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Reviews of My Book
In 1979 my best friend Gary Fisher and I rented a garage, and gave our two-man enterprise the grandiose name of " MountainBikes ." As it worked out, we were onto something, a design which turned ...
RepackRider 03/08/2015 4 10 - -
Anza-Borrego Exploration
The four-day weekend was all anyone could ask. On Friday, February 20, I flew into San Diego with Jacquie Phelan in tow, courtesy of Dave Duncan, owner of Bike ...
RepackRider 02/26/2015 9 9 - -
An amazing collection
A collection of postcards, all over 100 years old, has been handed down to me. I have no idea how many people's hands the collection passed through in the century since they were sent, but somehow ...
RepackRider 01/26/2015 5 8 - -
WSJ Reviewed my book today
My book on my two decades of bicycling adventure was released last month. Today the Wall Street Journal reviewed it , and loved it. Big day for me. Not that I was a fan of the WSJ, bought my ...
RepackRider 11/22/2014 21 50 - -
My Book is Finished!
Beginning in 1968 I was a roadie for the Sons of Champlin, a San Francisco band. I worked on shows with the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Santana, The Byrds, ...
RepackRider 08/21/2014 15 15 - -
About that apology, Mr. Issa...
The latest congressional "investigation" has cleared the Obama administration of any wrongdoing in the Benghazi attack. The investigation by the House Intel Committee was not conducted by Darrell ...
RepackRider 08/06/2014 16 30 1 -
Two good questions
IANAL, although my criminal defense attorney friend couldn't believe that I successfully argued my case in traffic court, which he called "the most rigged tribunal in the world." Yesterday the ...
RepackRider 07/31/2014 8 7 - -
How to deal with Sterling
Since Mr. Sterling is being forced to divest himself of the Clippers, the NBA is in effect forcing him to cash in the equity of hundreds of millions of dollars that the team has accumulated in the ...
RepackRider 04/29/2014 9 - - -
Calling Dean Heller, Patriot
Most Kossacks are aware that Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller differed with Senator Reid on the patriotism of Cliven Bundy and his associates. "What Sen. Reid may call domestic terrorists, I ...
RepackRider 04/28/2014 8 14 - -
Mike Finnegan
In my previous life I was a roadie for a '60s San Francisco rock band called The Sons of Champlin. In connection with that gig I met a musician named Mike Finnegan. In 1971 I was the sound guy at ...
RepackRider 04/24/2014 18 41 - -
The Deputy Shot My Friend
I move pianos, and everyone who works for me is Black. I spend a lot of time in what is historically a Black community, although the de facto segregation of the past has faded. The Community is a ...
RepackRider 04/21/2014 86 234 3 -
Amazon listed my mountain bike book today
In the fall of 1979 my friend Gary Fisher and I rented a garage, where we assembled custom bikes of a sort not previously seen. The frames were built by a master framebuilder, 22-year old Tom ...
RepackRider 03/13/2014 10 14 - -
Do you know anyone who has been shot?
When I served in the United States Army, I trained with an M-14. That weapon, which was phased out in 1968, was the last firearm I handled. My service was in a medical capacity, and although I ...
RepackRider 03/05/2014 27 14 - -
Question for patriots living in GA
As a resident of California, I don't have any standing in Georgia, and legislators there don't care what I think. However, I am a patriotic Army veteran, and this news from Georgia absolutely ...
RepackRider 02/20/2014 8 19 1 -
An Unintended Consequence
By now most Kossacks are aware of the story broken by Steve Kornacki on MSNBC regarding Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, and her accusations that her city had been abused by the governor's office for ...
RepackRider 01/19/2014 7 18 1 -
He's Lost His Mojo
My first act of political activism was a letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle that I wrote a few days after the Watergate break-in. It was my first of many published LTEs, and in it ...
RepackRider 01/12/2014 10 23 1 -
What is this "responsibility" you speak of?
As we know, politicians in trouble take full responsibility for things their associates do, as long as "full responsibility" doesn't include any of that other "-bility," LIAbility. So we have now ...
RepackRider 01/09/2014 3 6 - -
A word to the (un)wise, Dr. Paul
I ran across this information on Raw Story. Seems that Paul (Rand, not Ru) is spearheading the GOP outreach to the Black community. He will travel safely away from his own constituency to deliver ...
