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Last Chance for Audubon Fundraiser!
Note: This is a new version of a March 8 diary I did for a Sunday Dawn Chorus. Please indulge a reprint here so that it can hit mid-week eyes who might not have seen a Sunday bird diary. We are ...
Senor Unoball 04/08/2015 5 13 - -
Dawn Chorus: Let's Raise Some Money for Audubon!
American Avocet ...
Senor Unoball 03/08/2015 32 34 - -
3 million gallons of brine produced by fracking spills in ND!
Great, just damn great. Spill happened almost two weeks ago, at that, but they didn't tell anybody! Nearly 3 million gallons of saltwater generated by oil drilling have leaked from a North Dakota ...
Senor Unoball 01/21/2015 24 30 - -
A Kossack Gets Elected: Congrats BayAreaKen!
Short diary here, but let's have some good news. Congratulations to one of the newest city council members in Mountain View, California: Ken Rosenberg.... our own BayAreaKen . I'm sure that Ken ...
Senor Unoball 11/05/2014 35 77 1 -
Liveblog: NLCS Game 3 -- Giants-Cards
Game 1: Giants Game 2: Cards Game 3: Below the orange ...
Senor Unoball 10/14/2014 47 - - -
And Now Comes Illegal Mining In the Salmon River
I have had just about enough of these fucking anti-government, "states-rights," destructive criminals. Criminals, yes that is what they are. When will federal or state governments finally just say "
Senor Unoball 07/02/2014 15 23 - -
Oil Train Derails, Burns in Lynchburg
Despite assurances from industry that behemoth trains carrying thousands of gallons of crude oil are safe, evidence continues to show that's not always the case. A CSX train derailed and burned in ...
Senor Unoball 04/30/2014 56 83 - -
Last Chance; Our Audubon Fundraiser is Tomorrow!
As some of you know, my wife and I are doing a fundraiser tomorrow for our local Audubon Society, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society . This is our last chance to get more donors before the event. ...
Senor Unoball 04/18/2014 13 9 - -
Wind Turbines Kill Birds
Renewable energy must be the goal. No right-thinking person can deny that. But wind energy comes with a cost: The deaths of thousands of birds and bats each year. And the Obama administration is "...
Senor Unoball 03/27/2014 155 10 - -
Ukrainian Troops Claim Attack by Russians
Just seen: KIEV — Ukrainian troops at a base in Crimea's main city, Simferopol, said on Tuesday that ...
Senor Unoball 03/18/2014 53 17 - -
Dawn Chorus: Butt-sittin' Birding!
American White Pelicans Every year, when it's time for the annual Birdathon sponsored by Santa Clara Valley Audubon ...
Senor Unoball 03/16/2014 67 32 - -
RIP Franklin McCain; You Helped Change this Country
Franklin McCain, one of the "Greensboro Four" who was part of one of the first organized Civil Rights lunch counter sit-ins, died today. He was 73. "The best feeling of my life," McCain said in a ...
Senor Unoball 01/10/2014 23 104 4 -
A Gang, A Gun, A Murder
Some murders are solved because of dogged and thorough police work. Other murders are solved because somebody finally talks. This was a case of the latter. It was a 9-year-old, true cold-case murder.
Senor Unoball 12/11/2013 91 62 - -
Shots fired at US Courthouse in Wheeling
Sketchy information, but here's what I've seen so far: A man with an assault-type rifle fired up to two dozen rounds at the federal court building in a West Virginia city on Wednesday before ...
Senor Unoball 10/09/2013 15 12 - -
Dawn Chorus: Olympic National Park
Olympic Range from Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center We had never been to this national park, and had never seen some of the birds living in the extreme northwest part of the U.S., so it was ...
Senor Unoball 08/25/2013 84 52 - -
Chemical Plant Blast in Louisiana
Breaking fast, so there's not a lot of detail yet. Reports coming in of a huge explosion at a chemical plant in Geismar, LA. The blast apparently happened at about 8:30 a.m. local time. Injuries ...
Senor Unoball 06/13/2013 5 13 - -
Last Chance to Help Kids and Birds
California Condor, south of Big Sur Tomorrow is the big day. You who have followed my posts, in Mojo Friday, Dawn Chorus, and a few other places, know what I mean. ...
Senor Unoball 04/19/2013 14 38 - -
The Best Drive in the World
On Easter, we drove down past Big Sur on California Highway 1 , rightly considered to be one of the finest drives in the U.S. , if not the world. A few days after that, we headed up the other ...
Senor Unoball 04/11/2013 72 62 - -
White House Tours All Sequestered Up
This is brilliant strategy by President Obama's staff. All public White House tours are being canceled, as of Saturday, due to sequestration cuts. Just as the busy spring and summer tourist season ...
Senor Unoball 03/05/2013 4 8 - -
Dawn Chorus: So, You're Coming to NN13?
