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Sun Jul 27, 2014 at 07:10 AM PDT

Guatemolotov Cocktail!

by Rich Lyles

-Short explanation of the intent of the video in Spanish- and then-

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Major Killing. And, killing is my business. In fact, when it comes to killing, you could say that I am a wholly owned subsidiary of death itself  When it comes to war, I ride shotgun next to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I'm the worst nightmare to America's enemies and  a thorn in the side to peace loving, commie,  liberal hippies everywhere. And, I'm here to tell you about a personal hero of mine.

Nobody has done more for the safety and security of this great land by way of killing than Governor of Texas Rich Perry. Rick Perry has killed more people in the name of justice than any other governor in our nation's history, 234 and counting. As a matter of fact, Texas has legally killed so many people they are changing their nick name from “The Lone Star State “ to “The Hemp Necktie State”  and the state motto from “Friendship” to “Texas, play with it boy! It's loaded!” And, to their credit, the murder rate has come down steadily over the last 18 years in Texas.  Though the National Academy of Sciences has said that statistically as many as ten or twelve of those condemned prisoners may have been innocent, the proof is obviously in the pudding, you gotta break a few eggs to make a decent omelet.

Speaking of broken eggs, Governor Perry really put one in the skillet along with his brain back in 2012 during the Presidential primary debates. Recently, he has admitted that his poor performance back then was simply because he was high.  Though shocking to some, he is really just embracing the national zeitgeist. Who hasn't suggested, while they were really stoned, that the world wouldn't be a better place if  our leaders would just get high once in a while. Well folks, Governor Perry  is listening, even if he can't remember half of what you just said.  And, he is saddling up once again, to try and take back the reins of this country in 2016. That's why I'm throwing my support behind Rick Perry for president in 2016. Just image how much we can accomplish with another Texan in the White House who also happens to be really high.

Speaking of  being really high, some of my friends in the Tea Party have offered to ride on down to Texas to aid in the armed defense of our country against the latest influx of central American women and children.  Now, a lot of these women and children are escaping the wrath of gangs and thugs in Guatemala. What I suggest is instead of stopping in Texas, a bunch of us ride on down to  Guatemala and straighten out those gangs and thugs, Dirty Harry style of course. Now let me ask, how many of you are willing to saddle up and ride on down there with me so we can solve this problem at the source?  If ya'll want to get it on, let's get it on! It's time to put up, or shut up! It's not like we haven't torn some shit up in Central America before.

Meanwhile, we can be teaching those young refugees how to make a Guatemolotov Cocktail! Oh yes, it's time to arm the toddlers and send them back so that they can aid in the struggle to take back their country! I mean really! You know as well as I do, if a child finds a gun, they're going to play with it. The only reason they may not be able to shoot very well is because nobody has taken the time to show them how. Just think how much damage an AK47 or an M4 can do in the right toddler's hands. I get chills just thinking about it.

In case you were wondering, to make a  Guatemolotov cocktail, start with some Guaro Tranquilo, throw in a little gasoline, and top it off with a wedge of lime. It's got a bold taste with a kick like a mule that smells like...victory!

This is Major Killing. If you liked this video, how about giving us a thumbs up. And don't forget to subscribe, and comment. Thanks for watching!

R. Crosby Lyles owns exclusive rights to the name, image, likeness, voice, and character of Major Killing. All rights are reserved.
Major killing is also on face book.

murder rate

Number of innocent sentenced to death.
Forbes sources:
National academy of sciences link:

Countries of origin recent influx.

Guatemala,  El Salvador, and Honduras


Mon Jul 07, 2014 at 06:54 PM PDT

Jane Fonda, Still Relevant

by Rich Lyles

Recently I did a search for great American sex symbols for a video project. Jane Fonda's image came up several times. When I searched her name, an entire selection box for Hanoi Jane Urinal Targets came up. A subsequent search for that item gave a supplier and a price, $12.49. Wow! I thought. Forty Two years after being manipulated into sitting on a WWII vintage piece of crap anti-aircraft gun for propoganda and they still hate her guts for it.

Who are they?