RepackRider 11/22/2013 4 6 - -
Then He Asked Me for I.D. (the sequel)
Two years ago I had my highest rated diary ever, Then he asked me for I.D. It rode the rec list for a couple of days and garnered 323 comments. The situation that inspired that diary happened again,
RepackRider 07/08/2013 120 278 9 -
The Intel Committee Wants to Hear From You
Thanks to free long distance on my cell phone, I have Washington office of the excrable Dianne Feinstein on speed dial. I call regularly, because just about everything she does pisses me off. The ...
RepackRider 07/02/2013 3 8 - -
A Tale of Two Amendments
Because the torture of prisoners by the CIA enrages me, and because my own Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Intel Committee, has done little or nothing to address it, I have taken to calling ...
RepackRider 02/24/2013 5 - - -
Was Karl Rove hacked?
Both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were razor-close, and both turned on relatively small numbers of votes. We all know the story of Florida in 2000. In 2004 a single county in Ohio ...
RepackRider 11/15/2012 56 27 3 -
I called Darrell Issa today
I called Mr. Issa's office today with a few questions. You can call him also at two-oh-two, two-two-five, three-nine-oh-six. You can bypass the recording and go directly to the staffer by pressing ...
RepackRider 09/20/2012 31 84 1 765
The simple beauty of the Reid accusation
By now, everyone is aware that Mr. Reid has taken a page out of the GOP playbook by issuing a baseless, hearsay accusation that Mr. Romney "may not" have paid taxes. As baseless accusations go, it ...
RepackRider 08/01/2012 22 33 - 267
Obama Team Maps Romney's Brain!
Like most others on this site, I have my issues with Mr. Obama, but I will certainly vote for him this fall because he is not running against Jesus, he is running against Mitt Romney. While I ...
RepackRider 07/17/2012 6 2 - 97
"Stop whining"
This may not be worthy of a diary. I'll know soon enough. In the 1980 presidential debates, Ronald Reagan managed to define Jimmy Carter with a single scripted line, which was created to cover for ...
RepackRider 07/15/2012 2 11 - 113
If This Were a Christian Nation
Although I am an atheist, you wouldn't find out unless you asked me, or in this case because it is germane to this diary. After all, I barely have enough time to think and talk about the stuff I do ...
RepackRider 06/29/2012 24 30 - 176
Delusion on the Right
I check in daily on the FanSite for a recent VP candidate whose name rhymes with "mail-in." The site is con$ervatives4p@lin-dot-com (name changed to foil Google). No link either, but it's easy to ...
RepackRider 01/20/2012 3 - - 46
Shunning: The Power of Community
When the images emerged from Davis of a police officer casually pepper spraying unresisting protesters, I told my wife that the officer in the photos and videos would never again be able to work on ...
RepackRider 11/20/2011 12 15 - 102
Only 14 GOP debates to go
If the schedule published at 2012 Election Central is to be believed, there are ...
RepackRider 10/22/2011 13 3 - 63
Then he asked me for I.D. (Update)
A few nights ago I was on my way to my studio with a friend for our regular Friday evening band rehearsal. As is our custom we stopped at a market near the studio and picked up some beer and a ...
RepackRider 08/08/2011 323 603 11 3548
Call Mitch re: Vitter
Free long distance on my cellphone has made it possible for me to call congressional offices every time I have a moment of outrage. That happens fifteen or twenty times a day. My own Senator ...
RepackRider 06/16/2011 9 5 - 55
WSJ Moves the Goalposts
It's not often that a metaphor literally comes to life. /snark But today in connection with the Chris Christie story I saw this sentence in ...
RepackRider 06/02/2011 3 3 - 91
Rapture Fans are PI$$ED!
I lurk at a site called Raptureforums where evangelical Christians of the conservative and mean-to-poor-people stripe discuss the upcoming ...
RepackRider 05/15/2011 305 189 1 3303
Ensign's Unintended Consequences
As we all know by now, John Ensign has been raked over the coals in a report created by the people who are among the most reluctant in the world about criticizing each other's ethics. It takes ...
RepackRider 05/12/2011 13 15 - 142
The Birther Litmus Test
No one could ever have imagined that the litmus test for conservatives would be the birther issue, but Donald Trump doubled down on it and surged in the polls. The result is that The Donald has ...
RepackRider 04/20/2011 3 4 - 85
Tilting at the Feinstein Windmill
Senator Dianne Feinstein never saw a civil liberty she didn't want to destroy. Unfortunately, she is chair of the Senate Intel Committee. Below the fold is today's email. Yes I know it's futile.
RepackRider 12/10/2010 6 7 1 37
A Couple of Suggestions for Mr. Issa
Since I am represented in the House by a very progressive member, if I'm looking for an argument, I have to call someone else's congressperson. I'm always looking for an argument. (Cue Monty ...
