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Help for a Kossack in Need.
Kim and one of her lucky rescues. For those of you that are my Facebook friends, a brief perusal of my timeline will tell you: I absolutely loathe Christmas. Words aren't available to capture the ...
RenaRF 12/20/2013 81 120 3 -
My ACA Success Story - with a caveat! Read and learn from my mistake. :)
Ok. So this is a follow up to a diary I posted yesterday asking for help when I was getting results - prices - from the website that I thought were wildly expensive given the ...
RenaRF 11/19/2013 177 179 6 -
UPDATED X2. Better, but a BIG glitch. ACA Question: Help needed!
Ok. So I'm signing my 28 year old son up for health insurance under After the initial craziness the first ten days of October, I was able to finally get him an account so that I ...
RenaRF 11/18/2013 108 9 - -
A Plea for Help - Shelter Stories
This community has been amazing in its support for those in need - both two- and four-legged. I want to tell you a story below the fold, and ask for your help for a worthy - and helpless - recipient,
RenaRF 11/17/2013 49 41 - -
Because Obamacare.
All the major news outlets are breathlessly reporting that both the House and Senate Republicans are getting close to a deal that will achieve bipartisan agreement*. While the GOP desperately tries ...
RenaRF 10/15/2013 10 8 - -
Meanwhile, a REAL Veterans Protest is Planned
Since I am affected by the government shutdown, I've had entirely too much time to troll around Twitter and leave snide, cutting comments for Erick Erickson and other Tea Party "luminaries". Indeed -
RenaRF 10/14/2013 48 118 - -
Go Eff Yourselves.
I'm feeling like a whole lot of "no" these days when it comes to these Republican Terrorists and both the shutdown and the debt ceiling debacle. The piece of you-know-what Republican Party and the ...
RenaRF 10/10/2013 20 35 1 -
No. Appended. Updated.
Look. I sympathize with grieving families who are unable to get the death benefit for their deceased service member. I agree completely with Paul Rieckhoff's sentiments : "It's a disgrace," ...
RenaRF 10/09/2013 248 441 2 -
Hold the Line
I've seen Eleanor Holmes-Norton interviewed on multiple cable news shows this morning following her plea to fund the District of Columbia's budget as a separate, necessary item apart from the other ...
RenaRF 10/02/2013 3 10 - -
UPDATEDx2: Longtime Kossack Needs Our Help
UPDATE 11:25am ET 8/25/13 - I can't believe I'm saying this. But we're only $73 away from the $2K goal. You guys are unbelievable. Thank you so much. UPDATE 9:43pm ET. You guys took this from $...
RenaRF 08/24/2013 108 163 3 -
In Loving Memory: Glorious Clide, 1996 - 3/5/13
A blog post for Cat On My Sleeve: A Special Cat On Tuesday March 5 2013, we said goodbye to our sweet Clide. He had valiantly fought a very bad cancer diagnosis. We had ...
RenaRF 03/10/2013 59 105 - -
No, Ed. It wasn't "shocking".
Still basking in the glow of our Nov. 6 win, I've been super extra scrumpdeliciously enjoying the opinion pages of both The New York Times and The Washington Post . Waaaaay down the page in today's ...
RenaRF 11/14/2012 45 89 3 -
I Am A "Maker"
I am a "maker". Of jobs, of opportunity, of financial independence. This year, I will tick over into that magical upper income tax bracket. Granted, it's not at a Mitt Romney or Sheldon Adelson ...
RenaRF 11/11/2012 11 27 1 -
Dear Ed Gillespie.
Dear Mr. Gillespie, I just saw a clip of you on Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC decrying the idea that the Obama campaign has a superior ground game. You just flatly denied this fact. Let me give you ...
RenaRF 11/04/2012 40 30 - -
Clide has cancer.
Clide is my 15/16 year old handsome tuxedo cat, and I just found out today via biopsy that he has oral squamous cell carcinoma. Pounce over the squiggle for more.
RenaRF 10/04/2012 56 44 - 185
Ann Romney
So. I have decided to weigh in on the Ann Romney non-troversy, because I've been thinking about it a LOT over the past few days since Hilary Rosen made her ill-fated comment and subsequent apology .
