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I like Big Government and I want it to spend lots of money.
And so should you. I spent years studying and flirting with anti-government philosophies on the right (libertarianism) and left (anarchism). But like so many philosophical notions, they sound ...
SocioSam 11/08/2014 74 94 3 -
Study from 1953 sheds light on Michael Brown Killing
I came across a 61 year old study of police brutality that is still relevant today. The study, “Violence and the Police,” was part of a PhD dissertation by William A. Westley and published in ...
SocioSam 08/17/2014 57 124 6 -
The Nye - Ham debate
A couple of years back, I toured the Creation Museum and interviewed two of their scientists as part of my sabbatical project. I have also read some of their literature including books and watched ...
SocioSam 02/05/2014 104 132 - -
Abortion bumper sticker wars
“Abortion is Murder” “Abortion stops a beating heart” “Choose life: Your Mother Did” “Keep Abortion Legal” “My Body My Choice” “Pro-child. Pro-Family. Pro-Choice.”
SocioSam 01/04/2014 22 11 2 -
Live free AND die
A common sign at Tea Party rallies is “Live free or die.” But when you carefully examine their positions on public policy what they really mean is “Live free and die.” Granted, governments ...
SocioSam 11/25/2013 29 28 1 -
Men, time to Man Up
This is a follow-up on last night's health care rant , but much shorter. As background, three things triggered this. First, a facebook friend (female) went nuts that ACA requires health care ...
SocioSam 10/30/2013 19 9 - -
My health care rant
Back in the 1970s when I took my first graduate course in health policies, I was surprised to find the U.S. was not first in stuff like life expectancy and infant mortality. I think we were 5th in ...
SocioSam 10/29/2013 81 185 4 -
Are we taking the wrong position on ACA?
I’m wondering if the left and right are taking the opposite positions they should on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If President Obama wins, health insurance remains a for-profit commodity ...
SocioSam 09/29/2013 48 2 - -
Right wing demands freedom for bigots and bullies!
Just saw this post from a facebook friend, who if I understand correctly is not posting anything today. What is all the fuss? Seems they are protesting facebook standards that don't allow, “Hate ...
SocioSam 08/25/2013 11 5 - -
Wild Wings Foul Service
I’m surprised but I didn’t a story on this . Twenty-five (25) African Americans were denied service in a Charleston, SC restaurant (Wild Wings) because a white customer said they scared him. I ...
SocioSam 08/24/2013 59 243 3 -
Is my police chief targeting cars with Obama stickers?
Or am I over reacting? We live in a little “Village” surrounded by the city of Louisville, KY. It is a strange political situation where we have our own town council, garbage & recycle contracts,
SocioSam 08/10/2013 20 25 - -
Driving through Texas
Texas is a big State and we will have to drive through it in January 2014. So, we are now researching how to get through the State without spending a nickel in any district with a TEA/gop Congress ...
SocioSam 07/01/2013 29 - - -
42 & 44
Movie review: We walked into Midcity Mall theaters for the season opener of 42. The movie’s focus is on Dodgers’ General Manager Branch Rickey’s who decides it is time to integrate major ...
SocioSam 04/13/2013 6 6 - -
What kind of gun should I buy?
Should I buy a gun? If I should, what kind? Before I spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on guns and ammunition, I need to think this through. After reading an article on purchasing a gun, ...
SocioSam 03/11/2013 40 14 - -
Rip Van Wendell
I’m hoping you can help me with my friend Wendell. Let me start with a little background.
SocioSam 03/09/2013 6 2 - -
They are coming for your pets!
The government is coming after our pets! How do I know? Registration. Why else would the government insist we register our cats and dogs? There is nothing in the Constitution giving government the ...
SocioSam 02/05/2013 72 71 - -
A shout out to Mitt Romney
While Washington prepares for President Obama’s second inaugural, I want to give a shout out to Mitt Romney for what his campaign did for America.
