Class Warfare.
I can't understand why anyone is excited about the crumbs dropping from Obama's table. 8% unemployment still means that the rich get all of the productivity gains. Free trade with Panama is not ...
Punditus Maximus 10/07/2011 7 - - 44
My life and American Medicine and a thing that happened.
This is a story about a thing that happened to me. It's not particularly awful, but it's not good either, and it says a lot about what American medicine is like today.
Punditus Maximus 09/29/2011 10 7 - 85
Obama to supporters: the DFHs were right.
So, now that Obama has made clear that there was never 14-dimensional chess planned, he was just sticking to a long-discredited strategy out of whatever psychological need he had to get punked over ...
Punditus Maximus 09/20/2011 72 4 1 329
Why I can't get excited about the jobs bill.
Even the friendliest analysis has the bill reducing unemployment by a percentage point . . . to 8%. Which is still utterly unacceptably high. So either Obama gets a "win" and discredits Keynesian ...
Punditus Maximus 09/09/2011 46 1 - 151
Models of the economy: the short run, the long run, and the Keynesian Multiplier
In our previous installment , we talked about the idea of an economic ...
Punditus Maximus 08/23/2011 45 42 9 354
Models of the economy: the Circular-Flow Model
In my previous life, not so long ago, I taught introduction to Microeconomics as I worked my way through grad school in Economics. Intro Micro is one of my favorite classes to teach, because it ...
Punditus Maximus 08/16/2011 65 25 6 319
Racist Opposition to Obama From The Left
This isn't a long diary, but I wanted to lay it out in a final form so that I can refer to it later. It is, obviously, a response to the absurd and vicious accusations laid ...
Punditus Maximus 08/15/2011 61 5 - 290
Why we would welcome GOP impeachment attempts
There are many things that divide this site right now: whether we should be Obama supporters or not, for example. Or what direction the sun rises from. But one thing should unite all of us: we ...
Punditus Maximus 07/27/2011 43 10 - 199
There Will Be No Deal
Gaming this out, The Teabagger Caucus simply will not sign any deal that increases the debt limit. They hate Obama and know they can cause his failure by doing enough damage to the country. The ...
Punditus Maximus 07/26/2011 32 2 - 174
Republican Treason
May as well say it. We've been dancing around this idea at dKos for a while, but I suppose someone should come out and say it -- the fundamental purpose of the Teabaggers in Congress is to destroy ...
Punditus Maximus 07/26/2011 29 7 - 85
What is Barack Obama's Vision?
I'm actually serious here -- anyone who has held a management position knows that you have to have some kind of vision for the organization, a place where you think it is going, in order to do a ...
Punditus Maximus 07/24/2011 131 2 - 182
Obama's win-win offer
One of the oft-repeated comments I've heard Obama making that I couldn't figure out was his belief that he was showing political courage during these debt ceiling negotiations. It seemed to me that ...
Punditus Maximus 07/22/2011 8 4 - 127
In Which I Thank Michele Bachmann
This will be a short diary, as befits the title, but I just wanted to say: As a chronic migraine sufferer and the relative of dozens of chronic migraine sufferers, thank you Michele Bachmann for ...
Punditus Maximus 07/21/2011 3 1 - 53
The Pro-Obama Faction...alism
As The Eternal Pie Fight of 2011 rages on, I think both sides are starting to understand that both sides exist, and are going to exist until at least 2017. Since that's so, I'd like to start ...
Punditus Maximus 07/19/2011 174 11 1 294
Obama's chosen failure
All of this brouhaha on the internet misses the point -- if Barack Obama becomes the Democrat who shepherds through massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as the vanguard of a New ...
Punditus Maximus 07/15/2011 26 18 - 168
What happens if Treasury just pays our bills?
This is a quick question, but it's a fairly serious one: What happens if Obama declares the debt limit unconstitutional, because nothing can interfere with the US paying its debts? Treasury issues ...
Punditus Maximus 07/02/2011 24 4 1 135
Validation of Obama's Approach?
What's interesting about this ...
Punditus Maximus 06/23/2011 7 3 - 118
The "Deserve" Trap and Obama's conservative economics
"You don't get what you deserve. You get what you get." This simple saying, which expresses basic wisdom about how life works, is incompatible with both the conservative mythos as a ...
Punditus Maximus 06/05/2011 40 2 - 113
Torture and the Tribal Model of Conservatism
This is a quick diary to note how our nation suddenly became the home of a large faction of people who are in favor of wasting American lives by engaging in the ineffective and grossly immoral act ...
Punditus Maximus 05/05/2011 7 5 1 49
Moderation, 11-dimensional chess, and pie
This is a short diary, but I wanted to bring up a point relevant to the pro- and anti-Obama pie fight. One of the basic points of contention between the pro-Obama folks and the anti-Obama folks on ...
Punditus Maximus 05/02/2011 21 1 - 158
Whither the Netroots?
I'm not interested in the pie fight over Obama's purported excellence; like Bush's response to Katrina in 2005, Obama's eventual attempt to gut Social Security will solidify opinions among those ...
Punditus Maximus 04/12/2011 5 4 - 49
The tribal model of conservatism
This diary is for the purpose of presenting (and codifying) my theory of the American conservative movement as it currently exists. I'm hardly the first person to come up with most of these ideas, ...
Punditus Maximus 04/09/2011 11 8 1 125
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