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MRSA MRSA Me - Ancient Treatment Sheds Modern Light on Dark Ages
This tidbit of information came to my attention the other day and I just had to utter my go to phrase when I'm catapulted into being astounded - Holy Shit! London (CNN )It might sound like a ...
John Crapper 04/30/2015 14 34 1 -
Washington State Kossacks - It's Time to Help CarbonWA - Initiative #732
Calling on Washington State Kossacks to put some adrenaline into the mix. It's time. Time for a carbon tax reality check: There are only two carbon pricing policies on the table in Washington ...
John Crapper 04/25/2015 8 22 - -
The Blobs Are Here
The stuff of science fiction movies is now here in reality. When I read this article I just paused in shock, opened my mouth and uttered the phrase I always utter at such moments: Holy Shit! As ...
John Crapper 04/23/2015 7 24 - -
Remembering A Holy $h*t Moment!
My apologies: This post was supposed to have been published on 12/30/14 but due to circumstances beyone my control it was delayed. With the holidays behind us it is important to reflect on those ...
John Crapper 01/15/2015 10 6 - -
Holy $h*tters Holiday Gift Selections
Need a little help with innovative suggestions to complete your last minute holiday shopping? Do you have those hard to buy for friends that cause you to come up with zip for gift ideas. Well, ...
John Crapper 12/18/2014 13 10 - -
The Energy New Deal - 2018 - Part 3 of 3
Church of The Holy Shitters Written July, 15th, 2025 - Poop John the First Memoirs It wasn't long after the launch the the book The Holy Shitters that the shit really did hit the fan! The ever-
John Crapper 12/11/2014 9 10 - -
Birth of the $h*tty Way - Part 2 of 3
Church of The Holy Shitters Written June 15, 2025 - Poop John the First Memoirs It was 1992. My wife Kathy, Jonathan, Joanie and myself, all teachers at Ruamrudee International School, gathered ...
John Crapper 12/04/2014 16 6 - -
Thanks for Nature - Video & Photos
My wife and I found ourselves with some unexpected time off right after the mid-term elections. Needing a pick-me-up we decided to get out of town for a little recharge. So on November 10th, ...
John Crapper 11/27/2014 7 19 - -
The $h*tty Life - 2025 - Part 1 of 3
NOTE: Normally I post on Thursdays but since this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving I decided to move posting time to the other shit day: S o H appy I t's T uesday. :>) Written June 5, 2025 - ...
John Crapper 11/25/2014 16 8 - -
The American Rock - 1980 Part 2 of 2
Part one is here. The first time we tried to do this it hadn't gone too well. We learned some valuable lessons. We learned how important it is to be ready to activate an idea immediately after the ...
John Crapper 11/13/2014 1 3 - -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks Have Lunch with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
Four days after the mid-term elections Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks had lunch with Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, WA 34th, Chair of the Environment Committee and serving on the Finance, ...
John Crapper 11/10/2014 11 18 - -
Before the American Rock - 1977-79 - Part 1 of 2
The American Rock Please note: This is the long version (with pictures) of a story I posted as my first diary on Daily KOS entitled: Time is Wasting. Sometimes there can be a really good idea ...
John Crapper 11/06/2014 2 4 - -
Driving Ass-forward - Commuting Efficiently - (Part 2)
A typical commuting scene witnessed in cities around the world every day. October 31, 2012: NEW YORK—New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would restrict car traffic coming into Manhattan ...
John Crapper 10/30/2014 5 9 - -
Driving Ass-backward - Commuting Wastefully (Part 1 of 2)
Analysis of data from the American Community Survey , gathered in 2005 found nine out of 10 workers, or 87.7 percent, drive to work with most people, 77 percent, driving alone despite rising ...
John Crapper 10/23/2014 7 7 - -
Unsustainable Sustainability
sustain 1. To keep in existence; maintain. 2. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for. 3. To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; 4. To support the spirits, vitality, or ...
