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Want to win Pub Quiz #NN15?
Seriously? You know you wanna....and I have just the thing you need to do so...follow me below the ...
Spedwybabs 09/16/2014 14 14 1 -
#DetroitWater- A way to help!
I know it's late but I had to get this out there as far and wide as I can so this'll be ...
Spedwybabs 07/23/2014 6 9 - -
Pooties..Soups...Arizona: A Natural Progression
Hey there Kos family...long time no talk! I know i haven't posted much the last few years...been awfully busy with the career that was born right here on Daily Kos but with all the controversy a ...
Spedwybabs 07/22/2014 54 63 2 -
Netroots Nation Auction: Pootie Style
It's that time again... the annual Netroots Nation Auction ...which means it's time for my annual diary turning pooties into the Vanna White of DKos by showing you exactly what you could be missing ...
Spedwybabs 08/20/2013 3 26 - -
I wish Fast Food Forward had been around 20 years ago
In case you live under a rock and missed it...yesterday in NYC approximately 400 fast food workers went on a one day strike to demand higher wages and the right to unionize without fear of ...
Spedwybabs 04/05/2013 7 37 - -
Feed the Lines! read that right... look we've seen it over the last few weeks well everywhere...long lines of people waiting to vote And if you think tomorrow is gonna be any better you're crazy... so ...
Spedwybabs 11/05/2012 10 22 - -
Sandy Relief Pootie-a-thon
Hey - yep it's me again... and I know everyone is really busy with GOTV but could you take a few minutes between GOTV calls to help Sandy survivors? See the folks at New York Communities for Change ...
Spedwybabs 11/04/2012 55 68 1 -
Help send TWO BUSES full of food and supplies to NYers in Need
Wary of giving to the Red Cross? Want to do something truly helpful to those in such desperate need in the wake of Sandy? Follow me below the fold for the answer you've been looking ...
Spedwybabs 11/03/2012 11 36 - -
The Annual Unofficial Official Happy Bday Markos Diary
HA! I bet you figured it's been so long since I've posted around here that I'd forget.... NEVER HAPPY BDAY MARKOS!
Spedwybabs 09/10/2012 80 76 1 262
Save Cheers & Jeers- Pootie-a-thon edition
It's with a sad yet happy heart I write this diary tonight. See, it's come to our attention that our very own blogger supported blogger over the last few months has taken a huge pay cut and is in ...
Spedwybabs 09/10/2012 126 229 - 957
IL-10: Pooties for Sheyman
Long time no see Daily Kos... I've had my nose to the grindstone the last few weeks and but something has come to my attention that just SCREAMED for some pootie support If you haven't already ...
Spedwybabs 03/16/2012 19 40 - 158
SOTUing it up with Sped
Tonight [ MBNYC] and [ sidnora] have put together a State of the Union Watch Party so I can meet up with the NYC Kossacks. If only ...
Spedwybabs 01/24/2012 4 10 - 46
Progressive Congress News joins the SOPA / PIPA 1/18 Internet Blackout
On Wednesday, the [ Progressive Congress News] Twitter feeds and daily email feed to Congress will go silent in solidarity with the [
Spedwybabs 01/17/2012 10 16 - 79
Ron Paul: Ever the Classy Candidate
So this is gonna be a hit and run cause I'm crazy busy tonight...but this was too good not to diary real ...
Spedwybabs 01/03/2012 23 36 1 564
My Thank You: First Pootie/Soup Diary of the Year
First... to all who have been so madly donating and subscribing people ...thank you and I'm only sorry I didn't know about this effort sooner or I'd have done soup diaries galore, sadly I've been so ...
Spedwybabs 12/31/2011 26 63 4 268
Happy Bday Darcy Burner!
Yep that's right .... today's is Darcy's bday... so in honor of her bday I'm gonna post a bunch of birthday pooties- notice I did NOT post the number of pooties to match her age (talk about being a ...
Spedwybabs 11/12/2011 4 16 - 55
You know you wanna....
bid on these things that are up for bid in the annual Netroots Nation Auction .... because if ...
Spedwybabs 09/17/2011 3 14 - 109
The official unofficial Happy Birthday Markos Diary
I bet he thinks that w/my move this week I forgot...but not only did I not forget...I've this one lol ready well since last year's bday diary so to keep this short and sweet (just like me)...