RepackRider 11/16/2010 12 10 - 212
I called Hatch and McConnell today...
This is not an important diary, but it may amuse one or two of you. As we all know, Joe Barton ran a GOP talking point up the flagpole, and drew a lot of cannon fire when he suggested that Congress ...
RepackRider 06/21/2010 12 8 - 26
Senator Feinsten, Where is the Torture Report?
My Senator, Dianne Feinstein, chairs the Intel Committee. Last year she promised that in the committee's role in oversight of the CIA, the committee would deliver ...
RepackRider 06/07/2010 9 26 - 48
Perfect Game
It's a great day to be an Oakland Athletics fan. Dallas Braden just completed the 19th perfect game in baseball history v. the Tampa Bay Rays. hardly a bunch of pushovers. It took Braden just 109 ...
RepackRider 05/09/2010 22 10 - 22
A Little Letter to Feinstein
I have Senator Feinstein's office on speed dial, and I call so often that the staffers don't even ask me for my ZIP Code any more. That's a good way to add my voice to others demanding this or that,
RepackRider 06/18/2009 1 1 - 22
Von Brunn is a Liberal
Not according to me, of course, but according to the patriots at Freerepublic. Remember, they didn't have anything against him last December when they linked ...
RepackRider 06/12/2009 19 6 - 76
Expose the GOP on Evolution
It's not exactly headline news that the Republicans routinely use abortion as a divisive issue to beat the Democrats around with. When they hand us an equally divisive issue, like torture, our ...
RepackRider 05/18/2009 81 14 1 18
Staffers Want to Hear From You
Free long distance on my cell phone allows me to call a lot of congresscritters. Feinstein is on speed dial, but the recent flap about torture has inspired me to start calling the ...
RepackRider 04/29/2009 11 16 - 22
GOP Circles Wagons -- on TORTURE?
How likely was it on 9/12/2001 that the next president would be an African-American named Barack Hussein Obama? If the presidency is the championship of politics, he is clearly the best at it. I ...
RepackRider 04/27/2009 69 31 - 32
I Helped Sen. McConnell Today
In several news releases this weekend, Senator Mitch McConnell was quoted as saying of Obama's "liberal" policies, "...“I’m not sure that’s what people voted for." So I decided to ...
RepackRider 03/30/2009 10 8 - 24
Yet another Obama/Limbaugh theory
I actually listen to Rush now and then, generally for a few minutes early in his show while I have to be in the office. I can't take too much of it at a time, but now that we are safely on the ...
RepackRider 01/29/2009 60 18 - 26
Simple English for bloggers
I have little formal education beyond high school, but I speak and write my native language very well, well enough that I started and edited my own magazine for seven years, wrote for a dozen or ...
RepackRider 12/14/2008 318 33 1 34
The 100 Seat solution
It came to me in a flash. The Democratic voters of Connecticut have stated that Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat. Harry Reid has said that, for the purposes of the Senate, Lieberman is. Since ...
RepackRider 11/19/2008 10 - - -
Palin is terrified
I don't know whether any diarist has touched on this, but I think it is worth noting. Palin is terrified. She has been protected from scrutiny by a wall of silence that is unprecedented even in ...
RepackRider 09/23/2008 75 13 - 17
Fun Diary: Pit Bull Meme
Sarah Palin introduced the pit bull theme with a joke written for her, a joke which is a modification of one that is slightly more sexist, to wit, "What is the difference between a pit bull and a ...
RepackRider 09/16/2008 12 1 - 12
GOP Plays Defense!
I just watched the abbreviated opening of the RNC on C-SPAN, and now I'm watching the discussion. The GOP is on defense. According to the talking head, they are being careful not to come across as ...
RepackRider 09/01/2008 22 5 - -
Obama's Ratings Just Screwed McCain
Okay, we've read the overnights, and we know that Obama had 'em glued to the tube like NOTHING in recent TV history. In a few days, McCain will get his shot at matching the Obama-thon. Call the ...
RepackRider 08/29/2008 20 7 - -
Obama's Dogwhistle Challenge
I'm sure it hasn't escaped the attention of anyone reading this that the past couple of days at the Democratic Convention have heavily featured a paean to the families of the candidates, right down ...
RepackRider 08/27/2008 26 2 - -
Harry Reid drives the getaway car
Like every other Kossack I have been incensed by the glacial pace of the contempt citations against Karl Rove. I get free long distance on my cellphone and I use it to badger the staffs of Reps ...
