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BREAKING: Two men shot dead outside of "Draw the Prophet" show in Texas
Two men shot dead outside of "Draw the Prophet Show" That's what is coming in over the wires from Garland, Texas Two people were fatally shot today outside a Garland, Texas, community center that ...
Radiowalla 05/03/2015 599 76 2 -
Rand Paul "Disrupting Democracy" in SF. Let's disrupt Rand Paul!
Anyone in the SF Bay Area who is looking for a chance to call Rand Paul to account has a perfect chance this Saturday, May 9. The announcement was made in today's San Francisco Chronicle by ...
Radiowalla 04/29/2015 31 21 - -
N.Z. Premier repeatedly pulls waitress's hair. Keep your hands to yourselves, gentlemen!
Oh, sigh…. Why do some men think women's bodies are there for the touching? Powerful men, like the Premier of New Zealand, apparently felt that he had a right to torment a waitress by repeatedly ...
Radiowalla 04/23/2015 7 15 - -
Did Lincoln Chafee accidentally announce his candidacy?
It's hard to know with Lincoln Chafee. Sometimes he has trouble making up his mind about which way to go. Reports are flying around the the cable shows and blogs that he accidentally let it slip ...
Radiowalla 04/16/2015 38 8 - -
Hillary's father's gravestone toppled on day she announced her run. UPDATED
Don't like a candidate? Hate the opposition? But what to do about it? Oh, why not take a trip to the local cemetery and knock over their family headstone? What brilliance! What class! What ...
Radiowalla 04/15/2015 179 159 - -
Women and cosmetic surgery: WTF?
This diary is an inquiry into the question of cosmetic surgery for women. It arises following a comment I made regarding Jennifer Granholm's recent facial surgery which I noticed when she appeared ...
Radiowalla 04/01/2015 131 21 - -
BREAKING: Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow. UPDATED.
Reuters) - Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician and former deputy prime minister, has been shot dead in central Moscow, the Interior Ministry said early on Saturday. Nemtsov, 55, an ...
Radiowalla 02/27/2015 666 208 2 -
Rip up a Koran, get the death penalty.
This is the latest from our most enlightened of allies: (Reuters) - An Islamic court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for renouncing his Muslim faith, the English-language daily Saudi ...
Radiowalla 02/25/2015 100 17 - -
"Pre-born infant beheading ban" introduced by SD lawmaker
Maybe the cold, dark winters of the South Dakota plains have turned state representative Isaac Latterell's brain to slush. The South Dakota Republican (natch), has introduced House Bill 1230, the ...
Radiowalla 02/18/2015 31 23 - -
Youth who desecrated Jewish cemetery in France shouted "Dirty Jew" and spat on graves.
So now we know that this was not some childish prank, some act of random destruction at the hands of overly exuberant kids. On Sunday evening news broke of a massive desecration of a Jewish ...
Radiowalla 02/18/2015 56 28 - -
BREAKING: Hundreds of Jewish graves desecrated in Eastern France
"It's always something," as Roseanne Roseannadanna so famously said. Now there is this: Hundreds of Jewish graves have been desecrated at a cemetery in eastern France, near the border with ...
Radiowalla 02/15/2015 118 75 1 -
Is there a pattern here? Attack cartoonists, then go shoot some Jews. UPDATED X2.
First go shoot some cartoonists because you feel disrespected by their work. Then go find some Jews and kill them as well. This was the ghastly scene in Paris just a few short weeks ago when ...
Radiowalla 02/14/2015 111 35 - -
Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon "selfie" causes stir
Have you heard it all yet? No? OK, then here is something to put in your pipe and smoke for yucks. Via Huffington we have this bit of idiocy: Israeli Selfie From Miss Universe Contest Causes ...
Radiowalla 01/18/2015 60 32 - -
Quitting smoking in 2015?
Of course you are! At least you are thinking that you will or thinking that you should. Isn't it odd how smokers are always wishing they could quit and former smokers never say to themselves "Gosh,
Radiowalla 12/27/2014 28 13 - -
UC Berkeley student group cancels Bill Maher, but administration says "NO."
Uh-oh. The brouhaha over the August invitation to Bill Maher to address UC Berkeley's December commencement has just taken a new turn. Long known as a critic of all organized religion, Maher's ...
Radiowalla 10/29/2014 141 15 1 -
Rand Paul says young people won't vote for "an authoritarian" like Hillary Clinton
Run that by me once more, please, Rand. I fell out of my chair when I heard you the first time. "Young people aren't so wedded to party," Paul, 51, said in an interview with The Associated Press.