Spedwybabs 09/10/2011 24 21 - 186
Meet a Staffer
By now you must know that Netroots Nation 2011 starts Thursday in Minneapolis. You probably also know there are over 70 amazing panels (shameless self ...
Spedwybabs 06/14/2011 1 14 - 109
And the winner is.....
It all started with a wordsmith press secretary and a grandiose press release that was just too over the top to ignore... and now a month later I'm happy to be writing this diary to introduce you to ...
Spedwybabs 06/14/2011 10 19 - 138
They Want Your Vote
That's right they do...and they'd do anything for it! They'll beg, they'll #ff you on Twitter, they might even break out into a spontaneous rap praising your amazing self... who is this ...
Spedwybabs 06/11/2011 7 6 - 59
Wanted: Drama Queens and Kings
No joke...the more dramatic- be it serious or funny- the better!
Spedwybabs 06/06/2011 4 16 - 140
3 days left- don't you want to win an ipad2 from
If you know me, you know that I like to joke around a lot but this diary is no ...
Spedwybabs 06/04/2011 4 20 - 101 Wants to Make YOU a YouTube STAR! Win an iPad2!
You read that right...starting today is running a Video Contest & the grand prize winner will win an iPad2. They will also ...
Spedwybabs 06/01/2011 11 16 1 105
Good News from Arizona- Surprise!
I know it's not often that we get good news out of Arizona but to me this is about the best news...and it couldn't happen to a better guy.
Spedwybabs 05/31/2011 86 348 2 2574
Why is Netroots Nation such a big deal?
So a few weeks ago Adam Bonin mentioned in a diary that he didn’t realize how many Kossacks actually don’t know what the ...
Spedwybabs 05/24/2011 26 39 1 182
Soupin It Up W/Sped: Back with a Cause
:::dusts off the soup pot::: I'm back! Many of you will remember my series of diaries called [ Soupin It Up W/Sped] which featured a different ...
Spedwybabs 05/12/2011 29 43 7 216
The Russell Pearce (AZ St Senate King Wingnut) Recall Blogger Call
You heard that right...back home in Arizona they're working damn hard to recall State Senator Russell Pearce (R-Wingnut King). Around here on Daily Kos you'll know him as the author of SB1070 but ...
Spedwybabs 05/10/2011 5 24 - 95
Your Chance to ask 2 Members of the Progressive Caucus Questions!
That's right...this week we'll be having not one but two blogger calls with members of the Progressive Caucus.
Spedwybabs 05/10/2011 4 9 - 45
Nicole Sandler ARRESTED at FL Townhall Last Night! WITH UPDATES
Forgive me if this has already been posted...I skimmed recent and rec list and saw nothing here on Kos yet but this is big... See below for some major updates.... this is just insane!
Spedwybabs 04/27/2011 29 77 3 495
Congressional Staff Need Your Help
“Believe me, Progressive Congress News makes mornings easier. Surfing for 30 minutes trying to find out what I’ve missed isn’t an option. This is the best news digest I’ve seen ...
Spedwybabs 04/25/2011 11 35 3 147
The rant that almost wasn't
So last night I had this great diary all set to go, complete with righteous anger, frustration excitement, praise and of course a pootie... then I hit save & preview ... then Daily Kos ate my diary (...
Spedwybabs 04/15/2011 10 15 - 163
Pooties Call Congress- You Should Too!
Ok I've seen a lot of chatter on this...a little here on Kos, a lot on Twitter... so let me and pooties lay it on the line for you here...
Spedwybabs 04/14/2011 18 48 1 220
What does Mom want for Mom's Day?
It's become a tradition for the Netroots Nation auctions so I asked my pootie friends if they'd play Vanna for the [ Progressive Congress News Auction] and after a ...
Spedwybabs 04/14/2011 3 8 - 60
GOP's Roadmap to Ruin pooties...not in this diary...not today... not with so much on the line this week. I’m going to attempt to be serious here and I hope you’ll agree with me on the bottom line:
Spedwybabs 04/12/2011 23 66 2 446
You got Questions? The Progressive Caucus has Answers!
