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Mitch McConnell's Mum Moment
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report . By Berry Craig “Do you repudiate Richard Fink’s remarks at the Koch retreat this summer?” a reporter asked Mitch McConnell the other day. His ...
Rural Progressive 09/15/2014 2 8 - -
Will Mitch McConnell Ask The FBI To Investigate Jesse Benton Like He Did Curtis Morrison?
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Remember when Mitch McConnell accused folks of bugging his headquarters and asked for an FBI investigation? Turns out Mitch McConnell’s headquarters wasn’t ...
Rural Progressive 08/30/2014 17 17 1 -
Mitch McConnell's Public Town Hall Meeting Turns Out To Be A Private Town Hall Meeting!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . When a Mitch McConnell public town hall meeting, in Leitchfield, KY. August 21, 2014, was advertised on the Grayson County Chamber of Commerce website as being a ...
Rural Progressive 08/21/2014 43 155 4 -
Mitch McConnell Kentucky's Pied Piper Of Pandering
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report by Berry Craig . "Mitch McConnell's a guy who's made a cottage industry out of hatred for the president of the United States," says Kentucky State Treasurer Todd ...
Rural Progressive 08/17/2014 9 11 2 -
Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's 2nd Wife, Lectures Alison Lundergan Grimes In Political Ad.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Elaine Chao lectures Alison Lundergan Grimes about Kentucky in her Husband Senator Mitch McConnell’s political ad . In the ad Elaine Chao has this to say to ...
Rural Progressive 08/06/2014 63 110 1 -
Mitch McConnell's Tea Party Problem.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report. You’ve got to wonder how many Kentucky Republicans are like Barbara Knott. She just quit the Daviess County GOP executive committee because she’s not for Sen. ...
Rural Progressive 07/27/2014 33 94 2 -
Hey Democrats, Ron Leach KY-2 Needs Your Help. Let’s Get To Work.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District has a real Democrat, Ron Leach, running against Republican Congressman Brett Guthrie and Ron needs your help.
Rural Progressive 07/23/2014 2 6 - -
Alison Lundergan Grimes Wins Dem. Senate Primary Now She Has To Deal With Independent Ed Marksberry
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report. Alison Lundergan Grimes won the Kentucky Democratic Senate Primary with 77% of the Democratic vote and that means 23% of democratic voters voted for another ...
Rural Progressive 05/20/2014 42 22 1 -
Kentucky kid stuff. "I was waiting for 'My dad went to MIT!'"
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report By Berry Craig Joseph Gerth of the Louisville Courier Journal: “Matt Bevin relies on his young daughter, Olivia, to call U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell a liar in his ...
Rural Progressive 04/23/2014 11 7 - -
Senator Mitch McConnell Is Catching Hell On His Facebook Page!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Team Mitch made the following Facebook post: “This Election in Kentucky is really about who leads the U.S. Senate in 2015! COMMENT with 'GOP' if you want a ...
Rural Progressive 04/11/2014 15 29 - -
Pastry, a puppet and the captain of Team Mitch
By Berry Craig . What do a warmed over biscuit and Howdy Doody have in common? Sen. Mitch McConnell is getting compared to both of them. He’s like the pastry, says Alison Lundergan Grimes, who ...
Rural Progressive 03/23/2014 4 5 - -
Is Senator Mitch McConnell Supplying His Friendly Super PAC’s With Video B-Roll?
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Remember March 11, 2014 when Senator Mitch McConnell posted a political web ad called “Working for Kentuckians” consisting of B-Roll and strange music? When ...
Rural Progressive 03/21/2014 9 6 - -
It’s Howdy Doody Time #McConnelling Video
Cross posted at Hillbilly ...
Rural Progressive 03/17/2014 3 2 - -
Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Male #McConnelling Video
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report .
Rural Progressive 03/15/2014 2 8 - -
A Little Enhancement To Mitch McConnell's Political Ad. #McConnelling Video
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . We felt the music in Senator Mitch McConnell's political ad was boring so we replaced it with the senator himself proudly (snark) singing "My Old Kentucky Home."
Rural Progressive 03/14/2014 3 4 - -
Alison Lundergan Grimes: "I Believe In Increasing The Minimum Wage" Video
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report Alison Lundergan Grimes calls out Senator Mitch ...
