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The second largest hamburger chain pulled ads from Rush this week
Why don't the homeless live with their families? It would make them un-homeless. —Rush Limbaugh There is no such thing as equality. —Rush Limbaugh Stop Rush has grown so much lately that I am ...
Richard Myers 12/13/2012 64 167 1 -
End frustration & actually change the political landscape: concrete proposal re ALEC & the Koch bros
Yesterday I had two noteworthy/memorable experiences. One was seeing what I can only conclude was the product of utter frustration on the part of a few union supporters in Michigan. I've been a ...
Richard Myers 12/12/2012 40 90 5 -
5 progressive stations drop; Rush audience down; radio industry suffers BIG revenue, reputation woes
Feminism ruins women. — Rush Limbaugh The radio industry makes its money from advertising . What does it suggest, then, when a radio industry publication such as Radio Ink runs an article entitled "
Richard Myers 12/11/2012 59 45 1 -
Radio industry convulsing: more Clear Channel layoffs; Cumulus sharpens axe; more Limbaugh damage
When Rush Limbaugh declares “Open Line Friday,” then takes an hour to get to the phone, it invites the inference that nobody is calling. —Holland Cooke "Sometimes the biggest threat an ...
Richard Myers 12/10/2012 75 229 4 -
Limbaugh down another peg; Clear Channel terminates 100's of workers while exterminating rock & roll
This is the diary that I've dreaded writing all week. I've thought about dour titles; I considered and rejected variations of "the day the music died". If you're on the walking papers end of a layoff,
Richard Myers 12/07/2012 131 218 3 -
Stop Rush and Flush Rush are growing; Rush Limbaugh's die-hard national advertisers are peeling away
Stop Rush is growing, dramatically increasing its presence on Twitter : Stop Rush as measured on Topsy The Flush Rush ...
Richard Myers 12/06/2012 52 163 3 -
"Earth shattering" change in the radio industry in the aftermath of the Rush Limbaugh Effect
Limbaugh's parent radio network in deep financial trouble Largest competitors also in disarray On Monday, November 26, radio industry analyst Jerry Del Colliano predicted "earth shattering" changes ...
Richard Myers 12/05/2012 203 338 5 -
Rush Limbaugh: "Planned Parenthood is all about ... the ELIMINATION OF BLACK FAMILIES"
Could a shock jock who routinely plays "Barack the Magic Negro" on his talk show, and who once told a black caller to "take that bone out of your nose" have anything worthwhile to contribute about ...
Richard Myers 12/04/2012 24 18 1 -
Right wing shock jock Michael Savage bashes his fellow right wing Obama bashers on talk radio
Surprise, surprise. Right wing shock jock Michael Savage has bashed the Obama bashers of right wing talk radio. Michael Savage Not from any sense of decency, you must understand. Savage declares ...
Richard Myers 12/03/2012 23 24 - -
Tired of incessant right wing talk? Then help us zap the talk radio empires with the Zapple Doctrine
In 2007, conservative talk radio comprised 91 percent of the talk radio spectrum. It seems that hasn't changed much, and it may be getting worse;
Richard Myers 12/03/2012 30 14 1 -
Rush imagines a "Democrat orgasm"
Rush Limbaugh must like the word "orgasm". He's used it well over a hundred times in his radio show. Prurience sells, and Rush has that commodity in abundance. According to Limbaugh, liberals ...
Richard Myers 12/02/2012 28 18 1 -
Sandra Fluke attacked all over again
Time Magazine nominated Sandra Fluke for person of the year (along with 39 others). Right wing media immediately responded by attacking her . At publication time, in the aftermath of a flood of ...
Richard Myers 11/27/2012 15 33 - -
4 progressive talk radio stations drop; industry analyst predicts multiple conglomerate bankruptcies
Jerry Del Colliano, a prominent radio industry analyst, is predicting the possibility of multiple bankruptcies in the radio industry. Colliano was recently quoted in a news story about stealth ...
Richard Myers 11/26/2012 21 28 - -
Please help us make this Rush Limbaugh petition go viral
Petitions are a great way to get the word out: this is an issue about which we are passionate! This is an issue that has widespread support! But most of all, petitions remind us that we're not ...
