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CNN Losing Bradley Manning Story: Manning Was Reporting a War Crime, "The Van Thing"
You could have knocked me over with a feather that the major media was talking about the Bradley Manning trial at all, after years of being confined to the progressive Internet, but although it is ...
Ralph Lopez 11/30/2012 286 190 5 -
Media Convicts "Killer" Nanny of Murder of CNBC VP's Children, $43 Trillion Lawsuit Story Nixed
Please note: most of my comments in defense of my diary (and others) have been deleted. Note original comment count is 46. Before trial and absent a confession, the media has labeled the nanny ...
Ralph Lopez 11/27/2012 63 6 - -
UK Reporter in Gaza: 80% of Casualties Are Civilians, Israel "Targeting Journalists and Civilians"
UK man living minute by minute to bring the truth out of Gaza. Netroots into action, please spread. We are the media. UK journalist and film-maker Harry Fear is inside Gaza and reporting as ...
Ralph Lopez 11/20/2012 34 13 1 -
Why Are Dems Lettings Themselves be Pummeled on Vote Fraud After Ohio 2004?
Time for National Paper Ballot Initiative. Something not right here. Everyone knows how I feel about Obama, NDAA and all that. But I must say I'm disturbed by the one-sided pummeling Democrats ...
Ralph Lopez 11/12/2012 53 3 - -
BREAKING: Israel Attacks, Kidnaps Five Parliamentarians Aboard Gaza-Bound Humanitarian Ship
Israel boarded without permission and commandeered another Gaza-bound vessel carrying humanitarian supplies in international waters today, which was making another attempt to break the Israeli ...
Ralph Lopez 10/20/2012 81 19 - -
Jill Stein Arrested at Presidential Debate, Handcuffed to Chair for 8 Hours. Officer: "Watch Flag."
Amy Goodman's Democracy Now captures a surreal scene. Stein contention is that there should be a return to League of Women Voters criteria that "anyone who does the work to be on the ballot in ...
Ralph Lopez 10/19/2012 115 23 - -
Bush on Trial: After Media Black-Out, The Prosecution of an American President Opens at US Theaters
After a years-long media black-out and a grueling battle to get the film shown in the US, The Prosecution of an American President , the brainchild of the Los Angeles County prosecutor who ...
Ralph Lopez 10/03/2012 10 23 1 175
Rush Limbaugh Hitting Race Card Hard on the Air, "Obama Phone"
Let's get one thing straight. I am currently disgusted with both major parties and candidates and will not be voting for either of them. The choice of Mr. N DAA Indefinite Military Detention and/...
Ralph Lopez 09/28/2012 55 3 - 293
Bush Deleted Intelligence Report Passage Saying Saddam Would Only Attack in Self-Defense
New film on the prosecution of Bush to be released All ancient history, unless you are one of thousands of soldiers living with missing limbs, burn disfigurations, or one of 5,000 families with an ...
Ralph Lopez 09/26/2012 22 33 1 336
Cenk: Iceland Arresting Bankers WORKS! Economy Growing Faster Than EU Now.
Imagine that in 2008, instead of bailing out bankers who made criminally risky investments with investors' and depositors' money, we arrested them, bailed out the victims, and let better bankers ...
Ralph Lopez 09/21/2012 68 137 4 726
Obama Fights to Retain NDAA Power to Detain US Citizens in Military Custody.
Not much to say here. Obama apologists will find a way to excuse it. Romney feels NDAA does not go far enough. Write-in Dennis Kucinich for president? The new ruling in favor of Obama's right to ...
Ralph Lopez 09/20/2012 71 19 4 225
Daniel Ellsberg: Danger of US Attack on Iran is "Real and Horrifying"
Daniel Ellsberg does not issue many public appeals or statements, so when he does, we should listen. The former Pentagon analyst and Department of Defense whiz kid's refusal to stay silent helped ...
Ralph Lopez 09/11/2012 22 22 - 281
Obama Throws Siegelman to the Wolves, Governor Sentenced to 78 Months.
It is a straight-up political prosecution worthy of Stasi Germany, where you put political opponents in jail just because you can. But the way it is supposed to work is, when your side takes power, ...
