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Disjointed thoughts on policing, poverty, race
Many of our conversations on this site currently hit at the important nexus of poverty, race, and policing. These are vital conversations; frankly, they're conversations that I feel like I've been ...
Spit 04/29/2015 19 15 - -
Neither here nor there, really
I always miss the beginnings of the best kerfuffles around here, these days. To be honest, I'm okay with that, except that, you know, I've missed my chance for witty retorts, battles that may or may ...
Spit 03/12/2014 12 5 - -
An appeal to please chill the *%#$ out
Like many people in this country, I spent the day of the bombings at the Boston Marathon trying hard to wrap my head around it all, scanning for whatever new info might be known, and feeling awful ...
Spit 04/17/2013 25 25 - -
Moral clarity is a luxury today
And today is one of those times that, for me, renders pretty much all attempts to create a yes/no, good/bad dichotomy frankly rather shallow. I have watched the Libya arguments back and forth among ...
Spit 08/23/2011 4 6 - 47
Thoughts on Tradition
Granny Doc’s excellent diary and many of the incredible comments therein got me thinking this morning – this is not ...
Spit 12/07/2007 18 18 - 144
On Meta
There's been a whole heap of meta -- conversation about the blog itself and the conversation on the blog -- flying around this place, and it's been getting a lot of response, as it always has. Many ...
Spit 02/10/2007 56 14 - 17
Spit's California Post-Mortem: Crash the state, too!
Spit 11/08/2006 30 20 1 25
On Lesbians, Trannies, Queers, and Identity
Spit 04/02/2005 29 14 1 2
Brief notes on Bayard Rustin
Spit 01/17/2005 5 6 - 11
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