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e. e. cummings responds to kos
silence .is a looking bird:the turn ing;edge,of life (inquiry before ...
Shuksan Tahoma 02/12/2013 107 185 4 -
Joe Walsh is a dead beat dad again - and the commenters at TPM are on a roll...
Former Rep. and Tea Party darling Joe Walsh has filed a request in Cook County Circuit Court to cease paying child support payments because he is no longer employed, the Chicago Sun-Times reported ...
Shuksan Tahoma 02/11/2013 170 304 1 -
Milky Way Contains At Least 100 Planets, New Analysis Finds.
Shuksan Tahoma 01/02/2013 21 6 - -
There's a deer inside the elk fence.
There's a deer inside the elk fence. I heard something outside and was wondering. (When one lives inside an elk exclusion fence, one tends to listen for noises like that, even if unconsciously.)
Shuksan Tahoma 12/15/2012 36 9 - -
Friday Nite music: Peter Tosh' 68 BDay; Wailers 50th Anniversary; Bunny sings w Bob & Peter's sons
All wailing wailers people, wi you don no say, this is the 50th anniversary of the Wailers, from 1962 to 2012 Now, this one is taken from the chronicles of the Original Wailers to you from the son ...
Shuksan Tahoma 10/19/2012 11 8 - -
Romney: $98,000,000 stake in Mattel in 1999? He Announces Olympic sponsorship as stock crashes
SEC filings, press releases, and other contemporaneous documents released between 1997 and 1999 indicate that Mitt Romney may have parlayed a $23m investment and seat on the board of troubled ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/18/2012 195 253 10 1628
2002 Olympics #retroactively: In the Marriott, sleeping on a Sealy, Mattel mascots & Romney pins
You show up exhausted from your flight in to SLC, but you're quickly whisked away to your room at the Marriott, where a brand new Sealy mattress awaits you. On the mattress lie three cute stuffed ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/16/2012 27 26 2 180
Mattel Toys, troubled firm partly owned by Bain, signs on as Olympics Sponsor, 9/25/1999
A toy company pays the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Committee (SLOC) a million dollar licensing fee for the rights to produce and sell stuffed animal likenesses of the Olympic mascots. The SLOC ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/15/2012 48 47 2 350
A Second Bainster was the COO/CFO Of the 2002 Olympics; Another Sponsor linked to Bain, Romney
And so the plot thickens as do the links between Bain and the 2002 SLC Winter Olympics. Fraser Bullock (born 1954 in Alberta) is an American entrepreneur who is the Managing Director of Sorenson ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/14/2012 17 17 - 202
Follow. The. Olympics. Money. Bain+Romney 1999-2001
There is a simple answer as to why Bain and Romney remain so steadfastly adamant that he had nothing to do with Bain during the runup to the 2002 SLC Winter Olympics. That simple answer is that ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/13/2012 198 162 4 1392
Soundtrack for the 4th: Grateful Dead, complete show, nearly 4 hours.
Below the orange blotter please find posted an entire Grateful Dead show from the early 1990s. If that's not your thing that's cool too. It's possibly the Flag Day 1991 show which would be ...
Shuksan Tahoma 07/04/2012 18 21 3 153
Vivaldi - Summer - 10 minutes of music without comment.
Shuksan Tahoma 06/23/2012 5 7 1 39
If I & my guns have the right to stand my ground against you and your guns; while you & your guns...
have the right to stand your ground against me and my guns:
Shuksan Tahoma 03/28/2012 25 14 1 177
Rush Is a Band part II: A Farewell to Kings
This is part two of the limited series "Rush is a Band" Part one is here . 1977's "A Farewell to Kings" is Rush's fifth studio album, and it's first gold-seller. The title track begins with a ...
Shuksan Tahoma 03/06/2012 18 11 1 94
Rush Is A Band, part 1*: 2112
For your Friday night listening pleasure... We have the masterpiece post-apocalyptic dystopian rock novella that grows ever more relevant with passing time. *Not in chronological order.
Shuksan Tahoma 03/02/2012 36 19 - 124
Komen™ + NFL™ = Boycott the Super Bowl™
Shuksan Tahoma 02/02/2012 29 - - 186
US DOJ Website Down; under DDOS attack? --Anonymous claims responsibility
As of this moment, the USDOJ website at as well as that of the Motion Picture Association of America ( appear to be down or at least severely impacted by an ...
Shuksan Tahoma 01/19/2012 190 24 3 469
Tis the season to give away your stuff.
Shuksan Tahoma 12/23/2011 4 2 - 70
US DOJ Formally determines pattern of abuse carried out by Seattle Police Department
In a blistering report, a federal civil-rights investigation has found the Seattle Police Department engaged in a "pattern or practice" of violating the constitutional rights of citizens ...
