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Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'
For most of his life, Jimmy Carter has been an advocate for human rights. In 1982, one year after leaving the Oval Office, the former US President and his wife Rosalynn Carter, founded ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/26/2015 582 768 24 -
Pootie Division Street: America - "No Catcall Zone" signs go up around New York City in April, 2015
Now with the "No Kardashians" parking violation signs , we have reached new and interesting places with signs demarcating (insert favorite problem)-free zones. If only the ...
annieli 04/16/2015 3 6 - -
One year: The families of Chibok still hope to bring their girls home
This is an anniversary no one, no one would want. It has been a year since the girls in Chibok, Nigeria were kidnapped by Boko Haram. As we know a brave and fortunate small group of them escaped ...
ShoshannaD 04/16/2015 7 10 - -
Rush Limbaugh Admits Defeat On Facebook - 'Talk' Of Being Dropped In Chicago Circulates
Reports are flying that the large Chicago Cumulus radio ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 208 396 2 -
'I am a TEA PARTYER, but this was over the line' - Boycott Rush Limbaugh Sponsor Petition Hits 100k!
Surprisingly, the quote in this story's title is not by Conservative talking head, Rush Limbaugh. It's by a Tea Party member outraged by Limbaugh's hate speech. 'Ricardo from New York' was the ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 81 173 2 -
Wall Street Journal Confirms Boycotters Are Winning The Fight Against Rush Limbaugh/Hate Radio
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 96 232 3 -
Time Magazine Affirms - Rush Limbaugh Is In Trouble
It seems the larger mainstream media outlets like Time Magazine are starting to realize that 'small-fry' social media outlets have become a force to be reckoned with. Last week, I published ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 287 454 5 -
Poor Rush - So Hard Up For Sponsors, He's Airing 'Limbaugh' Ads - Boycotters Continue Happy Dance
Yes, it's true. Conservative 'hate radio' talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, is having such a hard time getting and keeping sponsors for his show due to the national boycott, he's airing promo ads of ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 38 67 1 -
Rush Limbaugh Receives Death Threats & 'Child Molester' Accusation By Drunken Ohio Man
When you send vile hatred out to the public and to the universe for 25 years, there's no telling what you'll get back. According to Tim Reardon at ABC affiliate, 
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 28 29 - -
No Pardon - Young Woman To Serve 30 Years For Miscarriage
With some stories, I'm not sure where to begin, because the news has me stunned and almost speechless. I want to turn away, block it out and find something happy to do, or something else to think ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 294 523 12 -
Molly Ivins Explains Late-Term Abortion Indisputably - In 121 Seconds
For decades, anti-choice Republican lawmakers have tried to chip away at the legal reproductive rights of women, and the battle continues today . When it comes to  late-term abortion, the topic ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 131 223 6 -
8 Arrested As Fearless Pro-Choice Group Turns The Heat Around On Anti-Choice March In DC
There's a new powerhouse in town called The organization takes a strong proactive approach to fight the Republican War on Women and constant assault on women's reproductive ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 116 269 4 -
Rush Limbaugh Scores ZERO 'Truth' In Politifact Survey - His Pants Are Soooo On Fire
Looks as though the self-proclaimed 'Mayor Of Real-zville' is more ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 115 98 2 -
Rush Limbaugh called me a "professorette"
Rush attacked my Salon piece on the patriotism of Stephen Colbert, dismissed me as "professorette" -- and got facts so wrong, he made my point stronger. Read my rebuttal .
Sophia McClennen 12/24/2014 92 250 3 -
Michael Savage on immigration, Ferguson, equating Obama with Mousolini, Hitler, Pol Pot.
Three of the major publicly funded universities in Kansas and Missouri broadcast sports on 11 stations that headline Rush Limbaugh. University of Missouri lets Limbaugh ride the Missouri Tiger on 7 ...
certainot 11/23/2014 19 10 - -
My Short F*ck You Note & Meme To Hobby Lobby (Updated)
I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of seeing women's rights gutted and stomped on by misogynist GOP politicians and corporations. As an artist, I will no longer purchase my supplies from ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/23/2014 100 217 2 -
Rape Kits And The Rape Culture
Rape Kit A rape kit consists of small boxes, microscope slides and plastic bags for collecting and storing evidence such as clothing fibers, hairs, saliva, semen or body fluid, which may help ...
