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Rosa Parks on To Tell The Truth.
I just stumbled upon a fascinating piece of Americana/Pop Culture on YouTube. It's a rather astounding appearance by Rosa Parks from 1980, 25 years after she became a hero of the Civil Rights ...
Spider Stumbled 12/01/2013 10 24 - -
A Simpler Time When We All Admired the First Lady
There is currently a recommended diary that documents the predictable, vapid response of some right-wingers to the First Lady of the United States participating in the Oscars Telecast last night. ...
Spider Stumbled 02/25/2013 130 71 - -
It's official: Mitt's Vote is down to 47.49 Percent
From the Twitter feed of Dave Waserman..... Mitt Romney is down to 47.49%. Rounded down............47%!
Spider Stumbled 11/25/2012 162 288 4 -
Romney's Road to 270
I played with the electoral map earlier and came up with 5 ways that Romney could possibly use to get to 270 Electoral Votes. None of them are likely, and none of them are desirable, but it helps ...
Spider Stumbled 11/02/2012 13 8 - -
Rosa Parks, 55 years ago today
It was on December 1st, 1955 that four black passengers were told to give up their seats to white passengers. Three complied. One did not. When the bus driver told her he would have her arrested ...
Spider Stumbled 12/01/2010 9 18 - 130
A Modest, Market-Based Solution to the TSA Issue
I'm having a hard time getting into high dudgeon over the TSA's latest brilliant idea. Sure the idea of mandatory body scans or crotch pats is invasive, but empirically it's not any dumber than ...
Spider Stumbled 11/18/2010 71 12 - 49
The Obama Tax Cuts lower everyone's tax rates.
The President today made a slight change in his rhetoric on the tax cut issue, and I think it's an important one. When we talk about the so-called "middle class" tax cuts, we are not talking about ...
Spider Stumbled 09/15/2010 13 9 - 67
LeBron James: 2nd biggest Jerk of the night
I'm sure plenty of people are turning to DKos tonight to avoid the LeBron James story, but I just had to share this with some progressives because it really shows what the titans of industry who run ...
Spider Stumbled 07/08/2010 107 10 - 57
Karl Rove's Latest Lie.
Well, actually this happened a few weeks ago, so I'm sure he's lied about all sorts of things since then, but this is a nicely documented one that can not be disputed by your crazy Uncle Dittohead. ...
Spider Stumbled 04/18/2010 17 8 - 38
Glenn Beck needs to find a new Religion.
I just saw Kos' quotation of Glenn Beck in which he encourages people to go to the web site of their church and look for the words "Social Justice" or "Economic Justice". If the words are found ...
Spider Stumbled 03/11/2010 15 14 1 108
NFL Players to Rush Limbaugh: Go Fly a Kite.
Professional comedian Rush Limbaugh announced about a week ago that he was partnering with Dave Checketts in an attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams football team. Since that time at least a half-...
Spider Stumbled 10/11/2009 34 36 - 50
A Modest Proposal for Obama' School Speech.
I've been thinking about what Obama should do on Tuesday. It seems likely that he will stick to very noncontroversial turf with the kids but I would like to propose an alternative strategy that ...
Spider Stumbled 09/05/2009 4 1 - 1
My First E-mail to President Obama.
It seems like the debate on healthcare is going to come to a head pretty quickly. It occurred to me that I haven't really lifted a finger to help shape this debate, other than with my close friends.
Spider Stumbled 09/02/2009 5 - - 3
What the Wing Nuts Think of Feingold: Traitor!
Spider Stumbled 03/14/2006 34 8 1 -
Parents of Iraq Murder Victims Denied Visas
Spider Stumbled 03/10/2006 1 4 - -
Michael Medved Almost Say Something True
Spider Stumbled 03/02/2006 15 2 - 1
The Importance of Fighting the Dubai Deal. (A bit bloodthirsty, I am.)
Spider Stumbled 02/28/2006 4 - - -
Cheney's Other Bad Days (A Retrospective)
Spider Stumbled 02/16/2006 3 3 - -
What Does Ann Coulter say about this?
Spider Stumbled 01/25/2006 8 1 - -
Critique of the US Military by a British Brigadier
Spider Stumbled 01/12/2006 7 6 - -
Delaware Drudgery
Spider Stumbled 12/13/2005 1 - - -
Surreal CNN Moment
Spider Stumbled 11/30/2005 22 6 - 1
A Sponsor for Aravosis' Resolution
Spider Stumbled 11/21/2005 2 3 - -
Murtha Shifted the Ground
Spider Stumbled 11/18/2005 7 7 1 -
I Want to Smoke What John Kerry Smokes
Spider Stumbled 11/16/2005 17 5 - -
Good News in Virginia Beach
Spider Stumbled 11/09/2005 16 3 1 4
Fun With Kilgore Campaign
Spider Stumbled 11/07/2005 51 94 - 10
Kilgore With Bush Monday Night
Spider Stumbled 11/04/2005 5 - - -
First Lady Feingold
Spider Stumbled 10/25/2005 31 3 - -
Spider Stumbled 10/16/2005 2 2 - 9
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