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Activism With or Without God
Barack Obama’s mention of the slaughters of the Christian Crusades was the opening of a can of worms that turned into snakes. The victims of the knights in shining armor were Jews and Muslims, but ...
Reverend Billy 02/23/2015 9 12 - -
Good Common Sense: Shut Down Big Retail
The Long Black Friday made sense a week ago in Ferguson, not just to young people but, surprisingly, to an older coalition of justice workers and Christians ministers who called for the cessation ...
Reverend Billy 12/08/2014 12 13 - -
The Promised Land of the Robobee, Monsanto and DARPA
Let’s consider for a moment the Honey Bee and its anticipated replacement, The RoboBee. Let’s pay a visit to the frankenbee’s parents, Monsanto and DARPA. The RoboBee is a mechanical bee in ...
Reverend Billy 06/03/2014 9 10 1 -
Exiles on Main Street: When Ordinary People Resist the Oil-pocalypse
It seems every week or so you can hear language borrowed from the War On Terror, the Salem Witch Hunts and the McCarthy hearings. Some prosecutor is hurling invective at fossil fuel resisters, who ...
Reverend Billy 02/25/2014 15 30 1 -
Istanbul and Sandy: Social Justice and Earth Justice
Today in Istanbul, the surprise Spring continues, with many thousands rising up against the abuses of Turkey's fundamentalist government.� At the beginning, though, it was a modest protest of the ...
Reverend Billy 06/11/2013 1 3 - -
Where Did Nemo Come From?
So I'm shoveling snow, trying to get my aging car out of the snow bank. The blizzard has let up a bit. Our ceiling is leaking. The trees are beautiful. The almost-3 year old is enthralled. But ...
Reverend Billy 02/12/2013 4 6 - -
Why Is Earth Activism So Quiet?
The environmental movement ignores culture-making. The classic strategy for Earth activism in the West is to shadow the perpetrator of the crime. Thus the policy-making and lobbying of the most ...
Reverend Billy 01/08/2013 5 10 - -
Occupy and - You Come Down Here and Embrace!
Down on Henry Street just uptown from Foley Square in Manhattan, there is a church called Mariner's Temple. One Sunday we were among hundreds of folks listening while Mother Henrietta Carter ...
Reverend Billy 06/22/2012 4 6 - 30
Occupy Jail, Occupy Big Banks
We are submitting to the mug shots of an activist photographer. We are confessing to crimes against big banks IN ADVANCE. So there is a pre-criminal condition that we share. The disappearers ...
Reverend Billy 05/11/2012 6 12 2 43
Nonviolence Is Creative
Consumerism is violent. The apologists for ads and products, life styles and brought-to-you-by media are disastrously wrong. The thousands of marketing confrontations that a person must get through ...
Reverend Billy 11/24/2011 2 6 - 21
"Why we need Reverend Billy" an article by Erica Wagner
When I first came to this country 20 years ago, Guy Fawkes Night was something of a mystery. I enjoyed the bonfires, but thought them a bit vengeful at this distance; and I missed Hallowe’en. ...
Reverend Billy 11/13/2011 1 3 1 38
This little film shows Tuesday's simulcast between the London and New York OCCUPY communities. I flew out to the encampment at St. Paul's Cathedral, and we sang the 99% song together, across the ...
Reverend Billy 11/10/2011 2 6 - 27
our new anthem "We Are The 99%" by the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir I returned home from the trial (a wonderful acquittal from a Criminal Trespass charge - for our 'mountaintop removal' ...
Reverend Billy 10/21/2011 9 11 - 96
Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir Occupy Wall Street
There's a term for the present American system: "Totalizing."
Reverend Billy 10/07/2011 6 22 1 99
Revolujah! at Wall Street
Reverend Billy connects occupying banks and #OccupyWallStreet.
Reverend Billy 09/29/2011 3 5 - 30
#OccupyWallSt is Common Sense!