They are those who still believe that might makes right. If you want something, you use your fists and guns to take it by force. Right is not determined by logic and reason, it is determined by association, by creed. They are more than just the Tea Party. They are largely those who worship the power of "the Cock."  And, they feel threatened by Lady Jayne now more than ever.

Jane Fonda is a reminder of the simple fact that intellect always wins out over brute force. Without the moral high ground, guns only galvanize an enemy, and our enemies most often exist because of a failure to reason and see the big picture. Morality itself is always in question and cannot be wholly owned by any of us. Maybe that's why Michael Isikoff and David Corn called their book "Hubris." Because humility is an absolute necessity if you want to hold the moral high ground. Without that moral high ground, the war you choose will probably be unjust and perhaps unwinnable.  This is the big lesson we learned from Vietnam that kept us out of bad conflicts all the way up until Dick and W's Iraq War.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. And one thing is for sure, if the Urinal Target bearing your name still sells, you are most certainly still relevant. Like her or not, Jane Fonda had more guts than most of her detractors. And, she changed the world more than most of them could ever have imagined for the better.  


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Tue Jun 24, 2014 at 12:04 PM PDT

40,720 Mile High Stack

by Rich Lyles

Of $100 bills. Seriously...


This year 2014, we have over sixty trillion dollars of household wealth in this country, the United States. Let me say that again. (repeat)
That is a stack of $100 bills that stands Forty thousand seven hundred and 20 miles high. Which, is about one fifth of the way to the moon and twice the distance to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. With Sixty Trillion dollars of wealth in this country:
Why do our astronauts have to ride a Russian rocket into space?

Why do we have to pass a gas tax to fix our collapsing bridges and roads?

Why is our internet 60 times slower than South Korea's?

Why don't we have bullet trains?

The so called “job creators“ own most of that sixty trillion dollars of wealth. So,
 Where, oh where, I ask you, are the jobs?

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Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 01:50 PM PDT

Odd Patriot Post

by Rich Lyles

I saved this image from another website because I thought it was interesting, true, and odd to find as a Patriot Post. Curious?

Angelina Jolie opening remark:

It is a myth that rape is an inevitable part of conflict...
There seems to be a cynical belief that this statement is naive. The unspoken  opinion is that rape is just part of war, always has been and always will be. But, this notion is just a cop out. Genocide also used to be considered an ordinary part of war, as horrific as it is. But, we decided as a world that Genocide is a war crime and made an effort to prosecute its practitioners. As a result, this form of mass murder has become a bit less prevalent, if not more politically toxic. Mass murder still happens, it's just not as convenient to accomplish.

Of course, there is still a lot of mass killing in the world. However, Had it not been for the change in the culture of war away from genocide, there would have been, for example, a lot more civilian casualties in Syria's recent upheaval. Clearly, it was the cultural shift away from genocide that allowed us to get those chemical weapons away from Bashar al-Assad and avoid their widespread use against more innocent Syrians. Genocide is our cue to get involved in regional conflicts, something regional warlords don't want. Assad was largely swayed by the threat of U.S. intervention, but all that hinges on our willingness to spend our blood and treasure for the sake of principles.    

Humanity has solved many daunting problems like a shrinking Ozone Layer and Acid rain. We can certainly reduce the incidents of rape in conflicts around the world by simply calling it what it is, a war crime, and vigorously prosecuting it. The only thing that stands in our way is the politics of contrarianism that is being used by multinational corporations to turn America into a failed state. But, judging by a new tide of isolationist sentiments that seem to be fracturing the Right (Cue: Glenn Beck's recent epiphany "not one more life..."), that Contrarianism may be wearing thin. If in fact the tide is shifting, we may at least be able to get rid of the ban on abortion attached to U.S. humanitarian aid.  Achieving much beyond that depends on the quality and depth of the moral fracture Glenn Beck has shown us may actually be at hand.

The Security Council’s call for access to abortion for war rape victims stands in stark contrast with the United States’ categorical ban on abortion attached to its humanitarian aid for war victims. Because the United States is the largest humanitarian aid donor in the world, its anti-abortion policy, which contains no exceptions for rape, life or incest, affects the medical care provided to women in every war zone.