Richard Myers 11/26/2012 16 19 - -
When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, and Limbaugh's oxycontin goes rushing to his head
White Habit One pill makes you Limbaugh And one pill makes you crawl And the ones the RINOs give you Don't do anything at all Go ask Rushbo, when he's bouncing off the wall When the ...
Richard Myers 11/25/2012 15 33 - -
Dangle a black man behind a tow truck, call him Black Xmas Fairy? Nothing racist about that, right?
The company that syndicates Rush Limbaugh entered a float into a Thanksgiving Day Parade in Raleigh, North Carolina featuring "Tyrone the Black Christmas Fairy" who was going to turn "crackers" into ...
Richard Myers 11/24/2012 123 156 3 -
The war *against* the war on Limbaugh
The "war" to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable for his hate speech has taken numerous forms. The idea of a private lawsuit was kicked around, but then discarded. Complaints to the FCC never got far. A ...
Richard Myers 11/24/2012 13 43 1 -
Rush flushers seeking to hold Limbaugh accountable for hate speech are crippling the radio industry
The radio industry doesn't like to serve up public information about its private business. This may account for the shroud of secrecy that has existed for nine months, only to be swept away when ...
Richard Myers 11/22/2012 139 400 7 -
Presidential Election 2012 — according to TuneIn, LIBERAL RADIO beat CONSERVATIVE RADIO in GOTV
One day before the election, Carolyn Gilbert of NuVooDoo Media reported on research that indicates conservatives trust the information they receive from radio stations more than liberals, and this ...
Richard Myers 11/21/2012 1 8 - -
Grumpy Limbaugh slams workers; is he unhappy because young wife has filed...?
An irritable-sounding Rush Limbaugh slammed workers on Tuesday. Casual observers might conclude he's unhappy because his young wife Kathryn (no, I won't use the "T" word) has filed for a ...
Richard Myers 11/20/2012 50 46 2 -
The radio industry is FINALLY talking about the devastating impact of Rush Limbaugh's Fluke attack
The code of silence has been swept away. Throughout the radio industry this week, there is talk of the devastating impact of Limbaugh's Fluke attack. Rush supporters are, of course, in denial. But ...
Richard Myers 11/20/2012 115 326 4 -
The spectacularly damaging Rush Limbaugh Effect illustrated in two stock charts and a video
Radio networks Dial Global and Cumulus are feeling the impact of the advertiser boycott triggered by Rush Limbaugh's February/March "slut" tirade against Sandra Fluke. Both companies have publicly ...
Richard Myers 11/19/2012 12 41 1 -
Limbaugh advertiser backlash DIRECTLY responsible for radio industry downturn: –radio network exec
Rush Limbaugh once likened an advertiser boycott to "losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you in the drive thru. You don’t even notice it." The radio ...
Richard Myers 11/19/2012 13 47 1 -
The Rush Limbaugh advertiser backlash is knocking down the radio networks
      The Cumulus and Dial Global radio networks have been adversely impacted by the advertiser boycott The Rush Limbaugh Show is distributed to 600 radio stations via several radio industry ...
Richard Myers 11/18/2012 154 524 8 -
Angie's List has stopped advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show
Angie's List is no longer advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Show. This is a statement of fact. Angie's List waited until their contract expired in early November, and then opted not to immediately ...
Richard Myers 11/16/2012 16 52 - -
We be flushin' Rush — and this is how
We've had our first dramatic, indisputable success in Flushing Rush. A major corporation acknowledges its financial crisis is so dire, it voluntarily delists itself from the NASDAQ. It issues a ...
Richard Myers 11/16/2012 17 62 - -
Major Radio Network Blames Rush Limbaugh For Bad 3rd Quarter Financials, NASDAQ Delist
Some news today in the fight to flush Rush. This is very important, but also somewhat mixed, news. Sometimes it might be possible to have too much success (please see below). The Dial Global Radio ...
Richard Myers 11/16/2012 22 39 1 -
Should we finish flushing Rush?
Should we finish flushing Rush? Serious question; please see the pros and cons below. Rush as the GOP I don't think there's any doubt, Rush is pathological. His relationship to the GOP could be ...
