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I Am a Former Fatty: The Diet
This Diary is about how I lost over 120 pounds in 3 ½ years and the discoveries I’ve made along the way. I’ve broken this diary into three sections so readers can focus on what interests them. ...
Sagebrush Grouse 11/22/2014 63 79 11 -
I Am a Former Fatty: How Medicine Kept Me Fat
This is the second part of a three part diary about how I lost over 120 pounds in 3 ½ years, and the discoveries made, and conclusions reached along the way. The introductory section is “I Am a ...
Sagebrush Grouse 11/22/2014 24 55 9 -
I Am a Former Fatty: The Epiphany
This month I achieved my lowest body mass in 24 years: 120 pounds down from my peak. It took 3½ years to reach this milestone. It's permanent because I know how to keep it that way and thrive. My ...
Sagebrush Grouse 11/22/2014 104 213 26 -
On the Road to Panem: Part 6 - Rule or Ruin
Suzanne Collins’ Panem, her imagined society of The Hunger Games where a small minority dominates the majority, is offered as a consequence of a thinly described war some 74 years in the past. ...
Sagebrush Grouse 10/06/2013 8 20 1 -
On the Road to Panem: Part 5 - Plutonomics 101
The annual labour of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniencies of life which it annually consumes, and which consist always either in the ...
Sagebrush Grouse 08/10/2013 12 17 - -
Traffickers in Misery Goods
As early news of the Bangladesh factory collapse spread last week, a conversation was overheard in corporate offices whose names read like the label emblazoning the butt of your jeans: “Crap. ...
Sagebrush Grouse 05/05/2013 43 63 2 -
CEO Derangement Syndrome
If you are short on examples of what’s wrong with the health care debate, consider David Goldhill, CEO of GSN, an entertainment media company owned by DirecTV and Sony. This self-styled deep ...
Sagebrush Grouse 02/17/2013 16 28 2 -
On the Road to Panem: Part 4 - The 1936 Hunger Games
The 1936 Summer Olympic Games were held in Berlin, a propaganda coup for the Hitler's regime. Hitler famously expected to prove the superiority of his Aryan race, and if the final medal tally were ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/27/2012 5 2 - 95
On the Road to Panem: Part 3 - Surveillance and Submission
Within the first few pages of The Hunger Games , we learn through Katniss that surveillance is a fact of life in Panem’s District 12. Even outside the district fence, in the forbidden wilds where ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/16/2012 20 32 3 222
On the Road to Panem: Part 2 - Avox Populi
a-vox. [ a - L fr Gr , not: without; vox - L voice]. 1. n A person in Panem who is punished for a crime [usu., a crime against the state, e.g. treason] by cutting the tongue to disable speech, and ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/01/2012 18 34 1 314
On the Road to Panem: Part 1, Medicine and Greed
If you have not read The Hunger Games , do yourself a favor and give it a go (note: I’ve yet to see the movie so I can’t comment on how well it tracks the book). You may not like the fantasy ...
Sagebrush Grouse 06/24/2012 55 46 3 401
Invincibly Ignorant
Barney Frank nailed the problem we have with the GOP last week. On July 21, Barney was on Rachel’s show talking about the debt ceiling problem and said of the GOP: We have this ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/26/2011 22 13 - 103
Looking for Love*
* in all the wrong places Politicians are nothing if not a love-starved lot. Its not just a natural characteristic; it seems to be a requirement for political employment. If you ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/16/2011 9 14 - 166
‘No’ Plays and the Art of Political Kabuki
You know you’ve witnessed good theater when you get sucked into the drama so deeply that you forget that its all just theater. Some theatrical forms are energetic and emotionally demanding. ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/11/2011 16 16 - 103
Alien Nation
Back before the age of “reality” shows, Fox News and staged wrestling, television was a serious cultural medium with the courage to present real news and to reflect on our fears and anxieties ...
Sagebrush Grouse 07/07/2011 1 5 - 68
An Evening with Jacob Javits' Ghost
Was it a bad bit of beef, a day-old slice of pizza? It had to be something like that; the ghost of Senators-past don’t usually frequent my household, much less the ghost of Jacob Javits, somewhat ...
Sagebrush Grouse 06/30/2011 24 25 - 160
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