Wed May 28, 2014 at 07:30 PM PDT

Marginalization as a Bug Lamp

by Rich Lyles

Marginalize : to put or keep (someone) in a powerless or unimportant position within a society or group
Oh, but if it were only true. How many loudmouthed assholes would we like to permanently rip the vocal chords out of their out-rage spewing throats? They can still speak, but now, we can't hear them. In its most extreme form, marginalization is like virtual death because the victim is deprived of the ability to form the most basic social networks.  A solid criminal indictment is probably the ultimate non-lethal marginalizer, but the simple application of a label is often enough to do the trick. Indeed, if the stakes are high enough in a particular discussion, the labels will fly like poison darts.

Labels are most often legitimately used to warn others of potentially undesirable contents. However, occasionally labels are used less discriminately as a weapon, out of frustration and anger. And less frequently, they are used with violent intent against an entire demographic subset of humanity to get even over past resentments.  

It is nearly impossible to marginalize someone on the Left with ideas from the Right. The same is true for conservatives, but it is a tad easier to take down a conservative in general ways, note: Cliven Bundy being efficiently pulled down by his own racism.  Avoiding the stain of slavery motivates conservatives because it reminds us that human subjugation is still what they are all about. This means that if conservatives have an ax to grind against someone on the Left, they must find ways and means to pull that person down from the left. Remember the big stink about Colbert's satirical anti-Asian tweet that left so many people shrugging their shoulders and scratching their heads. Marginalizing some one like Colbert is really difficult because his credibility is so well established. However, just the act of using political correctness as a weapon can produce enough fatigue with the liberal agenda to move public opinion as a whole to the right.

Well known and trusted liberals might be hard to mess with, but lesser known leftists can be easily bashed right out of the game. A political topic that was too hot to touch used to be referred to as the "Third Rail" because it's like the electrified rail of a subway track, if you touch it, you die. The lanes for public discourse aren't very well marked, but you find out quick which way the traffic is headed by entering the fray. Death by third rail marginalization happens all the time but the victims are usually of such small stature that their demise is like the tiny zap from a mosquito in a bug lamp.  All day and night the electric frazzle of leftist guts on the electric grid of political correctness can be heard. Some get zapped trying to push the limits of the enclosure from the inside, while others meet their fate trying to penetrate from the outside. Some  poor souls fry themselves just to momentarily basque in the light of public exposure. Others stumble into the grid because it's the only light in town.

When I first started blogging a few years ago, my impression of the web was that it was like a huge nude beach where water balloon fights would break out periodically. Or, a masquerade ball where everyone could talk shit without repercussions. Verbal duels and melees would produce only temporary resentments. But the beach has changed. You can't just park anywhere along the road anymore. There are only a few decent access points and there is a dress code. If you take your bathing suit off or bring a six pack, a band of goons comes along and kicks you off the beach, permanently.

This sounds harsh, and I understand how we got where we are. We have become tired of so much shouting back and forth with no resolution, tired of all the au chance provocateurs, tired of spinning our wheels. But, we are moving forward, slowly. The only ones who can rob us of our ultimate victory are ourselves. No doubt, we are in a war. It won't help the cause, however, to needlessly push unsuspecting and perhaps well meaning explorers to the right with a jolt. At one time, a bug lamp could make an outdoor evening barbecue more tolerable by keeping the mosquitoes away. It was always sad, however, to see a beautiful butterfly, or a moth electrically crucified on that terrible grid. It's a small price to pay for a little peace though, isn't it?


The most widely disseminated possible consequence of  Global Warming is a shift in the course of the  Gulf Stream that triggers an Ice Age that sweeps suddenly across the Northern Hemisphere with catastrophic affects. Deep ocean currents of fresh water from glacial melt change the salinity and density of sea water in ways that effect the regional thermodynamic fluid flow. Thus, thermal transport currents like the Gulf Stream can change direction rapidly as the whole system moves from one equilibrium state to another.  If you have ever seen the smoke streaming up from a cigarette in an ashtray suddenly change direction in a room where the air is very still, you have witnessed this effect in action. The mechanical analog is a long slender object, like a book, standing momentarily on edge before a breeze tips it over. The equilibrium forces can be out of balance for an undetermined period of time before finally reaching the critical stage or “tipping point” were the object falls over. The concern of scientists about an “imbalance” comes from the fact that once the hammer falls, there is no way to stop it.  Unfortunately for us, there is a wild card in this mix of thermodynamic fluid forces that we may have no control over.

