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The Washington Post has declined precipitously since I was a young man and the late Ben Bradlee was a crusading editor. Now, its pages are besmirched by the likes of Jennifer Rubin, whose Obama Derangement Syndrome coupled with fanatical devotion to Zionist supremacy have made her a laughing stock; Charles, Hammer of Cabbages, whose reputation as an 'intellectual' is torpedoed every time he opens his mouth and Michael Gerson, a Bush-ite warmonger, whose apologia (thinly disguised as critique) for the odious Tom Cotton the other day plumbed new depths of shifty, disingenuous rationalization.

And now, a new moon has appeared in the Post's lunatic firmament: Joshua Muravchik...and brother, he is a piece of work.  

Muravchik is a 'type' that we're all too familiar with: the young Leftist who decays, with age, into the Right Wing hack. An enthusiastic supporter of the criminal stupidity of the Iraq War and a cheerleader for the Bush Follies, Muravchik, deluded as ever, has decided that what is lacking in public discourse in the United States is the deranged warmongering of a simpleton. His latest column in The Washington Post addresses that perceived lack.

In a quick nutcase...erm, I mean 'nutshell', Muravchik's thesis (if such sophomoric drivel can be so dignified) is that nothing will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and the United States should start bombing them now.

Does this mean that our only option is war? Yes, although an air campaign targeting Iran’s nuclear infrastructure would entail less need for boots on the ground than the war Obama is waging against the Islamic State, which poses far smaller a threat than Iran does.
Typical of the armchair warrior and chicken-hawk (cf. William 'Wrong' Kristol, Muravchik's colleague at The Weekly Standard, natch), Muravchik is prepared to sacrifice other people's sons and daughters and fight to the last drop of someone else's blood in the cause of his crackpot Manichean world-view.
Wouldn’t destroying much of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure merely delay its progress? Perhaps, but we can strike as often as necessary. Of course, Iran would try to conceal and defend the elements of its nuclear program, so we might have to find new ways to discover and attack them.
'...we might have to...'; 'we'? By 'we', of course, Muravchik means 'someone else' and by 'might', he means 'will'.
Nonetheless, we might absorb some strikes.
Again, with the 'we'? Muravchik is a 'profile in courage' to set along side Mitt 'War Horse' Romney. Romney marched in support of the Vietnam War and then ran away to France, rather than actually serve in that war.

Muravchik is prepared to see other people 'absorb some strikes'. His resolve is usually is in people who wage war from the comfort of their home, while wearing carpet-slippers. The thought of Muravchik's sacrifice makes me choke-up; remind me to thank him for his service. {diarist pauses to vomit in mouth a little}

And finally, wouldn’t Iran retaliate by using its own forces or proxies to attack Americans — as it has done in Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia — with new ferocity? Probably. We could attempt to deter this by warning that we would respond by targeting other military and infrastructure facilities.
'We could attempt...'; honestly, this guy is a sketch. And if the 'attempt' fails? Then what? Nuke Iran? Does this putz not think that Russia, China and Pakistan (all nuclear powers and neighbors of Iran) might have something to say to that?

Frankly, Muravchik's column is so ugly and deranged, so cretinously unrealistic, so redolent of late nights and large bar-tabs, that I have to assume it's 'clickbait'.

Then again, when crackpots like Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz et al are taken seriously, perhaps which case I'm terrified for my country and the world.


Former Rep. Michele 'Crazy Shelly' Bachmann is to make a guest appearance in the upcoming film Sharknado 3. She will, natch, be playing herself. There is some speculation that she thinks the film is a documentary. According to HuffPost:

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate was spotted with a film crew outside the White House, presumably before the disaster hits Washington, D.C.

"I believe they are growing in size. Congress has to take this seriously because sharknado is a real phenomenon," Bachmann said in a scene, before excusing herself for a vote on the Hill a couple of miles away.

And, really, is a 'sharknado' any less plausible than some of Bachmann's other beliefs?
After several takes, which were filmed among a gathering of tourists on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Bachmann's first -- though we certainly hope not last -- movie role came to an end.

"That is a picture wrap on Michele Bachmann!" the director yelled, as a few cheers went up in the crowd.

A woman who was watching the scene nearby turned to a friend and whispered, "Who is that?"