So, you're coming to Netroots Nation 13 in San Jose this June! You've got your convention reservation. You've got your hotel room. You've even rented a car so you can get around for a few days. But,
Senor Unoball 02/24/2013 75 32 1 -
Editor Does Good Journalism in Gay Marriage Brouhaha
Back when I was a newspaper editor, I always told my reporters that if readers weren't mad, we were not doing our jobs. Well, I think the editor of the Laurel (MS) Leader-Call must be doing a great ...
Senor Unoball 02/21/2013 15 27 - -
California Dems' Gun-Control Proposal Is Strictest In Nation
This is how its done. * All semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines: banned * All guns registered * No ammunition purchased without a special permit Details under the squirl.
Senor Unoball 02/08/2013 58 30 - -
Deadheads: Help Make A Quilt For An Ill Friend
If you're like me, you've gathered, collected, bought, stolen, and were given numerous concert T-shirts over the years. And, if you're like me, the shirts you got when you were a young, fit, 20-year-
Senor Unoball 01/14/2013 29 38 1 -
My Company Sends Out Email Regarding The Election!
Holy cow, can you believe it? Another company sends out an email regarding tomorrow's election! My company, that is. (Well, the one I work for; you know what I mean...) No, I won't tell you the ...
Senor Unoball 11/05/2012 16 25 - -
Loughner Pleads Guilty in Giffords Shooting
The New York Times is reporting that Jared Loughner today pleaded guilty to the shooting rampage in Tuscon that left Rep. Gabby Giffords severely wounded and six people dead. Under the agreement, ...
Senor Unoball 08/07/2012 15 9 - 84
Silicon Valley Dems: Come Honor John Vasconcellos
The Santa Clara County Democratic Club will honor John Vasconcellos on Saturday, Aug. 18. Now retired, Vasconcellos served 30 years in the state Assembly and 8 years in the state Senate, making him ...
Senor Unoball 07/29/2012 6 7 - 47
Shell Drilling Rig Goes Adrift, Almost Grounds in Dutch Harbor
Hey Shell? You're really giving us some confidence here. When you can't even keep your Chukchi-Sea-bound drilling rig from going out of control and drifting dangerously near shore, how are we ...
Senor Unoball 07/16/2012 16 22 - 108
CA-10: I Met an Astronaut, Now Let's Get Him Elected!
Last Friday evening my wife and I attended a fundraiser for Jose Hernandez , who is running for Congress in California's 10th Congressional District. Every election cycle, I kind of enjoy going to ...
Senor Unoball 07/10/2012 20 27 - 103
Recommend it: No, not this, but THIS!
jpmassar has a diary up right now that needs recs. It's falling down the list, but is an action diary that needs to get on the Recommended list so that more people see it.
Senor Unoball 04/26/2012 8 4 - 120
Just Another 60 Bucks!
That's all we need. Surely just one person reading this can donate $60 to a good cause. Or two people with $30 apiece. Or three with $20.
Senor Unoball 04/11/2012 17 12 - 124
Wiping our Hands of the Exxon Valdez
The ship that defined a disaster is finally heading where she belongs. The once-clean-and-proud Exxon Valdez , renamed several times to avoid the stigma of that name, is heading to the scrap heap .
Senor Unoball 03/21/2012 7 4 - 37
Dawn Chorus — My Audubon: Santa Clara Valley Audubon
Birding is that rare activity in that it can be wonderful done solo, yet can be just as wonderful and absolutely birdalicious with others. I enjoy birding with other people, both for the ...
Senor Unoball 03/18/2012 71 41 - 205
ANWR, Keystone Drilling Rejected Again!
The U.S. Senate continues to be a bastion of common sense regarding foolhardy proposals to drill-baby-drill everywhere in sight. Today, the Senate voted 41 yes, 57 no, on a proposal that would have ...
Senor Unoball 03/13/2012 26 119 3 584
Send Some Hope My Way!
I need some hope. Well, Ms. Unoball does, actually. If you have any message of hope, send it here and I'll make sure she reads it. Let's read some, hopefully, below the squiggle.
Senor Unoball 01/30/2012 17 6 - 123
Rep. Doug Lamborn Has Better Things To Do Than Attend State of Union
In an example of continued Republican disrespect of President Obama, Rep. Doug Lamborn (CO-5) says he will skip tonight's State of the Union speech. I guess ...
Senor Unoball 01/24/2012 26 13 - 173
CNN: Obama, Dems Drop Millionaire Surtax
Haven't seen this reported yet. CNN is reporting that Senate leaders, with Obama support, will not demand that a "millionaire surtax" be implemented to pay for any payroll tax cut. Pre-caving, or ...
Senor Unoball 12/14/2011 36 11 - 164
Lugar Tries End-Around on Tar Sands Pipeline
Just in from the NRDC.... Senator Lugar is proposing a legislative end-around to quickly approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline , ...
Senor Unoball 11/30/2011 6 4 - 82
My Friend, Meth Labs, and the Feds
You never know what you're going to find when you pop open a newspaper or click on an Internet site. Today, I saw a headline in my Yahoo news feed: Federal Agents Say 88-year-old Saratoga Man'...