Richard Lyon 11/23/2014 111 131 1 -
Lewis Black Slams Rush Limbaugh With A Big Ol' F*CK YOU!
The very thunderous and politically outspoken comedian, Lewis Black , lashed out at Rush Limbaugh yesterday for Limbaugh's recent comments about the ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/23/2014 259 432 6 -
When a corpse has more rights than a woman
Look around the world. Consider the status of women in "pro-life" countries, particularly as relates to the "life of the mother". In countries like Ireland or the Dominican Republic , where laws ...
Rachel191 11/23/2014 85 185 6 -
Let's Tell Rush No Always Means No.
Rush Limbaugh is at it again – this time on campus sexual assault. Earlier this week on his show, he made the absolutely disgusting comment: “How many of you guys in your own experience with ...
SandraFluke 11/23/2014 53 144 3 -
Rush Limbaugh #1 Most Distrusted 'News Source' According To This Pew Poll
(Title has been edited) According to one of the charts in a new study from the Pew Research Center, the much-hated Conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, holds first place as least-trusted ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/23/2014 71 65 2 -
'Abortion-Funding' Rush Limbaugh Gets Duped By Server - Texas Style
I do love this story. Texas author, Merritt Tierce, used to be a server at the Dallas steakhouse, Nick & Sam's. This week, Tierce ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/23/2014 22 33 - -
DC Judge Forces Woman To Have Cesarean & She Dies - 5 Shocking Injustices Against Pregnant Women
1. Based on the belief that he had an obligation to give a fetus a chance for life, a judge in Washington, D.C., ordered a critically ill 27-year-old woman who was 26 weeks pregnant to undergo a ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/23/2014 297 498 19 -
H$ll No You Don't own me! Gotv and key voter reg deadlines
Well, hard to believe we have still have to fight this battle. But we are down to the wire...time to suit up. And Thank You Ms. Gore! . Below the fold, key voter registration deadlines. Please ...
ShoshannaD 11/23/2014 10 11 - -
Campaign Update from Sandra Fluke: This is David vs. Goliath
To my friends in the Kos community: I know you care about electing progressives, and I care about electing progressives, so that's why I am ringing this alarm bell . No one is fired up to vote on ...
SandraFluke 11/23/2014 58 226 5 -
Missouri lawmaker wants courts to keep his adult daughters off of birth control
There really isn't an end to ...
Joan McCarter 09/11/2014 177 223 2 -
Our Girls are Still Missing - Bring Them Home
Bring home our girls.
JoanMar 09/11/2014 26 44 1 -
Open thread for night owls: Five fat corporadoes want to abandon United States to avoid taxes
Dave Johnson at the Campaign for America's Future writes 5 Giant Un-American Corporations Trying to Bolt U.S. to Avoid Taxes :
Meteor Blades 09/11/2014 90 51 2 -
Keith Olbermann's epic rant against sexism in sports
I call it an "epic rant" only because it's not Countdown and not a "Special Comment." But, it is. Keith explains how sports sexism let the NFL get away with suspending a wife-beater for two games ...
Eileen B 09/11/2014 85 161 1 -
Stop TIME-Splaining: What TIME Gets Wrong About Feminism (UPDATED)
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with the “Women Against Feminism” meme that has been taking social media by storm. There have been ...
RamblinDave 09/11/2014 141 71 1 -
This Week in the War on Women: Reflections from Netroots Nation
This Week in the War on Women is a series that appears on Saturdays at 5 PM Pacific time. Last week I attended Netroots Nation in Detroit, and today I want to share some thoughts about it. If ...
ramara 09/11/2014 7 31 - -
Who The Hell Is This Woman and Why Is She So Angry?
This is my first diary. I decided to create this profile because the diaries of Puck Goodfellow inspire me and I can no longer continue to be this angry and stay silent. To my friends that will ...
Boudicas Child 09/10/2014 291 518 17 -
GOTV VI: Sandra Fluke Motivates Millennials
Welcome to the newest diary in the GOTV series and thank you for stopping by. We are very fortunate to have the indomitable Sandra Fluke as our guest who has recorded a terrific video about the ...