"I don't know. I think it's someone playing a congresswoman," the friend responded.

Which was exactly what she was doing the whole time she was in office: playing a congresswoman.

We wish everyone's favorite lunatic all the best in her, career of spouting crazed gibberish: at least she's not doing it on our dime.


According to The Washington Post, Wisconsin Gov. and GOP Presidential hopeful Scott Walker has taken a two-hour 'crash course' in foreign affairs, sort of a Dummies Guide To Places That Aren't Wisconsin. Walker, the wholly-owned Koch Industries subsidiary, was mocked after his recent adventure abroad. As The WaPo puts it:

On a recent Monday at Washington’s Willard InterContinental hotel, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was schooled on the world by some of the GOP’s leading foreign-policy lights...

The reason for Walker’s crash course was urgent: He has not impressed many leading Republicans with his grasp of foreign affairs. He drew mockery from members of both parties last month for refusing to talk about foreign policy on a trip to London and then for comparing his experience battling labor protesters to taking on Islamic State terrorists.

So far, so predictable: all 'serious' Presidential candidates are obliged to at least pretend to grasp (and have 'solutions' for) foreign policy issues because, let's face it: those danged foreigners are always up to some kind of mischief, the rascals.

Who can forget the sight of serial sex-pest, pizza maven and GOP contender Herman Cain grappling with that 'foreign policy' stuff? Happily for the people of Uzbeckybeckystanstan, Cain never made it to The White House. And neither, of course, will Scott Walker. But he's going to give it the old college (drop-out) try.

And who is he turning to in his hour of need?

“I can pretty well guarantee you that he is not a subscriber to Foreign Affairs,” said Elliott Abrams, a prominent neoconservative who was among those briefing Walker at the Willard.
Jumping Jesus on a biscuit...Elliot Abrams? This guy?
During investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, Lawrence Walsh, the Independent Counsel tasked with investigating the case, prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams but never indicted him. Instead, Abrams cooperated with Walsh and entered into a plea agreement wherein he pled guilty to two misdemeanors of withholding information from Congress. He was sentenced to a $50 fine, probation for two years, and 100 hours of community service. However, Abrams was pardoned by President George H. W. Bush, in December 1992 (as he was leaving office following his loss in that year in the U.S. presidential election). On February 5, 1997, the D.C. Court of Appeals publicly censured Abrams for giving false testimony on three occasions before congressional committees. Although a majority of the court voted to impose a public censure, three judges in the majority would have imposed a suspension of six months, and a fourth judge would have followed the recommendation of the Board on Professional Responsibility that Abrams be suspended for a year. -- wikipedia
Are you fucking kidding me? That's just great...but to be expected from an oily grifter like Walker. Still, I don't suppose it matters a hell of a lot, even in the unlikely event that Walker wins the GOP nomination (and he's favored by the WaPo's Jennifer 'Kiss of Death' Rubin); he'll go no further than The MittBot 2.0 (another Rubin Kiss of Death winner) and mainly (in my opinion) for the same reason: he's deeply unlikable. And the more exposed he becomes nationally, the less likable he's going to become.
At last weekend’s Club for Growth meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., Walker told potential donors that “foreign policy is something that’s not just about having a PhD or talking to PhDs. It’s about leadership.”
Yeah, sure, Scotty...keep slinging the buzzwords; 'leadership'? Swell idea. With any luck, you can lead that herd of Gadarene swine you call a 'political party' right over a cliff. But it's not all ignorance, jargon and platitudes:
As governor, in 2013, Walker led a trade mission to China, where he secured an exclusive deal with a large Chinese medicine company to sell Wisconsin-grown ginseng in its retail stores.
Well, I guess he's got the Wisconsin ginseng growers vote sewn-up. The rest of America? Not so much. Thank God.

Hey, gang! Remember Trey Radel, former Congressman from Florida (natch)? Remember how he lost his jerb because Obama, libruls, takers, the 47%, commies, feminazis and, oh yeah...getting busted for cocaine possession? Well, you can't keep a disgraced, coke-sniffing ex-Congressman down. No, sir!

Radel, yer standard Teabagger douche-cannon, called himself the 'hip-hop conservative' (no, I don't know either). As Radel told buzzfeed:

Unlike most young, white teenagers growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, my favorite musicians were hip hop artists, including rappers such as Eric B., Big Daddy Kane and Chuck D of Public Enemy.