Rural Progressive 01/30/2014 3 9 - -
Rand Paul "Wages Have To Fall" Video
Rural Progressive 01/29/2014 20 20 1 -
Mitch McConnell Sneaks Around Kentucky And Holds Captured Audience Closed To The Public Meetings!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . It's difficult To find out where Mitch McConnell is going to be speaking, here in Kentucky. Team Mitch keeps that sort of information close to the vest. However ...
Rural Progressive 01/11/2014 8 58 1 -
January 9, 2014 Alison Lundergan Grimes Files Paper Work For U.S. Senate. Video
Supporters show Alison Lundergan Grimes love prior to filing for U.S. Senate. Alison Lundergan Grimes Filing For U.S. Senate.
Rural Progressive 01/09/2014 3 4 - -
Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidate Goes Undercover And Finds A Broken Economy. Awesome!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . I received the following from Ron Leach Democratic candidate for Kentucky's 2nd Congressional district and it's awesome! "It is one thing to safely give stump ...
Rural Progressive 01/08/2014 76 433 15 -
Elections Matter. Rand Paul Told You Your Wages Needed To Fall And You Elected Him Anyway!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Why is the media getting it's panties in a wad over Rand Paul's comments about the 1.3 million unemployed? After all this is the guy Kentucky wanted, voted for ...
Rural Progressive 12/26/2013 11 18 1 -
Mitch McConnell's Campaign Coordinating With Super PAC Kentuckians For Strong Leadership?
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Is Mitch McConnell's Senatorial campaign coordinating with the Super PAC Kentuckians For Strong Leadership and American Crossroads? I think so. I don't say that ...
Rural Progressive 08/13/2013 2 5 - -
Mr. President, Don't Eliminate Food Stamps! We Don't Want The Red State Republicans To Go Hungry!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . An open message for our President. Mr. President, please don't eliminate food stamps! We don't want the Red State Republican base to go hungry, starve to death ...
Rural Progressive 08/10/2013 14 19 1 -
Elizabethtown, Ky. Rand Paul Declares A One Way Truce With Chris Christie And A Beer Summit! Video
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report .
Rural Progressive 08/06/2013 6 2 - -
That's Me In Mitch McConnell's Political Ad And This Is My Video Response!
I realize the video below is a Kentuckians For Strong Leadership video, but in my opinion, they're nothing more than a big time money machine for Mitch McConnell using my video in their political ad ...
Rural Progressive 08/04/2013 81 272 - -
Super PAC Supporting Mitch McConnell Kentuckians For Strong Leadership. Out Of State Old Rich Guys?
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report From the Courier Journal: " Super PAC supporting Mitch McConnell snags $1.2 million in 6 months, mostly outside Kentucky " Taking ...
Rural Progressive 08/01/2013 6 10 - -
Trayvon Martin Prayer Vigil July 20, 2013 Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Videos And Photos
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report here and here .
Rural Progressive 07/20/2013 9 25 1 -
Mitch McConnell's Team Mitch. A Bunch Of Lazy Ass Right Wing Conservative Slackers? I Think So!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Mitch McConnell's Team Mitch. A bunch of lazy ass right wing conservative slackers too lazy to shoot their own videos? That's what it looks like to me! They use ...
Rural Progressive 07/02/2013 6 4 - -
Congratulations And Thank You Senator Mitch McConnell!
Rural Progressive 06/19/2013 4 11 - -
I'm a stereotyped old white guy
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report By Berry Craig . If you’re an old white guy from Kentucky or some other Red State, some people -- especially other old white guys -- think there's no way you ...
Rural Progressive 06/08/2013 117 158 1 -
March Against Monsanto, Louisville, Kentucky May 25, 2013. Photos and Video.
Cross posted at hillbilly Report, here and here . Click here to view photos. A beautiful day with beautiful people. To tell you the truth I felt honored to capture this. It was a ...
Rural Progressive 05/25/2013 8 21 - -
Kentucky Has A Grassroots Senate Candidate And His Name Is Ed Marksberry
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Video courtesy of Current TV Ed Marksberry's website and his Facebook page.
Rural Progressive 05/24/2013 6 11 - -
"What About Us?"
