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MSNBC needs to PROMOTE Thomas Roberts
Please put this guy somewhere on the prime-time lineup. He's smart, he's telegenic and he's not afraid to go there . He has all the ingredients for successful punditry... that X factor that creates ...
Scandalous One 10/16/2013 13 15 - -
Memory Gem for Destroyed GOP
In light of the GOP's well deserved cataclysmic poll numbers , I came up with a new memory gem based on one of my favorite quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The lows that Republicans reached ...
Scandalous One 10/10/2013 2 4 - -
Harry Reid: I am Proud... The President is "Strong, Strong, Strong"
Did anyone just see the news conference with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following the White House meeting with Congressional leaders today? I have never ...
Scandalous One 10/02/2013 25 18 - -
Irony is Sweet: Republican Shutdown a BOOST for ObamaCare
There is something called the law of unintended consequences. Republicans really shot themselves in the foot with their shutdown stunt. Not only were they unable to stop the official roll-out of ...
Scandalous One 10/02/2013 10 23 - -
I can't believe no one thought of this - The EASIEST Debt Ceiling Solution
In all the dramatic talk about minting Platinum coins or invoking the 14th Amendment if House Republicans make good on their threat to sabotage America by not raising the debt ceiling, how come no ...
Scandalous One 01/10/2013 34 8 - -
Republicans double down on efforts to buy election
While I am encouraged by the President's latest poll numbers, I simply can't breath a sigh of relief until this thing is over. This is the first Presidential election to happen post Citizens United, ...
Scandalous One 11/01/2012 6 2 - -
MASSIVE "Souls to the Polls" Drive Planned for Sunday in Florida
This is no ordinary "Souls to the Polls" GOTV effort. Here is what Reuters had to say: This weekend's voting drive carries special importance as it is the only Sunday included in the state's ...
Scandalous One 10/27/2012 103 253 3 -
Team Obama knows they're WINNING: President up Double Digits among Women in Internal Polls
From Politico: Forget the public national polls showing Mitt Romney pulling even with Barack Obama among women, according to senior Obama advisers steeped in internal data: Obama enjoys a “...
Scandalous One 10/26/2012 93 103 1 -
DEVELOPING: Romney tells fake story to Ohio voters
From The Morning Plum at The Washington Post: : Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told a rally in northern Ohio on Thursday night that Chrysler was considering moving production of its ...
Scandalous One 10/26/2012 103 194 1 -
>>> BREAKING: Obama Launches TV Blitz: 10 Interviews, 7 Swing States... Plus MTV!
From Politico: He just traveled to six states across four time zones in two days. Now, President Obama will hit seven more battleground states. On TV. The president will sit for 10 interviews on ...
Scandalous One 10/26/2012 31 17 - - is a MESS. Left lacks reliable voice in Mainstream Media
The left still lacks a reliable voice in the mainstream media. While MSNBC no doubt has progressive pundits in its prime-time lineup, I wouldn't necessarily classify them as a reliably liberal ...
Scandalous One 10/24/2012 43 8 - -
>>> Breaking: DNC Devastates Mitt Romney with the most CLEVER web ad of all time
Link to the most clever web ad of all time: Some exciting preliminary stats on the ad over the jump::
Scandalous One 10/17/2012 58 264 1 -
Reuters/Ipsos: 48-33 Say Obama WON Debate
Just as they confirmed Biden's victory last week, Reuters have confirmed a strong victory for Obama in his second debate against Rmoney. More over the jump...
Scandalous One 10/17/2012 27 20 2 -
CNN Debate Poll: Obama 46, Romney 39
According to Wolf Blitzer, poll was conducted among registered voters. Just announced live on CNN.
Scandalous One 10/16/2012 12 1 - -
Why is Obama not campaigning this weekend?
The President has not held a campaign rally since Friday. I find this a little concerning. In my opinion he should be building on Biden's momentum from the debate. I know he has to prepare for his ...
Scandalous One 10/13/2012 93 - - -
>>>> Breaking: Biden WON debate Reuters/Ipsos poll
Already confirming what we know. I know this is not really a diary but I have to get this out there a.s.a.p. From Reuters: The energetic Biden claimed a seven-point victory - 42 percent to 35 ...
Scandalous One 10/12/2012 114 148 2 -
Why I Strongly Support the Death Penalty
There is real evil in this world. One of my favorite channels on television is Investigation Discovery -- more commonly known as ID. Watching the various crime series on ID has really opened my eyes ...
Scandalous One 04/27/2011 140 - - 377
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