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Feds Seize Oregan Medical MJ Patient List
While most people believe their medical records are protected apparently that is not true. Federal agents have forced the Oregon Public Health Division to turn over an untold number of patients’ ...
SmileySam 04/12/2013 17 29 - -
Medi-Cal Cuts Waiver Granted
Our Gov. Moonbeam has lost his dreams it would seem. Gov. Jerry Brown scored a budget win Thursday as the Obama administration approved a major share of Medi-Cal cuts that ...
SmileySam 10/29/2011 28 34 - 226
DOJ Walks Back Medical Cannabis Memo
I don't know how I missed this memo when it first came out but I did and maaybe you did also. It is known as the Haag Memo and it turns what people were lead to believe about the "New Obama Medical ...
SmileySam 03/18/2011 28 21 - 171
My Shovel Ready HUD Housing Goes Solar
This week the Housing Authority where I moved into a few months ago is holding info meetings to inform all the tenants we are going Solar. I live Close to Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 50 miles ...
SmileySam 10/21/2010 9 14 - 80
Arnold Reduces Pot to Infraction with $100 Ticket
Toke of the Town is reporting that Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed SB1449, a bill that reduces Ca. penalties for possession of a oz of Cannabis or less from a misdemeanor to a infraction. No ...
SmileySam 10/01/2010 330 338 3 168
Congress Allows Free Medical MJ In DC
Way back in 1998 69% the residents of DC voted to make Medical Marijuana legal. Up until last week Congress had blocked the referendum from becoming law. Because this year Congress failed to act ...
SmileySam 07/28/2010 16 8 - 22
Fed Acceptance of Medical MJ @ VA, what does it really mean ?
The recent decision by the Veterans Admin. to change the policy that barred VA Dr.s from prescribing pain killers if they knew the patient was smoking Medical Marijuana goes a long way to validate ...
SmileySam 07/25/2010 9 17 - 39
WTF is the Vienna Declaration and Why You Should Care
It has become normal for me to read something I think should of been spread across the Frontpages, buried in some back section of the paper or website. That this Vienna Declaration has to do with ...
SmileySam 07/23/2010 10 14 - 12
Obamas DEA Still Busting Medical MJ Users
We have been told by AG Holder that unless people in Ca. were breaking local laws that the DEA would leave them alone. Over the last couple months the facts seem to say otherwise. The ...
SmileySam 07/11/2010 40 23 - 43
19 Is The New 420
In the last few days the news surrounding legalizing Marijuana in Ca. is beginning to build. It starts with the name being given and from here on out to be known as Prop.19. Immediately afterward ...
SmileySam 06/30/2010 285 378 3 219
Unionizing Budtenders, Budtrimmers, Growers, Etc
In San Jose the 26,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 has signed up a new classification of workers with a eye toward more. This is a major step for the unions and may well help ...
SmileySam 05/28/2010 19 23 - 441
UK’s Drugs Czar Fired For Marijuana Truths
David Nutt, the British chief drug adviser has been fired because of his giving of his opinion that Marijuana, LSD, and Ecstasy are much safer than the gov. is treating them under the British drug ...
SmileySam 11/01/2009 12 19 - 64
Bybees Final Fate In Conyers Hands Now
Believe it or not this past week Judge Bybee, aka the Torture Memos Author, was given a big pass by the Ninth Circuit’s Judicial Council. Apparently without even looking back at the entire ...
SmileySam 10/18/2009 12 12 - 167
Helen Thomas Asks Gibbs the Question We All Want To Know
Ever ask yourself why Pres. Obama has never come straight and said he would Veto any bill that doesn't have the Public Option ? Hell, or at least put up some kind of flag so people knows where he ...
SmileySam 10/02/2009 914 543 10 146
When You Hear a Liberal Ghost Whisper
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my least favorite people and politicians. His time as Gov. of Calif. has been a total disaster. Even now we don't really have a budget tho Arnold has taken away ...