RenaRF 04/13/2012 27 16 - 136
Dana Loesch, #idiot
This trails onto Christian Dem in NC's recommended diary detailing how Dana Loesch, Tea Party Coalition spokesperson and self-proclaimed policy wonk, decided that it would be a good idea to pile ...
RenaRF 03/04/2012 98 168 4 1141
Help Needed (Updated X3)
I'm actually loathe to write this diary. The help is not for me - I'm just the broker here. I posted about this issue in a comment to ...
RenaRF 01/15/2012 83 119 1 889
Better Angels
The shadows of our own desires stand between us and our better angels, and thus their brightness is eclipsed. -Charles Dickens (1841) It was with deep sorrow ...
RenaRF 08/11/2011 30 38 - 187
Is Anyone Calling This Morning?
If you aren't, you should be. I don't think this is a done deal yet in the House (so I'm going to focus on the House). SO. Call Nancy Pelosi - DC: (202) 225-...
RenaRF 08/01/2011 14 9 - 70
Breaking: Pres. Obama to make statement shortly.
CNN just broke in. POTUS is making a statement shortly. Press is assembling. Open thread on this one, I guess. UPDATE: Scheduled time of statement is 8:40p ET.
RenaRF 07/31/2011 99 15 - 369
If You Would Like to take a short break from Gnashing and Rending... UPDATED w/transcript
...may I suggest that you continue to call your Representative and your Senators , as well as ...
RenaRF 07/31/2011 73 88 - 758
Harry Reid to McConnell: F**K YOU.
Wow. Anyone watching the live coverage of the floor debate between Reid and McConnell right now?? I'll live transcribe below the fold.
RenaRF 07/30/2011 344 287 3 3564
No Boehner vote tonight.
Ed Schultz's show just reported live that McCarthy, the Republican whip, has announced there will be NO VOTE tonight. I'll add more in a moment - wanted to get this up as it's happening.
RenaRF 07/28/2011 95 52 - 488
Tea Party to America: Your best days ARE behind you.
Just heard Connie Mack (R-Teahadist) give an interview to CNN. Here's the relevant portion of the transcript that caught my attention (transcribed from my DVR): ANCHOR: Now I want to ...
RenaRF 07/28/2011 14 6 - 116
Baggers Expose Themselves on AM Shows
Not literally , of course - but they expose their real feelings about the American taxpayer and their concept of "shared sacrifice" quite clearly. My morning routine involves watching CNN'...
RenaRF 07/27/2011 53 37 - 234
"Calls, E-Mails Flood Congress"
Hm. I don't know quite what to make of the fact that I haven't seen a single diary or front page post on the fact that Congress is being flooded by calls today after the President's address last ...
RenaRF 07/26/2011 137 224 3 1546
Not All Debt is Created Equal
I've been thinking for quite some time about the piss poor job Congressional Democrats and the White House are doing in articulating the concept of debt in the United States. This diary is ...
RenaRF 07/25/2011 20 15 1 106
Why? [Updated]
If you opened this diary expecting some screed railing against tea partiers or the Obama Adminsitration or John Boehner, you're going to be disappointed. I saw something recently - last Friday, in ...
RenaRF 07/24/2011 155 307 32 2530
I Lost My S--t.
It is generally accepted - especially in the area in which I work (DC Metro high tech) - that one does not openly discuss one's politics with colleagues and co-workers. Well, I've never ...
RenaRF 05/29/2011 404 715 13 3566
Dishing out Reality
No, this isn't a Pragmatic v. Progressive diary. I saw an amazing and thought-provoking interview on the Sunday talking head circuit yesterday and it has stayed with me so firmly that I just ...
RenaRF 04/18/2011 19 19 1 158
Dig The Hole Yourself.
So you're an Army spouse. Your significant other is deployed in a combat zone - let's say it's Afghanistan. You're worried every day about your spouse's safety and well-being. A deep sense of ...
