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Clear Channel Changes its Name
According to BillBoard ... Clear Channel is now iHeartMedia. The multi-platform media company announced on Tuesday (Sept. 16) that it has changed names to reflect the growth and influence of the ...
Rashaverak 09/16/2014 14 6 - -
Winner of the Radio Syndicated Personality of the Year Award
The National Association of Broadcaster's 2014 Marconi Award for Syndicated Personality of the Year has gone to... Rush Limbaugh! This is the fifth time that Rush has won the award.
Rashaverak 09/12/2014 4 4 - -
A History of the Middle East in Three Minutes
A three-minute animated history of the Middle Eas t by Nina Paley.
Rashaverak 08/21/2014 13 7 - -
Limbaugh: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He was a Leftie
Rush Limbaugh is among the lowest of the low. They just can't help themselves, can they?
Rashaverak 08/12/2014 48 24 - -
Walgreens Backtracks
From the Chicago Tribune : Walgreen has exercised its option to buy the remaining 55 percent of European pharmacy retailer and wholesaler Alliance Boots in a $15.26 billion deal that will keep its ...
Rashaverak 08/06/2014 6 14 - -
A Chance to Strike Down State Laws Restricting Community Broadband Networks
Kossacks with an interest in broadband and infrastructure issues may be familiar with efforts by telecomm giants to limit local governments from providing to the public high-speed access to the ...
Rashaverak 07/29/2014 13 44 1 -
Get Your Very Own .gop Domain!
Those net-savvy Republicans! They have come up with "the most significant change to the Internet since its inception" ! The Republican State Leadership Committee, Inc. has secured the internet ...
Rashaverak 07/10/2014 41 20 - -
Walmart Yanks Dachau Motivational Poster
Walmart was selling, through its web site, a poster containing a photograph of the iron front gates at KZ Dachau bearing the infamous slogan Arbeit Macht Frei . The description of the item ...
Rashaverak 07/08/2014 46 11 - -
Teabaggers Blockade Buses Carrying Immigrant Children
Two to three hundred tea baggers, waving Amercian flags and protest signs, blocked a public road in Murrieta, California. Thereby, they prevented three buses carrying immigrant children and their ...
Rashaverak 07/01/2014 139 145 1 -
Joe the Plumber's Open Letter
His 15 minutes are over, but he apparently does not realize it. He's written an open letter to the parents of the victims of the mass shooting in California. I do not think that he has done ...
Rashaverak 05/27/2014 5 5 - -
R.I.P. The Zapple Doctrine
In a pair of decision letters, the Chief of the FCC's Media Bureau , acting on delegated authority , has declared that ...
Rashaverak 05/09/2014 51 44 - -
Christie's Flag Pin and Intellectual Property Rights
As reports, Chris Christie is fond of wearing a lapel pin with a shape like that of the State of New Jersey and emblazoned with stars and stripes. The New Jersey State Republican Party is ...
Rashaverak 03/09/2014 7 17 - -
Priest/Former Vatican Bank Accountant Arrested for Money Laundering
Nunzio Scarano, a Monsignor and former Vatican accountant, is already on trial for an alleged plot to smuggle 20 million Euros from Switzerland into Italy. Today, he is the subject of an additional ...
Rashaverak 01/21/2014 10 24 - -
Bob Grant dead at 84
Bob Grant, the loathsome RWNJ talk-radio host who poisoned the airwaves for too many years, has breathed his last.
Rashaverak 01/03/2014 25 7 - -
Rush Limbaugh's Twin Brother
Separated at birth.
Rashaverak 12/11/2013 5 3 - -
America Needs a White Republican President!
Admit it. You want a white Republican president again. Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not. Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, ...
Rashaverak 10/13/2013 40 5 - -
Cumulus to stick with Rush
The trade publication, Radio Ink , is reporting that Cumulus will renew its arrangement with Rush Limbaugh, except in the Big Apple. Cumulus is also adding Michael Savage Weiner in place of Sean ...
Rashaverak 08/19/2013 14 6 - -
I affectionately call this bill the, "Make Mary and Joseph Felons Bill."