Richard Myers 11/15/2012 29 44 1 -
I'm not the problem, *YOU* are
I've been researching the simmering civil war in the GOP over the information bubble generated by the " conservative entertainment complex ". My focus is Rush Limbaugh's role in the middle of that ...
Richard Myers 11/15/2012 24 26 1 -
Rush Limbaugh shamelessly uses politically charged term: Hispandering
Tin-eared Rush is using a political term that should make all the GOP shudder: Hispandering . Rush Limbaugh: " Hispandering:
Richard Myers 11/14/2012 42 25 1 -
Rush Limbaugh rips ObamaCare, predicts "riots against these companies", asserts "no stopping this"
Rush Limbaugh is predicting riots . Yes, riots . Against companies. And he even names the companies that will be "targets" of riots . Rush Limbaugh — predicting riots This man has ...
Richard Myers 11/13/2012 56 46 1 -
Limbaugh unveils "Baracka Claus", asserts Democrats bribe Hispanics for votes, mocks w/Feliz Navidad
Rush Limbaugh — arrogance on steroids Limbaugh's immediate response to the election was to rant that "it is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus." With 600 radio ...
Richard Myers 11/13/2012 60 49 - -
"RINOS" fight back, use unflattering term for right wing media: "conservative entertainment complex"
The fine old tradition of Flushing Rush is also a conservative concept! Flush Rush on Facebook , once among the smallest of the anti-Rush groups, has had an infusion of new members since the ...
Richard Myers 11/12/2012 15 25 1 -
The Heritage Foundation's DECLARATION OF WAR Against President Obama is not well-received
Two years ago the Wall Street Journal published a strident announcement entitled "New Fangs for the Conservative 'Beast'." Written by Edwin J. Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, and ...
Richard Myers 11/11/2012 129 291 3 -
Republicans are ripping Rush a new one
Republicans are kicking Rush Limbaugh in his privates over racial insensitivity, apocalyptic pronouncements, and feeding the right wing mis-information bubble. That hasn't stopped him from making ...
Richard Myers 11/09/2012 298 496 8 -
Has any Republican or conservative pundit acknowledged, "we need to stop telling such blatant lies"?
Just wondering, because I haven't heard that from any of them since the election. But then I've been pretty busy helping to Flush Rush (438 new members in one Facebook group in the past 24 hours!) ...
Richard Myers 11/09/2012 10 7 1 -
Technical questions about Daily Kos diaries achieving recommended status
a diary that I wrote yesterday was shared 3059 times, was tweeted 68 times, and shows 3800 shares on Facebook. The diary never achieved recommended status. I'm guessing that sharing has little or ...
Richard Myers 11/09/2012 22 1 - -
Do you like that sweet feeling of victory? Do you want another victory?
Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said that Obama treats women like vaginas , and that Republicans should start their own abortion industry , because that "works for the Democrats". Sense the need for ...
Richard Myers 11/08/2012 3 13 - -
Flushing Rush, the patriarch of the pariah party
We're in a new era. Social media allowed citizens to repudiate the war on women launched nine months ago by Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh initiated the climate of hate with his attack on Sandra Fluke in ...
Richard Myers 11/07/2012 12 48 - -
Rush: Everything — Except the Polls — Points to a Romney Landslide
"Everything — Except the Polls — Points to a Romney Landslide" That is the headline of an archive from Monday's Rush Limbaugh Show. But Rush has statistics on his side ; he invoked the Redskins ...
Richard Myers 11/06/2012 23 21 1 -
Who gets the blame for Romney losing the election?
Who will the right blame the most when Romney loses? Note that Romney losing isn't just my prediction; conservatives are predicting it as well : Romney will probably fall ...
Richard Myers 11/04/2012 47 19 - -
Rupert Murdoch believes Obama will defeat Romney
Rush Limbaugh has relentlessly hurled racist attacks against President Obama and gay slurs against Chris Christie for their visible ...
Richard Myers 11/03/2012 20 11 - -
Rush Limbaugh's lubricious limbo — how low can he go?
Rush Limbaugh routinely vents his racism , his misogyny and his bigotry against political foes. Now he's ...
