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Black Stuff Found Around Eastern Japan May Be Fukushima Nuclear Fuel
At we have reported extensively on the highly radioactive black stuff being found around eastern Japan, as far away as Tokyo. Citizens initially found the substance, usually ...
SDstuck 07/16/2013 28 32 - -
New Corrosion Research Shows Accelerated Failure At Fukushima Daiichi
The old rusty pipes at Daiichi? They may not last the entire decade TEPCO says they need to cool the melted fuel. The research team looked at various factors involved in the accident ...
SDstuck 12/03/2012 33 22 - -
The Childrens Health Crisis In Fukushima
Soon after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan a plan was put in place to downplay the health risks of radiation exposure. The Fukushima Health Survey, run by a WHO expert has managed to block ...
SDstuck 11/13/2012 18 25 2 -
What Is Really Behind The Wisconsin No bid Power Plant Sell Off?
There has been much confusion related to Walker's sneaky sell off of state power plants since it was discovered. The plants in question are state owned small power plants that supply heat, ...
SDstuck 03/12/2011 79 266 15 1286
Solve Health Care, Give Them A Choice!
So the GOP masses want to repeal health care reform. The biggest complaints heard are that they don't want the government mucking in their health care or they think anything besides buying insurance ...
SDstuck 11/05/2010 3 - - 32
Another St. Pat's peace activist gets lashed out at - vandalism
After last weekends local parades I was shocked to read this diary about the violence against people marching in the Colorado ...
SDstuck 03/22/2007 3 4 - 17
4 abortion bans fail in South Dakota
Four abortion bans were proposed in South Dakota this legislative session and all failed miserably. This is a watershed moment for South Dakota, a state that has been fighting this issue in the ...
SDstuck 03/08/2007 11 11 - 4
Have your Senator take the minimum wage challenge.
Twenty eight Senators voted to eliminate the minimum wage. Read that again. They voted to ELIMINATE it all together. Most of these are the same people who voted down the minimum wage hike in the ...
SDstuck 01/26/2007 17 7 - -
South Dakota may have another abortion ban
Reports came out today that there is another abortion ban brewing in South Dakota. This time with exceptions for rape & incest. Right now nobody knows if it will have a health exception.
SDstuck 01/23/2007 49 10 1 51
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