Not only do they have answers but they have two ways for you to get those answers! Update: Rep. Grijalva has been invited to be on the Lawrence O'Donnell show on MSNBC at 8 pm EST sooo ...
Spedwybabs 04/11/2011 8 28 - 122
Can you spare 120 seconds of your time? (Action)
Can you spare 120 seconds of your time to support 3 great groups who would like to meet you at [ Netroots Nation] Minnesota? Seriously...120 seconds is all it takes!
Spedwybabs 04/01/2011 3 3 - 29
NFTT: A very special announcement
Greetings from wet and cold Washington, DC. It's Opening Day here and the excitement is in the air... and I'm hoping that excitement will carry over to this diary, because I have a very special ...
Spedwybabs 04/01/2011 50 47 - 263
Breaking! Pootie Strike Ends! (NFTT)
Thursday a tragedy occurred here on Daily Kos. The pooties went on strike and their only demand was that everyone should contribute $ to Netroots for the Troops. I'm thrilled to report you came ...
Spedwybabs 03/28/2011 14 29 - 158
We Don't Want Your Bachmann or Palin...
So even though it was snowing (!), well spitting white stuff, as I waited for my train for the first leg of my trip to DC- it is in fact March 24th and that means it is officially spring. That means ...
Spedwybabs 03/24/2011 10 15 - 137
Breaking: NFTT: Pooties on Strike
This just in from Pootieville...the pooties have gone on strike! Their demands? Easy: this diary has to raise $500 for Netroots for the Troops- until that happens, NONE of these pooties will speak...
Spedwybabs 03/24/2011 114 95 - 604
Win a Booth at Netroots Nation 11
So let's say you work with a great progressive organization that is a 510(c)3 or maybe you own a small business that does something or sells something that ...
Spedwybabs 03/22/2011 9 29 - 112
Communicating with Congress
Those that keep up w/my doings (and if you do, I don't know how you do it, I barely do it LOL) know that over the last year I've been working semi-behind the scenes trying to improve the ...
Spedwybabs 03/21/2011 4 16 1 51
Help Hank Johnson & CPC Pac- Progressives Fighting for US
Last night I did this [ diary] asking for your help in showing Rep. Hank ...
Spedwybabs 03/18/2011 6 17 - 55
Help us moneybomb Progressive Hero Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
If you’re not from Georgia, when you first speak with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA4) you might be swayed by his slow Southern drawl into thinking he’s an affable, but laid-back legislator. Sorry, ...
Spedwybabs 03/17/2011 24 31 1 157
You're gonna defund NPR? Fine- We'll defund Faux News!- UPDATED
cross posted from [] So here I was minding my own business...getting some stuff done for my trip to DC next week when I got an email from someone I know ...
Spedwybabs 03/16/2011 109 239 2 2066
Now we're getting down to business
So earlier this week I had the privlege of hosting [!)-Rep. Charlie Rangel's] first ...
Spedwybabs 03/11/2011 16 14 - 140
Ask A Dem Anything You Want
You read that right....welcome to another chapter in "Dems Discover Social Media Engagement"
Spedwybabs 03/08/2011 10 7 - 64
Live Blog: Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ-07)
Since his reelection last fall, [ Rep. Grijalva] has been a busy guy. But rest assured: he hasn’t forgotten the support we here in the netroots gave him as he fought ...
Spedwybabs 03/08/2011 63 36 - 231
A chance to talk with Congress
I've been blogging here on Kos since Fall of 2006. In that time, I've mostly blogged about what I call "fluff" - pooties, soups, community because to me community is the backbone of the Progressive ...
Spedwybabs 03/07/2011 14 8 1 46
You're Invited: Blogger Call w/Rep. Charlie Rangel
Some of you know me and many don't, but one of the many activites I've been involved with over the last year includes professionally working w/campaigns and legislative offices on their social media ...
Spedwybabs 03/01/2011 6 5 - 34
Dirty Hippies: The Newest Progressive Blog
Yep that's right...we're [ Dirty Hippies] and we're totally progressive and totally unwashed.
Spedwybabs 02/25/2011 14 33 - 282
Send Him Your Tampons!