Radiowalla 09/30/2014 38 22 - -
Women's Rights Activist tortured and executed by ISIS.
Outrage upon outrage. Here's the latest scoop from the War Against Women, ISIS-style: An Iraqi lawyer known for her work promoting women’s rights has been killed by Islamic State fighters, the ...
Radiowalla 09/25/2014 311 172 4 -
What was the worst job you ever had?
It's Labor Day and time to think about the workers who toil in the factories and the fields and the Wal-Marts and the Chevron stations and the Safeways and… just everywhere. It's also a good time ...
Radiowalla 09/01/2014 129 25 - -
Rand Paul: "Only Fetal Personhood Can Prevent the Collapse of Civilization."
Wannabe candidate Rand Paul has been bobbing and weaving around his positions so much lately that I've been getting ready to pass out the sea sickness pills. So it was somewhat of a surprise that ...
Radiowalla 08/13/2014 44 29 2 -
Attn. Wine drinkers: Jordan Winery owner gives $2.1 million to Republicans
A recent article in the SF Chron detailed the names of several of California's major political donors. The top dude was Tom Steyer who is known for his support of environmental causes and ...
Radiowalla 08/10/2014 71 81 - -
I hate my index finger….
I hate my index finger. It wanders out of control from time to time and, in spite of itself, it clicks into an I-P diary. How many times have I told it to STOP! Stay away!? My index finger ...
Radiowalla 07/13/2014 22 13 - -
"The Real Reason Behind" my ire at a recent diary
What to do when you run across a diary that sets your teeth on edge when you only have your puny iPhone keyboard for responding? That happened to me while traveling last week when this blow-out ...
Radiowalla 06/29/2014 437 120 2 -
Brian Schweitzer said WHAT????
It wasn't the only time Schweitzer was unable to hold his tongue. Last week, I called him on the night Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in his GOP primary. "Don't hold this against me, but I'...
Radiowalla 06/18/2014 50 9 1 -
What would YOU do if you had 100 billion dollars?
The recent announcement that the Koch brothers are worth 100 billion dollars drew me into a state of revery. What if I were the one with that amount of money? What would I do with it? First, I ...
Radiowalla 04/17/2014 37 10 - -
GHW Bush receives "Profile in Courage Award" from JF Kennedy Library Foundation
Yup. You read that right: George Herbert Walker Bush has been honored by the J.F. Kennedy Library Foundation with the prestigious "Profile in Courage Award." What for, you ask? For raising taxes!
Radiowalla 03/28/2014 36 10 - -
Fred Phelps has died.
Via Talkingpointsmemo we now have the news of Fred Phelps' death. What can be decently said at a time like this? Or is decency inoperative when it concerns a man whose life was devoted to ...
Radiowalla 03/20/2014 269 96 - -
A single soccer ball on layaway? How can this be?
Readers of The San Francisco Chronicle will certainly be familiar with the columnist Jon Carroll, one of their few remaining writers of any skill or wit. Jon Carroll is the brain behind The Untied ...
Radiowalla 12/21/2013 41 40 1 -
Does our president look like a gorilla?
In case you needed a boost before Thanksgiving…a little something to put you in the mood for this most American of holidays, a certain cartoonist who frequents our pages has left a pre-holiday ...
Radiowalla 11/27/2013 619 177 4 -
What's your favorite charity?
To give or not to give? To bless the bell ringers or beat a hasty retreat? At this time of year especially we all feel assailed by the many competing demands for our dollars. Shall I give here or ...
Radiowalla 11/25/2013 53 11 - -
Good news for John McCain!
John McCain has just announced that he is "probably" in his last term . McCain was at a launch party for a new channel called Pivot which is hosting his daughter Meghan's new show "Raising McCain."
Radiowalla 09/13/2013 26 15 - -
Consumer Watchdog: Another look at what's behind the curtain. Are we being played?
Consumer Watchdog has posted 181 diaries on Daily Kos since 2010. These diaries are almost always dump-and-run jobs with very rare interaction. It is obvious that their diaries are professionally ...
Radiowalla 08/22/2013 25 18 - -
ConsumerWatchdog peddles its wares on DK, but are they legit?
Recently a diary was dumped into our space by a group called Consumer Watchdog. They post here regularly, dropping diaries on various topics and leaving without engaging in discussion. The ...
Radiowalla 08/18/2013 57 112 - -
Bezos urged to fire Jennifer Rubin by ex-WaPo ombudsman
The former ombudsman for the Washington Post, Patrick Pexton, has publicly stepped up to urge the new owner of the paper, Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos, to fire our darling Jennifer Rubin. Media ...