SocioSam 01/18/2013 4 6 - -
The U.S. is becoming more liberal
While reading Steven Pinker’s The Better Angles of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined , I came across this, “today’s conservatives are more liberal than yesterday’s liberals” (page 476).
SocioSam 01/14/2013 11 10 - -
Feedback on gun death database & analysis requested
I’d appreciate feedback on by gun deaths database and analysis. Comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc. are welcome. With the recent Sandy Hook murders, NRA suggesting we arm teachers, others ...
SocioSam 01/06/2013 20 8 - -
Pity those in the alternative universe
Somewhere in an alternative universe, on the other side of Kolob where anti-matter rules, there exists a Bizarro World where Mitt Rmoney won the Presidency and the TEA/gop party took control of the ...
SocioSam 11/12/2012 4 - - -
Romney and Meningitis Outbreak
I didn’t see a diary on this but here is a good example of what Romney’s plans for streamlining regulations is about.
SocioSam 10/30/2012 5 12 1 -
The Bully verses the Professor
Round 1 of the Bully verses the Professor is over. The GOP/TEA folks are beating their chests while Democrats are divided on how the President did.
SocioSam 10/04/2012 1 - - 19
How the mandate went from capitalist scam to socialist takeover of health care
Last evening Lawrence O'Donnell had an 8 minute segment where he outlined how the individual mandate went from a capitalist scam to force people into buying health insurance to being redefined as a ...
SocioSam 06/27/2012 3 1 - 56
The ugly side of socialism
Recently I witnessed the ugly side of socialism. Strolling through Louisville, Kentucky’s Tyler Park I watched 500 kids from Moore elementary school running, swinging, and playing tug of war.
SocioSam 06/01/2012 34 29 1 195
Navy Seal who kill bin Laden identified
It turns out that one of my predictions has actually come true. The Mitt Romney campaign just released the identity of the Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden. Yes, it was Mittens himself.
SocioSam 04/30/2012 11 10 - 308
Mitt Romney and Tax Day w/Pool
What is Mitt Romney hiding? Today is tax day, when everyone’s taxes are due. But Mitt Romney has filed for an extension and is hiding his returns from the voters. Ever since his Republican ...
SocioSam 04/17/2012 2 - - 19
For Men Only
Tammy Wynette asks women to “Stand by your man.” I’m calling on men to “Stand by their women.”
SocioSam 04/12/2012 6 9 - 65
All the Missing People
What is a “potential person”? What does it mean to have a “right to be born”? Who or what is a “missing person”? What obligations, if any, do we have to help potential persons to be born?
SocioSam 03/05/2012 3 6 - 71
Three Zygotes: To be or not to be
In the nearly 40 years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, the U.S. Congress and State governments have chipped away at women’s rights to control their pregnancies. Restrictions on ...
SocioSam 03/03/2012 4 5 - 36
Debating Evolution: My new strategy
I, like I assume most of you, have found it impossible to debate the merits of evolution with deniers. No amount of evidence or logical arguments have any impact. So, I've hit on a new strategy ...
SocioSam 03/01/2012 114 77 5 936
President Obama should not kowtow to Catholic hierarchy
Republican presidential candidates and the conservative blogosphere accuse President Obama of being out of touch for not allowing the Catholic hierarchy to dictate our health care regulations. But ...
SocioSam 02/08/2012 6 5 - 53
Is President Obama caving again?
I just watched McConnell and Boehner say there will be no default. They were smirking and so confident. What do they know that we don’t? McConnell said he and Boehner have been engaged with ...
SocioSam 07/30/2011 95 1 - 358
The Rapture has already happened
Yes, the Rapture has already happened and few people noticed. No, this is not the Jesus rapture, it’s the rapture created by Internet and computer programmers. You know, those people who think ...
SocioSam 05/18/2011 13 - - 221
GOP to refuse govt health care
Tonight the GOP vote unanimously to allow health insurers to deny coverage for preexisting conditions, kick college age kids off parents' health insurance and allow companies to kick you off after ...