I visited the occupation of Wall Street late afternoon yesterday, after recording this Freak Storm sermon. What an unusual time we live in. Tropical storms and people storms sweep through the public ...
Reverend Billy 09/21/2011 3 6 - 43
Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War
On that impossible day when the skyline of New York City collapsed on its southern tip - I watched from a rooftop across the East River - we entered an unexpectedly peaceful eye of the storm. We all ...
Reverend Billy 09/10/2011 2 3 - 31
Earth Preaching
Believing that the Earth is our god, government, economy and culture - all wrapped into one big institution - that is simple common sense!  When we draw our last breath together, all the functions ...
Reverend Billy 08/19/2011 2 1 - 19
The Christianized Jesus
The Christianized Jesus - the turning of a radical into a conservative shadow of his former self - explains our problem of establishing and celebrating freedom fighters today. It is important that ...
Reverend Billy 08/06/2011 6 18 - 136
Apocalypse? Here or to go?
Sometimes we have to start over or we can't see the end...
Reverend Billy 07/18/2011 1 4 - 47
Big Bank Exorcisms
In recent days we have challenged the devils in the Deutschbank in Dusseldorf, and the ING and UBS in Amsterdam, and HSBC in Liverpool - laying our hands on the cash machines and calling our demons. ...
Reverend Billy 07/13/2011 4 5 - 23
Hysterical Revolution
Let's Reinvent Activism!
Reverend Billy 07/07/2011 2 4 - 39
Switch The Switch
What if there is a switch in our brains that Bond-like villains can flip with impunity, sending us into spasms of shopping?
Reverend Billy 06/24/2011 4 6 - 37
We Talk of Climate Change But Not Human Change
Very few of us know how much we must change. We talk of climate change but not human change. We look through a window and envision a completely different vision of life on this Earth. And then ...
Reverend Billy 06/23/2011 3 3 - 38
Earthalujah Explained!
Sometimes people come up to me and ask “The Church of Earthalujah...what is that? Is it a political rally? Is it a real church? Is it a comedy sketch? What is it?!”
Reverend Billy 06/17/2011 3 6 - 42
Put Some Housing Rights in your Earthalujah!
Why do we offer Fabulous Sainthood this week at our Earthalujah! church to a hero of the housing rights movement, Ms. Marina Metalios? Aren’t ...
Reverend Billy 05/27/2011 3 5 - 30
What A Difference Apocalypse Makes
Announcing our doom and damnation? That’s as American as apple pie. We tell pollsters we believe in ghosts, angels and the Second Coming. The current style of apocalypses dates from the days of ...
Reverend Billy 05/19/2011 11 15 - 119
Things I Think After Jail: Reflections on Koch Brothers' Drive-In at Lincoln Center
On Wednesday night 500 people marched on Lincoln Center in a most unusual way. The protest – this commons-retaking – filled the plaza with a from-everywhere kind of diverse crowd. They turned ...
Reverend Billy 05/13/2011 44 239 5 1001
600 Tornadoes With Nothing To Say?
In April we experienced 600 tornadoes in the US. Last year the count for April was 110. The six fold increase is an astounding climate change. But how did 600 twisters happen? And why? In our public ...
Reverend Billy 05/10/2011 15 27 1 170
Reverend Billy’s Exodus/Easter Sermon
The year is turning into High Spring. All of the world’s cultures tell a creation story to go with this steamy moment of green shoots and flowers and sex-drunk birds singing all night long. The ...
Reverend Billy 04/24/2011 3 6 - 51
Your Own Personal Tahrir
There is a moment half-way through "Tweets from Tahrir,"€ the new tweet by tweet running quotation of the Egyptian Revolution€“, where the reader gets goosebumps. It'€™s when you realize, "€œ...
Reverend Billy 04/09/2011 3 3 1 26
Why America Slept
There were hundreds of millions of Kindles and Nooks frozen in death, stuck on one page – “Why America Slept.” You can say one thing about us, we were a species that scribbled, texted, ...