Richard Myers 11/01/2012 24 23 2 -
Limbaugh: media's "soft bigotry of low expectations" shelters incompetent Obama because he's black
Rush Limbaugh : Obama is "incompetent, incapable of [making] decisions"; Liberals vote for him only because "they feel sorry for him" Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has bizarre ideas about race, and ...
Richard Myers 11/01/2012 32 21 2 -
Rush Limbaugh: Frankenstorm causing $30-50 billion damage no big deal; climate change a leftist plot
When a hurricane moves onto land, its low pressure sucks a storm surge along with it. Frankenstorm Sandy broke the record for low pressure and produced an "unprecedented 13-foot surge of seawater —
Richard Myers 10/30/2012 7 20 - -
Obama campaign courts youth vote with Reaganesque sexual innuendo; hypocrite Limbaugh goes ballistic
Conservatives are freaking out that one light-hearted ad could put Obama over the top : Your first time shouldn't be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. It should be with a guy ...
Richard Myers 10/27/2012 14 15 - -
Downward spiral taking a toll? Limbaugh awkwardly tries to burnish new advertiser, listener numbers
Rush Limbaugh — desperate! On Friday, October 26, Rush Limbaugh tried to reverse the downward spiral. Rush launched a two-pronged attack on his two disastrous fronts —
Richard Myers 10/26/2012 13 42 1 -
How consumer-activists are taking down right-wing shock jocks, one after another
...only Rush could assert one day that "women are robotic, they are monolithic" and the very next day accuse the "Democrat Party" of "look[ing] at women as monolithic sex machines"... ...
Richard Myers 10/26/2012 57 193 4 -
What all the polls REALLY tell us
I took a few moments away from flushing Rush to type the word "polls" into Google News. I scanned a few pages of headlines, and now know that both Obama and Romney are ahead. Both have an edge in ...
Richard Myers 10/25/2012 9 5 1 -
Rush Limbaugh has a vulgar message for a female caller: "You are a V*gina"
Rush Limbaugh and his (remaining) advertisers A few minutes ago I received this email reply: "We understand Rush is crazy and do not support him at all. This is the millionth email about this." �
Richard Myers 10/23/2012 36 41 - -
Rush Limbaugh invents new Obama conspiracy, fabricates totally false claim about his own source
Birthers . Truthers . Deathers . Thanks to a Limbaugh lie, we might have Cancelers . Except that Limbaugh is hereby totally debunked . Rush Limbaugh told another BIG LIE today ...
Richard Myers 10/22/2012 22 22 - -
This week Rush will ridicule Sandra Fluke AGAIN because, you know, women vote and stuff
This week Rush will ridicule Sandra Fluke. Again . Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh El Flushbowl has harried Sandra Fluke at least 25 ...
Richard Myers 10/21/2012 13 15 - -
Retro-Rush: Right Wing Talkers Are Secretly Paid For Stealth Shilling To Build Conservative Movement
Rush Limbaugh has been obnoxious for more than a quarter century. Retro-Rush explores Limbaugh's history on issues that remain relevant to the present. In June of 2011, Politico published an ...
Richard Myers 10/20/2012 5 20 - -
Retro-Rush: inviting 'feminazis' and 'environmental whackos' to Hooters
Rush Limbaugh has been obnoxious for more than a quarter century. Did you know — Rush Limbaugh once voiced a radio ad for Hooters? According to Ad Week , Limbaugh was chosen to appeal to ...
Richard Myers 10/20/2012 1 4 - -
Did Angie's List keep vital info from stockholders, and jack up member fees without telling them?
As Krystal Ball has pointed out at Huffington Post , Angie's List has misogynistic, right wing leadership with strong ties to the Republican Party. While Angie's List briefly suspended advertising ...
Richard Myers 10/19/2012 6 23 - -
Retro-Rush: "Pregnancy Is A Disease"
Rush Limbaugh has been obnoxious for a quarter century. Rush Limbaugh frequently hits the same talking points week after week, month after month, and year after year. Repetition drives home the ...
Richard Myers 10/19/2012 3 4 - -
Rush calls Candy Crowley terrorist, suicide bomber; Rush drops to 2nd in talk radio audience metrics
Rush Limbaugh has dropped to second in talk radio ratings You knew that Rush would find just the right outrageous invective to trigger a flood of publicity after the second presidential debate. ...