SmileySam 09/26/2009 6 16 - 202
Rick Sanchez to Fox News " You Lie ! "/ Video Now Up
Fox News took out a full page ad claiming CNN did not cover the Wingnut March on DC. What the ad says is "How did, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN miss this story?" Fox even used one of CNNs photos ...
SmileySam 09/18/2009 124 75 1 60
Can Jay Rockefeller Really Say "No Way" ?
By now most if not all of you have heard that Jello Jay Rockefeller has said there is no way he can vote for the Baucus Gift to the Ins. Companies. I wish I had a dime for every time the Sen. has ...
SmileySam 09/15/2009 15 - - 9
Sen. Harkin Stands Strong on Public Option
On a day where the News Sources are feeding us nothing but defeatist type news about the Public Option Sen. Harkin, the new chairman of HELP Comm.replacing Ted Kennedy has a different stronger ...
SmileySam 09/11/2009 13 21 - 28
Sen. Bernie Sanders Exposes Sen Hatch After All His Kennedy Talk
I quit watching Lou Dobbs a couple yrs ago but every once in a while I stop while channel surfing. Damn was I glad I did. Dobbs was playing a rerun from late July. This was mainly between Bernie ...
SmileySam 09/07/2009 188 550 6 50
Politico or The Public Option ? Who Do You Believe In ?
Politico has a story out that is raising the hackles of many groups, while others are just going Huh ? Using they favorite unnamed sources the story goes ...
SmileySam 09/02/2009 29 2 - 14
House Liberals Bloc "Isn't Bluffing" Per Darcy Burner
Remember Darcy ? Many of us has tried to help and get her elected in the past. Unlike some, on her defeat she didn't just fold up her tent and fade away. No, she got more involved and is helping ...
SmileySam 08/31/2009 331 472 3 224
Prison For Drug Use Declared Unconstitutional, In Argentina
In a ruling that many Americans believe the US Supreme Court should of made yrs ago, the Argentine Supreme Court ruled that prison for personal drug use is Unconstitutional.
SmileySam 08/25/2009 17 22 - 27
Chamber of Commerce Gives Ensign Standing Ovation For Affair
Of course Ensigns real statement is where he make the claim that what he did was not as bad as Bill Clinton because he didn't lie about it. I guess that means his Wife knew about his affair from ...
SmileySam 08/19/2009 17 8 - 88
Obama Asks SCOTUS to Kill Transparency
and to reverse the ruling of the Court of Appeals that Obama had said he would abide by. I think most of us knew it would come to this sooner or later. From the ACLU. NEW ...
SmileySam 08/07/2009 128 27 - 44
Mohammed Jawad, Child Soldier POW Going Home ?
Mohammed Jawad by many accounts was 12 or 13 yrs old when he was first tortured by the Afghans and told his family would be murdered if he didn't "confess" that he had thrown a grenade while he ...
SmileySam 07/29/2009 7 11 - 5
Medicaid Slashes Pain Meds To Save Money
Welcome to Rationed Health Care as it exists today. My Dr. informed my wife today that Medicaid was forcing him to cut every patients Pain Meds to save money. I am a Chronic Pain Patient, actually ...
SmileySam 07/22/2009 75 20 - 44
Palin, 227 Deaths By Governors Incompetence
Senator Kerry has a diary up about Sarah Palin now but his diary is about Palins ridiculous OpEd. This issue is way beyond that. As FireDogLake and the Anchorage Daily News have a real bombshell of ...
SmileySam 07/15/2009 20 32 - 38
UK Mp Makes Torture Info Public w/Pentagon Papers Type Move
During the Viet Nam War Daniel Ellsberg got his hands on what became known as the Pentagon Papers.The NY Times published parts of the report but took tremendous flack because of their Top Secret ...
SmileySam 07/08/2009 8 37 1 99
 Rahm Shoots Public Option For Already Rejected Trigger
This from tomorrows Wall Street Journal, "The goal is to have a means and a mechanism to keep the private insurers honest," he said in an interview. "The goal is non-...