As a young man listening to hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s, I was exposed to what was happening outside of my world of finely manicured lawns in the ‘burbs. Before I bought my first Public Enemy cassette tape (kids, you can Google “cassette tape”), exotic food was Taco Bell and my exposure to different cultures came through the television. Now, I have backpacked, worked or lived in almost 50 countries and speak three languages. I owe part of that passion, love of people and different cultures directly to hip hop.

And that, kids, is how you become a conservative GOP asshole...wait...what?

Anyhoo, the dimwitted Radel has bounced back with a PR firm called Trey Radel Media Group. TRMG promises:

   Highly personalized training to message & manage media
    Intimate, exclusively tailored crisis management
    Persuasive American-style English for non-native speakers
    Preparation to present, testify or advocate before Congress
What exactly 'persuasive American-style English for non-native speakers' entails is anyone's guess: dealing with incoherent foreign coke dealers, perhaps?

According to Radel and his two co-twerps (both sporting tragic facial hair):

We’re in the business of helping others help themselves.

Legal and political battles are no longer in courtrooms or Congressional committees. Wars are fought and won in the media, driven by foot soldiers in social media. The battles are no longer even fought with facts, figures or logic. They’re fought with emotion.

It’s not what you say. It’s how they feel.

How very true that is. And apparently, they felt that Trey Radel was surplus to GOP requirements and gave him his walking-papers.

So, chin-up, coke-fiends! If you get busted, Trey is there for you; he will explain to your friends and family why you're now unemployed, facing jail-time and sniffing constantly.

 Remember the name: Trey Radel Media Group--when there's absolutely, positively nowhere else to go.


When Jan Sheuermann first agreed to participate in a research project run by DARPA (creators of the Internet, amongst other things) and University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering Research Laboratories, she wasn't expecting too much - maybe the ability to feed herself some chocolate using a robotic arm.

Instead, Sheuermann, who is unable to move her arms and legs due to a neurodegenerative disease, ended up with her brain-interface connected to a flight simulator. She’d use the same neural connections that she'd successfully used to control a robotic arm to pilot an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—the military’s next-gen attack jet.

The experiments are in the early stages and there's little chance of this technology putting our own much-loved Major Kong out of the pilot business (although, looking on the bright side, if it did, the Major would have more time to write his excellent aviation diaries for Daily Kos).

According to

The research was conducted under Darpa’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics research track, which is geared towards better robotic arms for injured veterans. “We are thinking about exactly how to restore function after injury, how the brain can be used to actuate devices,” says Justin Sanchez, the head of Darpa’s prosthetics research. He says projects like this are helping push the limits of what is possible with artificial neural circuitry.
The notion of controlling technology though a 'neural interface' is not a new one and the first experiments were carried out as long ago as the 1970s, at UCLA (also funded by DARPA).

In 2004,Thomas DeMarse at the University of Florida used a culture of 25,000 neurons taken from a rat's brain to fly a F-22 fighter jet aircraft simulator.

Ms. Sheuermann's achievement was announced by DARPA director Arati Prabhakar at the Future of War forum.

"Instead of thinking about controlling a joystick, which is what our ace pilots do when they're driving this thing, Jan's thinking about controlling the airplane directly. For someone who's never flown - she's not a pilot in real life - she's flying that simulator directly from her neural signalling," said Prabhakar during the forum.
As technology keeps making leaps and bounds in myriad fields--materials tech, processor speeds, miniaturization, etc--the idea of 'mind-control' over technology keeps edging closer.
The real achievement here is reprogramming the same neuronal wiring that controlled a robotic arm to fly a virtual fighter jet. “Fundamentally it’s demonstrations like this that change the way that we think about the way brain does work in the world,” says Sanchez. It’s an early step, but he says this raises interesting questions about whether humanity could one day outgrow physical interfaces with its machines. This is about more than just video games—it’s about finding a fundamentally new way to interact with the virtual world, and maybe even the real one.
So, while it's true to say that the 'piloting an F-35' is kind of a stunt, it nonetheless indicates what may be possible in the near future. Is it really that far-fetched, at a time when Google is building driverless cars, to imagine the following scenario?