Ralph Lopez 08/05/2012 214 104 2 1626
Brave Young Afghan Peace Workers Denied Visas to Speak in U.S., Help Requested.
Many of you remember the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPV) , a remarkable group of young people in Afghanistan who are working to create a peaceful future, through the teachings of Gandhi, Martin ...
Ralph Lopez 07/30/2012 8 8 - 51
Bernie Sanders Calls Federal Reserve "Socialism for the Rich" After $16 Trillion Secret Bail-Outs
Bail-outs Included Foreign Banks After 89 Democrats in the House voted in a victory for bipartisanship to audit the Federal Reserve, some jaw-dropping numbers are emerging as a result of a partial ...
Ralph Lopez 07/27/2012 8 22 1 111
89 Democrats Vote to Audit the Fed, PASSES HOUSE.
Illustrating that spilling across party lines is the unpopularity of the private central bank's bailout of banks for bad bets made in the derivatives markets and subprime markets, HR 459 Audit the ...
Ralph Lopez 07/26/2012 74 25 - 416
Tokyo Conference Fails, Ensures Civil War in Afghanistan
Karzai promises to fight corruption, but what about NATO? Insisting that President Karzai promise, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die, to clean up corruption in Afghanistan, NATO powers led by US ...
Ralph Lopez 07/11/2012 12 11 - 70
NATO 3 Indicted. The Charges: We'll Get Back to You on That.
Causing even the judge to express bewilderment at the prosecution's unusual withholding of a new indictment against the NATO 3 , Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly, a grand jury in ...
Ralph Lopez 06/13/2012 15 40 2 184
Why is Rahm Emanuel's Police Department Framing the NATO 3?
More Than Entrapment, More Than a Frame-Up, the Crucifixion of the NATO 3, Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly. The NATO 3 are scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, June 12. To ...
Ralph Lopez 06/10/2012 41 64 1 387
Gov. Don Siegelman Facing 20 Years, Obama Pushes for Long Sentence
Andrew Krieg reports that the Supreme Court denied Don Siegelman's appeal. Now Siegelman faces serving a 20 year sentence, one that Obama and DOJ Eric Holder pushed for, beyond the 7 years he was ...
Ralph Lopez 06/05/2012 188 165 4 1675
NATO 3 Being Tortured with "Sensory Deprivation," Posted Police Harassment Video, Now Charged
National Lawyers Guild releases photo of alleged police infiltrator The National Lawyer's Guild attorney for the three men charged with a major terrorist plot at the NATO summit in Chicago says ...
Ralph Lopez 05/23/2012 78 94 - 652
UPDATE III - 3 NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment
Three activists in Chicago for the NATO Summit protests — Bryan Church, Jarred Chase, Brent Betterly — are being charged with a major terrorist plot and "material support for terrorism" after ...
Ralph Lopez 05/19/2012 179 145 1 1238
URGENT: NDAA vote TODAY, Please call!
The vote you see on CSPAN now is on something else. Smith-Amash coming up soon. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121 "Vote YES on Smith-Amash, no military detention of Americans." From Demand ...
Ralph Lopez 05/17/2012 1 5 - 29
NDAA Vote This Week: End Indefinite Detention! Easy-fill form here to write your Representative
Demand Progress runs "online campaigns to rally people to take action on the news that affects them." It has put together a page which makes it easy to shoot a letter to your congressman about the ...
Ralph Lopez 05/14/2012 4 7 - 26
Romney Called "Ring Leader" of Assault on Gay Boy
It gets worse. Not only did Romney participate, he is called the "ring leader" of the assault on the gay student in high school. This interview with a Romney classmate by Carl Stevens brings ...
Ralph Lopez 05/10/2012 22 8 1 205
More Treason: Internment Field Manual Instructs "Identify Political Activists" for "Indoctrination"
There is no news media in the U.S. if this manual is authentic, and so far there is no reason to believe it is not. Posted at Global Security (not to be confused with Global Research, the site ...
Ralph Lopez 05/04/2012 13 5 1 211
Pentagon Disputes Bales' Account of Friend Being Wounded, Losing Leg
The Pentagon has disputed a contention by Robert Bales' attorney that his client was "upset" over a friend losing a leg to a roadside bomb, in the days prior to his alleged massacre of 17 people, ...