ShoshannaD 09/10/2014 33 27 2 -
#HobbyLobbyLove is a thing, but it's not going well
Hunter 07/14/2014 254 350 6 1
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Misogyny is a Feature, Not a Bug
Recent Supreme Court rulings highlight the persistent presence of misogyny in the US. Megan Amundson, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, expressed her anger over the Supreme Court�
UnaSpenser 07/14/2014 97 95 8 -
Football And The Rape Culture
The New York Times has a lengthy in depth article about what is very regrettably a classic recurring story. A newly arrived freshman woman goes to a party and consumes alcohol. She is raped by ...
Richard Lyon 07/14/2014 173 126 3 -
Republicans say that they are pro-life. That is why they trash kids on national television.
Republicans and other Conservatives managed to jump the shark years ago by claiming to value human life; while leaving human lives outside the womb to suffer under their policies. What would appear ...
lagertha 07/14/2014 69 111 3 -
I like sex
It's my third favorite thing. (Things one and two are eating and sleeping.) Meanwhile, I love my two children and am grateful beyond expression that I have the ongoing experience of being their ...
nancyjones 07/03/2014 285 567 3 -
I've never heard Limbaugh THIS WORRIED as he is by overwhelming reaction to the Hobby Lobby ruling
Rush Limbaugh has been in full damage control mode since the Hobby Lobby decision came down. I've never heard Rush this scared! And it's classic but predictable, and it's also common. The ...
Lefty Coaster 07/01/2014 269 419 5 -
Why Everything Depends Upon GOTV
Onomastic 06/30/2014 73 46 1 -
Rethinking Patriarchy - What's in it for Men?
One of the rocks that the debate on women's issues seems to founder on, over and over again, is the disparity of reward that seems to be available for men and women in the process of shifting from ...
serendipityisabitch 06/28/2014 151 33 1 -
Powerful Boycott Still Crushing Limbaugh's Career - Media Expert Holland Cooke Says It Goes Deeper
It seems Rush Limbaugh has been on a fast snowball to Hell . Every month, sometimes every week, there is bad news for the for former ...
Leslie Salzillo 06/28/2014 81 223 2 -
How an ordinary father's son stumbled onto feminism
In a recent Walking on Eggshells diary , CroneWit made a valuable observation about how men talk (and often do not talk) about their familiarity with feminism. [W]e need men who understand this ...
Silencio 06/26/2014 261 63 2 -
Supreme Court Case Imminent: Monday’s Hobby Lobby Decision
Most of you know that I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Even though House Republicans refused to let me speak at a hearing on contraception coverage – a hearing with five men and NO women on ...
SandraFluke 06/26/2014 46 141 1 -
Aw, Rush Limbaugh's Sad - Tiny Bookstore Rejects His Books & Won't Play With Him
Finally, it took a small, independent bookstore in Washington DC to stand up and turn down Rush Limbaugh's children's history books . The words ...
Leslie Salzillo 06/26/2014 150 210 3 -
#StopRush Scores Big
Filed from the field by hrhprissy , who is on assignment: Sluts, prostitutes and militant feminazis everywhere rejoiced as Sandra Fluke crossed the finish line in the California Primary. She and ...
tkirkland 06/05/2014 11 29 - -
The results from yesterday’s California State Senate race -- District 26 -- are in. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, I am moving on to the general election! I am immensely proud of my ...
SandraFluke 06/04/2014 79 498 1 -
Election Preview: Los Angeles Kossacks, Sandra Fluke and tmservo433
Los Angeles hosted Sandra Fluke (rhymes with book) this afternoon at Casey's Irish Bar as she talked about her plan to represent the California State Senate District 26 as a progressive Democrat.
susans 06/01/2014 9 34 1 -
Sandra Fluke meets Los Angeles Kossacks (w/video)
4 days before the June 3 primary we had the honor to hear Sandra Fluke , running for California Senate in CA-26. And BTW her first diary in DKos broke all records for ...
Shockwave 06/01/2014 21 86 2 -
Vernacular and Euphemisms - Get Out! Trigger warning? STFU!
Each of the terms in the title are words in the modern lexicon of dialogue. They mean something in context that is different than the literal meaning of the words. They are short-hand forms of ...