Reverend Billy 03/29/2011 3 9 - 84
Field of Change
The Earth is inside us, rotating in there like a conscience. These freak storms tsunamis droughts and extinctions only confirm what we carry inside. Each of us knows that we will have to change ...
Reverend Billy 03/22/2011 2 2 - 13
Mickey Mouse Pleads with the Wisconsin Children: Don't Revolt! Watch TV! Go Shopping!
There is a new sales campaign the Disney Company recently announced. Wall Street analysts talk excitedly about the “newborn market.” Disney representatives enter hospitals’ birth rooms with ...
Reverend Billy 03/03/2011 2 4 - 42
The Church of the Wisconsin Rotunda
The Madison rotunda is full of a spiritual presence in the thousands of shouting citizens. Unlike many of the collective incantations I've witnessed in recent years, there is that progressive anger ...
Reverend Billy 02/26/2011 8 22 1 98
The Earth Is Totally Hip
The one question I return to: From the center of our vast population can we human beings reach out to the thing that created us? The industrial inebriation of traffic-life, computer-life, and ...
Reverend Billy 02/17/2011 15 31 1 171
Life in the Water
We have a schizophrenic feeling about water. We grow up with the loving mysterious frame of the blue lakes, of fluffy clouds and sunsets over oceans. Our youthful baptism grows into swimming and ...
Reverend Billy 02/09/2011 3 6 - 93
Life's Wicked Leaks
The wet blue ball that spins in space has its own belief system. How can we join THAT church? Earthalujah!
Reverend Billy 01/25/2011 3 4 - 42
The OK Corrals in the foreground, where the hate is fresh, turn our media-dulled heads. But we ought to ignore Sarah Palin and the NY Times op-eds equally - when they deny that our entire culture ...
Reverend Billy 01/10/2011 8 4 - 33
When You Say “New Year” – How “New?”
Something broad and deep about human nature is deleted now. The evolution of fight or flight has been reversed, apparently. The most obvious crime, call it the Willful Ending of Life, is world-...
Reverend Billy 01/07/2011 2 3 - 34
Who Is Singing These Songs With Us?
These last days here in Florida, I’m roaming around inside big groups of Americans who are singing together. Christmas carols. On Christmas day itself, something about the words in those ...
Reverend Billy 12/27/2010 4 8 1 42
The Earth-Buster Sale
On Black Friday/ Buy Nothing Day – we enjoyed our annual turn on ...
Reverend Billy 12/09/2010 5 6 - 33
The Tombs from the Air
Crunched shoulder to shoulder on a cold bench in The Tombs, with the courtroom hundreds of feet above us on the surface of Manhattan, up there beyond the reach of these hundreds of African-American ...
Reverend Billy 11/30/2010 4 6 1 44
The Earth Is A Public Figure
I always read the papers with a yearning. The headlines, photos and lead paragraphs flicker on the screen under my stare, and I’m looking for something not there. I find myself looking at the ...
Reverend Billy 09/22/2010 3 8 1 168
The Newest City
--meditation before 2010 Burning Man-- For millennia, we human beings lived in walled cities. That was where the power was. We were safe and warm inside the walls that kept the dark chaos ...
Reverend Billy 08/27/2010 1 3 - 15
Flying to Ask the Earth
Climb a mountain and stand way up there alone in the sky and ready your ultimate question about life. Naturally you want to unfurl your wings like an eagle and make the unknown horizon give up its ...
Reverend Billy 08/12/2010 9 8 - 20
Coal River Revived Us
We called the evening “ Coal River Revival ” and it was to be the last show of our season. Why? We don’t spend August on a white ...
Reverend Billy 08/04/2010 5 15 1 358
The Facts Vs. The Earth
We oppose the shopping culture, and so we must deal with the unseeable part of the sale.