RenaRF 04/08/2011 111 147 1 1318
Full disclosure: I've worked on the private industry side of the Federal Government for 20 years. I want to talk about what this looming shutdown really means for Federal workers based on my own ...
RenaRF 04/07/2011 277 254 8 1982
Dear Kos,
I don't know if you or anyone will actually read this. But lately, when I open Daily Kos and set about reading what's on these cyber-pages, I find myself surrounded by an increasing malaise, and I ...
RenaRF 04/06/2011 404 262 4 2579
Bookstore Revelation
Two things happened today that led me towards my Bookstore Revelation. It started first thing this morning. My routine is to get up and turn on the TV in the bedroom. Cable news is always my ...
RenaRF 03/04/2011 70 30 - 185
If DK4 DID Bite...
...I would argue that it would bite the air where you used to be five minutes before when you clicked a link and tried to navigate somewhere. Here are the problems I am experiencing: 1. SLOW. Like,
RenaRF 02/13/2011 94 23 1 704
Unprecedented Space-Time Discovery (snark?)
(I don't think this is actually snark, hence the question mark in the title - but it's a totally fictitious news item I've written after a funny Facebook & Twitter exchange) WASHINGTON, DC | ...
RenaRF 01/15/2011 32 13 - 91
Possibly some of the Stupidest S**t I've Ever Heard.
I'm all kinds of prepared to hear The Stupid out of the mouths of tea partiers. The Stupid, in fact, is right up there with The Hate and The Socialism. But Dana Loesch - one of the more lucid ...
RenaRF 01/11/2011 266 283 2 100
When Life Imitates... Life.
Hearing what the Tea Party Express had to say today about the Arizona murders and assassination attempt just made me... sad. I should know better - I should know not to expect compassion or ...
RenaRF 01/10/2011 27 23 - 69
Must See TV.
I am pretty surprised to have done a diary and story search on "Maddow" for the past 24 hours and to not see this particular segment of Maddow's show last night (12/21/2010) written about. ...
RenaRF 12/22/2010 52 35 - 51
Read 'Em and [insert emotion here]
I am seriously not trying to jab anyone with a sharp stick here. But CNN/Time has a new set of Presidential polling numbers out, taken after passage of the tax deal. A few of them actually ...
RenaRF 12/20/2010 349 100 3 67
Ambassador Richard Holbrooke has died.
This just came in from CNN - they report that a senior State Department official reports Richard Holbrooke has passed away.
RenaRF 12/13/2010 108 73 - 124
It Broke My Heart.
This is not a political diary. I have to tell a story, and then I'm going to ask for a little generosity. I can't think of a better way to set it up than that. More over the fold.
RenaRF 12/12/2010 36 59 - 52
Ambassador Holbrooke in Critical Condition (Update x3 & video)
CNN is reporting that Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, is currently in critical condition after being operated on to repair a tear in his aorta. ((More))
RenaRF 12/11/2010 117 101 1 335
"We All Fall Down" (updated)
I was literally moved by this commercial - I saw it this morning on CNN and was riveted, waiting to find out what the commercial was for. The ad, plus brief commentary, is over the fold.
RenaRF 11/25/2010 203 327 7 124
I feel like I'm thankful for a lot of things despite the stress and worry that the economy has engendered. So I decided that I should just share it with this community, which has been such a part ...
RenaRF 11/24/2010 32 38 - 212
Thanks a lot, John McCain!
Given that this is Thanksgiving week, wherein we inexplicably celebrate the ...
RenaRF 11/23/2010 105 138 1 119
It Matters!
The Democratic Party of Virginia needs some help. After moving the dial forward in 2006 with Jim Webb's defeat of George Allen, Jr., and then its sweeping forward-oriented move in 2008 voting for ...
RenaRF 11/19/2010 27 19 1 217
Good God.  Get a Grip. (UPDATED)
I'm not diving into the whole "ZOMG HE'S CAVING!!!" thing. Rather, I'll say this - if you care a fucking whit about extending the Bush tax cuts for families that make less than $250K and ...