SmileySam 07/06/2009 72 35 1 18
Opium Eradication Ends As Pot Eradication Escalates
Finally our policy of slashing and burning the Opium crops the Afghani farmers grew to survive is coming to a end. At the same time the DEA, ATF, Sheriffs, and anyone else that can roundup a ...
SmileySam 06/27/2009 36 29 - 226
Lynch Sentenced To 1 year & 1 Day
A few months ago supposedly following up on a promise Pres. Obamas new Atty. Gen. announced to the World a New Policy when it comes to the raiding of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. This new policy,
SmileySam 06/11/2009 7 7 - 52
Judge Sotomayor Breaks Ankle At LaGuardia Airport, Right Jokes About It
The Judge was on her way to DC to meet with the GOP Senators today when she broke her ankle before boarding the Shuttle to DC. New is sketchy at this time. I first heard the news about 45 mins ago ...
SmileySam 06/08/2009 100 60 1 43
Right Wing SCOTUS Activists Immunizes Ashcroft, Mueller, and Every Other Damn Federal Official
Over at the ACSBlog is a really disturbing look at what damage Activist Wingnut Supreme Court Judges, all 5 of them, has done to the Rights of the Public. The title is dead on,
SmileySam 05/28/2009 2 9 - 2
Pres. Obama Stripping CIA Powers Away
I have yet to read about anyone putting all the details together yet. I could be all wrong to boot, but reading between the lines does not a conspiracy theory make. ( at least that's not my ...
SmileySam 05/27/2009 16 10 - 7
Bailing Out Warrantless Wiretapping, What Could Be More Pragmatic ?
In what could be our last chance for at least a decade to find out exactly what went on with the Warrantless Wiretaps Judge Walker issued the DOJ a warning. This from, Walker, ...
SmileySam 05/23/2009 19 9 - 27
Gonzales Approved Torture Months Before Memos Written
NPR is reporting that Alberto Gonzales while the White House Atty, not the Atty Gen, was approving the Torture of Abu Zubaydah months before the Aug. Torture Memos were even written. It appears the ...
SmileySam 05/20/2009 125 284 2 197
The Real Reason Gen.McKiernan Is Out, IMHO
Back in Jan. I wrote a small diary about what some saw as a scandal. The issue got very little coverage in the US but that is nothing new is it ? Gen. McKiernan was in the middle of this issue but ...
SmileySam 05/11/2009 25 15 - 17
 Jesusita Fire & Santa Barbara Kossacks Please Check In
The City of Santa Barbara is still burning and it looks to get worse before it gets better. High Winds are dues again tonight and will fans the growing flames. Last night officals had thought they ...
SmileySam 05/08/2009 18 13 - 1
JOE the Plumber Quits the GOP !!!
Time Magazine has dropped this bomb on the GOP. Well, more elections. Big Government is never popular in theory, but the disaster aid, school lunches and prescription drugs that make ...
SmileySam 05/07/2009 441 341 2 98
A Scared Bolton Says Torture Is "Policy" Difference
In a Washington Post OpEd Former UN Ambassador and Neocon John Bolton writes with brash attitude he's become known for. Bolton starts off by claiming that Pres. Obamas "passivity" toward ...
SmileySam 05/05/2009 83 57 1 29
How Would You Vote If Obama Pardons Bush ? W/ Poll
The Wall Street Journal has begun the movement to get Bush and Cheney pardoned. They aren't even being honest about it at this point in time. In a piece talking about what Pres. Ford faced and how ...
SmileySam 04/27/2009 103 13 1 23
Charles Lynch Sentencing Postponed !
I hope by now everyone knows Charles Kafkaesque dealings with the DEA and US Attys. The short story is Charles owned a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in a small town in Central Ca. Charles is the ...
SmileySam 04/23/2009 9 15 2 16
Obamas Headfake on MedicalMJ Dispensaries
There are several articles out about the way the DOJ has decided to not look to the future but to look backwards and hammer Charles Lynch. There is growing unrest about a DOJ and Pres. that will ...