Television Station KFYR-TV in Fargo, North Dakota, reports that the North Dakota Senate has passed Bill 2125, which would require caretakers to report that he or she has discovered that a child is ...
Rashaverak 02/28/2013 12 1 - -
Word Play
The English language is amazing. It's also very difficult to learn in adulthood. So many rules, and so many exceptions to those rules! But mastering the language is well worth it. In addition to ...
Rashaverak 12/09/2012 1 2 - -
Davis Petraeus has resigned
David Petraeus has resigned as head of the CIA after admitting to an extramarital affair.
Rashaverak 11/09/2012 8 2 - -
Mitt Romney Proposes the End of Outsourcing of Skilled Jobs
In last night's debate, Mitt Romney made a statement that astonished me. He was talking about how he would revive the economy. Although he did not say it in these exact words, he said that he ...
Rashaverak 10/17/2012 2 2 - -
Soon to be Back In The Catbird Seat?
I do not expect Mitt Romney to be elected. But if he is, what will that portend with respect to the administration of governmental functions? It will be government of the lobbyists, by the ...
Rashaverak 10/16/2012 2 2 - -
President Obama Heckled by "Reporter"
A reporter who works for Tucker Carlson's Dailer Caller heckled President Obama during his session with the press concerning his decision to suspend the deportations of undocumented young residents.
Rashaverak 06/15/2012 5 1 - 114
From time to time, I get emails from a former client, now retired, concerning political topics. The former client, let's call him Bill, is a moderate Republican and a reasonable fellow. (Yes, ...
Rashaverak 04/30/2012 17 40 1 269
'Til Six Hours After Death Do Us Part
The Daily Mail and other sources are reporting that Egypt's Parliament, dominated by Islamists, is considering a law that will allow husbands to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours ...
Rashaverak 04/26/2012 15 - - 133
NY Times: Wal-Mart suppressed Mexican corruption inquiry
The New York Times is reporting that, after receiving information from a whistle-blower detailing bribes to Mexican officials in connection with an aggressive program of opening stores, Wal-Mart ...
Rashaverak 04/21/2012 7 17 - 96
Senator Lisa Murkowski: Rush Limbaugh's Comments about Sandra Fluke were "horribly offensive."
According to the Homer News , during a radio interview, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) criticized Rush Limbaugh's tirade against Georgetown University Law School Student Sandra Fluke. The ...
Rashaverak 04/09/2012 13 17 1 121
Yet Another Murdoch Media OWS Smear Job?
Fox (Isn't News) has been practically nonstop in its efforts to smear OWS. They're dirty, they're disorganized, they're doing Number Two on police cars, they're doing drugs, they're having sex, ...
Rashaverak 11/20/2011 6 2 - 66
Conversations with Ted
Over the past year or so, I have had email conversations with a fellow whom I will call Ted. We are both baby boomers. ...
Rashaverak 11/18/2011 5 1 - 42
Bishop of Kansas City, and his Diocese, Indicted
The New York Times reports that Robert Finn, the theologically conservative Roman ...
Rashaverak 10/14/2011 52 34 1 274
"... I left the Democratic plantation a long time ago."
So says "Herb" Cain, reacting to Harry Belafonte's comment about him. Cain truly has no sense of decency.
Rashaverak 10/11/2011 13 3 - 129
N****rhead: Rick Perry's Hunting Camp
The Washington Post has a story relating to a hunting camp in West Texas that Rick Perry and his father have rented for 30-plus years. “I thought, ‘This is going to embarrass Rick ...
Rashaverak 10/02/2011 13 10 - 254
"[H]e was stunned that Democrats took Republicans 'by the short hairs[.]'”
Congressman John Mica, the Florida Republican who bears a major share of the responsibility for the FAA shutdown, has caught a lot of flack for his shenanigans. He has expressed surprise that the ...
