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McDonald's will send your gay propaganda to Sochi's Olympic Village for you! Here is how!
The Sochi Olympic Games have not been kind to the social media teams of Olympic Sponsors, at least in the west. Social media campaigns for both McDonald's ...
Scott Wooledge 02/19/2014 2 24 - -
Under LGBT activist fire, is Coca-Cola seeking to pinkwash the Super Bowl?
Not the ad that Coke is rumored to be running. In an effort to spin their way past protests over their sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics in Russia, Coca-Cola has contracted to place an ad in the ...
Scott Wooledge 01/30/2014 21 41 - -
StudentsFirst endorses anti-bullying legislation, rescinds honor! We won!
From the Neergaard family's We Stand With Marcel Against School Bullying Facebook page. You can share this graphic from ...
Scott Wooledge 06/05/2013 25 98 - -
11-year-old asks Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst to rescind educator award
Currently being featured in a big front-page splash at Huffington Post's Gay Voices veritical is the story of 11-year old Marcell Neergaard, who has endured so much bullying for identifying as gay ...
Scott Wooledge 06/01/2013 57 123 2 -
Knoxville News: 'Don't Say Gay' lawmaker irked at renewed attention, defends bill
News coverage of a student protest Tennessee Equality Project organized as Tennessee's "Don't Say ...
Scott Wooledge 05/03/2013 32 98 - 2
Walmart Foundation gives Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst $8M
Well, surprise! Surprise! Who is Michelle Rhee's new BFF and benefactor? Walmart! The Walton Family Foundation announced today that it is significantly increasing its support for StudentsFirst ...
Scott Wooledge 04/30/2013 11 23 1 -
Not good enough, StudentsFirst
Right, Michelle Rhee, CEO and founder of StudentsFirst, inset, educational "reformer of the year" Rep. John Ragan. Via Facebook. After four days of radio silence,
Scott Wooledge 04/29/2013 18 72 - -
LA County Dems “Out” StudentsFirst For Honoring and Supporting Anti-Gay Legislator
Right, Michelle Rhee, CEO and Founder of StudentsFirst, inset, educational "reformer of the year" Rep. John Ragan. Via Facebook.
Scott Wooledge 04/28/2013 23 75 - -
StudentsFirst Selects Author of Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill as 'Reformer of the Year'
Right, Michelle Rhee, CEO and Founder of StudentsFirst, inset, educational "reformer of the year" Rep. John Ragan. Thanks to Laura Clawson for the head's up on this ...
Scott Wooledge 04/27/2013 24 94 1 -
Gun Owners Foundation of America hates the freedom to marry
Facebook A list of the Supreme Court amicus briefs supporting the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8 includes a very ...
Scott Wooledge 01/31/2013 29 36 - -
We can change the Boy Scouts, today
18-year-old Boy Scout Ryan Andresen and his mom Karen are interviewed by Anderson Cooper about the BSA's denial of Eagle Scout rank to him because he's gay, despite the fact that he had completed ...
Scott Wooledge 01/30/2013 32 35 - -
Lesbian wife denied membership to Fort Bragg's spouse club is voted the base's 'Spouse of the Year'
Ashley Broadway, left, is pictured with her wife, Lt. Col. Heather Mack and their 2-year-old son. Awesome news breaking from NBC: An ...
Scott Wooledge 01/25/2013 83 278 1 -
Stingray Cafe proprietor serves lesbian couple poison pen letter for dessert in North Carolina
Ariel and Shawnee McPhail and their son in their home. ABC affiliate in North Carolina, WTCI reports of yet another dumb decision made by a ...
Scott Wooledge 01/11/2013 558 419 2 -
Marines tell corps: Admit same-sex spouses to clubs, or face eviction
Ashley Broadway and child. Apparently, they don't want a Fort Bragg incident on their watch. Short hit of continuing improvement in the military. Via the AP: The Marine ...
Scott Wooledge 01/09/2013 93 336 2 -
ACLU scores big win for gay and lesbian veterans
Richard Collins American Civil Liberties Union has announced the settlement of its case,
Scott Wooledge 01/07/2013 35 102 1 22
Center for Constitutional Rights takes American Christian evangelical Scott Lively to court
American community in Springfield, MA turns out in support of Ugandan activists' lawsuit against American Christian Evangelical Scott Lively.
Scott Wooledge 01/07/2013 19 37 - -
A tale of two NY titans: AG Eric Schneiderman and Gov Andrew Cuomo
New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman New York magazine has posted a lengthy profile of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and it's well worth a read.