John Crapper 10/16/2014 8 14 - -
$h*t - Help Me Find Him!
Sometimes I just like to unplug from all the problems. Humor is where I go. This week that's where I want to be. Life has been throwing a lot of shit my way lately. If your like me and want a ...
John Crapper 10/09/2014 8 10 1 -
University of Glasgow is first European academic institution to divest from fossil fuel industry
The Gilbert Scott Building at the University of Glasgow ...
Laurence Lewis 10/08/2014 18 56 2 -
Seattle & Puget Sound Kossacks Have Lunch with Kshama Sawant
On Saturday 10/4/14 Seattle and Puget Sound Kossacks had the chance to have lunch with Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant.
John Crapper 10/07/2014 11 40 1 -
People's Climate March Blogathon: Govenor Jay Inslee (CERT)ainly Worth My Time
Life is precious. Our time on this Earth is precious. Now is the time for me to post my diary in this blogathon. Tomorrow will be the time for tens of thousands of people in New York City, ...
John Crapper 09/20/2014 17 49 - -
People's Climate March Blogathon – Blog Team Thanks Meteor Blades
Our UN Climate Blogathon starts tomorrow -- and we have a great panel of guests, as well as some Daily Kos writers planning to post. This summit is a big deal. The US has been blocking international ...
rb137 09/18/2014 39 67 2 -
Climate Change - Think Globally - Act Locally
This September 23, world leaders and representatives from big business, finance and civil society are convening in New York City for a landmark one-day Climate Summit. The summit was convened by ...
John Crapper 09/13/2014 6 24 - -
What is Wealth? Simply put.....
What is wealth? When you think about it wealth is really the ability to do things: the ability to grow crops, to make products, to move goods, to improve efficiency, to pass on information, to ...
John Crapper 09/11/2014 7 8 - -
Our Ego and Our Environment
Ego Games 2011, Montreal Too much ego can lead to : 1. Arrogance, selfishness, greed, a sense of entitlement to whatever one wants. This leads to serious ends/means problems: such a ...
John Crapper 09/04/2014 8 19 - -
Superbugs & Sanitation
Superbugs are strains of bacteria that are resistant to several types of antibiotics. Each year these drug-resistant bacteria infect more than 2 million people nationwide and kill at least 23,000, ...
John Crapper 08/28/2014 5 12 - -
Sanitation - Food for Thought
Scientists in India have noticed a disconnect between economic boom and vast numbers of children malnourished and stunted, leaving them with mental and physical deficits.
John Crapper 08/21/2014 4 8 - -
Dust in the Wind
"Dust In The Wind" I close my eyes only for a moment, and the moment's gone All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind Same old song, just ...
John Crapper 08/14/2014 42 24 1 -
Pop a Poop Pill
Holy Shit! -Pills made from poop cure serious gut infections. Doctors have discovered that putting healthy people’s poop into pills can cure serious gut infections! Canadian researches ...
John Crapper 08/07/2014 31 18 - -
Ecotourism - Zip It!
A zip-line over the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica. Ecotourism 1. Tourism involving travel to areas of natural or ecological interest, typically under the guidance of a ...
John Crapper 07/24/2014 25 11 - -
Whale Poop
I weary of the festering sores of testosterone-induced violence throughout the globe. Festering sores in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, the Sudan, Nigeria, undoubtedly countless other locations. ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 07/17/2014 8 7 - -
The Ass-backward RV
This is going to be a short, to the point, blunt diary as this consumer product is at the very top of my pet peeve list. Did I forget anything? Don't leave home without it! There is no more ...
John Crapper 07/17/2014 75 16 - -
Don't Piss Off Piss!
Not long ago Dutch officials lined up some not-so-private urinals in an Amsterdam park and asked local men to come pee. But instead of having the pee flush down the drain and piss it away the ...
John Crapper 07/10/2014 37 25 - -
Energy & The Games People Play
As with most things, it's the little things, the things that fly under the radar sometimes that can make a big difference. One of those little things (turns out it's not so little) came to my ...