The Earth's magnetic field has weakened and changed polarity many many times over the life span of our planet. It's called Geomagnetic Reversal. The shortest of these polarity flips is called an excursion  and takes at the least two hundred some odd years and will remain flipped for at least 400 years, so it's not a sudden change that can happen any second. No, it's a meandering process that involves a slow movement and weakening of the poles. In fact, the process can take as long as ten thousand years and the polarity will remain in that state for as long as a million years. The last time the poles flipped was about 41,000 years ago during the last ice age. Interestingly, the farthest extent of glaciation during that period was 22,000 years ago, or about 19,000 years after this last Geomagnetic polarity change.

In spite of the fact that it is a polar solvent with a magnetic dipole, pure water is diamagnetic and a dielectric. Throw in a few ions like Na+ and Cl- and it acts like a pretty good conductor. When ever a conductor moves in a magnetic field, an electric field forms that produces a counter magnetic field. This is called the Lorentz Force.  This force can act like a brake, slowing the momentum or changing the direction of ocean currents.  This last statement may seem like a no-brain-er to some, but finding corroboration on the internet could be difficult. In any case, it is an established fact that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening and shifting. At the very least, this shift may affect thermal mixing of the oceans. At the most, entire currents like the Gulf Stream may change course in unexpected ways, with unexpected results.

This video by  Rafael Gontijo shows how thermal mixing of a ferromagnetic fluid is affected by a magnetic field. Clearly, the oceans are much larger, more complex, and not, strictly speaking, composed of ferromagnetic material. However, this video makes the kind of fluid flow effects easier to see.

Now, the Earth's magnetic field is small, between 30 micro-Teslas at the Equator and 60 micro-Teslas at the poles.  However, this is enough of a field to produce ion separation, electric currents, and therefore measurable opposing magnetic fields in the ocean currents. So, it's not really much of a stretch to imagine that the momentum of these currents may also be affected. Not only that, but the atmosphere may also be directly affected in the similar ways. The composition and phase of the atmosphere is largely different from the ocean but similar effects of braking and course deflection may be at play.

First, consider that clouds contain ions produced from dissolved Sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, sea-salt, not to mention dissolved Carbon dioxide, and other stuff. So we should expect the same kinds of ion deflection in cloud movement as we see in ocean currents. This basically boils down to faster spinning and more quickly moving storm systems in the absence of a magnetic field. Hurricanes and tornadoes, for example, may become even more severe, and less predictable.

Second, diatomic oxygen is para-magnetic. Meaning that it is slightly attracted to the poles of a magnet. This means that cold air currents flowing south will have more momentum and warm lower pressure north flowing air currents will have less momentum. Bare in mind that high pressure and lower altitude translates in to a higher percentage of oxygen, and thus, more magnetic force per unit volume than higher altitude and lower pressure air masses. Not only that, but the force acts in the same direction as the magnetic field lines, as opposed to the perpendicular force exerted on ocean currents and storm clouds. This dynamic would necessarily lead to heavier rain and snow because it would facilitate the transport of moisture. Frontal boundaries may also become more and more vertical and farther reaching. It is this far reaching north south moisture transport, I believe, that may responsible for creating an ice age.    

John Holdren, Science Adviser to President Obama has several videos on The Daily Conversation channel of YouTube that explains the consequences of Global Climate Change.  “The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minute” at  shows how the polar vortex weakens and becomes more jagged with deeper excursions of cold air south and warm air north. This means more extreme rain, snow, and drought events in the northern hemisphere.  We can only imagine that the effect of a weaker magnetic field will only exacerbate the problem. The question is, will any of this lead to a new ice age? And, is there a relationship between changes in the Earth's magnetic field and glacial periods? It may only be a coincidence that the last magnetic field flip occurred right in the middle of our last glacial period. Our climate is effected by a vast matrix of forces. It goes without saying that the big picture needs a lot of well trained eyes to interpret it. Let's just hope that we have the will to turn that knowledge into action.