Rashaverak 08/05/2011 28 35 - 344
The Gospel of Mitthew, Chapter 25
Mosaic, The Division of the Sheep and the Goats ,
Rashaverak 06/15/2011 22 14 1 99
Norm Magnusson's I-75 Project
Norm Magnuson has created an absolutely brilliant guerilla-marketing ...
Rashaverak 05/16/2011 10 13 1 80
Peter King (R-NY): Wikileaks is a Terrorist Organization
Yesterday, Representative Peter King, ranking member and soon-to-be Chairman of the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee, wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ...
Rashaverak 11/29/2010 32 4 - 102
No Prosecutions Over Destruction of CIA Tapes
The New York Times is reporting that no criminal charges will be brought against anyone for destroying videotapes depicting the brutal interrogations of Al Qaeda detainees at a CIA facility in ...
Rashaverak 11/09/2010 36 18 - 84
Lettergate: Rank GOP Hypocrisy Unveiled
Yes, it should come as no shock. Republicans who opposed the Stimulus did their best, after it passed, to get pieces of the action for their constituents. Some of them even lauded the job-creating ...
Rashaverak 10/17/2010 2 4 - 74
Alan Grayson Shows How to Run Against a Wingnut
Bless Alan Grayson's soul. The man has heart, he has a brain, and he has a backbone. With all of the hand-wringing going on about how Democratz R Doomed, Representative Grayson shows how to run ...
Rashaverak 09/27/2010 145 296 5 102
Blatant Racism on the Fox Business Channel
I thought I had seen everything. Then I watched this.
Rashaverak 09/18/2010 165 116 2 82
The Major Issues I Have With Glenn Beck
"Restoring Honor" has come and gone. Having watched at least some of the festivities, I come away from it in profound disagreement with its major theme: that the state of our country can only be ...
Rashaverak 08/30/2010 18 5 1 27
Hizzoner Speaks!
Rudi Giuliani, the "hero" of 9/11, America's Mayor, has spoken about the proposed Islamic Center a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. His words are hardly heroic.
Rashaverak 08/19/2010 16 4 - 49
Fox Noose: We Distort; You Divide.®
When Clarence Thomas was seeking confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and questions were raised about his fitness based on the claims of his former subordinate, Anita Hill, ...
Rashaverak 07/21/2010 14 4 - 23
FDR 1941 and JFK 1961 v. BHO 2010
Some here, and some on the cable channels are lamenting the lack of specifics in President Obama's speech tonight about the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Some are decrying the missed ...
Rashaverak 06/15/2010 32 15 2 34
Obama's Katrina, Obama's Watergate, Obama's...
Obama's Katrina Obama's Watergate Seems like the Mighty Right-Wing Wurlitzer is ...
Rashaverak 05/29/2010 35 13 - 39
Hold His Feet To The Fire, NBC!
Rand Paul wants out of his previously scheduled appearance on NBC's Meet The Press tomorrow, claiming that he's had a rough week. The Kentucky GOP is urging RP to keep a low profile. I say to the ...
Rashaverak 05/22/2010 12 10 - 29
They Call Him Flipper, Flipper....
Rand Paul couldn't stand the heat. Now he says that he's for the Civil Rights Act in its entirety.
Rashaverak 05/20/2010 4 - - 34
Where Was Bill Ayers on 20 April 2010?
Just where was Bill Ayers on teh day taht teh Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up? Might Rush be right in his suspicions, and teh catastrophe in teh Gulf of Mexico is teh result of ...
Rashaverak 04/30/2010 27 8 - 21
Nooses by Fax Machine; or The Disinfecting Qualities of Sunlight
Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) said on Countdown last night that his offices had been getting many faxes from anti-HIR people, with racial epithets and drawings of nooses in them. What should ...
Rashaverak 03/23/2010 18 9 - 11
Nicholas Kristoff's Modest Proposal
If you have not yet read Nicholas Kristoff's Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times, you should put it on your must-read list. He makes a great yet modest proposal concerning health-care reform. ...
Rashaverak 10/08/2009 9 3 - 26
We Cheerlead; You Decide
A Fox News producer has been caught red-handed cheerleading teabaggers at the DC Teabagfest a week ago. Her superiors have allegedly disciplined her.