Ralph Lopez 04/27/2012 7 4 - 107
AP: U.S. Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Bales' Alleged Rampage
Update to yesterday's recommended diary, "MSNBC: Evidence of Multiple Shooters, Night Raid in Sgt. Bales Case," thank you readers for the recs. I'm sorry to say this story is not getting any better.
Ralph Lopez 04/22/2012 110 116 - 1152
MSNBC: Evidence of Multiple Shooters, Night Raid in Sgt. Bales Case
Author note: I didn't want to write this diary, but examining these reports, I cannot in good conscience not write it. This is terrible. The first story was shaky from the start, that Sgt. Robert ...
Ralph Lopez 04/20/2012 122 195 3 1750
Why is Congress Paying $20 Billion for Pakistani Treachery in Afghanistan?
The congressional investigations from congressmen purporting to "support the troops" should have happened long ago. In 2010 Wikileaks exposed what everyone pretty much knew all along, that arms of ...
Ralph Lopez 04/16/2012 4 7 - 63
The Cockles of Your Heart: Citizen's Arrest Attempted on Kissinger at Harvard
It almost looked as if Hank was going to make a clean getaway, going before an audience of the new generation getting to act as if the cold blooded genocide and murders had never happened, when a ...
Ralph Lopez 04/12/2012 18 22 - 187
"Underwear Bomber" Passenger Says Attack Was Staged by Government, in Court Victim Impact Statement
Surely I am missing something here, please help me out. Listening to almost daily horror stories of TSA perverseness from people who travel a lot, now I come across the Victim Impact Statement made ...
Ralph Lopez 04/09/2012 144 31 - 870
Afghanistan: $2 Billion a Week for Hatred is Too Much, FBI Says Now It's Coming Here
I want a better deal on the hatred we are buying. The subway service in my town (Boston) is about to increase fares , again, and cut back service in a semi-yearly ritual of crapping on the poorest ...
Ralph Lopez 03/15/2012 11 18 1 111
Was Soldier-Shooter in Afghanistan Redeployed with PTSD?
The Army is keeping mum on whether the Army Sargent who went on a rampage in Afghanistan has ever been evaluated or asked for evaluation for PTSD, but it is well known that in recent years the ...
Ralph Lopez 03/13/2012 12 16 - 125
OccupyAIPAC Gives Iran War Lobby Raucous Times
The annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the conservative lobbying group which favors "enshrining" in U.S. law that it is "U.S. policy to prevent Iran from acquiring ...
Ralph Lopez 03/09/2012 6 17 - 124
Marine Investigated for Stating He Will Not Follow "Unlawful Orders" From Obama, Such as NDAA
An active duty Marine and owner of a popular Facebook page "Armed Forces Tea Party" is in hot water for saying on his page that he will not obey "unlawful orders" from the president and commander-in-...
Ralph Lopez 03/08/2012 87 5 - 626
Child Malnutrition Rises in Afghanistan as Obama Renews "Committment" to Rebuild
As the US continues to strenuously ignore and underfund the only development program in the country which works cheaply and effectively, the Afghan National Solidarity Program (NSP,) which is at arm'...
Ralph Lopez 02/27/2012 3 3 - 37
With Mass Child Freezing Deaths, Proof of Mass Starvation, US in Violation of Geneva in Afghanistan
A little known aspect of World War II history is that immediately after the end of major hostilities, as Europe lay in ruins, millions of Germans in Ally-occupied Germany and people in other Axis ...
Ralph Lopez 02/19/2012 26 29 - 194
UK Women Gathering Emergency Supplies/Funds for Afghan Refugees, Temperatures to Drop to Six Degrees
Last week I reported on the tragedy in the refugee camps in Kabul in which at least 23 children under age five have frozen to death since Jan. 15th, as a result of temperatures in the mid-teens with ...
Ralph Lopez 02/18/2012 3 8 1 70
Why Did Petraeus Fire the Auditor Charged with Stopping Flow of Pentagon Funds to Taliban?
The story which reared its head then dropped off the radar in summer of 2010 is still alive: that the major source of funding for the Taliban is likely the Department of Defense itself , estimated ...