John Crapper 07/03/2014 6 13 - -
Toilet Progress - "Green Going" ?
The outhouse There was a time, not that long ago, when doing your business meant taking a short walk to visit the outhouse. You opened the door, sat down and did your business. A very simple ...
John Crapper 06/19/2014 21 11 - -
The Things We Take For Granted
There are lots of important things in this world we tend to take for granted. To prove my point conduct this little experiment before we go further. Hold your breath for three minutes. Did you try?
John Crapper 06/12/2014 7 16 - -
SOWP - Stupid Old White People
Today I just want to have fun and not be serious so please indulge me. Just to set the record straight right up front. I’m a 63 year old white male. I’m also an English as a Second ...
John Crapper 06/05/2014 43 21 - -
Climate Change: You Can’t Have My I-Pad!
A while back I purchased an I-pad. I love it. I’m not sure how I ever survived without it. I read a lot more. I social network a lot more. It has become an integral tool in my daily life. But it ...
John Crapper 05/29/2014 39 21 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Spying & Escape
This is the information age and super-consumers need more than others. They have a compelling need to know. And sometimes you just need an escape from it all! SkyMall is ready to assist.
John Crapper 05/22/2014 13 11 - -
Letterman passes fracking torch, Colbert blows it up. SB1132 Blogathon gets comic relief!
David Letterman on Fracking: Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Screwed! Stephen Colbert, aka The Fracker: Come on, we're trying to throw a fracking party here, and these people are ruining it with ...
citisven 05/21/2014 38 169 6 -
A weekend of climate action with Bill McKibben
We have had a big weekend for climate awareness and action here in Bellingham, Washington. Climate leader and author Bill McKibben visited us and had events Friday evening and Saturday ...
James Wells 05/18/2014 45 65 - -
Religion, Respect, Faith & Our Environment
Faith-based religions occupy a special place in society that command unique privileges. First and foremost is respect. There is an assumption in society that one’s faith is especially ...
John Crapper 05/15/2014 12 15 1 -
Climate 'holy shit' moment is here: Sixty-nine feet of sea level rise setting in
The news today that Antarctic ice sheet melt is irreversible is the stomach churning moment we have been dreading. Here is NASA animation of Antarctic melting: Looking at the total picture of ...
VL Baker 05/12/2014 254 217 2 -
Truman, Nuclear Blasts and Me
Did you know that there have been over 2000 nuclear blasts since the bomb was invented? Watch this video and refresh your memory. It takes a mere 4 minutes and 14 seconds to travel down nuclear ...
John Crapper 05/08/2014 20 18 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Storage
The ideas just keep on coming when you shop at SkyMall. There are hundreds of new products being introduced every day. Consumer diarrhea suffering shopaholics can scratch every consumer itch. ...
John Crapper 05/01/2014 51 62 1 -
Harvard Divest: Unwinding the Influence of Fossil Fuels
Today students of Harvard Divest are taking a stand to demand that the Harvard Corporation divest from 200 companies that hold the vast majority of the world’s fossil fuel reserves. In addition to ...
branto 04/30/2014 9 29 1 -
Evolution: Street Prophets Coffee Hour
Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Coffee Hour at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can discuss what’s happening in our lives, what we’ve been working on, and our opinions on ...
Ojibwa 04/27/2014 22 19 - -
Beyond Coal – Thinking About Progress Worldwide
The Sierra Club has a nationwide program they call “Beyond Coal” . Their accomplishments have been impressive. The latest from the Sierra Club.
John Crapper 04/24/2014 14 26 - -
Postcard from Medellín: A Big WUF for Urban Equity
“Is this your first WUF?” is a question commonly asked at the World Urban Forum , a gathering for, by, and about city people that was first convened by UN Habitat in Nairobi in 2002 and ...
citisven 04/18/2014 32 62 - -
Climate Change - Mitigating Ego - Part 2 of 2
In part one we examined our ego and overpopulation . In part 2 we dive further into the relation of our ego to this problem and examine a solution. Here is a brief excerpt from last week's post.