RenaRF 11/11/2010 878 681 6 308
Wow. (updated)
Just... Wow. I hadn't checked into Daily Kos since Saturday afternoon, and I return to rec list showdown, a clash of Titans about what we're here for, what we know to be "true", and what we should ...
RenaRF 11/08/2010 456 741 19 200
Literally two minutes ago, I listened to Wolf Blitzer tell me that Democrats are "reeling" from their losses on Tuesday. When I got home, the 4pm talking head spoke of the "reeling" Democrats and ...
RenaRF 11/04/2010 325 493 6 183
9/11 happened to the world. Only the remotest, most primitive corners of the world didn't experience it in rapt attention, gathered around a television screen. It happened most acutely to Americans,
RenaRF 09/11/2010 263 475 6 179
Winning Strategy? (Updated)
I have found the developments in the White House's media strategy fascinating over the past four days, starting with President Obama'...
RenaRF 09/09/2010 271 378 7 112
My Experience Matters.
(Cross-posted to Blue Virginia ) I want to share with each and every one of you how I will be spending this coming Sunday, September ...
RenaRF 09/03/2010 30 54 - 236
Was He Talking To Me?
Have you ever had one of those moments where you hear something - a statement of fact put so bluntly and succinctly - yet you hadn't thought about in quite those terms and you literally feel a bit ...
RenaRF 09/01/2010 52 37 - 37
Top Nine Reasons You Should Give a S**t.
I've really kind of ducked low below the radar here at Daily Kos lately. I've no desire to get into the middle of "for" and "against" wars, nor to spark a war myself. But the other day, I was ...
RenaRF 08/13/2010 248 302 3 270
And now for something completely different...
Actually, it's not going to be different. It's meta. And it springs from, but is not exclusively related to, Keith Olbermann's diary on the reclist. Yet again, I've had a forced dKos hiatus (...
RenaRF 06/17/2010 75 24 - 54
I'm Asking for Help. (Updated)
This is a story I have wanted to tell for a while. Without jumping ahead of myself, should you choose to read on over the fold, you'll share in a story of one of the most profoundly kind and ...
RenaRF 05/15/2010 295 451 11 617
Required Reading on Mining, Disasters & Greed.
What I list as "required reading" refers to the diary - not mine - reposted below the fold. :) I have a favorite quote. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over ...
RenaRF 04/06/2010 8 24 1 533
Confessions of a "Bullied" Teenager
"Bullying". The Free Dictionary lists the definition as follows: 1. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
RenaRF 03/31/2010 1147 623 17 259
Less than 5% Unemployment?
I've taken a fair amount of flack from members of the community (respectful flack, but flack nonetheless) for a few comments I've made in various diaries with respect to unemployment, recovery, and ...
RenaRF 03/15/2010 24 28 - 234
Krugman: HCR legislation "looks very good" (minor update)
I wandered over to the New York Times to check out its latest online editorials and opinion columns and was met ...
RenaRF 03/12/2010 435 387 5 72
My Letter to Speaker Pelosi & Leader Hoyer
I've sent a letter regarding the "Stup(id)ak Issue" to Speaker Pelosi and House Majoirty Leader Hoyer. My premise is simple: Power is granted . Stop giving Stupak power that he ...
RenaRF 03/10/2010 14 14 - 22
Warm up your fingers, folks. (ACTION diary) (Updated)
I'm eternally grateful for organizing tools like Twitter. One of the folks I follow is @JeffreyFeldman . He always seems to be on top of tidbits of ...
RenaRF 03/09/2010 21 28 - 23
Listen up, MotherEffers (Action Needed)
These mothereffers specifically : Bart Stupak (D-MI) Solomon Ortiz (D-TX) Jerry Costello (D-IL) James Oberstar (D-MN) Steve Driehaus (D-OH) Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) Kathleen ...
RenaRF 03/08/2010 295 250 1 57
"The Big Freeze" of 2011
So the dust is settling in the ROA (Rest Of America) regarding the budget "freeze" announced on Monday night, and hopefully settling here somewhat at Daily Kos. In the vein of "being the change ...