You leave your house and climb into your solar-powered car. There are no controls. You simply plug in a tiny usb10/bluetooth dongle into a barely visible usb-point behind your ear (covered with a flesh-colored flap when not in use) and 'tell' the car what to do and where to go.

But perhaps more importantly, this research suggests that there will be a time in the foreseeable future when losing the use of limbs, through illness or accident, will no longer mean an inability to do all the things that one could do before: walking, cooking, playing cards etc etc. And that has to be a good thing.


It's become clear over the last few years that while Ben Carson evidently understands paediatric neurosurgery very well, he has but the most tenuous grasp on anything else. The latest derptastic noise-module to fall out of Dr. Carson's always-open mouth is that being gay is a 'lifestyle choice'.

And how does Dr. Edward Scalpelhands know this? Because (as he told CNN): '...sexuality was a matter of choice because a lot people entered prison straight and emerged gay.'

According to The Independent:

Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon-turned-conservative activist, told a US broadcaster the fight for gay marriage equality bore no resemblance to that struggle for civil rights because people “have no control” of their race.

The CNN host then asked Mr Carson if he believed homosexuality was a choice.

“Absolutely,” Mr Carson replied. “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

So, I asked myself that question and the answer came back: prisons are incubators of the ghey; to stop the plague of ghey that is destroying America and forcing decent un-ghey GOP congressmen to decorate their offices like Downton Abbey, we must close all prisons. Have I got that right? Fabulous! do we fix libruls, Dr. Ben? Close all institutions of higher learning? We need to get on that soon, Doc, before every decent American is blighted with the misery that is affordable healthcare.


The Westboro Baptist Church, long-associated with their deranged and ugly protests at the funerals of US troops, have been thwarted in their attempt to 'protest' at the funeral of actor Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday. According to The Guardian:

The church posted a Twitter update lamenting its inability to picket the event, which it said was due to a lack of publicity over the location.
Awww...that's a shame: the crazed, rancid bigots couldn't make it.
Westboro has become notorious for its uninvited presence at high-profile funerals of those whose sexuality and beliefs it disagrees with. The WBC, which is also anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic and anti-Chinese, believes that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are God’s punishment on America for tolerating homosexuality.
And what could be a more appropriate venue for these deranged scumbags to voice their disgusting views than the funeral of a civilized, thoughtful and much-loved actor?

It's hard to believe, given how close to GOP orthodoxy these people's vile beliefs are, that they haven't had messages of support from the usual suspects (i.e. Aryan Barbie, Havana Ted, Cantaloupe Steve and Hair-Turban Trump). It is illogical.

Still, it's early days.


The Times of Israel is reporting that ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan has accused Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of:

...having caused Israel “heavy strategic damage on the Iranian issue” by antagonizing the US leadership, and said the premier had brought “intolerable” risk upon the nation by endangering its ties with Washington.
Dagan went on to say:
...“An Israeli prime minister who enters into conflict with an American administration must ask himself what are the risks...The veto umbrella provided by the Americans could vanish, and Israel would promptly find itself facing international sanctions. The risks in this confrontation are intolerable.”
According to the report, in 2010 Dagan refused an order from Netanyahu to prepare for an unprovoked attack on Iran.
But Dagan reportedly retorted that the order, if followed, might lead to a war based on an illegal decision. And then-army chief Gabi Ashkenazi, reportedly declaring that such an attack would be “a strategic mistake,” also warned that the very order to prepare for a strike might set in motion a deterioration into war even if Israel didn’t actually choose to launch one


Ashkenazi and Dagan reportedly vehemently objected to the order. “You may end up going to war based on an illegal decision,” the former intelligence chief was quoted as saying. “Only the security cabinet is authorized to make such a decision.”

Later, Dagan would say that “the prime minister and the defense minister tried to steal a war – it was as simple as that.”

In other news from Israel, PM Netanyahu's wife Sara is in the headlines. According to The Guardian, the transcript of an interview with the Prime Minister's wife has been published...and it's a peach:
In the interview in the Jerusalem Post, the educational psychologist describes her husband as a “hero of the free world” and compares disgruntled staff to “scheming” servants in Downton Abbey.