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . The video below was put together using photos and videos we've shot in Kentucky and Indiana. The song "What About Us?", was written and recorded by Ed Marksberry ...
Rural Progressive 05/02/2013 3 2 1 -
MSU Students Post Online Petition Against Mitch McConnell As Graduation Speaker.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . The son of a Steelworker is leading a Murray State University student protest against the choice of Sen. Mitch McConnell as the school’s commencement speaker. ��
Rural Progressive 04/24/2013 8 19 - -
Current TV Interviews Kentucky US Democratic Senate Candidate Ed Marksberry Video
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report .
Rural Progressive 04/24/2013 1 2 - -
Mitch McConnell Working To Impact Us Adversely? That's What He Says In This 22 Second Video.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report Video courtesy of WDRB click here to see the entire video. Mitch McConnell : "For a fairly small state like ours to have someone who is a major player in the ...
Rural Progressive 03/27/2013 5 2 - -
08/17/1988 Mitch McConnell Representing Kentucky And Elaine Chao Representing California. Video.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report Mitch McConnell injected Elaine Chao into his 2014 senatorial campaign with this video . He, Senator Mitch McConnell also had a lot to say about Ashley Judd, his ...
Rural Progressive 03/18/2013 5 5 - -
Mitch McConnell 1988: The Democrats Are Always Crying Because They Can't Make The Deficit An Issue!
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report Mitch McConnell 10/09/1988: " The Democrats are always crying because they haven't been able to make the deficit an issue. In fact the deficit doesn't work for ...
Rural Progressive 03/14/2013 4 6 - -
Mitch McConnell I'm With You. Repeal The 22nd Amendment So Barack Obama Can Run For A 3rd Term!
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report Mitch McConnell 11/29/94 " I intend to introduce a constitutional amendment which would repeal the 22nd Amendment because that denied the voters the opportunity to ...
Rural Progressive 03/14/2013 8 4 - -
How Would The Christian Conservative Community Deal With Jesus If He Were With Us Today?
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report I'm not writing this to anger my fellow Christians. I writing this so that we might ask ourselves the following questions. How would Jesus would fit in modern day ...
Rural Progressive 03/12/2013 30 12 - -
17 Reasons Why I Can't Support Senator Mitch McConnell's 2014 Re-Election Bid!
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report Senator Mitch McConnell will be seeking re-election in 2014, here in Kentucky. For me this isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about what I really believe is ...
Rural Progressive 03/12/2013 5 7 - -
Senator Mitch McConnell Talks About Kentucky But Raises Money In California. San Francisco Bay?
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report Senator Mitch McConnell has been raising money for his 2014 Senatorial re-election bid for long time like the one in 2011 in Atherton, California. We all know that ...
Rural Progressive 03/11/2013 13 - - -
Racism. Mitch McConnell Invents It For His Benefit And Ignores It For His Benefit.
Cross Posted At Hillbilly Report Senator Mitch McConnell goes on national television and accuses folks of racial slurs against his ...
Rural Progressive 03/05/2013 9 2 - -
Senator Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Jesse Benton. "I'm Just A Political Hack."
Click here for the entire WFPL Jesse Benton interview. Definition of Political Hack. Noun "political hack" - a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private ...
Rural Progressive 03/04/2013 2 2 - -
Mitch McConnell And Nancy Pelosi Spend A Lot Of Time Together?
Rural Progressive 02/28/2013 2 - - -
Elaine Chao, Senator Mitch McConnell's Wife, Lives In Washington, DC And Votes In Kentucky.
Cross posted at Hillbilly Report . Elaine Chao, according to her Google Plus page and 12 political and Pac contributions , lives in Washington, DC ...
Rural Progressive 02/27/2013 20 4 - -
My Advice To Ashley Judd. Don't Listen To The Ky Democratic Party. Take Your Campaign To The People.
Cross Posted at Hillbilly Report Ashley we love you here in Kentucky, but if you decide to run against Senator Mitch McConnell you need to know that the Kentucky Democratic Party might be your worst ...
Rural Progressive 02/25/2013 14 32 - -
Hillbilly "French Model?" A Request For Senator Mitch McConnell's Military Discharge Papers. Video
Send us your military discharge papers Mitch!
Rural Progressive 02/25/2013 4 5 - -
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