Reverend Billy 07/13/2010 3 5 - 37
There Are Mountains and There Are Mountains
Who is financing Mountaintop Removal now that Chase got out of the business? Our answer came from Rainforest Action Network. Two banks, mostly, PNC Bank of Philadelphia and UBS Bank of Switzerland.
Reverend Billy 07/03/2010 6 13 - 39
What I Learned in Detroit
At the United States Social Forum in Detroit I concentrated on three areas: reclaiming the commons, organic farms and the end of mountaintop removal. My idea was that this trinity of issues make a ...
Reverend Billy 06/28/2010 18 33 - 196
Oil Spills and Real Change
It’s good that strip-mining, tar sands, hydro-fracking, oil spilling – this flood of nightmares is scaring us silly. We’re getting that energy extraction has consequences on this ...
Reverend Billy 06/14/2010 2 3 - 24
The Uprising
It’s the worst of times and the best of times. We now face the power of the ultimate destroyer. Major institutions re-ignite their consumer democracy, showering detractors with greenwashing ...
Reverend Billy 06/05/2010 4 9 - 28
On Memorial Day 2010, Remembering is a Radical Act
I live next to the Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, where thousands of soldiers are on their backs, staring into the earth above them, their last memory a moment of pain in the Civil War. ...
Reverend Billy 05/31/2010 2 3 1 41
Running in Great Cities
Today I jogged through Amsterdam from the Royal Palace on Dam Square to the mouth of the river. Like many European city centers, Amsterdam has evolved into a super mall, an old surface covered with ...
Reverend Billy 05/25/2010 3 6 - 13
The Chase Report
JP Morgan Chase’s annual report was sent to us by Rainforest Action Network (RAN). It is a masterpiece of Orwellian bland-speak. I quote the part about mountaintop removal (MTR):
Reverend Billy 05/20/2010 7 33 2 192
Shot with a hidden-cam, our new inspirational video shows a member of the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir closing her Chase account and educating employees about the bank's funding of Mountaintop ...
Reverend Billy 05/12/2010 8 8 2 40
Please Don’t Eat The Mountains!
We want to save our lives. There is one thing we must do. The thing we must do is consume less. We must cut our consumption in half, and learn to live that way, and then halve it again. Some of ...
Reverend Billy 05/05/2010 5 14 - 52
New York Is Burning
Our challenge is to be town criers. The billionaire mayor is creating a vertical suburb. New York is burning. I’ll raise my daughter here. It is a once-great coastal city and the earth is ...
Reverend Billy 04/27/2010 23 9 - 18
I Got This Letter...
For many Christians, backing away from the products of the consumer life is not in and of itself a spiritual act. To be alone with your body on the earth – that is viewed as lonely, scary or ...
Reverend Billy 04/23/2010 10 11 1 28
Invisble Mountain
We went to the bank lobby, where the money of ordinary citizens goes to blow mountains up. We walked to the bank lobby and stood in the middle of the blue-glowing cash machines. We didn’t know ...
Reverend Billy 04/20/2010 6 11 - 13
What Should I Do If There’s A Mountain In My Lobby?
Yes our shouts of outrage seem to disappear into black holes that hang in the air. There is a landscape that has silencers buried in the pavement, behind the billboard faces, inside the black ...
Reverend Billy 04/07/2010 3 13 - 37
Mountaintop Removal's Ending?
The EPA announces that it will enforce the Clean Water Act. Our hope: Mountaintop Removal stops immediately. It's like a war when peace is announced and suddenly a bird is singing in the tree next ...
Reverend Billy 04/02/2010 3 6 1 20
They're Sleeping
I got out of bed carefully in the dark. In the bed a splayed-out-to-all-the-edges-woman was sleeping, with a second smaller person sleeping inside her.
Reverend Billy 03/25/2010 3 5 - 24
Have Faith
We get up in the morning and there are hundreds of emails on our computers, each from a passionate advocacy group. The thing is – nobody is wrong. Everybody’s right. That’s the ...
Reverend Billy 03/15/2010 5 4 - 29
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