John Crapper 04/17/2014 11 9 - -
Climate Change - Mitigating Ego - Part 1 of 2
There are some things we just don't think of when it comes to action we can take to mitigate climate change. Here at the Church of the Holy Shitters we contend the main reason for ignoring these ...
John Crapper 04/10/2014 10 16 - -
God and Beer?
Special note : Exactly one year ago today I was attending my Mother's funeral. It is also my birthday. My mother's famous tagline, her go-to comment about many things was: “That’s a bunch ...
John Crapper 04/03/2014 35 18 - -
Life After Death
Our home. The Church of the Holy Shitters does not believe in life after death as it is traditionally thought of. We leave that to your spiritual religion to provide you guidance in this area. ...
John Crapper 03/27/2014 21 5 - -
UN: Extreme weather soars, Australia's record heat was 'virtually impossible' without human impacts
Killer flooding, killer tornadoes, killer typhoons, killer heat, killer windstorms, killer droughts, killer snowstorms. That was weather in 2013. Such is the takeaway from the annual report of ...
Meteor Blades 03/25/2014 52 194 5 -
Ten Thoughts on "Human Nature"
Human Nature n 1. the qualities common to humanity 2. ordinary human behaviour, esp considered as less than perfect 3. (Sociology) Social unique elements that form a basic ...
John Crapper 03/20/2014 10 9 - -
Methane - It's a Gas
I am Poop John the First of the Church of the Holy Shitters. I am the founder and creator of the Church of the Holy Shitters. I realize these are tongue-in-cheek statements but they come with ...
John Crapper 03/13/2014 49 34 - -
Is Stupidity Winning the Climate Change Argument?
Some recent comments by Charles Krauthammer and Ted Cruz got me thinking about stupidity and climate change.
John Crapper 03/06/2014 25 29 - -
The Antarctic Half of the Global Thermohaline Circulation is Collapsing
Edge of ...
FishOutofWater 03/05/2014 215 436 11 -
A Titanic Shift - KXL Public Comments Blogathon
The tug boats are trying to alter its course but the "Lifestyle Titanic" continues mostly on auto pilot under the direction of its Energy Global Positioning System (EGPS).   I like analogies. ...
John Crapper 03/04/2014 35 50 1 -
Our Perception Blinders
Many people walk around with “blinders” on; “blinders” are meant to be on horses , to keep their focus on the view that is directly in front of them, they block ...
John Crapper 02/27/2014 5 7 - -
Exiles on Main Street: When Ordinary People Resist the Oil-pocalypse
It seems every week or so you can hear language borrowed from the War On Terror, the Salem Witch Hunts and the McCarthy hearings. Some prosecutor is hurling invective at fossil fuel resisters, who ...
Reverend Billy 02/25/2014 15 30 1 -
Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Those dirty, filthy 'science' people
Today's source material: I repeat: I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier. I’ve long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon ...
kos 02/22/2014 175 69 1 1
Having Wisdom
Wise: According to Webster: 1. having the power of discerning and judging properly as to which is true or right: possessing discernment, judgement, or discretion; 2. possessed of or ...
John Crapper 02/20/2014 8 6 - -
On this President's Day let's help him out! . I just read the entire speech that Secretary of State Kerry delivered in Indonesia. It is ...
John Crapper 02/17/2014 15 28 - -
Perfect Poopers
Perfect : Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen. Perfection : Broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness. Is there anything more perfect than a newborn baby? Beautiful and ...
John Crapper 02/13/2014 10 14 - -
A Public Service Announcement
This is your planet. This is fossil fuels.
citisven 02/13/2014 95 192 5 -
Racist 'Sacrifice Zones' With XL Pipeline are Grounds Alone for Rejecting Permit
The public debate whether President Obama should approve Keystone XL pipeline is focused on the salient impacts to climate change, natural resources and wildlife. What is missing from this debate is ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 02/09/2014 69 198 6 -
Nature Deficit Disorder
NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER A recent study from Australia found that of the 1,975 children surveyed, 37% of children spent less than half an hour a day playing outdoors after school, and 43% spent ...