Rashaverak 09/20/2009 7 7 - 19
Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback: Socialists?
Today's New York Times has a story about a dying town in Southeast Kansas that is tainted by mine tailings. Instead of letting the marketplace do that voodoo that it does so well, Kansas Senators ...
Rashaverak 09/14/2009 6 3 - 21
The dream will be fulfilled...
The late Senator Kennedy penned one last letter to President Obama, to be opened after his death. The letter is inspirational, and sums up the Senator's life.
Rashaverak 09/09/2009 3 3 - 3
Must-Hear NPR Coverage of the National Health Service
This morning, National Public Radio had a piece about British reaction to the portrayal of the National Health Service in the American health-care debate. It was not exactly another example of the ...
Rashaverak 08/18/2009 8 18 1 40
Marriott Changes Its Tune... Sorta
The Marriott hotel chain, defendant in a lawsuit brought by a woman who was raped at gunpoint in a hotel garage in front of her children, initially claimed that the woman was negligent. Marriott ...
Rashaverak 08/16/2009 18 5 - 3
Rush Limbaugh's Freudian Slip
As Keith Olbermann noted on Countdown last night, Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show yesterday afternoon, indulged in his predilection for sodomy references. This time, however, he made a telling ...
Rashaverak 08/13/2009 36 9 1 34
A Modest Proposal
A number of people here and elsewhere are expressing grave concern about whether we are sliding toward a civil war and perhaps the arising of a fascist state. The hooligans who are disrupting the ...
Rashaverak 08/08/2009 11 3 - 7
USGS Reports Glacier Shrinkage Accelerating
The United States Geological Survey has released a Fact Sheet reporting that three "benchmark" glaciers, two in Alaska and one in Washington state, are shrinking. The report is based on data that ...
Rashaverak 08/06/2009 6 13 - 8
Democratic Congressman Reportedly Assaulted by Wing-Nuts
According to Ben Bergmann over at Think Progress, Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA), president of the freshman Democratic class, has said that "at least one freshman Democrat" has already been "...
Rashaverak 08/05/2009 585 533 4 250
Glenn Beck's latest climb into his Crazy Tree concerns boilerplate that appears at the Government's web site for submitting claims under the Cash-for-Clunkers Program. He warns everyone not to try ...
Rashaverak 08/01/2009 26 13 - 39
We've got to be in this for the long haul.
We knew this was going to happen. Those opposed to restoring some sense of fairness and sanity to our governmental system are fighting tooth and nail, using every trick in the book, including race-...
Rashaverak 07/24/2009 1 - 1 2
The President vs. "So You Think You Can Dance."
When faced with a choice of either carrying a Presidential press conference live, or airing a previously scheduled episode of So You Think You Can Dance , whatever is a television network ...
Rashaverak 07/21/2009 17 4 - 33
Steele: I don't do policy
When asked about why the Republicans have not advanced a health-care plan of their own, Republican National Committee Michael Steele said, "I don't do policy." Well, then, just what the hell do you ...
Rashaverak 07/20/2009 17 9 - 2
Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, and a History Lesson
Michael Steele's Menu for attracting minorities to the GOP... "Y'all come. ... I got the fried chicken and potato salad. ...." At least he left out mentioning the watermelon. In addition to ...
Rashaverak 07/14/2009 20 4 1 140
A kiss is just a kiss
except in Salt Lake City ...
Rashaverak 07/11/2009 27 7 - 67
Restaurant Security Guard to Patrons: We don't allow that faggot stuff in here.
A kiss is just a kiss... except in El Paso, Texas. There, it can be a criminal offense -- at least that is what police thought. Two gay men, along with three of their friends, ...
Rashaverak 07/10/2009 49 36 - 49
All Things Lame: Excuses and Ducks
In resigning from the Governorship of Alaska little more than half-way through her first term, Sarah Palin has asserted that, since she had decided not to run for reelection, staying on as Governor ...
Rashaverak 07/05/2009 10 2 - 7
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