SmileySam 04/20/2009 14 25 - 24
Marilyn Chambers, Behind the Green Door Star, Dead at 56
The AP and LATimes is reporting the Marilyn was found dead last night by her daughter. This news hit me harder than I would of thought. As I think back to the times when Behind the Green Door was ...
SmileySam 04/13/2009 48 39 2 87
4 US Attys in Ca. Decide to Ignore AG Holders New MMJ Policy
This diary is about the games the US Attys in Calif. are playing with Pres. Obama and AG Holder. You will remember that Pres. Obama promised to stop the DEA from wasting money by going after those ...
SmileySam 04/10/2009 33 38 1 21
Yoo, Gonzales, Haynes,Addington Subject to EU Arrest If They Travel
I'm not one of those people that loves to say I told you so, well maybe I am... Anyway Scott Horton has a short piece up over at Harpers announcing that Spain has opened their investigation of the ...
SmileySam 03/28/2009 36 46 1 24
 Eric Holder Lied To Us or His Dept. Is Out of Control
Yesterday the DEA raided Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic. There is at least one report of a couple arrests, but they aren't confirmed yet. The DEA did clean out the dispensary of Grow Lights, ...
SmileySam 03/26/2009 68 27 - 18
Lynch-ing Sentence Postponed Over New US Drug Policy
Today in Los Angeles Charles Lynch went before Judge Wu to be sentenced for 5 Federal Marijuana charges. AG Holder changed US Drug Policy recently and Judge Wu told the US Atty that he wanted to ...
SmileySam 03/23/2009 7 21 - 26
 AG Holder Expands Pot Policy, But Not Enough
Let me first tell you about some of the news in the last 24 hours. 1st we have the following News,"The New Mexico Department of Health has licensed a nonprofit business to produce medical marijuana".
SmileySam 03/19/2009 15 22 2 15
Will you regret not acting on March 23rd ? Free Charle Lynch
To most Americans March 23rd will be just another day. To Charle Lynch it will determine the rest of his life. Charle is due to be sentenced on March 23rd for 5 Marijuana only, non-violent Federal ...
SmileySam 03/15/2009 13 9 - -
Panetta Tells CIA Torturers They Won't Face Charges w/ Poll
Leon Panetta sent his CIA people a Email meant to ease their fears of prosecution for Torture. According to reports he told them "agency employees who took part in harsh interrogations ...
SmileySam 03/05/2009 49 20 - 16
"The Torture Commission" Seems the Name Has Changed For the Good
I gotta tell you a Truth and Reconciliation Commission never had the right sound to it. Not when I thought of the Horrifying crap that is the truth. Now Others have made that much needed name ...
SmileySam 02/24/2009 7 7 - -
Now is the time for all good men to Rendition ?
We've come to a crossroads of sorts or at least I have after reading Obama preserves renditions as counter-...
SmileySam 01/31/2009 12 12 - 10
US General, NATO Commander Orders War Crimes Be Carried Out
You thought with Bush gone that we would no longer see headlines like this didn't you ? You were wrong. US General John Craddock, NATO's top comaander in Afghanistan has issued orders to kill ...
SmileySam 01/30/2009 28 29 2 16
Obama DOJ , Will It Defend Smashing the Testicles of Children?
I freely admit the title is a bit of sensationalism but it's how I feel about a article over at Politico. Just reading the title, ...
SmileySam 01/28/2009 42 13 - 29
Republicans Demand Holder Promise No Bush Prosecutions
Of course most of us have suspected something like this would come down the line. Now Senator Whitehouse is calling them out on it. We have to wonder what went on behind the closed door of Sen. ...
SmileySam 01/23/2009 590 869 24 193
China Slaps Bush Goodbye and Rejects Pre-emptive Nuke Strikes
As I read this short but monumental announcement I was ashamed of what we allowed G W Bush to do. When Bush decided that America would now have as policy the doctrine of Pre-emptive attacks there ...