Scott Wooledge 01/07/2013 16 40 2 -
Marriage equality's biggest foe sees she can't fight the new family values
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) was sworn into the House this week. His partner Randy Florke to his right, surrounded by their kids and Speaker Boehner. The nationally syndicated column of ...
Scott Wooledge 01/06/2013 150 129 3 16
Midday open thread
Media Matters Your lamestream media at work: Korean international sensation "Gangham Style" outpaces American news media mentions of the Ugandan "Kill the gays" bill. ...
Scott Wooledge 01/05/2013 49 16 - 4
LGBT Servicemembers group responds to Hagel, wants reassurance
OutServe/SLDN, an activist group representing the interests of gay and lesbian servicemembers has released a statement ahead of the upcoming nomination of Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense. ...
Scott Wooledge 01/04/2013 50 46 - -
Daily Kos is blocked on military sites, but not Rush or Ann Coulter
Via AmericaBlog: Our site, AMERICAblog, was previously banned for being “LGBT,” but now we’re only banned at least by the Air Force, for being “political” and “activist.” The ...
Scott Wooledge 01/03/2013 186 338 5 -
It's 'game on!' for marriage equality in Illinois, vote likely within a week
Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ABC sitcom, Modern Family, lends star power to Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon's press conference as part of “Bow Tie Lobby Day,” ...
Scott Wooledge 01/03/2013 33 40 - -
NY City Council Speaker Quinn on Sandy relief: "Speaker Boehner told them to just drop dead"
Scott Wooledge 01/02/2013 33 31 - -
Poor bigots are right, they're going to be shunned, perhaps soon
Mikey's Late Night Slice in Columbus, OH. ( Facebook ) A recurrent fear heard by the Christian right is if gay people are widely accepted, those who disapprove of homosexuality will be shunned and ...
Scott Wooledge 01/01/2013 220 594 10 -
Fox News' Sean Hannity loses half of audience post-election
Remember this shocking, game-changing revelation? Neither did voters on Nov. 6. The election left a little tarnish on the crown of the Clown Prince of Conservative Entertainment ...
Scott Wooledge 01/01/2013 79 139 1 -
The problem with Chuck Hagel
Former Nebraska Senator, Republican Chuck Hagel The potential nomination of former Senator of Nebraska Chuck Hagel has pretty much gotten out of control. In quintessential strange bedfellows mode,
Scott Wooledge 12/30/2012 216 55 - 14
President Obama urges Illinois to pass marriage equality legislation
Here's some cheery news to take your mind off the fiscal cliff curb. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on Saturday: WASHINGTON--President Barack Obama is urging ...
Scott Wooledge 12/29/2012 82 91 1 5
Midday open thread
And what did you do with your holiday time off? @Cmdr_Hadfield tweets from space. Mission commander, Canadian Chris Hadfield is ...
Scott Wooledge 12/29/2012 77 8 - 6
Detroit Free Press: "Scaring away the grads Michigan needs to woo"
Gov. Snyder was met with protests and boos at Michigan State's commencement address Saturday. ( James Fassinger/StillScenes used with permission.) Wise counsel from Brian Dickerson, Deputy ...
Scott Wooledge 12/16/2012 29 40 1 -
Is "Heterosexual Awareness Month" page hate speech? Facebook says no.
First of all, I'm posting this more as a discussion than a call to action, though I admit, anyone's move to action that wouldn't break my heart. I caught wind of some groups complaining about a ...
Scott Wooledge 12/14/2012 51 34 - -
Now, Charlie Crist likes gay people ... for their votes
Boo F-ing Hoo. Look who crawled out of the swamp of Florida Republican politics and tried to wipe the Christian evangelical mud of off him with some conveniently timed alligator tears! It's new ...
Scott Wooledge 12/13/2012 121 62 1 3
Michigan Republicans declare gays, women strangers to health care
From Pride Source: LANSING - The Republicans in the Michigan legislature have passed a bill today that would allow hospitals, nursing homes or any other health care center to deny services that run ...
Scott Wooledge 12/12/2012 90 112 1 -
National Organization For Marriage's Maggie Gallagher predicts DOMA will fall at Supreme Court
Comment from Family Scholar website.