SocioSam 01/19/2011 11 6 - 80
Kelly Paul brags about killing Native Americans
I opened the morning mail. We had two identical letters from Kelly Paul, Rand Paul's wife. The letters were asking us to vote for her husband. The interesting part of the letter is that she brags ...
SocioSam 10/26/2010 18 13 - 230
What would Marshall Matt Dillon or Roy Rogers do? w/poll
I grew up watching cowboy movies and TV shows. There were a few basic plots, but this was not one of them. The bad guys are robbing the bank that holds everyone’s savings, ...
SocioSam 09/30/2010 9 - - 49
Why Leaders Start Wars - Not Religion
For weeks I've been watching this insanity over building mosques, burning Qur'ans, and whether Islam is a terrorist religion. I've even jumped in with letters to editors and postings on boards. Then ...
SocioSam 09/16/2010 22 9 - 26
Maybe Obama is OK w/Poll
Sorry about the short diary but I cannot do better than this article in TIME Magazine to make the case for Obama’s ...
SocioSam 08/26/2010 50 24 - 37
Fox News and Professional Wresting
Many decades ago I was a high school and university amateur wrestler. That is what we did in Iowa. Please, no Iowa jokes - they gave Obama his bump and they have the oldest 7-day bike tour in the ...
SocioSam 04/08/2010 12 3 - 26
The pain is easing, but we still miss him
We buried Enu two week ago this coming Friday. Enu enjoyed seeing old friends on Thursday. His rescuer, Becca, and his favorite canine friend, Jack, came by to spend time with him. Later that ...
SocioSam 04/07/2010 21 27 - 290
Frank Rich nails it again
A few points ahead, democrats are playing defense. But in the game their playing winning requires a blowout, not a shot at the buzzer. For the past year, Democrats have occupied both the White House ...
SocioSam 02/13/2010 25 23 - 31
Check out this poll
Gerard Alexander has an article titled " Why are liberals so condescending? " He attacks virtually ...
SocioSam 02/07/2010 18 - - 15
Obama is in big trouble w/Poll
I just watched President Obama go into the Lion’s Den of the Republican Congress. The lion’s chewed him up and spit him out. Poor guy didn’t have a chance.
SocioSam 01/29/2010 43 13 1 31
How to win on Health Care: Give the People a Voice, w/poll
No, I don't mean more tea parties. I'm thinking along the lines of what Taiwan did when they ...
SocioSam 12/19/2009 7 4 - 53
Lanny Davis castrated by
Jane Hamsher. It was and amazing six minutes on The Ed Show this evening. Lanny looked like a deer in headlights. ...
SocioSam 12/17/2009 45 20 2 43
The DNC called tonight.
The Democratic Party just called me asking for a donation. Their line was “Sarah Palin! Sarah Palin! Oh, my look what Sarah Palin is doing!” “I don’t care about Sarah Palin,&...
SocioSam 12/16/2009 36 19 - 67
Expand War or Not? w/poll
We need an anti-war movement and we need it now. BHO is about to become the new LBJ. I feel bad about that but I’d feel worse if I was party to enabling the death of thousands of innocent ...
SocioSam 11/24/2009 67 10 - 143
Strike for the Public Option w/Poll
How do we get the public option? Strike! Why not? A one day strike with picket lines.
SocioSam 09/16/2009 12 5 - 15
I Broke Obama's Secret Code
I broke the secret code to Obama’s speech. First word was “Hell” o Later, “I’m glad,” "glad" is a synonym for “gay” Seniors out - code for death ...
SocioSam 09/08/2009 12 6 1 15
We've been punked!
So says Frank Rich . And I find it hard to disagree. I voted for Barack Obama because I thought he would be better for the economy,
SocioSam 08/08/2009 218 16 - 90
Debating Health with Wingers
I need to stop. I find myself on newspaper websites debating health care with the wingers trying to scare people with words like "socialism" and "government take-over." I usually fight with facts - ...
SocioSam 07/27/2009 6 - - 3
Fund raising for Blue Dogs w/poll
I don’t know how to do this (or even if it is a good idea) but I’m thinking about setting up a fund raising group for Blue Dogs trying to stop health care reform. This might sound silly, ...