Amid speculation that the 30-minute tape would be released by Monique Ben Melekh, the wife of the former mayor of Sderot, Eli Moyal - who had criticised Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza war – journalist Ben Caspit released his own transcript of the bizarre conversation.

The prime minister’s wife accuses Ben Melekh and her husband of being jealous of Netanyahu as she brags about his talents and how he is admired and loved.

“Does anyone in the country want anyone else other than Bibi? Huh?! Someone in this entire country?! They admire Binyamin Netanyahu the entire world over!

“[He is] a man [who] took all of the State of Israel upon his shoulders, he sends soldiers to war, he behaves with rare political wisdom, speaks with leaders all the time! Binyamin Netanyahu’s experience, his wisdom, his education!

“[He has] extensive education, university degrees. He also reads books, understands the economy, security, policy, he knows how to speak with leaders of the world! Where is your man? He doesn’t even reach the ankles of my husband, what, did Eli Moyal ever speak once with leaders of the world?! Did he ever do something in his life?

“… He [Binyamin Netanyahu] is one of the most veteran leaders in the world. In the United States they say that if he had been born in the US, he’d have been elected president there.”

He reads books! I mean, books: plural! He's practically a Trump-style yooge genius!

Let's hope the Israeli public give this abrasive, incompetent, corrupt, mendacious buffoon the bum's rush soon.


The Prime Minister from the great state of Israel finds himself in hot water today, after an official report into his spending accused him of:

...excessive and improper use of public funds, including spending huge amounts on takeaway food, hairdressing and cleaning..
This couldn't have come at a worse time for Netanyahu, with an election looming and his shenanigans in the US dividing opinion in Israel and the US.
Prepared by Israel’s state comptroller, Yosef Shapira – and passed to the country’s attorney general to consider whether any laws have been broken – the report is potentially highly damaging to Netanyahu coming only a month before Israel’s elections.

The government auditor’s report appears to confirm allegations that have been rumbling for several years alleging excessive spending by Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, and a lack of proper management of the costs in the prime minister’s official home.

It has come on top of lurid allegations, detailed in a civil court case, of the high-handed and abusive treatment of staff in the official residence by Sara Netanyahu – claims denied strongly by the Netanyahus.

What has made the issue potentially politically toxic in the midst of an election campaign – where Netanyahu is running neck and neck with his main rivals – is the sharp contrast it has afforded to Israelis suffering under a high cost of living.

So far, so text-book conservative:
Among spending items criticised in the report are a bill to the Israeli state for more than $18,000 for takeaway meals in a single year, despite the fact that Netanyahus are provided with a cook and staff at the government’s expense.

Another expenditure highlighted for criticism was the cost of cleaning for his private home in the upmarket beach resort of Caesarea which cost the Israeli state $2,120 a month – more than the monthly income of many Israelis – despite the fact that the Netanyahus spend the majority of their time at the official residence in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu was also criticised for excessive spending on a raft of other items including hairdressing costs, clothes, water consumption and electrical repairs made at the taxpayer’s expense at his private home.

Wow. That tragic combover is the result of a hairdresser? Astonishing.
Perhaps most damaging of all is the revelation that employees of the prime minister’s office were obliged to pay for some of Netanyahu’s personal expenses out of their own pockets – often small sums and not reimbursed.
No wonder the GOP loves this greedy, slippery grifter: he's one of their own. With any luck and a fair wind, this will help drive the obtuse, mendacious bully out of office.

Mittington Thurston Howell Rombot III can be accused of many things: being cold and robotic; being socially maladroit; lacking empathy; being ill-mannered and boorish; being greedy and conniving...etc etc; it's a long list. But nobody can accuse him of lacking optimism.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the out-of-touch plutocrat is on the verge of running for the Presidency...again.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told a group of donors on Friday that he is considering a White House bid in 2016, a move that could scramble the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The remarks confirm months of speculation that the GOP’s nominee from 2012, who was also a top 2008 contender, is seriously weighing a third White House bid.

Mittens has forgiven you, America, for giving him the Bronx cheer last time around. He understands: you were bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the Kenyan, Muslin charmer.

Sure, Mitt was hurt; Anne was hurt; even Rafalca, the dancing equine tax-shelter was hurt. But Mitt is not the kind of guy to nurse a, really; stop laughing...and he's ready to take you back.