RepackRider 07/31/2008 4 4 - 6
A few phone numbers
I get free long distance on my cell phone, and I use it every day to call the offices of Senators Leahy and Reid, as well as congresspersons Pelosi and Conyers, to ask why Karl Rove is not in prison ...
RepackRider 07/23/2008 3 1 - 8
My FISA LTE in today's SF Chronicle
My LTE led off the letters column in today's Chronicle, and in the print version the letters column itself was titled by a phrase from my contribution, "Why was the Treasonous Vote Allowed?" I'd ...
RepackRider 07/11/2008 6 9 1 -
SF Satire Melts GOP Brains
I saw this in today's San Francisco Chronicle. A local political theater group has collected enough ...
RepackRider 06/24/2008 23 28 1 18
Racism/Sexism and Michelle Obama
I have to get to work, so this will be short, but I wanted to call attention to this article in today's San ...
RepackRider 06/14/2008 8 3 - -
Litmus Test for VP
The other day, former liberal hawk Kevin Drum asked, perhaps as a gesture of atonement for his support of the invasion, whether his readers thought that it should be ...
RepackRider 06/13/2008 20 1 - 4
Fareed Zakaria is a moron
But I expect most of you already knew that. Today's evidence is a column published today in the San Francisco Chronicle. The first line is the giveaway. If you set aside the war in ...
RepackRider 05/27/2008 89 16 - 103
High-larious Novakula Choke
This item may fall a little short of diary worthiness, but it is so delicious that I couldn't let my fellow Kossacks miss it. ...
RepackRider 05/11/2008 10 7 - -
Egregious GOP Stenography in the SF Chronicle
This morning I turned to the Op-Ed page of the San Francisco Chronicle, and I found this column . The basic ...
RepackRider 05/02/2008 9 4 - 1
My LTE on Rev. Wright in SF Chronicle
This is a shortie, because the actual sentiment is in the letter linked at the bottom of the post. Like just about everyone else here, I am disgusted by the media focus on the trivial while ...
RepackRider 04/30/2008 6 2 - -
SF Chronicle Readers Eviscerate VD Hanson
For some reason the San Francisco Chronicle pays Victor David Hanson for his tripe. Mr. Hanson is described as a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, which is another of those right-wing ...
RepackRider 03/27/2008 2 5 - -
Second Amendment in Action
Disclaimer: I am an Army veteran, and I was trained in the use of military weapons although I have never killed anyone or participated in a firefight. I do not own a firearm, and I have not even ...
RepackRider 02/08/2008 40 7 - -
Call Leahy about those subpoenas
I have my senator, Dianne Feinstein, on speed dial on my cellphone, both the San Francisco and the DC offices, so I can double up on my calls. (Love me some free long distance package!) I call ...
RepackRider 10/09/2007 87 141 6 27
Best political stunt of the administration
I can't believe no one has diaried this, but I searched and didn't see one. A TV show in Australia is called Chasers War on Everything. The hosts seem to have gall unmitigated by any sense of ...
RepackRider 09/06/2007 9 6 - 2
Freep responses to Times Op-Ed
You were dying to know how the nutwingers would slander the sergeants who wrote the recent op-ed for the New York times, "The War as We Saw It." But you didn't want to give Freeperville a single ...
RepackRider 08/20/2007 34 22 - 10
Good Article on Tony Snowjob
Just when you despaired ever seeing real journalism again, some of it crops up in an unlikely place, in this case, ...
RepackRider 08/05/2007 13 18 - 1
CA GOP's COO Kamburowski in trouble
I didn't see anyone else contributing a diary on this article that appeared in today's San Francisco Chronicle.
RepackRider 06/24/2007 6 7 - 1
Senator Feinstein owes me an apology
RepackRider 09/02/2006 10 7 - -
What Pelosi SHOULD have said
RepackRider 05/13/2006 14 14 1 7
Call Feinstein about Hayden
RepackRider 05/07/2006 1 1 - -
My call to Dianne Feinstein
RepackRider 04/03/2006 13 12 - 4
Feinstein's 1999 Censure Resolution
RepackRider 04/01/2006 23 9 - 3
"Port Security" is gonna hurt
RepackRider 02/19/2006 7 1 - -
The Republican alphabet
RepackRider 01/22/2006 7 1 - -
Not the crime, the coverup?
RepackRider 01/19/2006 3 3 - -
The "cowards" meme is catching on
RepackRider 01/03/2006 - 2 - -
Keep talking, George
RepackRider 01/01/2006 13 18 - 11
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