LilithGardener 05/31/2014 126 67 4 -
Rush Limbaugh's California Dream Becomes A Nightmare - Media Matters Delivers More Bad News
Last month, Media Matters reported a plummet in Rush Limbaugh's popularity, stating his new California show ranked 37th in the second largest radio ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/31/2014 42 195 1 -
What Defines Me
When I announced I was running for the California State Senate, I did an interview with the Washington Post. They asked me: Any fear about being branded as a kind of one hit wonder– forever known ...
SandraFluke 05/30/2014 31 106 5 -
As you can imagine, Rush Limbaugh isn’t my favorite person. He’s on the wrong side of just about every issue. He often misinforms the public, and he tries to silence those who fight for ...
SandraFluke 05/23/2014 44 262 4 -
The Prudes on the Right still hate Sandra Fluke with a passion
The readers of the Daily Caller are acting more like daily crawlers as they unload their vitriol and moral poutrage on Sandra Fluke, who is now running for state senate in California’s 26th ...
Lefty Coaster 05/10/2014 26 25 1 -
Catching "A Ray of Light, A Passing Shadow," in Santa Fe
How many people take note throughout their day of a singular ray of light or passing shadow? How often do you suppose such things go unnoticed? And when such things are noticed, do you think you'd ...
GreyHawk 05/05/2014 26 50 2 -
Updated: Dallas Judge Who Asked Victim If She Cried During Rape & Gave Rapist 45 Days - Recuses
*UPDATED below: Here's what we had: 1. A 14-year old girl is raped by 18-year old self-confessed rapist. 2. Judge gives rapist only 45-day jail sentence after facing 20 years. 3. Judge ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2014 96 199 2 -
Media Matters Reports More Bad News for Rush Limbaugh… REAL BAD
It's another bowl of crow for Rush Limbaugh to eat, and his bowls runneth over these days. Media Matters has ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/01/2014 179 402 4 -
50 More Well-Known Rush Limbaugh Sponsors Go Silent - Boycotters Still Kicking His A$$ets!
This is very good news. Over 50 substantial Limbaugh sponsors have not been heard in months. This number is in the addition to the thousands of national and local ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/12/2014 41 116 2 -
Carter’s Salon Interview On Race, Slut-Shaming and How U.S. is Viewed as World's "No. 1 Warmonger"
Let's get right into it... [ “America as the No. ...
bobswern 04/12/2014 51 84 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Slams Pat Toomey (R) For Filibustering Equal Pay
Received this e-mail today from former Congressman and decorated Admiral Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign regarding Tea Party Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA) and equal pay:
poopdogcomedy 04/09/2014 6 10 - -
By all means, GOP Ladies' Auxiliary, let's DO talk about Obamacare!
This diary started out as a comment on this diary . So the Ladies of the GOP have decided that women around the country really, really don't want to talk about equal pay and what they REALLY want ...
gardnerhill 04/09/2014 38 203 4 -
My Short F*ck You Note & Meme To Hobby Lobby
I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of seeing women's rights gutted and stomped on by misogynist GOP politicians and corporations. As an artist, I will no longer purchase my supplies from ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/09/2014 346 400 3 -
You go right ahead, GOP, and scorn every woman in America. Good luck with that
If I am Reince Prebius I am praying to the god of sniveling corporate shits that this Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case crashes and burns. You want to lose every woman who is smarter than Sarah Palin ...
MinistryOfTruth 04/09/2014 235 397 7 -
Order In The Courtroom - Here Come The Nuns! A New Force For Reproductive Choice
It's a Red Letter Day , it is. Given the current War on Women , when you have an organization of nuns stand up for reproductive choice,
Leslie Salzillo 04/09/2014 35 161 2 -
Rush Limbaugh: "We already have museums for women. They are called malls."
Rush Limbaugh once again put his foot in his mouth about women, accusing the GOP of appeasement before the 2014 election. “We already have, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how many museums ...
Eternal Hope 03/20/2014 28 13 - -
Weaponized Stupid
BTW this title was totally stollen from an excellent piece by Xaxnar . I am sure it's been floating around, but I am quite surprised not to see it covered here at the Kos. That would be Samantha B.'
GreenMother 03/17/2014 131 124 4 -
Everything You Might Not Know About Abortion - And Weren't Afraid To Ask
Whether you are liberal or conservative, pro-choice or anti-choice, here are just a few facts to consider when discussing the issue of abortion: Characteristics of U.S. Women Having ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/17/2014 26 57 2 -
Mike Huckabee woos the womenfolks
Mike Huckabee: Always a hit with the ladies. There's nothing to be said on this one. Let's just bask here in the wisdom of Important Conservative Mike Huckabee (R-radio)
Hunter 03/11/2014 89 44 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: How Relevant is International Women's Day to the Current War on Women?