RenaRF 01/27/2010 29 24 - 33
The original title of this diary, in my mind, was "TTFN" - Ta Ta For Now. It wasn't going to be a GBCW - but it was definitely going to be a diary that communicated my intention to back slowly away ...
RenaRF 01/26/2010 221 96 4 28
@edhenrycnn overhypes "bad" polling news for @MarthaCoakley
@edhenrycnn overhypes "bad" polling news for @MarthaCoakley... and I'm sick of it. He's cherry-picking the seemingly bad without any perspective or ...
RenaRF 01/18/2010 52 45 - 92
A Funny Thing Happened...
This morning I woke up. That's not the funny part - the funny part is the rest of my day up until this point at noon EST. I woke up and I went about the process of starting my morning. It ...
RenaRF 01/06/2010 480 385 2 33
Christmas In The Lower 9th Ward - A Katrina Diary [Updated]
(NOTE: All pictures in this diary were taken by me on Christmas Day 2009.)
RenaRF 12/27/2009 219 245 6 212
"Get a Grip"
I am fortunate enough to possess what I consider a really great marriage. Part of what makes it great, I think, is the fact that Mr. RenaRF is a perfect counter-balance to my weaknesses (which are ...
RenaRF 12/17/2009 664 520 11 137
Pissed off? (UPDATED)
Eddie C posted a diary on Sunday asking Kossacks if they planned to watch The People Speak , which ran on the History Channel ...
RenaRF 12/15/2009 23 20 1 61
Teh Stupid Speaks.
Or rather, stupid writes. Teh Stupid in the equation is Sarah Palin. The writing in the equation is an "editorial" in today's Washington Post . The subject? Climate change. And Sarah ...
RenaRF 12/09/2009 73 28 - 102
Don't Be That Woman (An Afghanistan Diary).
A few of you have noticed that I haven't been writing much here lately. There are a myriad of reasons for that - one has to do with life and work and obligations. Another one has to do with a ...
RenaRF 12/01/2009 509 351 9 261
Why Arianna Huffington Has It Wrong.
It's been breathtaking (in a bad way) to watch the media - and especially a few prominent liberals - turn on the Obama administration this week. The amount of media backlash - both within the ...
RenaRF 11/29/2009 411 346 10 221
Defending The Release of al-Megrahi.
I can't imagine what it must have been like to be Kenny MacAskill , Scottish Justice Minister, for this past bit of time. Have you ever had something ...
RenaRF 08/20/2009 112 25 2 63
Guess What These People Weren't Doing Yesterday. [UPDATE]
On Monday night, August 10, 2000 people gathered in the parking lot of LA's Forum, where the Lakers play basketball and concerts are hosted. They weren't carrying signs about "death panels", and ...
RenaRF 08/12/2009 268 560 13 61
Insensitive Moron (updated w/my letter to Cornyn).
I have had an outrage diary burning in my brain for the entire day. The outrage was sparked by (shocker) John Cornyn on CNN's State of the Union earlier today. This guy epitomizes what I ...
RenaRF 08/09/2009 197 226 4 88
I Like David Frum?
Ok. "Like" is a strong word, at least as it applies to David Frum. I can't actually "like" anyone who would write a book ...
RenaRF 07/27/2009 32 17 - 41
I'm Rubber, You're Glue... [Updated w/new CPR lie]
...and other fun missives from the whackjobs at Conservatives for Patient's Rights (ANY phrase that combines political conservatives with ...
RenaRF 07/13/2009 31 25 - 27
What an A**clown.
There have been a number of diaries ...
RenaRF 07/07/2009 58 19 1 37
To People Who Read Pootie Diaries (UPDATED)
I'm a pootie person, and I love the pootie diaries. One thing that's obvious to me when I read through them is that a lot of pootie people are dealing with various chronic illnesses in their pooties.
RenaRF 07/05/2009 71 61 37 61
My Head Almost Exploded. [RedState Update]
This isn't really a Mark Sanford diary. I mean, seriously - when I heard the interview that one of the intrepid reporters ...