SocioSam 07/20/2009 9 2 - 5
When "Liberal" was a Dirty Word
Do you remember when “liberal” was a dirty word? I’m not referring to the 1980s campaign by conservative Republicans to make “liberal” radioactive. The era I’m ...
SocioSam 07/08/2009 30 4 - 17
Should I get a yard sign? w/Poll?
Where can I get a yard sign? First, I donated, canvassed, and voted for Obama. Second, Obama/Biden are better than McCain/Palin. Third, with tomorrow’s Michael Jackson funeral, Palin’s ...
SocioSam 07/06/2009 33 5 - 34
Two choices: Universal health care or Deny Care
Critical to any political encounter is the “define the situation.” Bush used concepts like “death tax” and “clear skies” to promote his initiatives. Fortunately, ...
SocioSam 06/29/2009 11 11 1 19
It’s all about poop!
By now we should recognize that arguing logic with ultra conservatives is a waste. It can be useful as practice to sharpen and test our thoughts, but you can’t convince people who believe in ...
SocioSam 04/27/2009 26 36 1 161
Will we get the Health Care we need and deserve? w/poll
Health care is one of the issues I’m more passionate about. I’m embarrassed U.S. health statistics are so poor compared to other industrial nations. I think Americans deserve quality ...
SocioSam 04/10/2009 4 1 - 6
Best of Times; Worst of Times
To steal from Charles Dickens: It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Our military is over stretched, bogged down in two wars. Our wounded come back to depleted health services, told ...
SocioSam 01/20/2009 - 1 1 5
What's for Christmas dinner?
I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s plate. I always enjoyed the “What are we eating....” diaries but I have not paid attention to see if they are by the same person each time ...
SocioSam 12/25/2008 73 16 - 25
He is not President yet! Can he do this?
I was all set to watch "Dirty Sexy Money" when I learn it is going to be preempted by Barbara Walter's interview with the Obama family. I mean, like - he isn’t even President yet. Can he do ...
SocioSam 11/26/2008 44 4 - 28
Bailouts: A simple rule
Bailouts galore! Wow! The numbers they are now throwing around far surpass the original $700 billion. I was having real problems wrapping my head around that number. Now the number is up to $7.4 ...
SocioSam 11/24/2008 18 1 - -
My conversation with a Business Professor
As I was leaving school last evening, I ran into a Business colleague who was off to his evening seminar. He is in his early 60s and planned to retire in about 3 years. He looked so sad. Our 20 ...
SocioSam 10/10/2008 25 10 1 -
How to win Florida and save the world
I just heard that Florida citizens over 65 are heavily (I think it was by 21%) in favor of McCain. So, the key to winning Florida is to reduce if not reverse this gap.
SocioSam 10/09/2008 13 - - 8
"Can I call you Hussein?" w/Poll
I was thinking about Sarah Palin's opening comments to Joe Biden at the Vice Presidential campaign. At the time I didn’t think anything about her "friendly" greeting, "Can I call you Joe?" ...
SocioSam 10/06/2008 26 5 - 3
Will the Democrats cave again? w/Poll
For nearly 8 years Democrats has been little more than Republican Lite. Their fight for Gore and Florida was embarrassingly feeble. For the next four years their efforts to reform voting was ...
SocioSam 09/23/2008 23 - - 12
Why no more attacks? - Fight their meme!
Next week is the 7th anniversary of 9/11. The Republicans will be claiming Bush has stopped further attacks. Don't let them get away with it. Bush has not protected us. See my analysis of why they ...
SocioSam 09/07/2008 3 2 - 2
Palin was a smart pick and here is why
People are losing their homes and health care problems threaten their very lives. If the Republicans are to maintain their hold on the Presidency, they must minimize discussion and focus on economic ...
SocioSam 09/03/2008 19 2 - 2
Hot! Hot! Hot! w/Poll
I just heard from a die hard Republican female in her late 60s. And we got it all wrong. Sarah Palin was not picked to appeal to Hillary supporters or even women in general. My Republican friend (...