Scott Wooledge 12/12/2012 42 30 - -
GOP Sunday Villagers jump ship on marriage equality opposition
Marriage equality appropriately came up in all the Sunday AM gab fests this week. The Supreme Court announced Friday they'd be hearing constitutional challenges to both the federal so-called ...
Scott Wooledge 12/10/2012 77 41 1 22
How to get gay-married in Seattle
The City of Seattle pulled out all the stops to make the LGBT community's special day special. Sunday was the first day the marriage lisences issued on Thursday could deliver a real-life marriage ...
Scott Wooledge 12/10/2012 133 150 4 -
Midday open thread
Once mighty lions' prides are thinning very substantially. This week’s journal Biodiversity and Conservation published a study showing African ...
Scott Wooledge 12/09/2012 106 17 - 16
Same-sex marriages commence in Washington state
"The First Couples" wait in King County, Washington (Lots more on Facebook ). The relentless anti-gay propaganda machine was dealt another crushing blow today as same-sex couples flooded the city ...
Scott Wooledge 12/06/2012 114 85 3 5
Can adoption of the 'Kill the Gays' bill in Uganda be avoided?
From the documentary Call Me Kuchu, evidence of the witch hunts of 2010. The newspaper's other headline ...
Scott Wooledge 12/02/2012 60 47 - -
Republican priorities
A great menace threatened the nation. Citizens were scared and concerned. Fortunately the Republican caucus in the House and Senate sprang to action, and quickly drafted legislation to save the ...
Scott Wooledge 12/02/2012 28 76 - -
Remember that time Rick Warren said killing gays is a bad thing?
Dear Rick Warren, It seems for some odd reason you're back in the spotlight. I can only assume your agent has sent you out to troll for another invitation to the presidential inauguration, ...
Scott Wooledge 11/30/2012 16 36 - -
Congressional Hispanic Caucus is standing up for same-sex couple's immigration rights
Special dispensation from AG Holder allowed Henry Velandia (right), a Venezuelan citizen legally married to Josh Vandiver, an American citizen, to avoid a deportation order last year , at least ...
Scott Wooledge 11/28/2012 5 18 1 -
Rick Warren: Same-sex attraction is like violent impulses and 'arsenic'
Rick Warren is still as big a jerk as ever. Piers Morgan brought the eternally smug Rick Warren and his phony "I ♥ Everyone" Church Lady act on last night. Was it to discuss the American ...
Scott Wooledge 11/28/2012 235 161 1 6
Southern Poverty Law Center files landmark consumer fraud suit against 'gay cure therapists'
Plaintiff Chaim Levin at podium describes his experiences seeking a "cure" for his homosexuality. To his left are Christine Sun, deputy legal director for SPLC, Sam Wolfe, staff attorney for the ...
Scott Wooledge 11/27/2012 84 161 1 -
Carnival Cruise Line bans drag on their "Drag Stars At Sea" cruise
So Carnival Cruise arranged with a specialty travel agency, a booking of 30-some of the stars of the popular reality TV show, RuPaul's Drag Race to be feature attractions on a cruise to depart ...
Scott Wooledge 11/27/2012 253 205 1 -
American Christian Evangelicals celebrating advancement of Uganda's 'kill the gays' bill
Twitter See what genocidal tendencies lurk in the hearts and souls of the American Christian right. Christian leaders of America are excited about the prospect that Uganda is close to passing its "...
Scott Wooledge 11/26/2012 139 226 8 -
In Sandy's wake, Thanksgiving comes to Red Hook, Brooklyn
Soaked but not sunk: Red Hook's flooding was massive and recovery will continue for months. I did not spend Thanksgiving in the loving bosom of my family. I spent mine with strangers, schlepping ...
Scott Wooledge 11/25/2012 52 183 3 -
Midday Open Thread
Remember all those dire warnings that the hyper-macho military culture could never adjust to "Don't ask, Don't tell" repeal and relentless hate crimes against gays would jam everything up? Yeah. ...
Scott Wooledge 11/24/2012 126 24 2 -
Is Boeing poised to deny Washington married couples equal benefits?
In the wake of Washington passing marriage equality comes this news that in the eyes of Boeing Company, of aircraft and aerospace fame, some marriages in the Evergreen State may be more equal than ...
Scott Wooledge 11/23/2012 71 48 - -
Uganda may pass the 'Kill the gays' bill on Thanksgiving
On Nov. 12 the Associated Press reported: Speaker [of the Ugandan parliament] Rebecca Kadaga told The Associated Press that the bill, which originally mandated death for some gay acts, will become ...