John Crapper 02/06/2014 17 23 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Fitness/Sports/Pain Relief
I ask you to let your imagination fly for a while. You've just boarded a flight going to a destination of your dreams. If you have the inkling you can imagine you're sitting in business or ...
John Crapper 01/30/2014 16 7 - -
'Climate Apartheid': Building Privatized City to Protect Rich From Rising Sea Levels
I often wondered where the rich, deniers and fossil fuel executives would go when climate change impacts become far worse than the impacts we see now. I figured that after they created this climate ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 01/27/2014 220 199 7 -
The Noise in Our Lives
I contend there is more noise bombarding us, clouding our thinking and impeding our judgement than ever before. This increase in noise pollution has been an insidious yet consistent phenomena in ...
John Crapper 01/23/2014 134 55 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Beauty and Personal Hygiene
I ask you to let your imagination fly for a while. You've just boarded a flight going to a destination of your dreams. If you have the inkling you can imagine you're sitting in business or ...
John Crapper 01/16/2014 17 10 - -
Commandment #8 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 01/09/2014 25 4 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Dogs
I ask you to let your imagination fly for a while. You've just boarded a flight going to a destination of your dreams. If you have the inkling you can imagine you're sitting in business or ...
John Crapper 01/02/2014 22 8 - -
SkyMall Shopping - Cats
I ask you to let your imagination fly for a while. You've just boarded a flight going to a destination of your dreams. If you have the inkling you can imagine you're sitting in business or ...
John Crapper 12/26/2013 25 15 1 -
Super-consumer Crap Accumulators
A typical self storage unit There is an industry that has sprung up that receives very little attention and yet speaks volumes about our lifestyle. People these days buy storage space to store more ...
John Crapper 12/19/2013 49 21 1 -
From Soap to Cities, Designing From Nature Could Solve Our Biggest Challenges
Can a boat be designed to clean the water? How does a spider manufacture resilient fiber? We need products that don’t harm us or the environment, and nature’s already done the research. ++++++
citisven 12/16/2013 16 53 3 -
SkyMall Shopping - Shop Until You Drop!
As Holy Shitters we strive to be soft and fluffy consumers which means we examine what we consume from a waste-end first analysis. We are aware of the super-consumer lifestyle that surrounds us ...
John Crapper 12/12/2013 23 15 - -
Commandment #7 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 12/05/2013 6 8 - -
Consumer Diarrhea - America's Disease!
On this Thanksgiving Day: I would like to wish everyone at Daily KOS a very happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks every day for having the good fortune to have discovered this site. Every time I ...
John Crapper 11/28/2013 8 12 - -
Commandment #6 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 11/21/2013 10 6 - -
Talking Heads
This video provides proof that other ...
John Crapper 11/14/2013 7 4 - -
Commandment #5 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 11/07/2013 2 6 - -
The Rapture - Some Real Scary $h*t
Followers of the Church of the Holy Shitters concern themselves with how humans relate to the planet. Through our practice of the Sacrament of Holy Shitting we are constantly reminded of the Eat/...
John Crapper 10/31/2013 115 63 1 -
Commandment #4 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 10/24/2013 1 3 - -
Ass-backward Consumerism
The Power of Greed. "How we spend our money is power too! Consumerism is alive and thriving in our economies. How many times have we read in business magazines or heard on business programs ...
John Crapper 10/17/2013 7 12 - -
TPP - TTIP and the "Wag the Dog" Shutdown Game
Whenever a lot of things are going on I can't make sense of there's something in the back of my mind that starts to gnaw at me. This has happened ever since my Vietnam War days. At the ...
John Crapper 10/13/2013 21 22 1 -
Commandment #3 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t stink.