Shuksan Tahoma 12/16/2011 18 31 1 194
Tales of the 0.01%: Declaring Personal Bankruptcy with $100 Million in NET Assets
The Bellingham Herald reports today that scumbag developer/clearcutter David Syre has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. (Well, the Herald called him a 'developer:' 'scumbag' and 'clearcutter' are ...
Shuksan Tahoma 12/09/2011 58 78 3 452
Little green apples
And i wake up in the morning with my hair down in my eyes and she says hi And i stumble to the breakfast table while the kids are going off to school, goodbye. And she reaches out and ...
Shuksan Tahoma 11/13/2011 5 3 - 55 registered today; redirects to
The curious case of The Herman Cain PAC that wasn't, the false-front website '' and the broken donate button pointing back to the - then - nonexistent '' just got ...
Shuksan Tahoma 11/10/2011 17 4 - 181
Herman Cain PAC Did Not Call Karen Kraushaar "an ugly bitch": The website is a lie.
A website named, registered to a third party, did so. There is no Herman Cain PAC. The site is a fake, and its owner's motives are unclear.
Shuksan Tahoma 11/09/2011 48 16 - 385
Is the site legit or a fake?
This recommended diary captures the front page of a website named ...
Shuksan Tahoma 11/09/2011 16 3 - 150
Smokin' Joe Frazier: 1944-2011
Shuksan Tahoma 11/07/2011 18 16 - 154 v0.0.1
Python joins the occupy movement: v0.0.1 print 'I AM THE 99%'
Shuksan Tahoma 11/07/2011 4 1 - 31
The revolution has no dress code
Contrary to other, albeit well-meaning advice posted on this web site, the revolution has no dress code. Come as you are, suits, dockers, uniform, coveralls, or rags, everybody is welcome. That ...
Shuksan Tahoma 10/05/2011 15 12 1 116
Big Groupon fail.. gross revenue is NOT net profit
Oops. On Friday, Groupon said it would change what it books as revenue after discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It will now only count as revenue its commission on ...
Shuksan Tahoma 09/23/2011 44 9 - 209
The site owner here got lazy; then capricious
I think this is what happened. The owner of this site let moderation go to the weeds, and predictable mayhem followed. After which, in an act of over-reaction, the site owner returned as an ...
Shuksan Tahoma 09/11/2011 6 11 - 160
London Calling (video only; eom)
Shuksan Tahoma 08/08/2011 11 2 - 55
POTUS brings down in DDoS Attack (updated)
A cyber attack launched by US President Barack Obama has crippled servers throughout the domain, in an apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack, Monday, 25 July 2011.
Shuksan Tahoma 07/25/2011 126 195 4 2655
DSCC Chair Patty Murray (D-WA) asks Koch executive for campaign cash?
At least, so reports
Shuksan Tahoma 07/07/2011 17 9 1 124
On the road: Coffee (needed) and naked breasts (not) at 5:30 in the morning
I woke up at 4 AM, by 4:25 the daylight and the robins singing made it clear I was done sleeping. I was a guest at somebody else's house and couldn't just fire up the coffee grinder at 4:30 and ...
Shuksan Tahoma 06/02/2011 23 9 - 231
Crashing the Jubilee (a post-Rapture diary)
With all this talk about 'Rapture This' and 'Rapture That' and who gets raptured and who doesn't, and who gets the car keys and the condos, and what happens to the dogs and cats, and should you ...
Shuksan Tahoma 05/20/2011 3 1 - 58
God deems entirety of humanity Unworthy. Rapture will Occur 5/21, but ZERO will be Raptured.
God has deemed the ENTIRETY of humanity unworthy. Not a single soul will be raptured to heaven on May 21st. Of all of the six-or-however-many-billion of us there are on the planet, the Almighty ...
Shuksan Tahoma 05/15/2011 43 22 1 231
Video Comments: Bruce Cockburn and the Clash
Today I am offering the following awesome video comments (not awesome because I commented, but awesome due to the sources I used in my comments.)
Shuksan Tahoma 05/14/2011 5 3 - 56
It is springtime, the sun is shining, the plants growing, and the birds mating
A simple joyous ode to being ...
Shuksan Tahoma 04/22/2011 41 30 1 163
Now you get what you want, do you want more? (Ode to the Republicans)
Now you get what you want, Do you want more? (want more) Now you get what you want, Do you want more? (want more) You think it's the end, But it's just the beginning. You think it's the end, But it'...
Shuksan Tahoma 04/09/2011 1 1 - 14
Big man, pig man, haha charade you are (ode to the Corporate Democrats)
Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are. You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are. And when your hand is on your heart, You're nearly a good laugh, Almost a joker, With your head ...
Shuksan Tahoma 04/09/2011 3 - - 19
Planned Parenthood provided my vasectomy.
And a free HIV/AIDS screening. Free condoms and birth control pills for my partner and I.
Shuksan Tahoma 04/08/2011 11 18 - 86
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