Scott Wooledge 11/21/2012 30 40 - -
Another 'Christian family values' hypocrite arrested by FBI for sex offenses
Lisa Biron, counsel for Alliance Defense Fund An attorney for ...
Scott Wooledge 11/20/2012 184 402 3 -
Eyes turn to Federal LGBT employment non-discrimination protection
From left: Brian Moulton, Jeff Krehely, Tico Almeida, Stacey Long, Harper Jean Tobin discussed a non-discrimination executive order for federal contractors. (Not pictured, Brad Sears of Williams ...
Scott Wooledge 11/18/2012 35 40 1 4
African American Pastor says National Organization for Marriage behaved racistly
Ken Hutchenson How's that rainbow coalition working out for National Organization for Marriage? Not well, it turns out. As the dust settles on their defeat in Washington state, a ...
Scott Wooledge 11/18/2012 44 40 - -
National Organization for Marriage tax filing reveals shrinking budget, two anonymous super-donors
We aren't allowed to know who's funding conservative ballot campaigns. Don't ask, Jesus hates transparency in politics. In their wake of the stunning failure to "defend marriage" in four states, ...
Scott Wooledge 11/16/2012 57 126 4 -
Catholic Church denies confirmation to teen over heretical Facebook photo
Lennon Cihak seals his eternal fate. Pope Ratzinger’s plan for a smaller, purer Church continues swimmingly. A Minnesota teen has been denied confirmation into the Catholic Church because he ...
Scott Wooledge 11/16/2012 470 407 2 4
Millions in MD, ME, MN and WA vote to "crucify Christ," it's end times, btw
Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt joined the David Pakman show to give his thoughts on the recent popular vote successes for gay marriage in Maryland, Maine, and Washington, and to ...
Scott Wooledge 11/14/2012 59 34 - -
UPS no longer delivers support to Boy Scouts of America
A group of Eagle Scouts and their families marched with supporters in the Gainesville (FL) Pride Parade and Festival as Scouts for Equality in the Inclusive Scouting ...
Scott Wooledge 11/12/2012 156 227 2 3
The colossal failure of National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage's Facebook cover photo , modified to reflect the reality-based community's experience. Tuesday was great. After the bittersweet ...
Scott Wooledge 11/11/2012 186 156 3 8
People of color can't be fiscal conservatives, apparently...
Blame Atrios. He tweeted that he'd checked out the crazy at Red State, so it piqued my interest and I did the same. I occaisionally enjoy checking in with the trainwrecks at those sites. Right ...
Scott Wooledge 11/09/2012 9 16 - -
Sen. Johnson will mansplain the budget math to Sen. Baldwin
"Math is hard!" but Sen. Johnson is here to help! Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is looking forward to mansplaining the budget to Tammy Baldwin.
Scott Wooledge 11/09/2012 9 6 - -
National Organization for Marriage finally responds
National Organization for Marriage suffered a historic and definitive defeat in their effort to stop marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington states. Last night, there was a ...
Scott Wooledge 11/07/2012 94 193 - -
Christian left takes to the street for marriage equality in Washington
The march kicked crosses Broadway at Pike in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood. Nearly 400 people of faith representing more than a dozen congregations took to the streets of Seattle today. The ...
Scott Wooledge 11/04/2012 22 33 - -
The truth behind Frank Schubert's deceptive multi-state anti-equality ad
Now playing in four states, virtually identical ads designed at heading off marriage equality at the ballot box. These ads are merely a retread of the template created to defeat marriage equality ...
Scott Wooledge 11/04/2012 31 46 - 5
In Washington state, the waiting promises to be the hardest part
There is something of a happy competition looming in Tuesday night's the 2012 election results. After gay marriage ballot initiatives have suffered 32 defeats, polling in Maine, Maryland, ...
Scott Wooledge 11/02/2012 20 17 - -
Washington marriage campaign launches groundbreaking Facebook GOTV tool
Washington United For Marriage The folks working to get the Washington electorate to approve Referendum 74, affirming the right of LGBT couples to marry, have found a unique and groundbreaking way ...
Scott Wooledge 11/01/2012 8 16 - -
Seattle Times: Anti-marriage commercial is 'shameless' and 'blatantly false' 'scare tactics'
One of the strongest-worded editorials to come down the pike against the movement to attack marriage equality comes ...