Senor Unoball 11/22/2011 19 32 - 170
FBI Prevents Another Domestic Terror Attack
Good work by FBI, and informants, in halting another terrorist plot against the U.S. And, no surprise, the alleged terrorists were not from any foreign group. The four men arrested Tuesday were ...
Senor Unoball 11/02/2011 188 150 - 1087
San Jose: Millions Withdrawn from Bank of America and Wells Fargo!
Ms. Unoball got an email this evening with some very good news. The message came from People Acting in Community Together , PACT. This is an interfaith ...
Senor Unoball 10/13/2011 288 488 9 3029
Fresno County Education Chief Reduces Own Salary By $218,000 Per Year
I was stunned, as you probably will also be, to read this just a few minutes ago, so I wanted to note a man for doing a very good thing. The superintendent of the Fresno County (California) Office ...
Senor Unoball 08/24/2011 17 11 1 108
Arctic Ocean Drilling Tentatively Approved
In another beat-down to environmentalists, Shell oil company on Thursday received preliminary approval from the US Department of the Interior to begin drilling exploratory oil wells in waters off of ...
Senor Unoball 08/04/2011 20 21 - 75
John Edwards Charged
A federal grand jury charged two-time presidential candidate John Edwards on Friday with soliciting and covering up the secret spending of more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and ...
Senor Unoball 06/03/2011 101 8 - 270
Begging is for the Birds
I know there are many things pulling at you right now, people and events asking for your donations... for Japanese relief, Netroots for the Troops ,
Senor Unoball 03/28/2011 9 20 - 118
He Gave Up $12 Million
Wow. Kansas City Royals' pitcher, Gil Meche, is a man of honor, and I want to recognize that. Meche, who had a contract guaranteeing him $12 million this baseball season, whether he played or not, ...
Senor Unoball 01/26/2011 29 20 - 61
Cursing Be Allowed Here
Yes, this is not a diary. Yes, this is a place to vent. Feel free to begin after the fold, and feel free to add which race you are cursing about.
Senor Unoball 11/02/2010 102 26 - 60
Live: McAdams debates Murkowski
I thought that there would be another announcement, but don't see it. Scott McAdams is currently (8:15 p.m. Pacific, as I type) debating Lisa Murkowski.
Senor Unoball 10/18/2010 28 13 - 63
CA-Prop 21: Save State Parks (with pics and poll!)
California has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, ranging from the beaches of Southern California, to rugged rocky coasts of Big Sur and Central California, to redwood forests ...
Senor Unoball 10/08/2010 42 28 - 209
Followup: Creepy Sexting Prosecutor to Resign
This is a followup to a diary I did on Sept. 15. In that diary, we ...
Senor Unoball 09/27/2010 7 6 - 43
Wisconsin Prosecutor "sexts" abuse victim; worries about reputation
Well, another day, another case of sexual harassment by a Republican. It appears that Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz was so enamored by the bruises on the face of a woman abuse ...
Senor Unoball 09/15/2010 48 23 - 79
Suppose they built a minaret (and nobody cared)?
You know, it’s nice to live in a bastion of common sense. The news pages lately are filled with example after example of anti-...
Senor Unoball 08/26/2010 11 7 - 49
New Offshore Drilling Rules Issued
The Interior department has issued revised offshore drilling rules that are designed to replace the rules that were recently thrown out by the courts. ...
Senor Unoball 07/12/2010 32 20 - 62
Updated: Salazar Delays Arctic Drilling!
In light of the Gulf gusher, the Obama administration is apparently backing down from proposed oil drilling that was slated to begin this summer in the Arctic Ocean. Shell had proposed ...
Senor Unoball 05/26/2010 120 143 2 85
Cops Take Editor's Computers After iPhone Leak
Gizmodo editor Jason Chen had his computers siezed by police in San Mateo County, Calif., last week, after Gizmodo published information related to Apple's latest iPhone prototype. According to ...
Senor Unoball 04/27/2010 63 8 - 21
BREAKING: President Obama to Switch Parties!
I just saw on CNN that President Obama will announce at noon, EDT, that he's switching parties to become Republican! What the holy-frickin'-hell? So, the ...
Senor Unoball 04/01/2010 81 10 - 51
Alone and Frozen, First Black Woman Legislator in SC Dies
This story just strikes me as sad, so very sad, and I want to recognize this trailblazing woman. Juanita Goggins was the first black woman elected to the South Carolina General Assembly, back in ...
Senor Unoball 03/10/2010 248 655 9 168
Jerry Brown Announces
Jerry Brown has finally entered the race for California governor, as the only declared Democratic candidate. His website has the official announcement, ...
Senor Unoball 03/02/2010 86 19 - 33
Mom Died Today
My wife and I were finishing dinner, getting ready to watch Barack's message tonight. Unspoken was the question: Why have we not heard from Dad regarding Mom's operation this afternoon? Deep in ...
Senor Unoball 10/29/2008 51 39 2 19
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