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Arm yourself: *read* Breyer's dissent in McCutcheon v FEC
Breyer writes in clear English. His arguments (signed with Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan) are as informed and articulate a defense of campaign finance laws as you will find. It's better and more ...
Sharon Wraight 04/03/2014 189 317 23 -
Malaysian Airlines MH370: any insights from EgyptAir MS667's cockpit fire?
I'm not sure which is worse: the hype and disinformation on mass media about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, the irresponsible lack of candor, clarity, and timely information and responses from ...
Sharon Wraight 03/12/2014 55 7 - -
Should we amend the US Constitution? Justice Stevens thinks so, incl. 2nd Amendment (new book)
Six Amendments (book cover), by Justice John Paul Stevens As if on cue, US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (ret.) has written a new book, ...
Sharon Wraight 02/23/2014 321 208 8 -
"Open-Carry" poster boy arrested on gun-related charges
Four days ago, Dereck J. Simonsmeier, 24 (pictured left, wearing grey-black), of Wisconsin whined in an op-ed that he was asked to leave a Pick 'N Save store (owned by Roundy’s Inc.) for openly ...
Sharon Wraight 02/14/2014 879 282 3 -
Rodrigo Abad Diaz, 22, Killed by NRA-Fox-GOP Stochastic Terrorism
At least one of the vignettes from Tom Begnal for Jan 29, 2012 deserves wider attention: Lilburn, Ga. -- A 22-year-old man was fatally shot about 10 p.m. Saturday after the GPS in his car directed ...
Sharon Wraight 01/29/2013 39 37 1 -
Try saying it out loud: "We should repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment." (w/ RASA poll [70%: yes!])
[Update: I'll write more about this when some work deadlines are over, but a quick note for now is in order. For weeks, the poll below reflected that about 70% of DailyKos members support repeal or ...
Sharon Wraight 12/19/2012 129 33 3 -
"Revenge of the Reality-Based Community": must-read article by ex-GOP partisan Bruce Bartlett
Kudos to DailyKos diarist(s) Roosevelt Institute for spotting the article this morning, and succinctly summarizing it, as follows: Bruce Bartlett explains how he got shunned and excommunicated from ...
Sharon Wraight 11/27/2012 157 504 21 -
Can we all please work to LOWER expectations for Monday's debate?
I've commented on this elsewhere, but maybe it's time for a short diary. Every campaign strategist knows that one should lower expectations ahead of a debate, and raise the expectations of your ...
Sharon Wraight 10/20/2012 13 11 - -
Romnesia: first known use of word, April 2011?
Just curious, what is the earliest recorded use of this pithy neologism? The earliest I've found, so far, is from April 4, 2011: the title of a post on A Healthy Blog :
Sharon Wraight 10/19/2012 16 7 - -
Romney Losing MA = as Big as Gore Losing TN. Where's the media??
Why isn't the media jumping all over the fact that Mitt Romney, former Gov. of Massachusetts, is behind Obama in Massachusetts polls by a 39-57 margin ? MA voters know Romney -- and most aren't ...
Sharon Wraight 10/17/2012 48 34 1 -
Ohio online poll being Freeped; needs some Smurf-love
This poll at is either being Freeped, or (more ominously) their software is off and the results are switched. Assuming it's the former: some blue attention is in order: http://...
Sharon Wraight 10/16/2012 22 12 - -
Obama Rips Off Romney's Teflon: slam dunk win [Updated w/ pic, poll]
WOWWW!! That's my President!!! Mitt Romney with his Teflon removed by President Obama, second presidential debate. President Obama delivered the performance that progressives wanted and felt ...
Sharon Wraight 10/16/2012 4 10 - -
What's Wrong with a Liar as President?
Yes, we all know that Mitt Romney lies. Even his Republican fellow-candidates say so: [Read below-the-fold, for answers to the diary's question!] \ So what? All politicians lie. If anything, ...
Sharon Wraight 10/10/2012 22 3 - 138
"If telling the truth means losing a debate, ..."
One more suggestion for the BHO team, for the next debate: "According to the mainstream media, I 'lost' the last debate. \ If telling the truth means losing a debate, I'm gonna keep doing it. If ...
Sharon Wraight 10/07/2012 8 2 1 112
BREAKING: Egypt's Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood) wins [Updated]
The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammad Mursi has won Egypt's presidential election with 51.73% of the vote. His opponent, Ahmed Shafiq, got 48.27%, according to the election commission: 13.230 million to ...
Sharon Wraight 06/24/2012 33 13 - 214
Roger Ailes & NewsCorp Crimes
Has Roger Ailes engaged in, aided or abetted illegal activity, on behalf of News Corp, Fox News, etc.? There have been rumors for a long time. This short diary pulls together some of the pieces. I ...
Sharon Wraight 07/17/2011 8 23 2 191
Cheney laid paper trail to "prove torture works"
The MSM must make clear that the two CIA reports Dick Cheney asked to make public were written years *after* the torture of KSM and others became publicly known. These reports were concocted, under ...
Sharon Wraight 04/27/2009 26 35 2 69
Larry Summers took $5.2m from hedge fund and $2.8m from banks (etc.) last year alone
Larry Summers is Director of the National Economic Council within the White House, and as former Treasury Secretary (and former President of Harvard) he wields enormous authority. He and Bob Rubin ...
Sharon Wraight 04/04/2009 18 14 - 39
Sebelius' track-record on health-care in Kansas (per NYT)
I assume you've all read this NYT article about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and her record in Kansas.
Sharon Wraight 03/03/2009 120 4 - 34
Tim Kaine to chair DNC (he's no Howard Dean)
VA Gov. Tim Kaine has been given the nod to chair the Democratic National Committee (DNC). With an incumbent President-elect, the DNC Chair is typically chosen by the Democratic President, as de ...
Sharon Wraight 01/04/2009 43 7 - 28
Congress' recess ends Sept 8th; What to watch for?
What are the top five things to watch for in both the US Senate and House, when they return from recess on Sept 8th? A wounded animal is the most dangerous, and we need to be vigilant of what the ...
Sharon Wraight 09/04/2008 3 - - 3
Hillary vs. Obama: the only picture you need to see
You can watch Hillary being spoon-fed questions about this by her scribe in Time Magazine , Mark Halperin, here , as they ...
Sharon Wraight 01/07/2008 226 271 14 175
Obama: 57% favorable! 18% lead on Hillary's unfavs! USA Today/Gallup, 12/15
USA Today/Gallup Poll. Dec. 14-16, 2007. N=1,011 adults nationwide. MoE � 3. (Obama's lead has been consistent all year, and widened in the past 3 weeks.) "Next, I'd like to get your overall ...
Sharon Wraight 01/02/2008 60 32 2 14
Cheney's coup? "Secretary of General Affairs" (& Mondale)
This puts together two recent news threads, in hopes someone else will be inspired to write more on this. (1) In 1933-34, Prescott Bush allegedly had a minor role in a conspiracy to install a "...
Sharon Wraight 07/29/2007 34 19 2 43
sorry Tom (Vilsack): Stop Hillary!
Tom and Christie just sent out a spam email endorsing Hillary's candidacy. Sorry, Tom and Christie (I can drop the "Gov." given their email's informality), but Hillary's Presidential bid must ...
Sharon Wraight 03/26/2007 198 4 - 32
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