Scott Wooledge 11/01/2012 7 20 - -
The man behind Frank Schubert's deceptive multi-state anti-equality ad
In part one , we saw the truth behind Frank Schubert's deceptive multi-state anti-equality ad. This chapter examines the man making the claims in the ad, David Parker, a radical anti-gay activist.
Scott Wooledge 10/31/2012 5 17 - -
The truth behind Frank Schubert's deceptive multi-state anti-equality ad
Now playing in four states: virtually identical ads designed at heading off marriage equality at the ballot box. These ads are merely a retread of the template created to defeat marriage equality ...
Scott Wooledge 10/30/2012 15 39 - 4
Romney spews anti-gay bigotry on video
Last Thursday, the Boston Globe printed a report of how Mitt Romney blocked routine birth certificates for children of gay parents. Included was a quote from his speech to a conservative crowd ...
Scott Wooledge 10/29/2012 12 32 - -
The usual suspects show up to block equal protection under the law
From left: Tony Perkins, Harry Jackson, Brian Brown, Julius Henson, Derek McCoy. Much has been said about the unprecedented nastiness and audacious lies coming out of the Romney campaign this cycle.
Scott Wooledge 10/28/2012 76 80 1 -
Mitt Romney's homophobic Massachusetts Bureau of deigning parenthood
I'm a dick. The ...
Scott Wooledge 10/25/2012 19 24 - -
Did Mitt Romney make promises to Log Cabin Repulicans for endorsement?
Log Cabin Republican Executive Direotor Clarke Cooper with Mitt Romney Today the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Mitt Romney. This recieved more than it's share ...
Scott Wooledge 10/23/2012 20 28 - -
Ronna Romney posts pics of Ambassador Stevens' corpse to Facebook
This is beyond disgusting. From Talking Points Memo: Ronna Romney is the ex-sister-in-law of Mitt Romney. She’s apparently remained close to the Romney family. She has a minor role in the Romney ...
Scott Wooledge 10/22/2012 205 367 6 -
NY Times: Senator Gillibrand "a steady voice of reason in Washington"
Gillibrand's team is understandably pushing the review out ...
Scott Wooledge 10/21/2012 16 20 - -
Mitt's #Romnesia extends to gay marriage
If you once promised to amend the Constitution banning marriage equality, now say it's a state issue, you might have #Romnesia. Way back when, oh, all the way back to last August, one ...
Scott Wooledge 10/20/2012 17 21 - -
Some thoughts on Gillibrand/Long New York Senate debate
Sen. Gillibrand greets the crowd in Saratoga Springs, New York, ready to debate Wendy Long. New York's Senate race had its first and only debate tonight at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, ...
Scott Wooledge 10/17/2012 28 25 - -
House maxes out latest spending cap on DOMA legal defense
Yes, I cry at gay weddings too, Speaker Boehner. A report on your tax dollars at work, courtesy of Chris Johnson at Washington Blade:
Scott Wooledge 10/16/2012 44 69 2 4
Some very specific debate questions for Mitt Romney on LGBT issues
Yeah, we know you dislike the gays, but let's get specific about how much. No questions about gay rights were included in the domestic policy debate Wednesday. On one level, this is understandable.
Scott Wooledge 10/07/2012 65 63 2 401
Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue donates $100K to Maryland marriage equality fight
Wow. This from Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade: Former National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue on Tuesday announced that he and his wife ...
Scott Wooledge 10/03/2012 10 20 - 119
Sen. Gillibrand, the one-woman DSCC, DCCC
Sen. Gillibrand plots an XX Senate takeover with House Reps. Tammy Baldwin, Shelley Berkley and Mazie Hirono. Pity the campaign staffer working for a safe candidate. Oh sure, we all occasionally ...
Scott Wooledge 10/03/2012 61 153 5 841
Great news! Ann is asserting herself!
Ann: "Don't worry. Be happy." Reporting coming out of ...
Scott Wooledge 10/02/2012 159 265 2 2522
My Bruce Springsteen marriage equality message goes viral
Please take a moment to share this on Facebook by clicking here. Something you may or may not know is I am a professional graphic designer. And ...
Scott Wooledge 10/02/2012 30 64 - 335
Practicing 'pray the gay away' therapy now punishable in California
This ends Bachmann Associates' hope of westward expansion: There will be no more "...