Sadly, my headline is no joke and not even a trick to get onto the rec list...rather it relates to the ongoing Republican War on Women.
Spedwybabs 02/24/2011 42 42 2 320
The Video from WI that says it All
Diary police will tell me this isn't a the words of the Speaker of the be ...
Spedwybabs 02/19/2011 84 166 4 1131
Building the Progressive Echo Chamber, Part 2
Three weeks ago, I posted this [ diary] outlining the first steps toward ...
Spedwybabs 02/17/2011 18 33 1 145
We All Shall Be Free (Egypt)
First a little background. Some of you may know I've been working on a bunch of Progressive projects that in some way involve social media- messaging, message pushing etc. Others of you will ...
Spedwybabs 02/03/2011 10 20 - 106
Cheers & Jeers: Monday SUB Edition
It's Monday and Bill's taking the day off so it's Spedwybabs reporting in from beautiful downtown DC. I'm not one to toot my own horn but I'm here on business and I have some really exciting things ...
Spedwybabs 01/31/2011 112 75 - 210
I've Got Your Progressive Echo Chamber Right HERE (new series)
What a Year 51 weeks ago 600+ hungry progressives gathered in Pennsylvania eager to make a difference in the life of everyday Pennsylvanians. We ate, drank, talked, networked and learned. We came ...
Spedwybabs 01/24/2011 24 54 - 108
Here's How YOU Can Help Heal After Yesterday's Tragedy
This may not end up being the diary I'd planned to write today but none the less it's important. Today from 10am-3pm at Foothills Mall in Tucson the Tucson Red Cross is doing a ...
Spedwybabs 01/09/2011 15 39 - 134
Super Late CHEERS & JEERS Sub Edition
Well it seems our favorite lifeguard forgot to warn us he was taking the day off... and I've got a crazy day so here... have a few pooties and a smile (sing that to the tune of the Coca Cola ...
Spedwybabs 01/03/2011 95 52 - 89
CHEERS & JEERS: Soupy Sub Edition
::::yawn:::: wow this is awfully early in the day ... how are y'all? Long time no see! Well not really...I do read the kiddie pool every day, but by the time I get my butt outta bed, y'all are long ...
Spedwybabs 12/27/2010 95 80 1 83
NFTT: Three French Hens- Pootie Style
Welcome to day three of our Netroots for the Troops, Inc. Holiday Fundraiser. Today we’ll be taking a look at three french hens as explained by our friendly pooties.
Spedwybabs 12/15/2010 34 43 - 104
Live Blog AND Live Auction for NN Auction Last Hour
Hurry hurry...step right up... this year's [
Spedwybabs 12/07/2010 41 16 - 110
NN Holiday Bazaar: Pooties go Shopping
It's that time of the year again...time for the [;jsessionid=CNfVS6SfLb7ApQYk4YCNGw**.app1-i?auctionId=121699353 Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar]
Spedwybabs 12/04/2010 28 29 - 87
Thank You Sherry- a few random thoughts & maybe a pootie or two
Forgive me for veering off into semi personal territory but there's a few random thoughts i need to share but first a word from my sponsor Did you know that the [
Spedwybabs 11/29/2010 8 25 - 100
Cheers & Jeers Sub Egg Nog Edition
I'm back.... finally! Employee Bill has been given the night off so here I am... in years past I've always posted a Pooties Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving but this year well #fail tonight me ...
Spedwybabs 11/26/2010 56 54 - 85
GOTV for Grndrush- it's what he would have wanted
Again, not the diary I had planned to post today but somehow it feels right to repost this diary I posted [ last night] ...
Spedwybabs 10/27/2010 31 106 1 92
GOTV in honor of a Kossack
This isn't the diary I was planning to write an hour ago. In fact, bear with me, I'm pretty overcome w/emotion right now so please understand if this is a bit mumble jumble and even fluffier than ...
Spedwybabs 10/26/2010 22 82 1 71
(AZ-07) 19 ?s with Rep. Raul Grijalva
Back at the beginning of this cycle the BWIUBS posted a bunch of diaries where we asked candidates a bunch of non political questions in an effort to get to know our candidates as people instead of ...