Mitt just wants another chance to make this relationship work. A chance to hide his tax-returns some more, ship your job to China and get some more women into binders.

And isn't it time that Col. Romney of the 1st Armored Tax Avoiders get some recognition for his service during the Vietnam War? While many young Americans took the easy way out and accepted Uncle Sam's all-expenses paid vacation in SE Asia, Mitt Romney did the really brave thing: he went to France and tried to convince the French to give up wine, tobacco and sex. Now that's what I call a profile-in-courage.

I wish Bishop Mittens well. The only thing that would make me happier would be a Gohmer/Bachmann ticket in 2016. But I'll settle for The MittBot 3.0 (with the new quad-core chip and the self-compiling code).

And who knows? He might actually win. After all, if there's one thing America loves, it's an out-of-touch loser.


Clueless Tea Party douche-nozzle Chris McDaniel is still refusing to join the real world and accept that he's a loser. According to Right Wing Watch:

With just over a week left before the midterm election, Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel says he may file yet another lawsuit demanding that the state GOP name him the victor of a June primary runoff election he lost to U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran.

After the Mississippi Supreme Court dismissed his latest challenge, in which he argued that he should have been declared the winner of the GOP primary even though he received fewer votes than Cochran, McDaniel’s attorney told the news arm of the American Family Association today that he may go to the federal courts.

McDaniel's attorney told  onenewsnow:
...his client might file a federal lawsuit to try to overturn his loss in June to Senator Thad Cochran in Mississippi's GOP primary runoff.

Late Friday the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled 4-2 that it won't revive the election challenge posed by the former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Justices agreed with Cochran's attorneys, who say McDaniel waited too long to challenge the incumbent's victory in the June 24 primary runoff.

McDaniel, who ran with tea party support and won by half a percentage point in the general primary, claims the runoff – which Cochran won by two percentage points – was tarnished by voting irregularities. Mitch Tyner is the lead attorney for the McDaniel campaign.

"We certainly disagree with the opinion of the majority," he tells OneNewsNow. "And I point out that three justices didn't participate."

So Tyner says despite the ruling, his client could still challenge the decision in federal court – even after the November 4 election. "State statutes allow the challenge to go forward even after the general election," he explains. "And we simply have to have a special election should the challenge be successful."

The GOP/Tea Party: Even When We Lose, We Must Have Won,Because...Reasons!

Yeah...good luck with that, assholes.
This is an October with the wow-factor. You may already know why it is going to be a month to remember, but if nothing springs to mind get ready to rock and roll.
Or so said online horoscope provider in their forecast for Aries for the month of October.

As far as Joan Quigley (Aries) was concerned, the 'wow factor' was somewhat two-edged: Ms. Quigley died on Tuesday at the age of 81.

Ms. Quigley is best remembered as the astrologer whose services were requested by Nancy Reagan while her husband Ronald was the 40th President of The United States. According to Quigley's own memoirs, What Does Joan Say?: My Seven Years As White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan:

"I was responsible for timing all press conferences, most speeches, the State of the Union addresses, the takeoffs and landings of Air Force One. I picked the time of Ronald Reagan's debate with Carter and the two debates with Walter Mondale; all extended trips abroad as well as the shorter trips and one-day excursions."
The LA Times goes on:
Quigley spoke to the president only once, briefly, at a 1985 state dinner. But she said on "CBS The Morning" in 1990, that "through Nancy, I really had a direct line to the president."

Nancy Reagan, who declined to comment on Quigley's death, said in her book that her husband was aware she was conferring with an astrologer. Quigley, who said she even had a hand in easing the president's "evil empire" stance against the Soviet Union, maintained that she played an important role in the Reagan White House.

"Each person did their own job and own function," she told The Times in 1990. "Nancy knew what she had in me. I don't think she ever wanted to admit it. I think she would have preferred for me never to be heard from again."

The role of the astrologer in the Reagan White House was first revealed in former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan's 1988 book For the Record:
...the president's schedule — and therefore his life and the most important business of the American nation — was largely under the control of the first lady's astrologer.
The next time some knucklehead starts harking back to The Golden Age of St. Ron, remind them of this.

And if they reply: "Well, Quigley told President Reagan that he was going to meet a tall, dark bearded stranger and illegally sell him weapons."...hell, give them the point.

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