Scott Wooledge 09/30/2012 42 101 - 399
Homophobic GOP Virginia county supervisor in mess of legal trouble
Scott Wooledge 09/29/2012 79 290 2 1827
Great news: DHS clarifies 'executive Dream Act' applies to same-sex couples
Henry Velandia's imminent deportation case made national news last year. Attorney General Holder intervened, granting Henry an eleventh hour reprieve. He is seen with his husband Josh Vandiver (left).
Scott Wooledge 09/28/2012 29 46 1 210
Mitt Romney is a hero to his yachting friends
Yet, somehow, job creator Thurston could never rescue the castaways. Via Politico's Playbook column , Mike Allen relays reporting WashTimes ’ Seth McLaughlin, from last night’s Romney funder at ...
Scott Wooledge 09/28/2012 129 83 - 16161
Catholic Church reving up its "beat-down the Democratic vote" operations
The Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield, Illinois warns his followers voting Democrat may send your soul to Hell. Speaking of the Democratic party's platfrom of support for reproductive rights and ...
Scott Wooledge 09/28/2012 175 167 2 1139
Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha​-ha-ha-ha keep spending Moneybags!
Total raised and spent includes funds from presidential campaigns, the two national parties, joint fundraising committees and super PACs. A full list is here. The Washington Post has ...
Scott Wooledge 09/26/2012 23 39 1 326
Ann: "Leave Mitt Romney alone! Leave him alone!"
After Mrs. Romney demanded that her husband's critics "stop it!" on Iowa radio, this was inevitable. And now it's arrived, the obligatory Chris Cocker take off, appropriately and wonderfully ...
Scott Wooledge 09/25/2012 55 84 2 1096
Paul Ryan redefines 'universal'
For all the concern conservatives have about "redefining marriage," their new leader Paul Ryan shows no concern about doing a little redefining of his own. Speaking Tuesday at a campaign stop in ...
Scott Wooledge 09/25/2012 23 41 - 284
The real Mitt Romney finally stands up
*Magic Mic:* Mother Jones set the famous Romney Wayback machine to May 2012 and set off a retroactive time bomb in the candidate's ever-shifting facade. The most vexing and compelling question of ...
Scott Wooledge 09/23/2012 263 193 6 1673
DC Zoo loses week-old Panda cub
A video of the new mother and cub, posted by the zoo last week Awful news coming out of our nation's capital this morning. The giant panda cub that was born to Mei Xiang almost exactly a week ago,
Scott Wooledge 09/23/2012 15 32 - 230
What the secret tapes show us about Romney's real feelings on China
Jamess posted about what the leaked tapes reveal about Romney's ...
Scott Wooledge 09/22/2012 10 16 - 133
Black pastors attacking President Obama are on National Organization for Marriage's payroll
Scott Wooledge 09/21/2012 74 119 3 914
Intel Corporation ends donations to Boy Scouts over LGBT policy
Eagle Scout Zach Wahls founded Scouts for Equality organization to pressure the Boy Scouts of America to change their policy. This is how you make social change! In response to pressure from LGBT ...
Scott Wooledge 09/21/2012 17 41 - 156
Even Mitt Romney thinks Mitt Romney is unqualified to be president
Oops. Relevant to Mitt Romney engineering his 2011 tax returns to show an ostensibly more presidential tax rate, Salon reminds us of this lovely gem:
Scott Wooledge 09/21/2012 24 25 - 182
Reuters Poll: Two in five view Romney less favorably post '47 percent'
One of the first polls is out, in the form of a Reuters/Ipsos poll. In the words of Ipsos pollster Julia Clark, "This isn't great for Romney" : A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday showed ...
Scott Wooledge 09/19/2012 61 48 - 475
Senate Republicans vote against veterans and jobs
From Facebook As David Waldman alerted us this ...
Scott Wooledge 09/19/2012 14 24 1 121
Romney will save us, 'without actually doing anything'
The smirk that saved America. I'm sure we'll be poring over these for a long time. Andrew Sullivan draws our attention to ...
Scott Wooledge 09/17/2012 11 15 - 117
Is Detroit a cautionary tale of the future of the United States?
The trailer warns, "What happened in Detroit, is now spreading throughout." The press materials alarmingly asks: The woes of Detroit are emblematic of the collapse of the U.S. manufacturing base.
Scott Wooledge 09/16/2012 251 101 6 936
Lesbian family wins $10M Florida lotto
Visibility is always good for LGBT progress, and these women look like a very nice pair of people, not at all sick or scary degenerates the right wing is always going on about.. But what is find ...
Scott Wooledge 09/16/2012 50 111 - 781
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