SmileySam 01/20/2009 29 15 - 19
Panic Grows In Ca As Welfare Checks Set To Stop
Imagine living hand to mouth already, barely squeaking by. Come Feb 1 the State has warned you may not see another check for months. No Rent money, no money for food for medicine and even worse for ...
SmileySam 01/17/2009 742 524 9 154
Chertoffs Military Surge For US Borders
No this is not tinhattery. You will read quotes directly from Chertoff, the man in charges of Homeland Security. ( just reading those 2 words when speaking of the USA makes me shutter ) Most of you ...
SmileySam 01/08/2009 15 7 2 13
Cushy Jobs For Bush Cronies Still Being Doled Out Millions
What ? You didn't think he was done yet did you ? Me neither. From the quick bit of Googling I did it appears some of these new gifts jobs may pay way more than the Gov. jobs these ...
SmileySam 12/24/2008 5 8 1 28
SecDef Gates Looking at Perjury ?
I've been torn about Obama choice of Gates to stay on for a while. While I think he has been a hundred times better than Rumfeld was he has still been a loyal Bush supporter on many fronts. It now ...
SmileySam 12/23/2008 86 198 1 51
 Bush on al Qaeda, " So What ?"
The Bush exit interviews just keep getting stranger and stranger. After his workout of ducking shoes Bush sat down for another interview, this time with ABC’s Martha Raddatz. Rather than ...
SmileySam 12/15/2008 14 13 1 25
Telecom Immunity Not a Done Deal Yet
Yesterday was the day the Telecoms and EFF met for yet another battle in front of Judge Walker. As is their normal behavior the Bush DOJ whined a lot. Here is a few choice quote from them.
SmileySam 12/03/2008 21 41 - 35
Boumediene & 4 Others Ordered Released From Gitmo
This should seen as a major defeat for the Bush admin. Many will remember the name Boumediene because of his case going to the US Supreme Court leading to the first defeat of Bush and his Gitmo ...
SmileySam 11/20/2008 20 23 - 21
Obama's Newest Secret Radical Adviser Unmasked
UPI, the news outlet, has released some stunning news. In a letter Obama wrote last week he admitted to having some previously unknown help in speech giving. This newest adviser is very different ...
SmileySam 10/30/2008 11 8 - -
"Special Kitty" Dry Cat Food Recall !!!
The Wal-Mart brand cat food that goes by the name Special Kitty is being recalled in many eastern states. Those states are Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North ...
SmileySam 10/28/2008 30 50 2 18
Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain
Al-Qaeda's motive is real clear for all to see, something many of us have been saying for a few years now. "Al-Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election," said a ...
SmileySam 10/21/2008 42 45 2 20
$60 vs $840 Billion, Cost of Living Increase for S.S. Recipients
Today the LATimes gives us a heads up on what to expect as a Cost of Living Increase if you are living on Social Security or Disability. 60 bucks. A tank of gas, 1/5 of one prescription cost for a ...
SmileySam 10/16/2008 11 7 1 6
McCain Crowd Boo's McCain W/ Video
SmileySam 10/10/2008 18 10 2 12
Right Mad At Sarahs Mustache
I rarely post a video diary but this is too funny to pass up. Here's the story in a nutshell. Newsweek is being accused of NOT retouching Sarah Palins photo on the front of the Womens in power issue.
SmileySam 10/08/2008 104 20 1 26
Mayor Daley Warns McCain of the Keating 5 Card
Apparently a bit disturbed that the McCain Gang lied about his brother in a TV Ad Mayor Daley is striking back. The ad about denigrating Obama, Chicago politics and calling the Mayors brother a ...
SmileySam 09/23/2008 102 83 2 20
Bush Blocking Ike Pictures of Disaster, Why ???
According to a piece I just read over at ThinkProgress the Feds are restricting the AirSpace and Access to the really hardest hit areas in Texas. I have to assume that they are fearing a Katrina ...