Richard Myers 10/18/2012 38 23 - -
Rush Limbaugh knocked out of top spot in streaming talk radio audience metrics
Rush Limbaugh has dropped to number two It seems a little odd to see Rush Limbaugh drop to second place behind someone who's currently not even on the air. Right wing shock jock Michael Savage has ...
Richard Myers 10/18/2012 18 35 - -
What is the secret relationship between Angie's List and Google News?
Angie's List is one of those supremely ethics-challenged, right wing dominated corporations which, through all-pervasive PR, has been able to cultivate a friendly corporate image. I frequently ...
Richard Myers 10/17/2012 3 4 - -
Rush Limbaugh explains Presidential Debate #2 to "you people on the left"
Rush Limbaugh: "What you think you saw last night didn't happen." Rush: [excerpt] You people on the left are fooling yourselves, and I'm happy to see it. In fact, I'm very content to let you have ...
Richard Myers 10/17/2012 16 31 - -
Limbaugh's legacy of liquidation: 70% of talk radio sponsors deceived, ad revs drop as much as 50%
I recently blogged that Rush Limbaugh is responsible for conservative talk radio losing a "tremendous chunk of advertising revenue" ; and that advertiser support for conservative talk radio is "...
Richard Myers 10/17/2012 5 34 3 -
Rush Limbaugh mentioned the denizens of Daily Kos today (and no, he DID NOT pay us a compliment)
Rush Limbaugh From the transcript: RUSH : There are two polls out now that have Romney 50, Obama 46 with likely voters. Two polls. The latest Gallup is just out: Romney is at the magic 50% level ...
Richard Myers 10/16/2012 35 37 1 -
Troubles pile up for Rush - favorite sponsor Angie's List faces a serious legal challenge
Angie's List and Rush Limbaugh are closely linked . While Angie's List temporarily suspended advertising on Limbaugh's show in the wake of his Fluke tirade, it wasn't long before they came ...
Richard Myers 10/16/2012 18 52 1 -
Big Trouble in Limbaugh Land
Or, how Mitt Romney's former company steals elections while enriching the few at the expense of the many . In 2006, Mitt Romney officially announced his run for president of the United States. ...
Richard Myers 10/16/2012 77 330 12 1
NEWS FLASH: Rush Limbaugh has lost "tremendous chunk of advertising revenue"; ad support "dwindling"
Bad news for Limbaugh and conservative talk radio : "Tremendous chunk of advertising revenue" lost; support from advertisers for conservative talk radio "dwindling..." Rush Limbaugh There have ...
Richard Myers 10/14/2012 152 353 9 -
Rush Limbaugh's evil twin
Julia Gillard -- in this accounting, she is "Australia's Sandra Fluke" You may have seen this fascinating video, which went viral last week:
Richard Myers 10/13/2012 6 28 1 -
Anyone -- WHY has Daily Kos stopped listing number of views for diaries?
For two days, Daily Kos has not recorded the number of views -- for my articles , and for three other diarists that i checked. I have tried repeatedly to get attention from Daily Kos for other ...
Richard Myers 10/12/2012 40 7 - -
Former RNC Chair Frank Fahrenkopf's words place Limbaugh on losing side of vice-presidential debate
Rush Limbaugh Asked about the election debates, Frank Fahrenkopf, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, observed yesterday , "I’ve got ...
Richard Myers 10/12/2012 7 11 - -
In qualifying its own outlier poll on the vice-presidential debate, CNN unveils a mystery
A CNN flash poll indicated that Paul Ryan won the presidential debate, 48% to 44%. CNN CNN included this disclaimer , which places the poll in a reliability category similar to all those online ...
Richard Myers 10/12/2012 12 11 - -
Media Matters: Limbaugh Peddles Hysteria Over Possibility That Libya Embassy Was Recruiting Gays
Rush Limbaugh In spite of seemingly endless requests for the capability over a period of many months, Daily Kos does not permit non-staff editors to embed videos from Media Matters for America. (In ...
Richard Myers 10/11/2012 5 4 - -
Sandra soars, Limbaugh slides
Sandra Fluke joined the campaign trail in late September . As she embraces the culture war , her future prospects seem to be on the rise.