Sources and Links below the fold.

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Sat May 03, 2014 at 09:03 PM PDT

How About A Bundy Ranch Blow-out

by Rich Lyles

To help the situation at the Cliven Bundy ranch I suggest we send Whiskey, Tequila, Mescal, six packs of Four Loco, and even small quantities of Methamphetamine. Call it the Bow-Out Bundy Campaign. Individuals on a budget could ship as little as a pint of store brand booze at a time. If enough of us contributed, we could flood that whole ranch with enough booze and illicit substances to inebriate a small Central American country. Then, let nature take its course.

It might be helpful to drop more rumors of immanent government attack complete with night time helicopter fly-overs so that more militia dick heads show up, the more the merrier.  Put enough gun-toting drunken rednecks in one place and It's only a matter of time before the shooting starts.
I wonder if the Sheriff will show up when the fun begins?


Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 10:38 PM PDT

MH370 , A Hunch About Location

by Rich Lyles

Tonight on the MSNBC they said that there was a new search opening up about a thousand miles South West of Perth Austrailia, but without much explanation. My thinking is that if this plane had recently flown to coco (Keeling)Island, which there apparently is Malaysia Air service to that Island, then perhaps somehow, in the midst of an unforeseen calamity, a previous way point to that island might have been activated.
Yes, but what if the pilot tried to enter an abort flight path but passed out and inadvertently activated a way point still in the computer from a previous flight(Keeling Island)?

In the Keeling Island scenario, with everyone on the plane dead from asphyxiation
would the plane continue on that heading past Keeling Island until it ran out of fuel or would it circle back around? This is a question for the experts.  If this is the case, then the map above shows a line 2,200 miles long(range of aircraft) south across Keeling Island from Pulau Langkawi. There is also a 1000 mile long line running do west of Perth. The intersection of these two lines are marked along with coordinates
Lat  30°28'8.08"S
Long 93°56'17.77"E
in the above image. I don't know how much error is involved with Google Earth lines and Coordinates, but it looks as though this Keeling Island flight path is kind of in the same probability region as that suggested by the angle and time of the signal received by the satellite.

It's a guess that has been on my mind all day, and when I saw that they had modified the search to include the area South West of Perth, I figured I might be on to something. I write this with a heavy heart and a prayer for all of the families of the people waiting for good news about their loved ones that were on that flight.

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Thu Mar 13, 2014 at 11:54 PM PDT

Rabbit Hole, Deep And Dusty!

by Rich Lyles

Once again the RMS delivers crucial information that I haven't seen anywhere else.

This story makes it even more clear why big oil interests like the Koch brothers have been trying to kill the EPA along with the rest of the Federal Government. Not to beat a dead horse But, the fracking rabbit hole is deeper and deadlier than previously thought.

See also,

By the numbers:
1) We have known about the adverse effects of volatile toxic compounds polluting the air and water due to fracking for years.

2) There is data that suggest that high pressure drill-waste well water may be lubricating geologic faults and producing earthquakes.

3) Now we find out that "filter socks" and other drill waste can be highly radio active. RMS reports over 1000 micro-Curies for a sock found at an illegal dump site in North Dakota. One thousand micro-Curies is high indeed. What will happen when this material dries out and starts blowing around with the wind? See the first link at the top.

4) Last but not least, the fracking process can leak natural gas into the atmosphere in large quantities. Natural gas, though shorter lived than CO2, is a much more efficient green house gas.

Self conscious about the fact that I am starting to sound like Chicken Little, I submit that the impact on global climate is probably the one that will hit the hardest and sooner(I believe) than anyone is predicting. There are fracking sites all over the world working at top speed every day. It's called a "tipping point" because the consequences come suddenly like a drunk tipping over backwards in his chair. The consequences of an unregulated drilling industry running wild around the world will be wide spread, devastating, and may include calamities yet un-dreamt of.

