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Rant Mode [On]
Going to be a short rant diary because I'm so irritated. Doubtful anyone will even read this. As progressives when we fight for something, such as a fair minimum wage, LGBTQ rights, equal pay for ...
Silvia Nightshade 02/14/2014 11 6 - -
Intrinsic Values and Analogies Regarding Policy
Color me confused. Very, very confused. When someone equates the intrinsic value of being gay (or gayness, or however you want to word it) with something such as gun ownership, I get confused. ...
Silvia Nightshade 05/07/2013 3 2 - -
Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) Shows Us Exactly Why Republicans Suck
The big story in Ohio today is that Ohio's Republican senator, Rob Portman has come out in favor of gay marriage. Why the big change from someone who is just as "severely conservative" as Mitt ...
Silvia Nightshade 03/15/2013 242 354 4 -
Warren County Prosecutor Investigates Superintendent for Criticizing Gov Kasich
Ready for the fall-out of Kasich's crazy plan to help poor schools by not giving them money and instead increasing the budgets for rich districts? If you're not up to speed, check out this diary by ...
Silvia Nightshade 02/15/2013 14 15 - -
How I Support the Radical Feminist Agenda Daily, and You Can Too!
I must admit, these guys totally caught on to what I'm doing . I'm shocked, I thought I was being a little more subtle than that. Well, live and learn, I suppose. (They'll never guess how I ...
Silvia Nightshade 01/31/2013 86 66 2 -
Central Ohio Kossacks Meetup Planning Diary
Hey guys, I've been tapped to start organizing this next rave we're planning, so I'm here to do just that. As the diary title indicates, this is just for planning. So I'm taking all ideas in the ...
Silvia Nightshade 01/09/2013 14 9 1 -
Don't Tell Me to Keep the Emotion Out of It
Please don't tell me to not get emotional about this. Let me tell you why.
Silvia Nightshade 12/27/2012 30 31 - -
Romney Blimp in Columbus, OH
I suppose since the airwaves are already bought out, the only thing left to do is... launch a blimp? Right now Mitt Romney's face is plastered on a silver blimp hovering above downtown Columbus, ...
Silvia Nightshade 11/06/2012 29 6 - -
Adventures in Worker's Comp Part 03 - How to Lose a Job (That You Weren't Hurt At)
The holiday weekend was nice because I had family come visit and check on me, which was lovely. I've been a bit stir-crazy being cooped up in the house by myself, but I have an injury that I need ...
Silvia Nightshade 07/06/2011 5 8 - 72
Adventures in Worker's Comp Part 02: A-face-what?
So shortly after I posted this diary , my family ...
Silvia Nightshade 06/30/2011 2 5 - 51
Adventures in Worker's Comp Part 01: It Begins With a Box
There are so many great diaries and diarists on DailyKos, who put things so much more articulately and succinctly than I. I finally registered not long ago so I could comment, but have read for ...
Silvia Nightshade 06/28/2011 36 22 1 181
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