Richard Myers 10/11/2012 12 27 - -
Rush Limbaugh propagandizes that the left will disown Barack Obama
Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh may be America's most prominent bumper sticker partisan. The splenetic talk show host is master of the baneful buzz word, and unquestionably infamous for perjoratives ...
Richard Myers 10/11/2012 9 10 - -
Does Romney's Bain Capital Support Voter Suppression?
(photo via Stan Donaldson, The Plain Dealer) Mitt Romney was once the head honcho at Bain Capital. Bain Capital owns Clear Channel. Clear Channel includes both the radio network, and an outdoor ...
Richard Myers 10/10/2012 6 12 - 49
Rush Limbaugh's unceasing racist, duplicitous attacks on President Obama — UPDATED
Rush Limbaugh's unceasing racist, duplicitous attacks on President Obama Some have suggested that in the first debate, President Obama was concerned about, or had been advised against, allowing ...
Richard Myers 10/09/2012 14 15 1 129
Rush Limbaugh verbally violates another innocent woman: "You're the biggest idiot I've seen today"
Video, President Barack Obama campaigning in Fairfax, Virginia It is no longer necessary to attempt to testify before congress. One no longer must advocate for contraception ,
Richard Myers 10/08/2012 24 28 1 305
How Rush Limbaugh gets away with fomenting violence and hate against liberals; the poor; minorities
Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh For more than a decade, Rush Limbaugh has manned the loudest megaphone the human race has ever known. His three hour talk radio program is heard on more than six ...
Richard Myers 10/07/2012 60 101 7 746
Talk radio trials & tribulations—does Rush Limbaugh losing stations indicate an industry in peril?
Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh Talk radio has been in the doldrums since Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke. Industry insiders saw this in today's discussion forum at : Ratings ...
Richard Myers 10/05/2012 12 18 - 131
Limbaugh executive calls women's organizations "very frightening" as Rush issues threat
Rush Limbaugh On the same day Rush Limbaugh darkly hinted that some day conservatives may find it necessary to use ...
Richard Myers 10/04/2012 15 24 2 150
Rush Limbaugh darkly hints at conservatives needing to commit violence against liberals
Rush Limbaugh Limbaugh, October 3, 2012: AUDIO : We Can Handle Democrats Without Resorting To Violence. "So Far" " ...
Richard Myers 10/03/2012 73 125 1 1473
Limbaugh: Cleveland Browns fans in Ohio HATE former Denver Bronco John Elway, may therefore vote Dem
John Elway, "The Drive" John Elway has endorsed Mitt Romney . In what was called a "worrisome sign for Romney", HuffPost observed, Elway has a ...
Richard Myers 10/03/2012 26 9 - 239
Rush fawns over (fake!) conservative "illegal immigrant" to win Hispanic/Latino vote for Mitt Romney
Rush Limbaugh After many months of observation, I thought I had learned something new about Rush Limbaugh. His jingoism appeared to be rooted more in anti-liberalism than in pure racial prejudice. ...
Richard Myers 10/01/2012 13 14 - 176
Limbaugh's alternate reality: Incoming Reagan econ worse than Obama's, else American people "stupid"
This, from a Limbaugh call on Friday: RUSH : Tom in Atlantic City, New Jersey, you're first on Open Line Friday. Hi. CALLER : (chuckling) That's funny. (silence) RUSH : Tom, are you there? ...
Richard Myers 10/01/2012 11 10 1 141
Rush Limbaugh's Many Muslim Smears
News Hounds observes that "in the alternate reality of GOP 'boss' Rush Limbaugh, the man behind the infamous anti-Islamic You Tube video is being persecuted by the Obama administration." Rush ...
Richard Myers 10/01/2012 9 5 - 45
Documenting Rush Limbaugh's slow, inexorable downward spiral
On March 7 of 2012, Rush Limbaugh claimed 18,000 advertisers on the approximately 600 radio stations that carry his talk show . I think that his estimate may be reasonable. At the ...
Richard Myers 09/30/2012 21 49 1 342
Hail — Sandra Fluke!
Rush Limbaugh turned Sandra Fluke into fighter, a popular icon, and a champion of the women's movement. That's the last thing in the world that he wanted to do. Sandra Fluke Sandra Fluke's ...