Today’s diary, a co-production of NY Brit Expat and myself, reposts the historical documents we used last year quoting the words and actions of the “founding mothers” of International Women’...
Geminijen 03/09/2014 34 21 2 -
Snap! Rush Limbaugh's 'Radio Daddy' Clear Channel Reports $309 Million In 4th Quarter Losses
Yes. Clear Channel/CCI has once again reported an extremely heavy loss in their 4th quarter and year ending report. It's no surprise the Bain -owned media giant, home of Rush Limbaugh's vile ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/20/2014 102 173 4 -
GOP abortion foes are criminalizing the doctor-patient relationship
"The doctor-patient relationship." For more than 20 years , conservative propagandists and their Republican allies have used that four-word bludgeon to beat back ...
Jon Perr 02/20/2014 81 77 4 7
CALL TO ACTION: Kansas Senate Considers Bailing on HB-2453, the Anti-Gay bill
For the last few hours, I've been occupied as we discuss with members of the state legislature the impact of Kansas HB-2453. Though several diaries have been written about this (I put up one ...
Chris Reeves 02/13/2014 6 20 - -
New Rule
Forget the degeneration of indigenous groups by race based names on football teams. After reading yet another college sacrificing the lives of their female students in order to allow football ...
Horace Boothroyd III 01/31/2014 33 10 - -
Anita Hill Documentary Sure To Anger And Expose (Trailer)
Many of us remember the Anita Hill /Clarence Thomas hearing in 1991. We remember believing Hill's testimony of Thomas's blatant sexual harassment. And we remember the disgust we felt with how ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/30/2014 27 45 1 -
Four things I've learned from conservatives about successful liberal women
1. If you're a woman married to a successful politician, and you are a successful politician, you only got there because of your man.
Susan Gardner 01/27/2014 161 174 - -
Chris Hayes Hosts The Todd Akin Awards - Starring Anti-Women GOP Sugar Bubbas Of The Week (VIDEO)
Chris Hayes does a near perfect job of summing up this past week's crippling political blunders by Republicans against women. In addition to those mentioned in the video, (like, Mike 'Uncle Sugar' ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/27/2014 7 18 - -
Las Mujeres muertas de Juárez
Less than 50 miles south of where I live lies the Mexican city of Juárez. Not many years ago it was considered the murder capital of the planet, even more dangerous than Baghdad. Over five years it ...
Desert Scientist 01/24/2014 13 25 - -
Lawyers: Brain-dead Texas woman's fetus 'distinctly abnormal'
This is the GOP telling you that they are against "big government" ...
Desi 01/23/2014 264 327 2 -
Men dominate House anti-abortion law hearing
Men men men men. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act and if the picture above doesn't tell you enough about how it went, maybe this ...
Laura Clawson 01/15/2014 56 66 1 -
AK-Sen: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R) Certifies Bill Preventing Medicaid From Covering Abortions
The War On Women is taking place in Alaska and Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate, Mead Treadwell (R. AK), is one of their loyal foot soldiers:
poopdogcomedy 01/11/2014 1 7 - -
After twitter harassment tormented teen rape victim attempts suicide
Melinda Coleman, who is the mother of Daisy Coleman, told FOX 4 that her daughter tried to take her own life Sunday evening. According to Melinda, Daisy had attended a party for about an hour ...
Horace Boothroyd III 01/07/2014 5 37 - -
True or False: Rape is prevalent among high school and college students.
Welcome back! It's time to hold our weekly discussion on rape and sexual assault. We're into week seven. We have a set of regular readers and commenters for whom I am very thankful. But it would be ...
angelajean 12/29/2013 16 17 - -
Boom! More Proof Rush Limbaugh Is Losing The Boycott War - Bloomberg Squeals On Clear Channel
I have to admit, this was very fun to write. just reported Limbaugh's radio daddy, Clear Channel, is even more in debt. Some of Limbaugh's most loyal sponsors are evacuating his show.