SmileySam 09/15/2008 32 28 - 27
Woodward Could Destroy Petraeus and Joint Chiefs Careers
In what is probably the worse case of violating the Chain of Command Retire Gen. Jack Keane was playing a game with Bush, Cheney, the Joint Chiefs, and Petraeus himself. Remember that Petraeus ...
SmileySam 09/08/2008 49 76 6 183
Christian Elitist Palin Too Elite To Give Media Access For 2 Weeks
Of course Gov Pastor Gov Palin will eventually give the media and the Voters access, but not for 2 weeks ! After drumming the idea that Pastor Palin, the pitbull with lipstick,
SmileySam 09/06/2008 10 - - 8
Judge Orders Secret Torture Memos Released
A Federal Judge has told the Feds to release the 3 Torture Memos we know some about or make their case why they shouldn't be released. NEW YORK – A federal judge has ordered the ...
SmileySam 09/03/2008 33 50 1 19
Obama and the "Contract With the Middle Class"
In this mornings LATimes is a Op-Ed by Leo Hindery Jr. an unofficial economic advisor to Obama, lays out some of the ideas we will see when Obama wins. He firsts describes the problems most of us ...
SmileySam 09/01/2008 4 8 - -
The New AUMF, Perpetual State of War, Tranfer of Powers
Back on July 21 Mukasey gave a speech to a bunch of Federal Judges. His talk was couched as his reasons for a new AUMF. He used excused such as allowing the Detainees into the USA was a threat to ...
SmileySam 08/30/2008 35 26 - 90
US Threatens UK Over Release of War Crimes Evidence
The Admin. of G W Bush has threatened the UK in a email. The email was read in open court to what should be the embarrassment of every American. In an email to the Foreign and ...
SmileySam 08/27/2008 45 66 - 28
Massacre At Rehab You Won't Hear About
This is from NarcoNews a fairly new website dedicated to real news you won't find anywhere else. Socorro Garcia, a pastor from the Blessed Works Christian Family Center, an Assembly of ...
SmileySam 08/19/2008 8 25 1 18
FBI Tells NYTs & WaPo, We Tapped Your Reporters Phones
They picked a great day to dump this news. It will all but be buried as people rant about some guy and his sex life. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday that it ...
SmileySam 08/08/2008 42 51 1 27
Bill Clinton To Announce Obama VP Pick
So it appears Bill will get his spotlight time at the convention. It's being reported that Bill will speak the Third night of the convention right be the VP Nominee is named. Anyone want to take a ...
SmileySam 08/07/2008 131 8 - 17
Harry Caves In Again, Allows Offshore Drilling Vote
In a time when Democratic Senators control the Senate and when there is not reason to cave, Harry has done it again. Heaven forbid he stand his ground on this or any other issue. Not only did Harry ...
SmileySam 07/29/2008 63 37 - 29
"All Hippies Die",Drew Carey Spotlights Medical MJ
This week in Ca. the trial started for Charles Lynch in Federal Court. Charles is a businessman, a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, who secured all the needed permits to open his business. ...
SmileySam 07/26/2008 37 17 1 33
Lieberman Seeks Pardon For Bomber of New York
In what I can only call Pandering at it's worse Sen. Lieberman is handcarrying a Pardon Request for Eduardo Arocena, who is currently serving a life sentence. This news is spreading rather quickly ...
SmileySam 07/25/2008 19 20 - 56
Why Is Bush/Mukasey Asking For New AUMF ?
Today when Bootlick Atty Gen. Mukasey gave his speech he asked for Congress to issue a new AUMF for the Bush admin. If this doesn't send out warning bells to every citizen, then they are just plain ...
SmileySam 07/21/2008 66 41 1 34
Someone Had To Say It, Finally
For a while now the media has been covering how the International Criminal Court had issued a Arrest Warrant and had Indicted Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president for War Crimes. Today Mark Levine,
SmileySam 07/16/2008 28 23 - 32
FISA Judge Smacks Down Inherent Authority Claims
Wednesday Judge Walker, of the famous FISA cases, rules that Bush is not more powerful than FISA no matter what Bush says. How this will effect , if at all, the other FISA cases is yet to be known. ...