Richard Myers 09/29/2012 58 241 2 1291
Talk radio expert: "Voters are, increasingly, ignoring Rush Limbaugh"
Those of us who follow those who follow Talk Radio ratings are increasingly seeing variations of this message: Rush Limbaugh is losing his ability to influence the voting electorate . Read why, here.
Richard Myers 09/28/2012 114 265 4 2396
Rush Limbaugh's NFL gymnastics – UPDATE
Rush Limbaugh 10:00 PM PT : UPDATE : Rush DOES NOT ...
Richard Myers 09/26/2012 11 14 - 200
Rush Limbaugh obsesses over Sandra Fluke again and again and again
The gracious and the hideous : Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh is an old hand at attack music – for example, mocking Elizabeth Warren's ethnic ...
Richard Myers 09/26/2012 18 15 1 269
Tantalizing talk radio news: Rush slide increasingly evident; eBay, Sam's Club, Gap have dropped ads
Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh. The talk show host made Sandra Fluke famous by attacking her on his radio show for three days in early 2012, meanwhile putting his own career, and possibly his ...
Richard Myers 09/24/2012 34 64 2 469
Mitt's 47 percent exclusion, in its very simplest terms
Mitt Romney — where do you draw the lines? Numerous media have analyzed the demographic makeup of Mitt Romney's 47 percent, and that's good. Such information can help us to better formulate ...
Richard Myers 09/24/2012 3 8 - 57
National Association of Broadcasters Panel advocates replacing Limbaugh with All-News; not all agree
Rush Limbaugh The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), billed as the voice for the nation's radio and television broadcasters, and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) put on "
Richard Myers 09/22/2012 20 42 - 384
Facebook, or Big Brother? Facebook is recruiting snitches
Don't get me wrong; I generally find Facebook very useful in the campaign to Flush Rush Limbaugh (Facebook link). Mindful of the extraordinary role that Facebook (and Twitter) played in the "Arab ...
Richard Myers 09/21/2012 10 14 - 260
Did Geraldo Rivera miss Mitt Romney's racist dog whistle joke?
Geraldo Rivera In Mitt's Mexican Roots , Geraldo Rivera wonders what Mitt Romney meant in ...
Richard Myers 09/21/2012 5 8 - 167
With "kids back in school" Rush feels free to talk penises, "chickification" & "feminazis" - Updated
With "kids back in school" Rush talks penises and femi-nazis It is rare for Rush to show consideration to "kids". For example, Limbaugh attacked an eight year ...
Richard Myers 09/20/2012 15 10 - 124
Asparagus, redistribution, and sab cats – a different philosophical take on the Romney exposé
We may glimpse 37 minutes of Citizens United in action thanks, apparently, to a daring food service worker in Florida who hid a camera behind $50,000 a plate asparagus.
Richard Myers 09/20/2012 23 53 1 476
Facebook's (arbitrary?) algorithmic partisanship — an election issue?
Social media is increasingly the new playground for social activism and political campaigns . When it comes to general knowledge of online PR, outreach, and data mining, there seems to be more hype ...
Richard Myers 09/14/2012 44 80 3 897
The growing power of Rush Limbaugh's most loyal legion of listeners
Rush Limbaugh The world's foremost political shock jock — the man who just declared that Mitt Romney "is the only guy that ...
Richard Myers 09/12/2012 123 367 4 3123
Rush Limbaugh's great idea
Rush Limbaugh I have always considered Rush Limbaugh's predictions as worthless as phloem strings on a ripened banana. But I think we can all get ...
Richard Myers 09/11/2012 36 14 - 348
"Courts Matter" Briefing: What Media Won't - Or Can't - Tell You About the Supreme Court
Someone sent me a link to this event on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 8:30 PM (EDT). The Supreme Court term beginning this October will feature cases that could decide the fate of many ...
Richard Myers 09/11/2012 1 10 - 111
Facebook deletes liberal pages; censorship process shrouded in secrecy
At least two pages, and one account managed by Addicting Info creator and publisher Matthew Desmond have been closed down by Facebook. It appears that the main Addicting Info Facebook page is still ...
Richard Myers 09/10/2012 9 12 - 319
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