Ralph Lopez 02/14/2012 17 15 - 130
In the Midst of $2 Billion Per Week Spending on War, Babies Freezing in Kabul for Lack of Food, Fuel
It goes on and on and on, a black Theater of the Absurd. NATO truck convoys laden with every comfort imaginable which US war contractor dollars can buy - bottled water, frozen steaks, space heaters,
Ralph Lopez 02/13/2012 17 14 - 99
Where is Conyers with Impeachment Threats Against President for Iran Attack Now?
It may have been the one and only thing which prevented an attack on Iran during the Bush years. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee John Conyers spent years fending ...
Ralph Lopez 02/08/2012 75 5 - 536
Agreeing to Disagree on Much, Occupiers and Tea Party Stand Together Against NDAA.
Well almost standing together. �The Worcester Telegram and Gazette reported that Occupy Wall Streeters in ...
Ralph Lopez 02/04/2012 27 15 2 176
NDAA Protests Happening at Congressional Offices Across Country, Please Call Now.
Until 7pm today for those folks who knock off at 5. Protests against the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012's provisions for the indefinite military detention of US citizens without charge ...
Ralph Lopez 02/03/2012 3 8 - 59
Obama Orders Military-Police Department Joint Exercises in Los Angeles, Other Cities.
Photo: Weeks after Pulitzer Prize-winning ...
Ralph Lopez 01/29/2012 40 25 - 334
Occupy Wall Street Descends on Congress, Says: Money Out of Politics!
It's a quid pro quo . Only the most gullible rube ready to buy swampland in Florida could think otherwise. The citizen's watchdog found that ...
Ralph Lopez 01/18/2012 6 18 - 133
Pulitzer Prize-Winner Sues Obama Over NDAA, Says Occupy Wall Street is the Target.
Noting that the national security establishment such as the NSA and FBI lobbied against the newly-signed National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA,) also known as the Homeland Battlefield Bill,
Ralph Lopez 01/17/2012 28 41 3 313
SOPA Beaten Back, Now for NDAA Military Detention of Americans. To the State Houses.
Succumbing to public outrage, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) seems to have been beaten back for now.
Ralph Lopez 01/15/2012 15 6 - 137
Help Johnnie Lee Savory Get His DNA Tests So He Can Prove His Innocence.
Johnnie Lee Savory was first arrested for a double murder he did not commit at the age of 14. (Juvenile laws?) His sentence was commuted last year by the Governor of Illinois. He is now 50 and ...
Ralph Lopez 01/13/2012 4 13 1 62
Continuing Protests Against NDAA Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens, Recall Efforts On.
Revealing the failure of the coordinated campaign by defenders of the National Defense Authorization Act 2011 (NDAA) to lie about its applicability to U.S. citizens, protesters at the White House ...
Ralph Lopez 01/11/2012 25 8 1 137
Obama Deploys Military in Labor Dispute, Statement of S.F. Labor Council
Breaking news. Resolution submitted by Dave Welsh, NALC 214; Alan Benjamin, OPEIU 3, Maria Guillen, SEIU 1021; Frank Martin del Campo, SF LCLAA; Marcus Holder, ILWU Local 10 and Robert Irminger,
Ralph Lopez 01/10/2012 23 39 1 304
NDAA Military Detention of US Citizens Breaks Through to Major Media. Not American One, the BBC.
Please share. MP3 ...
Ralph Lopez 01/09/2012 21 10 1 135
When Does "Support and Defend" the Constitution Become Enforceable? Should This Oath Be Eliminated?
At what point does "support and defend" become enforceable law? The Oath of Office of congressmen, military officers, and the president, required by Article 6 of the Constitution and, in the case of ...
Ralph Lopez 01/06/2012 13 9 - 104
Can the US Government be Trusted as Judge and Jury in NDAA Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens?
Now that the issue has been thoroughly disposed of despite an all-out disinformation ...
Ralph Lopez 01/04/2012 39 11 2 151 Shills for Obama on Whether NDAA Military Detention Applies to American Citizens.
Title and lead line: "Obama Signing Statement: The NDAA Doesn’t Apply To US Citizens" : In his signing statement ...
Ralph Lopez 01/03/2012 54 8 1 217
Obama Signing Statement: "Existing Law" is Jose Padilla.