John Crapper 10/10/2013 7 4 - -
LAST HOURS for Humanity?
Cross-posted with EcoWatch Consider this: nearly all life on Earth could go extinct because of manmade climate change. Internationally syndicated talk show host and bestselling author Thom ...
Renewable Rider 10/08/2013 22 29 - -
Risking Arrest Tomorrow Re: XL Pipeline
I thought I'd let all my friends at DailyKos know that I will be joining this action tomorrow morning: #NoKXL Pledge of Resistance Actions Boston #NoKXL State Department sit-in Join the rally and ...
UnaSpenser 10/06/2013 31 110 2 -
Toilet Think Tanks
Striving to have a smart shit! There is a reason people call a toilet a head. For many of us, in our hectic world, it is the few moments in our day where we can sit, relax, contemplate and examine ...
John Crapper 10/03/2013 9 5 - -
Green diary rescue: Deniers poke at IPCC report, hornets galore, where's high speed rail—China
Every week Daily Kos diarists write dozens of environmentally related posts. Many don't get the readership they deserve. Helping improve the odds is ...
Meteor Blades 09/28/2013 37 83 3 12
IPCC: 'Unequivocal' human-caused global warming on course to raise temperatures above 2°C by 2100
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its [Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis] Friday. The 2,000-page report of Working ...
Meteor Blades 09/27/2013 77 135 5 15
TP Partnership - And I Don't Mean Toilet Paper!
There are times when you get hit with something and it just makes you say "Holy Shit". This happened to me on Saturday, Septerber 21, 2013 when I attended the No KXL Draw the Line event ...
John Crapper 09/27/2013 14 34 - -
Commandment #2 - A Closer Look
The Church of the Holy Shitters 10 Commandments 1. Thou shalt pursue the understanding of Shit. 2. One who taketh a shit must giveth a shit. 3. Thou shalt not act like your shit doesn’t ...
John Crapper 09/26/2013 5 4 - -
KXL -Draw the Line - McKibben - Seattle Report
Two years ago, retired NASA climatologist James Hansen famously said that if we allowed the development of Keystone XL, it would be "game over" for the climate. But today there were over 200 Draw ...
John Crapper 09/21/2013 47 68 4 -
Compulsive Hoarding Decrapulation : The practice of not buying crap you don't need and getting rid of crap you don't use. Humans need a lot of stuff to live. The three big requirements for our ...
John Crapper 09/19/2013 33 30 1 -
Hummingbirds - Hopeful Voices in Our Midst
For the past many years, the struggle to find meaningful solutions to urgent environmental problems has been between rational forces of light on the one hand aligned against, on the other side,
JekyllnHyde 09/15/2013 46 90 4 -
Hummingbirds: Está cabrón...inheriting bitter grapes of a betrayed climate
(Note: This is the final diary in the Hummingbird Blogathon. Acknowledgements and thanks are down below.) Getting to know migrant farmworkers from Mexico to Watsonville. Orgulloso (proud) I am to ...
catilinus 09/13/2013 40 82 1 -
Hummingbirds: The Great Lakes, Our Water Wonderland, Face Grave Threats from Climate Change
Two-Hearted River, 2007 (full credit below) A little over twenty years ago, my then-partner and I decided to go on an adventure in the Upper Peninsula: to canoe on the Two-Hearted River. We were ...
peregrine kate 09/13/2013 96 130 9 -
Hummingbirds: Native Villages Forced To Relocate Due To Climate Change Impacts
We hear about the impact of sea level rises in the future, so some might view this as a harm that will occur years down the road. But, the Arctic region of Alaska is warming twice as fast as other ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 09/13/2013 28 84 - -
Hummingbirds: Majuro declaration on climate change will determine every child’s future
Young children gather in a graveyard encroached by rising sea levels in Majuro, the Marshall Islands. Creative Commons: Kelly Rigg, 2013 - See more at:
Kelly Rigg 09/12/2013 14 62 - -
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