SocioSam 09/01/2008 16 2 - 2
Shhhhh! w/Poll
After a few days of vetting, we should want Sarah Palin to be McCain’s nominee even more than Dr. Dobson. Her political positions are better than we could have hoped. She is far more to the ...
SocioSam 08/31/2008 28 3 1 7
I wonder what the losers are thinking
Picking Sarah Palin will likely rally the Republican Right Wing Fundamentalist base. But what about the party leaders who didn’t get the call? How enthusiastic will they be to see McCain and ...
SocioSam 08/29/2008 6 - - 2
Bill Clinton is pissed-off, but not at Obama - w/poll
Reports have been circulating for weeks that Bill is pissed off. The suggestion was that Bill felt the Obama people had not shown the proper deference toward him. Everyone was worried about Bill&...
SocioSam 08/28/2008 31 11 1 2
Biden: 35+ years and still near the bottom w/poll
OK, Biden is smart. He is a street fighter. He will cover Obama’s back. He is strong on foreign policy. But what is he doing near the bottom of the Senate? After over 35 years you would think ...
SocioSam 08/23/2008 102 49 1 23
McCain may not be lying - w/Poll
There have been a number of stories about McCain lying. Granted, McCain has made a number of false and conflicting statements about his past beliefs and even his past behavior. But that does not ...
SocioSam 08/18/2008 27 8 1 4
Is Bush asleep at the wheel? Cheney in the bunker? w/Poll
January 20, 2001, Bush took an oath to protect us from foreign enemies. The outgoing Clinton administration had warned Bush terrorist groups, and specifically al Qaeda, where our most serious ...
SocioSam 08/09/2008 15 6 - 3
A role for Carter at convention? w/Poll
There are stories and diaries on who will/should or not speak at the Conventions. For Republicans, Bush will likely speak early then rushed out of Minnesota. Cheney will stay in his bunker. On ...
SocioSam 08/07/2008 22 4 - 2
Letter on McConnell’s gas published & brother still loves me
After yesterday’s beating for my Tennessee Snark , I’m reluctant to post a diary today. But the Louisville ...
SocioSam 07/30/2008 - 2 - 4
I want to visit my brother - but I'm too scared!
Steve and I have been close since childhood. We shared a bedroom all the years we lived with our parents. We lived together one year in college. We email multiple times every day. We visit each ...
SocioSam 07/29/2008 73 6 - 45
Is McCain getting a free ride or
Is he being set up for a big smack down? Like so many of you, I keep wondering why McCain seems to be getting a free ride from the press.
SocioSam 07/17/2008 32 2 - 3
What was Obama thinking? w/Poll
It is the morning after, and I still don’t get it. Why would Obama vote to give Bush and his lackeys amnesty? And it is far more than amnesty - this legislation can hide the facts and truth ...
SocioSam 07/10/2008 43 3 - 37
Expand FISA Amnesty! w/poll
Rather than fight against FISA’s amnesty for law breakers, maybe we should extend amnesty for people who really deserve amnesty - people who are in prison for smoking pot or carrying signs ...
SocioSam 07/09/2008 5 3 - 11
Obama, Where is the offense? w/Poll
I realize coaches and analysts claim the big games are won with defense. And certainly, defense is important. But you also need an offense. How many games have been lost trying hang onto a thin lead?
SocioSam 07/07/2008 21 3 - 2
W04 to Obama08
Sorry about the short diary but I just could not believe what I was seeing as I was walking (no gas used) to Borders Books (I had a 40% off coupon) to buy Collateral Damage: American's War ...
SocioSam 06/12/2008 5 6 - 4
Time to Update the Dictionary
What are those red lines under Barack and Obama? Hillary, Clinton, John, and McCain are not underlined in red. Barack and Obama are not spillin airs! KOS needs to add Barack and Obama to the Blog'
SocioSam 05/23/2008 4 - - 10
Two possible roles for Hillary - w/poll
No, I’m not talking about President or Vice President. But how can the party get Clinton and her supporters to get behind Obama for the general election? There are two important roles opening ...