Radiowalla 08/15/2013 81 193 - -
Nairobi airport fire: accident or terrorism? UPDATED
On the 15th anniversary of the Al-Queda bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, a huge fire has destroyed the arrivals terminal of the Nairobi airport, crippling international travel and delivering ...
Radiowalla 08/07/2013 8 3 - -
Liz Cheney to challenge Enzi in primary pie fight!
CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney will run against Wyoming's senior U.S. senator in next year's Republican primary, her campaign said Tuesday. Cheney, 46, is ...
Radiowalla 07/16/2013 51 13 - -
"Unthinkable!" Google hosts fundraising lunch for Inhofe.
In a shameful act of corporate hypocrisy, Google on Thursday will host a fundraising lunch for Sen. James Inhofe, the delusional or dishonest Oklahoma Republican who famously declared that global ...
Radiowalla 07/10/2013 90 100 1 -
Caroline Kennedy to be Ambassador to Japan?
So says the Washington Post, calling it "Camelot East- make that Far East" Caroline Kennedy is heading to Tokyo to be the U.S. ambassador. Kennedy, whose support for President Obama during his 2008 ...
Radiowalla 04/01/2013 20 1 - -
Daily Kos is a club where they won't stand for squawks..
With apologies to Nathanael West, who famously said "Life is a club where they won’t stand for squawks, where they deal you only one hand, and you must sit in. So even if the cards are cold and ...
Radiowalla 01/28/2013 60 19 - -
War on Women: Abortion After Rape is 'Tampering With Evidence'
As reported by the HuffPo, a crackpot legislator, state representative Cathrynn Brown (R-of course) in New Mexico has given birth to this freshly issued absurdity: A Republican lawmaker in New ...
Radiowalla 01/24/2013 181 165 2 -
Feeling helpless? Help a First Grade classroom.
What to do? How to heal? How can any possible good come of this tragedy? These are only a few of the questions that have been churning around in my mind in the days since the unspeakable tragedy ...
Radiowalla 12/18/2012 24 20 2 -
Having an election night party? What's on the menu?
Who out there is having a party on election night? (I am!) What are you serving? (I'm serving chili, pulled pork sandwiches, various salads and plenty, plenty of booze. Haven't decided on dessert ...
Radiowalla 11/05/2012 28 7 - -
Doing business with Morgan Stanley? Think again!
Talking Points Memo has an exclusive story revealing the deep disrespect that Morgan Stanley has for you and for all of its Democratic/progressive/pro-choice clients. Executives have emailed ...
Radiowalla 06/29/2012 10 15 - 142
"GOP Needs to Give Up on Contraception," sez Hypocrite McCain
Today on Meet The Press, John McCain, anti-choice troglodyte of long standing, did a high dive off the hypocrisy board. According to the article on TPM , Senator McHypocrite, when asked by David ...
Radiowalla 03/18/2012 14 16 - 163
Names to call Obama: a dKos compendium
I thought I'd gather up some of the names that have been used to describe President Obama today on DailyKos. It's a list of names that will perhaps be useful for the RNC, Fox News or other anti-...
Radiowalla 11/29/2010 83 15 1 47
It's been a great ride, but it's time to go: GBCW
At long last, I've had enough. It's way past time for me to move along. In November of 2003, I signed up for an account here and since that day DailyKos has been my primary online source for ...
Radiowalla 03/06/2008 531 98 8 36
Yes, I can! Can you? (with poll)
Can you can? We all know we can along with Obama because that's what his song tells us...over and over and over again. This guy sure can can! Hillary says she can can, too. Hillary and ...
Radiowalla 02/18/2008 30 15 - 10
Rep. Maxine Waters endorses Hillary
Just in from the AP Rep. Waters Endorses Clinton NEW YORK (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham ...
Radiowalla 01/29/2008 95 35 - 8
American Nurses Ass'n endorses Hillary
The American Nurses Association, a national organization that represents the interests of 2.9 million nurses, has announced its endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton. This is a huge endorsement ...
Radiowalla 01/28/2008 357 92 2 17
The "C" Word
The title of this diary was originally C.U.N.T. and was changed at the request of several Kossacks. This is the newest entry in the parade of vicious, sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton. ...
Radiowalla 01/24/2008 178 31 2 6
Radiowalla 11/21/2005 27 14 2 16
It's the criminalization, Stupid!
Radiowalla 11/08/2004 20 2 - 8
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