Spedwybabs 10/24/2010 9 20 - 501
Election 2010: Heroes
So we’re 10 days away from election day and what can be said except it’s been one crazy cycle. In many ways, crazier than most thanks to the Tea Party and the excitement their ...
Spedwybabs 10/23/2010 7 24 - 118
Pooties for Grijalva! (AZ-07)
Yep, me again :) And today I brought friends to help me fundraise for the re-election of Rep. Grijalva. Here's how it works: From now til midnight tonight EST, for every pootie/woozle pic ...
Spedwybabs 10/22/2010 200 282 2 108
Breaking: Hazardous Material Mailed to Grijalva's Office in Tucson (AZ-07)
I hate the word Breaking in a diary title but in this case it really is a Breaking's what we know so far UPDATE: Maneegee's diary that posted same time as this one is much ...
Spedwybabs 10/21/2010 60 141 2 92
(AZ-07) Rep. Raul Grijalva: Live Blog NOW
Hi, it's me again. Here to bug you about supporting Rep. Raul Grijalva yet again. It's been a wierd few months...and the last few weeks have found me doing things a year ago I never would have ...
Spedwybabs 10/20/2010 120 74 1 550
(AZ-07) Grijalva Shares The Truth About Ruth UPDATED
On Friday I published a [ diary] in which I swallowed my pride and begged everyone here on Kos to support Rep. Raul Grijalva in his bid for re-election however they could. I&...
Spedwybabs 10/19/2010 24 46 - 121
(AZ-07) Why Grijalva Requires Our Help NOW
I usually save my disclaimer for the end of my diaries but in this case I'll start off with it because this is one disclaimer I'm proud of I work in political social media as co-owner ...
Spedwybabs 10/15/2010 53 164 1 120
(MI-08) Bring on the Bacon- Bacon Recipes for a Bacon Bomb
Hi again...I'm back with more bacon talk :) This morning we're gonna talk about Bacon recipes after all it's been ages since I posted one of my recipe diaries- been too busy doing the campaign work ...
Spedwybabs 10/04/2010 87 95 4 109
(MI-08) Do it For Dude- incoming Bacon Bomb
Most of you are familiar with the trials and tribulations of one of my heroes this cycle...[http://www.lanceenderleforcongress Lance Enderle], so I won't bore you with the back story. What I will ...
Spedwybabs 10/03/2010 16 23 - 85
Live Blog with Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ-07) (Co-Chair, CPC)
Hi’s my pleasure and honor this morning to be here to host a Live Chat with [ Rep. Raul Grijalva], Co Chair of the Progressive Caucus and ...
Spedwybabs 09/30/2010 119 55 - 293
Get your Early Voting Info HERE
So in the process of GOTV planning for clients and allies I was shocked last Sunday night to learn that the next day 2 states were beginning their early voting for the 2010 midterm. It got me to ...
Spedwybabs 09/25/2010 25 41 2 114
PA-16: Yes She CAN- But She Needs Our Help
Many of you will remember Lois Herr as the candidate running against Joe "Pitts is the" Pitts in PA-16. Yes, that in Stupak-Pitts. It's well documented how Connie Saltonstall ...
Spedwybabs 09/24/2010 16 31 1 80
Our Constitution is under Attack (TX-SBOE, Every Electoral Race there is)
You heard me right. Now it's not often I rant and rave here on the Great Orange Satan but given the last 5 days I've experienced I have to... but it'll be worth it for you dear reader cause in the ...
Spedwybabs 09/21/2010 24 43 - 82
Annual Pooties shop at the Netroots Nation Auction Diary
It’s that time of the year again....time to dig thru the couch cushions for all those loose pennies so you can buy one of the really cool items up for bid in the annual [https://www....
Spedwybabs 09/16/2010 6 40 - 84
The Annual Unofficial Official Happy Birthday Markos Diary
It's that time of the year again...Fearless Leader's Birthday Last year in the [ Official Unofficial ...
Spedwybabs 09/10/2010 127 133 1 90
(PA-06) Trivedi's opponent Tweets his plan to save ONE job: his own
Many of you know that I spent the last 10 years of my life in PA. Not long before I moved away I had the pleasure of meeting [
Spedwybabs 09/10/2010 9 26 - 56
Happy Birthday to Us
The day: The Saturday night of Netroots Nation 2009 The place: The bar at the Westin in Pittsburgh The culprits: Spedwybabs, Stranded Wind, Donnamarie, Floja Roja The conversation: Politics of ...