RenaRF 06/24/2009 577 883 14 111
About That Dog. [A Serious Diary] [Update X2]
The Sunday news shows breathlessly discussed the arrival of Bo, the Obama's pending Portuguese Water Dog. Bo is a gift from the Lion of the Senate ...
RenaRF 04/13/2009 364 178 3 39
It's Gonna Be A Hot One
(Cross-posted at Blue Commonwealth ) It's shaping up to be a HOT Democratic primary for the party's nomination for ...
RenaRF 04/09/2009 43 34 - 34
Are You Feeling Lonely? [UPDATED]
Are you feeling lonely and blue? Do you feel like you lack the energy to get moving in the morning? Do you miss being a part of something bigger than you, where you could be one of many working ...
RenaRF 03/20/2009 96 145 4 23
You Can Buy Grass... [UPDATED x2]
...but you can't buy the grassroots. (Cross-posted at Blue Commonwealth ) I witnessed something first-hand last night that scores so ...
RenaRF 03/18/2009 144 214 1 33
I'm Utterly Speechless.
I had a few errands to run this afternoon. So I've gotten back into my car after the last stop and have turned on my Sirius radio - it was tuned to CNN. And who do I hear coming out of the speakers?
RenaRF 02/28/2009 566 423 5 97
Holy Crap! CNN Just Called Markos a "Headache"
CNN has picked up and utterly bias-twisted Markos' formation of the Accountability Now PAC . I just saw all of this live ...
RenaRF 02/26/2009 651 730 9 52
Teh Stupid Intensifies (updated).
((sigh)) There are days that I just want to pull my hair out and then go strangle certain Republicans with my newly-liberated tresses. Teh Stupid just got deeper after raging f**kwit Mitch ...
RenaRF 02/09/2009 285 340 5 41
What. A. Tool.
(Cross-posted ...
RenaRF 02/04/2009 192 355 1 36
That's Not How We Roll.
(Cross-posted from BlueCommonwealth ) Democrats have worked HARD in Virginia. For slightly more than seven of the last eight years, we've had ...
RenaRF 01/23/2009 148 266 3 24
Here - I Want You To Have This Shovel.
I was in downtown DC yesterday. For the rest of my life, I'll be able to say "I was there". Never have I been more grateful to be a Washingtonian, let me tell you. I didn't get close to President ...
RenaRF 01/21/2009 290 440 5 41
My Email from Michelle Obama
You know, I really have nothing to compare it to, given that I'm not on any Republican mailing lists, email or otherwise... So maybe Laura Bush sends out emails to people who supported her husband. ...
RenaRF 12/26/2008 36 32 - 228
No Way, Terry McAuliffe.
NOTE: The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. Cross-posted from Blue Commonwealth . Listen, Terry. I'm sure you're a nice guy.
RenaRF 12/22/2008 57 33 2 19
Hello, Troll Hunters!
So I've missed yet another scamming/banning/pie fight. I'm referring to the scam warning diary on the rec list. I don't have a problem with the diary in question nor the diarist. I don't know ...
RenaRF 12/09/2008 464 308 4 46
As I went to bed last night, I was dreading the inevitable "LIVE!" reports from the Mall of America about how heavy or light the Black Friday mall traffic was. Little did I know that, by the time I ...
RenaRF 11/28/2008 158 256 2 30
Christ. On. A. Cracker. (Bonus News; Mumbai Update x4)
It's been rare these past few weeks that I have had time to sit down and simply read diaries and FP posts at Daily Kos. I just haven't had time. I'm laid off. Officially. I'm dealing (hopefully ...
RenaRF 11/26/2008 392 492 5 38
The Importance of Thankfulness.
I've had a tough run here the last two weeks. I worked really, really hard for the Obama Campaign. And make no mistake - that was DEEPLY rewarding work, particularly here in Virginia. I ...
RenaRF 11/21/2008 31 32 2 46
Barack & Awe In Virginia.
(Cross-posted at Raising Kaine ) Update [2008-11-9 17:1:19 by RenaRF]: A commenter objected to the connotation of "Shock & Awe" in ...
RenaRF 11/09/2008 262 518 19 72
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