Leslie Salzillo 12/29/2013 106 333 1 -
MI-Gov: Mark Schauer (D) Goes After The MI GOP's Extreme Anti-Choice Legislation
Received this e-mail today from Mark Schauer's (D. MI) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 12/12/2013 4 13 - -
True or False: Rape Can Happen To Anyone
Last week, we began a new series to talk about rape . We are taking a list of statements from a survey in the 1990's and comparing our answers to those of the high school students who took the ...
angelajean 12/06/2013 63 64 1 -
Catholic Alliance Denounces Rush Limbaugh With A Petition Demanding An Apology
Don't mess with the Pope, Rush. After Limbaugh's show the day before Thanksgiving, Catholics in Alliance started a Petition demanding an apology: Rush Limbaugh: “I gotta be very careful.
Leslie Salzillo 12/06/2013 173 324 2 -
Major Bank Renounces Rush Limbaugh After Twitter Bomb
Sunday night, memes such as above were spreading ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/06/2013 38 249 1 -
True or False: An unwilling victim could prevent rape if she or he wanted to.
Welcome back! It must be Thursday and time to tackle our weekly discussion on rape and sexual assault. We're into week five (skipped Thankgiving!) and gaining readers with each addition to the series.
angelajean 12/06/2013 90 29 1 -
Join Lizz Winstead and friends in a telethon to support Texas Women
On Monday, the 18th from 7 to 10 PM EST. She will be joined, among others, by Sarah Silverman, John Fugelsang, ManaboutTown and many others to raise funds for the Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity,
ShoshannaD 12/05/2013 9 29 2 -
Kos Katalogue Fantasy & Celtic Wire Jewelry
Stars in the Night Some baubles and bangles - some Fantasy and some with a Celtic feel. I love working with wire and seeing the different shapes as they form. I use various colored wire for a ...
mayrose 12/05/2013 33 44 - -
Animal Nuz #176
ericlewis0 11/30/2013 179 219 1 -
If it’s a male Veteran, it’s America’s fault, if it's a women Veteran, it's her fault.
Exactly that is what Jaspen Boothe told us a couple of days ago in an interview. She was talking about homelessness among her sisters, the women Veterans of the United States. I listened up and ...
mimi 11/29/2013 23 28 - -
Judge calls a 13-year-old "predatory" after she was raped by a 41 year-old.
Yep, you heard me... a very disgusting excuse of a Judge called a 13-year-old "predatory" after she was raped by a 41 year-old man. Just all because she had huge tits. What it with men assuming ...
Aurora Moon 11/24/2013 278 390 3 -
True or False: Most rapists choose someone they know as a victim
Welcome to our weekly series discussing rape and sexual assault. We're into week four and gaining readers with each addition to the series. For those who are new to the series, we are sharing a ...
angelajean 11/22/2013 48 27 - -
Rush Limbaugh compares Senate rules reform to rape
Yes, Rush Limbaugh wants attention and outrage at all times. But ...
Laura Clawson 11/22/2013 74 41 2 -
PA-Gov: Watch Chris Matthews Destroy Tom Corbett (R)
Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party featuring MSNBC's Hardball 's Chris Matthews rip Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA)
poopdogcomedy 11/18/2013 8 29 - -
Racial and gendered microaggressions and hypersensitivity, or one last straw after another
Sexism and racism (and homophobia and classism and ableism—add your own identity oppression here) are so woven into the fabric of our daily life that that the barrage wears even the most open-...
hepshiba 11/14/2013 158 119 11 -
True or False: Physically forcing someone to have sex is rape.
As our series on sexual assault continues, we'll find that some of the polling statements are more easily agreed upon than others. Last week's poll included one of those! But before we get to the ...
angelajean 11/10/2013 139 80 3 -
A Brief Discourse on Courage and Balls
Recently someone, again, showed confusion about why many here deprecate using the idiom of "balls" for courage. Although I have given a factual proof that this idiom is false in [http://www.dailykos....
Wee Mama 11/09/2013 112 48 2 -
It Will Be "All Out Hell" Over 2 New GOP Anti-Abortion/Anti-Birth Control Bills
Republicans in Wisconsin aren't done regulating lady parts despite 2 bills passed earlier that vastly restrict abortions and mandate ultrasounds. The quickly rammed through bills were signed in ...
Puddytat 11/07/2013 132 221 3 -
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