SocioSam 05/22/2008 23 1 - -
Will You Take Bush's No-Golf Pledge?
President Bush has been so unfairly criticized for failing to support the troops he sent to occupy Iraq. Recent revelations of his sacrifice for the troops should illicit apologies and shut up these ...
SocioSam 05/15/2008 35 2 - 3
Save Money! w/poll
Last night I fired off an email to friends and family in various parts of the country that gas in Louisville hit $3.999 per gallon and asked what it was in their area. The front page photo of this ...
SocioSam 05/14/2008 7 2 - -
I gave away my Obama ticket today
Yesterday, our Sociology faculty had a teaching workshop in the morning. Afterwards, three of us decided to get Obama tickets for his appearance at our university - Indiana University Southeast in ...
SocioSam 04/23/2008 24 40 1 20
Baptists rescue Mormon children
The AP ...
SocioSam 04/05/2008 163 6 1 10
Don’t Worry; Be Happy! w/Poll
This diary is directed toward all of you “worry warts” out there who think the continued race between Obama and Clinton will doom the Democrats in the Fall election. Don’t worry; ...
SocioSam 04/01/2008 6 2 - -
I told my alma mater to get lost! w/Poll
I matured and loved my experiences at the University of Iowa. I received a great education, became politically aware, meet my mate, and changed the direction of my life. The administration ...
SocioSam 03/26/2008 16 12 - 3
4,000 and counting
We hit 4,000 dead America soldiers in Bush’s War on Iraq. An additional 13 Iraqi soldiers were killed - but we don’t keep a running ...
SocioSam 03/23/2008 1 4 - -
Obama should offer the VP spot to... w/Poll
Clinton - Bill Clinton! That’s right, Bill. Here is why: Bill is more popular than Hillary - maybe even with women. Bill has more experience than Hillary - He could step into the ...
SocioSam 03/11/2008 92 5 - 7
Will they do the same for us? w/Poll
This winter has been somewhat unusual in Louisville, KY. We have had two snow storms that required shoveling walks. The most recent was this weekend. My neighbor, who has lived in this our ...
SocioSam 03/08/2008 - 1 - 2
Give him one vote! Please!
Several people can do it. Any one of the 26 Edwards pledged delegates could do it. Or possibly one of the 55 unpledged delegates. These 81 delegates are our best hope. There are 720 Super Delegates.
SocioSam 02/25/2008 34 2 - -
Democrats cannot win in 2008 w/poll
There is no way the Democrats can win in 2008! They might win like in 2000 and 2004 but they cannot be allowed to take office. If Democrats gain control of the Justice Department and release files ...
SocioSam 02/24/2008 30 3 - -
Tragedy: Two Theories
I could not stay up to watch California and other late closing States come in last night. Storms were predicted for our area so I was careful to put the computers to bed too. I was hoping to wake ...
SocioSam 02/06/2008 7 3 - -
Time out from Super Tuesday for Super Bowl
How about a mini break from Super Tuesday for comments on the Super Bowl? What are your plans and who will win? Until a few minutes ago, my plans were to join an afternoon nature walk ...
SocioSam 02/02/2008 19 3 - 1
I’m a flip flopper!
When I took those polls to see which candidate’s positions most correlated with mine, Dennis Kucinich was always the winner. But even with his great look wife (I apologize for that sexist ...
SocioSam 01/31/2008 2 4 - -
Five more & tonight’s spin - w/poll
Earlier this morning I was watching CNN or MSNBC. They were interviewing a White House spokesman about tonight’s State of the Union speech. The spokesman said the focus would be on the economy.
SocioSam 01/28/2008 1 3 - -
Finally, some news!
A couple of days ago I started a diary titled, “F*ck the horse races. Give me some news!” The network and newspapers seem to have every reporter on the horse race at the expense of real ...
SocioSam 01/21/2008 3 5 - -
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