I just heard a marvelous interview on Charlie Rose with Harry Belafonte , a former Obama supporter who now takes him to task for signing ...
Ralph Lopez 01/02/2012 74 22 3 233
Arrests at White House Over NDAA Military Detention of Americans, Occupy Wall Street Joins Fight.
For free re-post with author attribution. Buried by the television news media but visible on Youtube, at least three days in a row of protests over NDAA law allowing indefinite military ...
Ralph Lopez 12/31/2011 34 14 2 277
Combating the Distortions Over NDAA Military Detentions, Does This Mean You? You'd Better Believe It
Perhaps the only thing more worrisome than the recently passed NDAA provisions for the indefinite military detention of American citizens is the extent and sophistication of the efforts to distort ...
Ralph Lopez 12/29/2011 36 9 - 160
What the "Enemy Combatant" Designation Really Means: More Due Process, Not Less.
The analysis in the following paper was written by Stewart Rhodes while at Yale Law School and was the winner of Yale’s Judge William E. ...
Ralph Lopez 12/28/2011 5 6 1 100
Montanans Launch Recall of Senators Who Approved NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, US Senate
UPDATE 12/26/2011: This is from a statement from Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers regarding Republican Denny Rehberg as a target of recall, who also voted for NDAA. ...
Ralph Lopez 12/25/2011 104 61 3 841
Never-ending War: R.I.P. Brian Arredondo. By Cindy Sheehan.
Posted on behalf of my hero Cindy Sheehan. "He Suffered So Much" Brian Arredondo, R.I.P. May 10, 1987 to 12/19/2011 Cindy Sheehan Brian Arredondo was 17 when his 20 year-old brother, ...
Ralph Lopez 12/24/2011 4 14 - 90
Are Pro-NDAA Lawmakers for Military Detention of U.S. Citizens Actually Guilty of "Treason?"
For re-post with attribution. In the outcry over the codification of ...
Ralph Lopez 12/22/2011 22 6 1 175
I Talked With an Algerian Last Night About NDAA, He Said Expect People to Start Disappearing
UPDATE: TPMMuckraker reports Obama will add a "signing ...
Ralph Lopez 12/22/2011 35 11 1 317
Free Military Equipment for Police Forces Doubles in Last Year. reports in "BATTLEFIELD MAIN STREET" on the Pentagon giving local police departments military ...
Ralph Lopez 12/21/2011 4 7 1 60
Cenk ON FIRE Over Obama Pushing for Military Detention of Americans. "Can't Vote for Him!"
I've never seen Cenk (The Young Turks) this way, this is one of the most impassioned, concise presentations I've seen not just from him, but from anyone. Cenk talks about finding out that it ...
Ralph Lopez 12/20/2011 125 21 1 386
Anonymous: Night Raid Equipment-Maker Lobbied for NDAA, Singles Out Sen. Rob Portman.
The geeks at Anonymous probably think they are having more fun ...
Ralph Lopez 12/19/2011 10 20 1 172
Why is the Media Lying About New NDAA Power for Indefinite Military Detention of Americans?
At some point a sideshow to a story becomes so painfully obvious that it becomes the story, and this now should be: Why is the media taking such pains to knowingly and falsely claim that the new ...
Ralph Lopez 12/16/2011 24 15 - 215
Why a Constitutional Law Professor Cannot Sign NDAA, Allowing Military Detention of Americans
There has never been a better time to take a close look at how we got here, with Obama, a former Constitutional law professor, about to sign a law which overnight turns the U.S. into a Third World ...
Ralph Lopez 12/15/2011 64 18 - 166
Sen. Levin Charging That Obama Asked for Americans be Subject to Life-Long Military Detention.
In deference to people who do not have broadband connections and cannot easily view videos, here is a ...
Ralph Lopez 12/14/2011 68 40 - 368
Congress Pushes Through Military Detention of Americans in Time for "Bill of Rights Day."
Please send to every veteran you know. We need them now. Please submit a call for action Thursday to your OWS General Assembly. Wasting no opportunity to display the kind of unbridled, ...
Ralph Lopez 12/13/2011 31 29 2 125
Media Blackout on Military Detention of Americans Says Time to Bust Media Monopoly
It's eerie. When it comes to OJ or the Dean Scream , when ten seconds of boyish exuberance cost a a miles-ahead Democratic frontrunner his ...
