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Updated: He died early this morning...and they still won't pay
He was prudent, and smart, and planned ahead: he bought a long-term care policy, for himself and for his wife. And he made the payments for them, always on time, month after month, year after year.
RiderOnTheStorm 09/02/2009 288 544 6 372
Update 2: wingnut tweets followers to bring guns to meetings
I dearly hope I'm not being unduly alarmist here, but given recent events, it's difficult for me to judge. So let me just pass along the report from ...
RiderOnTheStorm 08/07/2009 641 630 10 293
Facebook now owns YOUR content -- all of it.  Forever.
Tim Finin sent an alarming note across ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/16/2009 110 47 6 38
Presidential document 200900001 -- and a million more: Part 1
The federal government churns out a LOT of documents every working day -- every branch, every agency, every office. The result is a blizzard of paper that's unwieldly and bulky and expensive...and ...
RiderOnTheStorm 01/31/2009 8 6 1 -
Brief technical analysis: the Coleman web site debacle
There's a front-page diary here at the moment entitled: Team Coleman Fakes Website Crash which in turn links to ...
RiderOnTheStorm 01/29/2009 29 15 1 58
Jimmy V has company in the coaching box tonight
Kay Yow, women's basketball coach for North Carolina State University, died tonight, after a long, tenacious fight against cancer. I could try to sum her up in numbers -- 66 years old, 737 wins, 11 ...
RiderOnTheStorm 01/24/2009 7 15 - 14
NSA whistleblower Russell Tice on Countdown w/KO, Day Two (update X4)
Yesterday, Russell Tice appeared on Countdown with Keith Olberman (
RiderOnTheStorm 01/22/2009 152 220 10 239
Breaking: former-NSA whistleblower on KO says domestic spying much worse (Update X6)
Russell Tice, former NSA analyst, is talking to Keith Olberman as I type this, providing some stunning revelations about the extent and nature of the Bush administration's domestic spying program. I'
RiderOnTheStorm 01/21/2009 477 775 37 659
BREAKING: Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted (update X2)
Oh, we know that this still leaves our state far behind perennial contenders such as Illinois and Louisiana when it comes to public corruption issues, but please consider this effort as our ...
RiderOnTheStorm 01/09/2009 60 27 - 94
New rule: bailout $$ = CxO firings
With the news that Citibank is apparently about to be handed a $300B gift from the taxpayers, following on the news that automakers' CEOs took private jets to Washington to beg for their bailout, ...
RiderOnTheStorm 11/24/2008 25 9 1 2
How to save a car company
It seems that one of the next contestants in line for a federal bailout will be the automobile industry. Years ago, I would have argued that we should just let it fail, but I've changed my mind on ...
RiderOnTheStorm 11/14/2008 26 8 - 24
Dontcha think the EPA could use a Nobel Laureate? (w/poll)
I've been trying to keep up with the plethora of discussions about all the cabinet positions that will be filled in President Obama's administration. As a proud tree-hugger, I've ...
RiderOnTheStorm 11/06/2008 83 3 - 2
GA-Senate heads to runoff: let's win this!
Jim Martin now faces a runoff with Saxby Chambliss on December 2 -- just four weeks away. Runoff elections generally see far less turnout than general elections, and thus are often decided based on ...
RiderOnTheStorm 11/05/2008 13 23 2 27
Liveblogging from Obama HQ, Towson, MD (3:45 update)
I'll be intermittently updating this throughout the day, and may be adding occasional requests for help. Maryland has been very active in the campaign; we were informed last night that, as a state,
RiderOnTheStorm 11/04/2008 5 2 - 12
There is no mercy rule in politics
The past few weeks have carried story after about the woes of our adversaries. They've flailed, they've self-destructed, they've gone off-message, heck, now they're even fighting among themselves ...
RiderOnTheStorm 10/29/2008 7 11 - 22
Bring down the avalanche in PA and VA
This will be a short and sweet entry for the same reason I've made no entries over the past several months: I'm busy trying to see that in a few months the man is known as ...
RiderOnTheStorm 10/22/2008 27 18 1 4
Why we must win
I have no doubt that I overlooked many reasons I shouldn't have, while selecting some that others wouldn't. So add your own. (Like I need to ask THIS crowd to do that.) Why this many? Well, 88 ...
RiderOnTheStorm 04/11/2008 2 1 - 2
Sequoia Voting Systems vs. Princeton, Round 4: tale of the tape
This is a followup on three previous diary entries: Sequoia Voting Systems threatens Princeton ...
RiderOnTheStorm 04/07/2008 10 8 - 51
Rape in the US military worse than combat
Women in the US military are more likely to be raped than to be killed by enemy fire. In case I don't have your full attention: WOMEN IN THE US MILITARY ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE RAPED THAN TO BE ...