The problem is a lot of people(even here)don't care at all about fracking. I mean, they are shut-the-fuck-up-tired of hearing about it. Oil means self sufficiency and the maintenance of American power, not to mention jobs.  I am afraid this may be our Titanic moment. That fateful time when, deep down, everyone knows the shit is about to hit the fan. Only at the moment of truth do we realize that we are simply wearing galoshes when we really need a submarine.

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Tue Mar 11, 2014 at 09:21 PM PDT

Effective Tactics For 2014 Midterms

by Rich Lyles

The last segment of "All In with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC tonight struck an important chord that I hope progressives are paying attention to. Truth is irrelevant. Debunking lies is only marginally effective because the voters care more about leverage than truth. It all comes down to a fight for supremacy born out of existential fear associated with the emergence of greater racial diversity. Therefore the most effective way to win in 2014 is to diffuse the primal fear. And, replace the cultural existential fear with the actual existential threat we all face from wide spread fracking, and other environmental calamities. Global warming is obvious but too heavily linked to the liberal base to be effective. The threat of fracking is closer to the historical interests of the heartland where cause and effect are already painfully evident.

First, demonstrate that their expectations that lead to bias are wrong. There are no clear cut divisions because there is a diversity of attitudes and opinions within every community. No one can be pigeon-holed. This is best illustrated by the two jurors that spoke out after the Michael Dunn mistrial. The white woman fought hard for a First degree Murder conviction and the black woman thought that Dunn seemed like a "nice guy" who "made a bad" decision and fought hard for the lesser charge of Second Degree Murder. This is an eye opening outcome that helps to smash preconceived notions and therefore fear.

Second, emphasize the real threat. In a few short years, if fracking is allowed to continue unregulated, there will be no place in this country you can go where the air and water are not thoroughly polluted with volatile toxic compounds. This is where we are headed and it is why these poor souls are being manipulated. No-one likes being manipulated, but we must get passed the irrational existential fear so they can see what's really going on. How hard is it to show linkage between the promotion of racial division and the interests of the Koch brothers?

Clearly there are other wedge issues, but I believe that the racial divide is being exploited with greatest effect by the Koch brothers. The damage they can do with their enormous pile of disposable cash cannot be over estimated. We are thus informed to make our shots count.

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By Journey Pictures
Title: "The Thyroid Cancer Hotspot Devastating Fukushima's Child Survivors"

I was struck by the eerie  images of a Japanese Ghost town near Fukushima, the people who visit this radioactive no-mans-land, and why they go there. It's a touching story.
Sorry, embed is disabled for some reason, and the transcript is just the google transcript, which you can get from the video.  

Here's the video:


Published on Mar 10, 2014
Radiating the People: Worrying new claims say childhood cancer cluster has developed around Fukushima radiation zone

For download's and more information visit:

It's what post-Fukushima Japan fears the most; cancer. Amid allegations of government secrecy, worrying new claims say a cancer cluster has developed around the radiation zone and that the victims are children.

In a private children's hospital well away from the no-go zone, parents are holding on tight to their little sons and daughters hoping doctors won't find what they're looking for. Thyroid cancer. Tests commissioned by the local authorities have discerned an alarming spike here. Experts are reluctant to draw a definitive link with Fukushima, but they're concerned. "I care because I went to Chernobyl and I saw each child there, so I know the pain they went through", says Dr Akira Sugenoya, a former thyroid surgeon. What terrifies parents most is a government they feel they can't trust. It's created a culture of fear; one which has led a number of women post-Fukushima to have abortions because they were worried about birth defects. "The doctors in Fukushima say that it shouldn't be coming out so soon, so it can't be related to the nuclear accident. But that's very unscientific, and it's not a reason we can accept", Dr Sugenoya insists. "It was disclosed that the Fukushima health investigation committee was having several secret meetings. I feel the response has been unthinkable for a democratic nation", Dr Minoru Kamata from the Japan Chernobyl Foundation says.

ABC Australia - Ref: 5979

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