SmileySam 07/02/2008 216 360 8 57
Obey Bankrupts FBI Datamining, Lack of Money May Screw FISA Fix
While we have all been worrying about the Telecom Immunity and the other changes to the FISA Laws Rep. Obey has quietly made sure the FBI doesn't have the money to do more harm. Obey and his ...
SmileySam 06/27/2008 31 53 - 57
Judge, Wiretapping Your Attorney Is OK
Yup, a Federal Judge has ruled that the NSA can wiretap a attorney and cannot be forced to admit it. If your calls with your attorney were swept up in Bushs Illegal Warrantless Wiretapping scheme ...
SmileySam 06/26/2008 5 7 - -
Conyers Caves, Rove Won't Have to Testify
While publicly playing the tough guys both Conyers and Sanchez are playing another game behind the scenes. Conyers has claimed they have have yet to receive any formal notice that the Pres. is ...
SmileySam 06/17/2008 32 38 1 21
Iraq To Send Bush Packing, Tail Tucked Between His Legs
It's beginning to look like that so-called Security Agreement Bush has been trying so hard to slip past Congress is going to come back and bite him in the ass. According Micheal Ware of CNN is ...
SmileySam 06/13/2008 13 15 - 2
Gov. Kaine, Possible Obama VP Pick, Commutes Death Sentence
I don't know anything much about Gov. Kaine except for what I read in this Editorial. I can tell you I think Obama could do much worse. Being the Gov. of Virginia means he will take a lot of heat ...
SmileySam 06/12/2008 23 8 - 17
Iraqis Tell Congress Timetable Will End Violence
Today in a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs two members of the Iraqi Parliament told members of Congress several new truths. One was that the only reason there was so much violence in Iraq was ...
SmileySam 06/04/2008 9 16 - 11
Iran Attack By August ? Feinstein OpEd To Expose ?
Asia Times via ThinkProgress is reporting a attack on the Iranian Quds Force. The story also say the "Senator Diane Feinstein, Democrat of California, and Senator Richard Lugar, Republican of ...
SmileySam 05/27/2008 51 29 - 17
"Impeachment Alone Would Be a Joke" Bugliosi, Helter Skelter Author
Most of us know Vincent Bugliosi as the man who prosecuted Charlie Manson, Mass Murders, and as the author of the book Helter Skelter. Tomorrow Bugliosi's new book, "
SmileySam 05/26/2008 58 30 3 28
Mukasey Defends Torture, Yoo, Waterboard Willie and Judge Bybee
In what I can only call shocking, Muskasey while giving a commencement speech at the Boston College Law School tried to defend John Yoo, one of the authors of the Torture Memos. The dodges he use ...
SmileySam 05/24/2008 39 46 1 230
Canadian Supreme Court Orders Child Soldiers Records Released
A breath of fresh air in this time came today when the Canadian Supreme Court voted 9-0 in a ruling signed simply " by the Court " that the records of all interrogations of the child soldier Omar ...
SmileySam 05/23/2008 22 29 1 174
Obama Puts Murdoch, Media, Pharma On Notice
Barack Obama has put the Media Giants that have been buying up smaller newspaper, tv and radio stations on notice that his Dept. of Justice will resume looking into Anti Trust Violations. At the ...
SmileySam 05/19/2008 24 25 1 23
Bush Calls Sec.of Def Like a Nazi Appeaser
Bush today in his speech in Israel made a startling claim in regards to his own Sec. of Def. From that speech: "Some seem to believe we should negotiate with the terrorists and ...
SmileySam 05/15/2008 17 7 - -
It's Not A Witch Hunt, But You Choose
There is a disturbing narrative running unchecked across the web. This same narrative is not even mentioned in the traditional media. For the last 20 or more years this country has filled jails and ...
SmileySam 05/09/2008 44 29 5 174
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