RiderOnTheStorm 04/02/2008 58 67 4 165
Heathrow's meltdown and your fingerprints
Heathrow Airport has just (last Thursday) opened a new terminal -- Terminal 5. Things are not going particularly well, as this posting at the wonderful Boing ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/31/2008 14 22 - 3
DHS wants new torture technology
It seems that there's been insufficient progress in turning the public's flying experience into the fifth deepest pit in hell. We all know that the TSA is working hard -- you know,
RiderOnTheStorm 03/28/2008 40 30 2 220
Leaked classified memo: Fallujah jail a "dungeon"
Wikileaks has posted a "Confidential memo from Maj. Gen. Kelly, commander of US forces in western Iraq (MNF-W, or Multi-National Force — West), written ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/27/2008 13 30 1 4
Please click here to be arrested
The FBI is running a new entrapment operation. It's designed to bait Internet users into following links to supposed child pornography sites. The idea seems to be that recording the IP addresses of ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/25/2008 54 22 1 10
Sequoia Voting Systems website hacked
InfoWorld is reporting that Sequoia Voting System's website was hacked last Thursday. Web site hacks ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/24/2008 5 14 - 4
John Dean: Obama too smart to be president?
I'm not going to say too much about John Dean's essay, Barack Obama's Smart Speech "A More Perfect Union": Did It Reveal Him To Be Too ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/23/2008 89 44 4 27
Sequoia Voting Systems vs. Princeton, Round 3
Would you buy a pocket calculator that told you 15+20+25=61? Would you buy one sold by someone referring to you as a member of the "Democrat Party"? How about buying one from someone who ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/21/2008 5 18 - 31
Sequoia Voting Systems SUCCESSFULLY threatens Princeton researchers
Yesterday, I wrote Sequoia Voting Systems threatens Princeton researchers . This morning, it appears that the threat has been ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/19/2008 11 20 1 92
Sequoia Voting Systems threatens Princeton researchers
Professor Ed Felten and his Princeton colleagues are known internationally -- and with good reason. They've done some of the most thorough, ingenious, groundbreaking research on security issues to ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/18/2008 26 40 1 51
That's not a weapon -- that's a target. Or: who ELSE is reading your email?
The title is derived from an apocryphal saying that has many variations: "The Air Force builds weapons; the Navy builds targets". That's a restatement of a dilemma which has confronted military ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/08/2008 16 27 3 166
Feds' back door + more FBI privacy violations = serious trouble
Kevin Poulsen at Wired's Threat Level has this piece up: Whistle-Blower: Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/06/2008 6 19 1 34
Asst AG admits: it's not phone calls, it's email
Wired's ThreatLevel is carrying an article by Ryan Singel which cites remarks made by Assistant Attorney General for ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/05/2008 33 40 1 155
Your primary day virtual mix tape
Just about now, you have browser tabs open on every news site and blog covering today's primaries, and you're hitting the "refresh" button before the pages even fully load. You already know the ...
RiderOnTheStorm 03/04/2008 1 1 - 12
Abu Ghraib story gets worse -- see updates (2 PM EST)
I didn't think it could. I had hoped somewhere, despite all available evidence, that maybe we had already seen all the way to the bottom of the pit. I was wrong. Fair warning: these are very ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/28/2008 267 338 13 53
You want flags? I got your goddamn flags right here.
A message you might wish to pass along to anyone who actually takes the question of lapel pins or pledges or any of this seriously, written with John Prine's blunt words of simple wisdom in mind:
RiderOnTheStorm 02/26/2008 25 27 3 7
Pakistan's government takes out YouTube, worldwide
Pakistan's government has identified one of the videos hosted on the site as offensive/blasphemous/whatever, and announced its decision to block the entire site nationwide -- and to pretend that ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/25/2008 14 10 1 14
Prairie View - the happy few
Now that it's made the front page of DKos, this is a bit late. But... this , not the returns from Wisconsin or Hawaii, not the speeches by the candidates, not the foolish bickering over who ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/20/2008 2 7 - 1
How Room 641A proves you're a terrorist
This is going take a little explaining, so please bear with me. My goal is to show how easy it is for third parties to exploit wiretapping systems to implicate the innocent -- and worse. But ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/15/2008 62 64 13 202
A lot of people around the country have stood in long lines, in the rain and snow and wind and cold, to have their chance to vote for the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. A smaller (but ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/13/2008 4 3 - -
Impeachment may be the least of their worries
I think it's become clear why Attorney General Mukasey is waffling on he definition of "torture" -- and why others in the administration are doing the same. I don't think it's impeachment that ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/07/2008 26 19 - 4
It's time to play...Let's Make A Deal
I've noticed a shift in rhetoric on the Republican side. Perhaps that's my imagination working overtime, but it appears to me that while they're in the midst of arguing over who has the most ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/06/2008 15 - - -
The speech I want my nominee to give - draft #1
I haven't decided who to support as the nominee -- well, aside from Hunter S. Thompson, and he's too busy being fireworks to run. So instead, I've drafted portions of the speech that I want the ...
RiderOnTheStorm 02/01/2008 3 2 - -
Technical Impact of the "Protect America" Act
There's been considerable discussion of the impact of the "Protect America" Act on civil rights, security, privacy, and other legal/political areas. Less-explored, but perhaps as important, is the ...
RiderOnTheStorm 01/29/2008 8 18 1 5
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