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Net Neutral-i-kitty takes on cable boss. Hilarious video and pics.
On Jan. 26 the FCC held an open commission meeting—this is when they vote on rules once a month. While the FCC voted to legally re-define broadband as 25 Mbps down/3 Mbps instead of the pitiful ...
Rachel Colyer 01/30/2015 10 21 - -
The Internet Countdown to real net neutrality begins today. With us.
With exactly one month until a final vote on net neutrality at the FCC, net neutrality advocates are encouraging internet users, content creators, and major websites to join in the next phase of ...
Rachel Colyer 01/26/2015 6 31 - -
This man's story is exactly what is wrong with immigration.
Angelo Cabrera on graduation day at Baruch College.
Rachel Colyer 01/23/2015 35 67 2 -
This could start to topple systematic racism. And it starts on Tuesday in California.
Yes on prop 47 Call me a dreamer, go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong, but I think that Proposition 47 on the ballot in California on Tuesday, Nov. 4, could be the ...
Rachel Colyer 11/03/2014 93 166 3 -
Ohio will send a message Oct. 18 "Black lives matter"
Justice for John Crawford, Ohio Student Association On Monday, in Ferguson and St. Louis, MO, organizers staged sit-ins and shut down three area Walmarts to show solidarity with the activists ...
Rachel Colyer 10/17/2014 6 23 1 -
St. Louis Police had an opportunity to protect and serve this woman, but they didn't.
Tweets to STLPD about their unwillingness to protect and serve. On Saturday night in St. Louis, MO, a few blocks from where Vonderrit Myers, Jr. had been fatally shot Wednesday night and where ...
Rachel Colyer 10/13/2014 32 25 2 -
Indict. Convict. Send that killer cop to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell.
On Friday, a few hundred protestors rallied in fifty-degree weather and drizzling rain to march through downtown St. Louis, gathering in front of Buzz Westfall Justice Center. This building ...
Rachel Colyer 10/13/2014 10 32 - -
Photo: Amazing panoramic from Ferguson October
Panoramic of Ferguson October--thousands of protestors Sat. Oct 11. Here is an image I took today. Not sure what others are reporting, but I'd say 3,000 easy, if not between 4,000-5,000. More ...
Rachel Colyer 10/11/2014 4 24 1 -
Amplifying the Organizing: In solidarity with Ferguson, ways you can support the fight
Protestors in Ferguson ...
Rachel Colyer 08/20/2014 13 34 5 -
Net neutrality coalition meets with FCC Commissioner to deliver requests for public hearings
FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel. In the ongoing campaign to strengthen the FCC’s current net neutrality proposal, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn met on Thursday in ...
Rachel Colyer 08/09/2014 10 32 - 1
Can you hear us now? President Obama greeted by net neutrality activists at fundraisers
Net neutrality protestors on July 23, 2014 in Silicon Valley to tell President Obama: Don't kill the internet Wednesday, July 23, marked a coordinated day of on-the-ground action on net neutrality, ...
Rachel Colyer 07/24/2014 58 80 5 -
Sign the pledge: Don't buy these Koch products
Rachel Colyer 04/01/2014 178 271 37 -
Daily Kos goes to Paul Ryan's office with a message
On Wednesday, a few dozen activists and staff paid a visit to Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s office to deliver a message on behalf of over 700,000 petition signers—“No grand bargain in exchange ...
Rachel Colyer 11/14/2013 40 155 1 -
Daily Kos delivers 130,000 'stop Larry Summers' petition signatures to Sen. Sherrod Brown
Campaign Director Rachel Colyer and Daily Kos member Beth deliver community petitions to Sen. Brown's Cincinnati, Ohio office. From the moment rumor first spread on July 23 that President Obama ...
Rachel Colyer 08/27/2013 14 23 1 -
"This American Life" gives an unprecedented view of the impacts of gun violence on Chicago youth
Given the interest of our community lately in both addressing the issue of gun violence and the ongoing special election of Robin Kelly as the anti-NRA candidate in Il-02, this week’s edition of �
Rachel Colyer 02/18/2013 4 19 - -
Register the internet to vote
Today has been deemed National Voter Registration Day across the country with more than 1,000 organizations, businesses, and campaigns pushing for every eligible voter to register. Tech President ...
Rachel Colyer 09/25/2012 3 2 1 42
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