Spedwybabs 08/15/2010 12 39 - 63
Soupin it Up w/Sped: Chilled Soups for the Troops
Welcome to a special edition of [ Soupin it Up w/Sped]. Tonight is a return of one of my favorites...Soups for the Troops. Those that know ...
Spedwybabs 06/27/2010 65 39 3 113
Soupin It Up w/Sped: Broccoli Soups Edition
Hi everyone, welcome once again to [ Soupin It Up w/Sped] where we talk anything soup related. Today's theme is Broccoli- don't forget to ...
Spedwybabs 06/20/2010 38 36 - 66
Photo Diary: Arizona First and Foremost
For those who don't know me well I was born and raised in Arizona. I bleed Arizona Wildcat red and blue. So back in December when someone from the Glassman for Senate (at that time Exploratory ...
Spedwybabs 06/18/2010 34 27 - 59
#FailWhale Hell Reprieve-Pooties Save the Nite!
Oh come all ye faithful...all ye in withdrawl...all ye in total hell tonight due to twitter's obvious total failure...come with me for some fun...maybe i won't even have to publish this diary ...
Spedwybabs 06/14/2010 41 17 - 43
Soupin It Up w/Sped: Corny Edition
Welcome once again to [ Soupin It Up w/Sped]. This week we're talking Corn soups... just in time for Corn season! Don't forget to vote in ...
Spedwybabs 06/13/2010 12 31 3 73
Soupin It Up w/Sped: Gazpacho, Part 2
Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Soupin It Up w/Sped , a weekly diary series where we talk about what else...soup!
Spedwybabs 06/06/2010 14 32 2 120
Soupin It Up w/Sped- Avocados
Hi Everyone0- welcome once again to another edition of [ Soupin It Up W/Sped]. Today we are going to be talking Avocados by popular demand. ...
Spedwybabs 05/30/2010 22 33 2 61
Soupin It Up w/Sped- Breakfast Soups
Bet that got everyone's attention LOL Welcome everyone to another edition of [ Souping It Up w/Sped]- Breakfast Soups Edition. Don't ...
Spedwybabs 05/23/2010 49 44 4 40
Cheers & Jeers Monday: Sub Happy Stuff Edition
For those that missed it on Friday, Bill is taking the day off to recover from a weekend of doing nothing (just kidding I'm sure he did SOMETHING- maybe). So here I am once again, and for once I am ...
Spedwybabs 05/17/2010 183 82 1 67
Soupin It Up w/Sped- Fruit Soup Edition
Hey Everyone- Welcome to another week of [ Souping It Up w/Sped]. Last week's poll winner was Fruit Soup so this is a little more ...
Spedwybabs 05/16/2010 48 32 6 69
Soupin It Up W/Sped: Mom's Favorites
Hi Everyone- Welcome to [ Souping It Up with Sped]- the Mother's Day Edition. In honor of Mom, tonight's recipes will be for ...
Spedwybabs 05/09/2010 29 40 4 65
Win a Trip to NN10 by giving Rodney Glassman (AZSEN) a Bday Present! (with Pooties)
Now that was a heck of a headline to write...but the best part? It's ALL true 1. I am about to tell you how you can WIN a free trip to Netroots Nation in Vegas- that's right 5 ...
Spedwybabs 05/07/2010 25 23 - 38
Kossack Manan Trivedi (PA06) Needs Our Help
You read it of our own, [ Manan Trivedi] needs our help right away!
Spedwybabs 04/23/2010 7 16 - 313
Cheers & Jeers: Monday Troll Edition
Hi everyone! Long time no splash! For those of you relatively new to the Kiddie Pool, I'm Spedwybabs...long time splasher, mostly MIA of late due to new job circumstances and my rediscovery of what ...
Spedwybabs 04/19/2010 502 172 5 80
Soupin It Up w/Sped- Gazpacho
Hi Everyone- welcome to another edition of Soupin It Up w/Sped . This week, with spring in the air and summer right around ...
Spedwybabs 04/18/2010 34 45 6 36
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