Ralph Lopez 12/12/2011 3 14 1 92
Why Obama Will Not Veto NDAA Military Detention of Americans: He Requested It.
Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) on Senate floor explaining it was Obama who requested the provision for indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial. Senator Diane Feinstein ...
Ralph Lopez 12/09/2011 387 269 13 1806
Is Alex Jones Still Crazy in Light of New Military Detention of American Citizens Law?
I'm just putting the question out there, not taking a position. Just yesterday it seems the claim that the government was preparing to give itself the power to sweep Americans into indefinite ...
Ralph Lopez 12/07/2011 33 5 - 217
Arizona Tea Party to Protest at MCain's Home Office, No Military Detention of Americans (Fact Sheet)
From "Protest John McCain's Nat'l Defense Authorization Act" Facebook
Ralph Lopez 12/05/2011 11 23 - 148
UPDATED: Arizona Tea Party Leads Fight Against Military Detention of Americans. Where is the Left?
The time to bury our differences for a day is now. Arizona "Tea Party and conservatives" have announced a protest action at Sen. John McCain's home office in Tuscon. They demand the elimination of ...
Ralph Lopez 12/04/2011 25 18 - 173
We Are All Really Bradley Manning Now: Senate Passes Military Detention for American Citizens.
In military detention you are subject to the whim of a commander, as Bradley Manning was during his year in Quantico, ...
Ralph Lopez 12/02/2011 64 26 3 192
UPDATED: The 61 Senators to Impeach. Can Occupy Lead?
UPDATE: Posting at DK is like having your own fact-check department, thank you for helping me hone the piece. On thinking about this "impeach" is the wrong word, although US senators can be ...
Ralph Lopez 12/01/2011 59 16 - 407
McCain-Levin Military Detentions Law for Americans Clears Path for Domestic Assassinations.
As I writer I cast my net far and wide for "temperature checks" on various issues, and I can tell you that whether it is Tea Party, mainstream GOP, the Ron Paulers, apolitical sports forums, it is ...
Ralph Lopez 11/30/2011 60 27 3 174
Vote to Strip Out Military Detention Powers Against Americans Fails (Udall Amendment)
Occupy. Vote on full bill tomorrow, Wednesday November 30.
Ralph Lopez 11/29/2011 20 20 - 156
Arrest McCain and Levin Now. Senate to Vote on Military Detention of Americans.
Why would Founders create a class of criminal, "domestic enemies" of the "United States Constitution," if there were no such thing? If you think soldiers won't do it, think again. Some of ...
Ralph Lopez 11/28/2011 177 240 8 1450
Would Obama Declare 3 Days of Peace to Pay for Food for Starving Afghans?
The most little-understood fact of war, in my opinion, is the sheer, mind-boggling, nearly incomprehensible magnitude of the money which is spent on a daily basis to keep the occupation and boom-and-...
Ralph Lopez 11/25/2011 23 11 - 78
Six Children 4-12 Years Killed by NATO Warplane, Plane Fired Despite Civilians "Frequently" Present.
Let's break this down. First one witness outright denies that there were any Taliban present whatsoever.
Ralph Lopez 11/24/2011 73 26 1 170
Obama Take Action, Stop Mass Starvation in Afghanistan.
It's as an obscene a scenario as you can imagine. Year after year, Afghan villages to which aid can easily be delivered are faced with starvation because the regions are peaceful and there is no ...
Ralph Lopez 11/23/2011 8 6 - 117
Time to Occupy Congress with Strategic Demands? A Ten Point Proposal.
Submitted to the Sovereign People of Occupy Wall Street for deliberation. As Occupy Wall Street moves into the winter of 2011, many are asking: What now? The failure to issue demands ...
Ralph Lopez 11/22/2011 8 4 - 59
Happening Now Until 3pm ET, Afghan Youth Global Conference Call
Taking place now until 3pm ET. Occupiers especially welcome to send messages of love and hope from Occupy Wall Street! The Afghan youth are speaking from Kabul. An amazing group of young people ...
Ralph Lopez 11/21/2011 6 2 - 27
Bloomberg, Does "Protecting Park" Require Destroying Books, Computers, Medical Supplies? Eyewitness.
