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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Image From New Citizens United Pro-GOP Film
In order to counter the films NBC and CNN are producing about Hillary Clinton, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has contracted with Citizens United to produce a film that promotes the GOP's likely ...
RebelWithAKos 08/09/2013 5 2 - -
Parody Video: The Republican Cure For Everything...Tax Cuts!
A revealing interview where a Republican reveals the magic cure for everything is tax cuts!
RebelWithAKos 09/21/2011 2 2 - 40
Third Party Group "Americans Elect" - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
“Good day my friend! I must say, you certainly look like a smart and ...
RebelWithAKos 08/30/2011 17 10 3 158
REVEALED: Sarah Palin's Secret Emails
Today’s release of over 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's Yahoo account may provide fascinating revelations. Here's a sneak peak at an exclusive collection of some that have already been found to ...
RebelWithAKos 06/10/2011 12 9 - 211
VIDEO: The First Obama - Palin Debate
President Obama and Sarah Palin have just had their first debate, albeit by long distance.
RebelWithAKos 01/14/2011 12 1 - 38
EXPLOSIVE: Republican Pledge to America – SECRET DRAFT!
A shocking early draft of the GOP's Pledge to America that they never wanted you to see!
RebelWithAKos 10/06/2010 7 1 - 58
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Tea Party Rally turns on O'Donnell after "witch" admission!!!
A Tea Party rally turned ugly against Delaware senatorial candidate, Christine O'Donnell, after revelations that she admitted being a witch.
RebelWithAKos 09/18/2010 326 269 4 141
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Breitbart confesses to crack cocaine use!
Andrew Breitbart confesses on tape to using crack cocaine, being in rehab, narcissism and that he's a fraud!
RebelWithAKos 07/22/2010 9 11 1 36
Parody Video - Sarah Palin Opposes Gravity, Supports Intelligent Denial
Watch this clip from Larry King to see Sarah Palin oppose teaching kids gravity, the direction of left and that the word "gay" means happy and instead supports teaching kids Intelligent Denial.
RebelWithAKos 02/17/2010 3 9 - 13
Corporations Are People Too! by Dr. Suits (A Parody)
How do you explain to your kids that a corporation is a person and is entitled to the right to drown out your voice in our democracy? With this children's book by Dr. Suits!
RebelWithAKos 01/22/2010 6 4 - 12
God Blogs about Pat Robertson
God is angered once again and thus has to blog about it. This time, it's about Pat Robertson and Haiti.
RebelWithAKos 01/15/2010 14 20 - 175
Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Parody
If a blogger had written this classic Christmas poem, it might have gone a little like this.
RebelWithAKos 12/25/2009 2 3 - 21
God Blogs about Sen. Coburn
Apparently, Sen. Coburn's prayers to God to strike down Sen, Byrd has so incensed God that He just had to blog about it: http://...
RebelWithAKos 12/22/2009 14 21 - 43
GOP Health Care Reform Music Video - Parody
Lunacy, racism and rooting for the country to fail...with a beat! Two Republicans in Congress sing their opinions on health care reform to the beat of Pink Floyd's, "Another Brick in the Wall".
RebelWithAKos 08/21/2009 1 - - 3
EXCLUSIVE: Orly Taitz Kenyan Birth Certificate!
Thanks to keen investigative work and good old fashioned American bribery, PlanetPOV.COM has uncovered ...
RebelWithAKos 08/03/2009 55 14 1 49
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