A report from friend and citizen-journalist Steve Iskovitz confirms that under the pretext of protecting Liberty Park, Mayor Bloomberg seems to have instituted a policy of deliberately targeting ...
Ralph Lopez 11/20/2011 9 19 1 118
Portland Going Down, Police Claim Protesters "Armed"
Serious charges, article cites no evidence of "arming" nor does it cite Occupy Portland denunciations of violence. Looks like a set-up to unleash a vicious police response. Call Mayor to denounce ...
Ralph Lopez 11/11/2011 36 32 2 311
NEWS UPDATE: An Occupy Wall Street Fact Sheet in Case You Get Hit Up by the Media
NEWS UPDATE OWS update: Egyptian Revolutionary at Harvard NOW today 5pm Egyptian ...
Ralph Lopez 11/11/2011 4 8 3 86
Harvard Has Been Occupied: "Money for Jobs and Education, Not for Banks and Corporations!"
Months after Occupy Wall Street first burst onto the scene, weeks after Scott Olsen was shot in Oakland, and days ...
Ralph Lopez 11/10/2011 3 12 - 81
Update III: Occupy Harvard Now in Front of Law School
Update III: At least 16 tents up in Harvard Yard. Update II: large and spirited crowd of students attempted to storm the Science Center gate, line of police in normal ...
Ralph Lopez 11/09/2011 10 13 - 112
BoA Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On Taxpayers, Super Committee Looks Away. Seize BoA Now.
It's real money, especially since "Bank of America Deathwatch" financial pundits have multiplied on the web and ...
Ralph Lopez 11/08/2011 31 42 3 246
Occupy Marines Force Level One Investigation into Scott Olsen Shooting
Scott Olsen by the Grace of God did not come home to his mother in a box after two tours in Iraq, but he will be going back to her with a fractured skull for engaging in his right of free speech in ...
Ralph Lopez 11/02/2011 78 353 4 1695
Occupy Wall Street Talking Points: Who You Calling Slacker?
The media has settled on pushing the "slacker" image for OWS protesters. Excuse me? The truth is exactly the opposite: it is Wall Street and the wealthiest 1% which has not been "making it" to ...
Ralph Lopez 10/31/2011 1 4 - 76
Occupy Wall Street Please Send Shout-Outs to Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers!
Update note: One of the boys in AYPV has had a family member killed in yesterday's Kabul suicide bombing. Not many folks know that in Afghanistan right now there is an amazing group of ...
Ralph Lopez 10/30/2011 3 9 - 40
UPDATED: Oakland Mayor Quan Prosecute This Cop or Resign: Photo Evidence, Scott Olsen Shooting
New film has emerged from Occupy Oakland repression in which two tour Iraq vet Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull from being shot with a tear gas canister from 5 to 10 feet away. In the film the ...
Ralph Lopez 10/27/2011 348 566 8 4003
Demand to Get the Money Out of Politics: A "One Demand" for Occupy Wall Street?
Thank you for your bravery Occupy Oakland. There is one problem with many of the excellent demands and proposals I have seen floated by those in the OWS movement, from re-instating Glass-...
Ralph Lopez 10/26/2011 18 7 1 68
BREAKING: Police Officers Refuse to Arrest Occupiers Despite Orders
IN. CRE. DI. BLE. God I missed you, America. Truth News Daily police on ...
Ralph Lopez 10/24/2011 15 26 1 244
Occupy Wall Street Current Official Demands, Voting Closed Oct. 21, 2011
At the official Occupy Wall Street media site Voting software prevents voting from the same ISP more than once. The following is ...
Ralph Lopez 10/24/2011 14 2 1 105
The Wrong Occupation, by Kathy Kelly
Posted on behalf of Kathy Kelly, now traveling. The Wrong Occupation by Kathy Kelly October 20, 2011 In Kabul, Afghanistan’s beleaguered capitol city, a young woman befriended me during ...
Ralph Lopez 10/20/2011 4 5 - 39
Whatever Happened to Women and Children First? (Kathy Kelly)
posted on behalf of Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative non-Violence . By Jim Barber “All wars, whether just or unjust, disastrous or victorious, are waged ...
Ralph Lopez 10/16/2011 3 7 - 44
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