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Sunday Train: Variable Renewables and Dispatchable Demand
Much of the focus on the Sunday Train is on electrification of transport, ranging from 2,000 mile hauls of electrified freight through to hopping on an e-bike to pick up some groceries. And spending ...
BruceMcF 05/03/2015 10 15 1 -
About that emerging right-wing divide on climate change
In a recent piece posted to the Grist website , David Roberts tells us that "there's an emerging right-wing divide on climate change." Now I suppose that by "right wing" Roberts means Republicans, ...
Cassiodorus 04/20/2015 32 17 - -
Sunday Train: A Steel Interstate for the Keystone West Corridor
In the last Sunday Train, I talked about the study on Keystone West improvements commissioned by the PennDOT . This study finds that upgrades are expensive, and benefits are modest, in terms of ...
BruceMcF 04/19/2015 13 22 - -
Sunday Train: The Hole in the PA Keystone West Feasibility Study
One of the things I was waiting on last year was delivery of Pennsylvania's feasibility study for improvements on the "Keystone West" corridor. The "Keystone East" corridor connecting Harrisburg and ...
BruceMcF 04/05/2015 9 16 - -
Sunday Train: Five Levels of US Intercity Rail Policy
Daily Kos does not want me to post this story ... that is, the diary editor cannot handle the drop-outs in my WiFi here at University in Beijing, so it keeps giving me a fresh "new diary" page every ...
BruceMcF 03/18/2015 7 8 - -
Sunday Train: On Amtrak, I've got some good news, and some bad news.
This last week, there was the surprising start to a headline in the Washington Post that began, "GOP House and White House agree on something" ... and that something was: Amtrak funding (and pets on ...
BruceMcF 03/08/2015 81 77 3 -
Electrified rail one of best clean transport options
Crossposted from Cascadia Planet Electrified Rail offers one of the best options to provide transportation powered by renewable energy. This meets one of the largest challenges to transitioning ...
Pacificshift 02/20/2015 31 28 - -
Sunday Train: Future of Rail Technical Symposium, Washington DC. 3 Feb, 2015
Last week in Washington DC, your Sunday Train correspondent was able to attend the "Future of Rail Symposium" held in Washington DC. The presenters discussed various aspects of building a Steel ...
BruceMcF 02/15/2015 27 35 3 -
Sunday Train: Reflections on a visit to the East Coast
Cross-posted from The Sunday Train ~ apologies for the jet-lag induced cross-posting delays Your intrepid sustainable energy and transport reporter was recently required to engage in some official ...
BruceMcF 09/17/2014 7 17 - -
Sunday Train: NEC High Speed Rail for Under $20b (from 15Jul2012)
Sunday Train this week is a re-run from 15 July, 2012 Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence One of the transit bloggers that I enjoy reading is Alon Levy who blogs his ...
BruceMcF 08/31/2014 21 22 1 -
Sunday Train: Yet Another Airport Terminal Station Opens on Dallas's Orange Line
YAATS (Yet Another Airport Terminal Station) has opened in Dallas for the "orange line" in the Dallas Area Regional Transit light rail system. This is not at the regional airport Love Field, even ...
BruceMcF 08/24/2014 41 34 - -
Sunday Train: The Two Transitions to A Renewable Electricity Supply
The topic for this week's Sunday Train was brought to my mind when I listened to the Energy Gang podcast. They were discussing the question of whether "CSP (that is, concentrated thermal solar power)
BruceMcF 08/17/2014 216 67 5 -
Sunday Train: The Era of Reverse Pumped Hydro
In a sense, Sunday Train has been mentioning reverse pumped hydro before the Sunday Train actually existed. In 2007 at Daily Kos, in "Driving Ohio on Lake Erie" ( reprinted in 2012 at Burning the ...
BruceMcF 08/10/2014 209 70 - -
Sunday Train: Fast and Slow Transit Should be Friends
As noted this week at The Overhead Wire : There has been a lot of chatter recently on the issue of fast vs slow transit. This week is the perfect time for this discussion as two major United ...
BruceMcF 08/03/2014 30 24 - -
Sunday Train: HSR from Houston to Dallas one step closer to reality
The Texas Department of Transport and Federal Railway ...
BruceMcF 07/27/2014 73 55 1 -
Sunday Train: What Future for America's Deadly Cul-de-Sacs?
The Great Recession of 2007-2009 triggered the Depression that we appear to be exiting this summer. And it was triggered by the collapse of the Great Turn of the Century Suburban Housing Bubble. In ...
BruceMcF 07/20/2014 129 101 3 -
Sunday Train: Crutches vs Splints for the Highway Fund's Broken Leg
There was a gleam of hope this week for state officials faced with the prospects of having to start delaying projects and lay off people working on maintenance and new construction funded from the ...
BruceMcF 07/13/2014 5 13 1 -
Sunday Train: Thinking About a Bakersfield Express Bypass
From the Sunday Train Since Gov. Brown saved the California HSR project for the second time (
BruceMcF 07/06/2014 33 49 1 -
Sunday Train: Is There A Beam of Hope for Texas Rooftop Solar?
A few weeks back, I teased that I wanted to take a bit of a look at Texas Rooftop Solar in the Sunday Train (which is, recall, focused on Sustainable Transport & Energy, and so both not just about ...
BruceMcF 06/29/2014 65 55 4 -
New High Speed Rail Route Proposed for Northern England
Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK Finance Minister) gave a speech in Manchester which included a proposal for a new high speed rail route. This new section would link Manchester with Leeds ...
Lib Dem FoP 06/27/2014 22 30 - -
Sunday Train: Improving the Conventional Amtrak California services
I'm a terrible tease ~ that is, in the sense of "not terribly good at it" ~ since I teased more on Texas Rooftop Solar, both two weeks ago when I talked about Texas Utility Scale Solar , and last ...
BruceMcF 06/23/2014 35 29 2 -
Sunday Train: California HSR Receives Cap & Trade Funding in Budget Deal
Sunday Train has covered the California HSR project on a number of occasions in the past. However, there was no special attention given to what was widely covered at the time as the "end of ...
BruceMcF 06/15/2014 54 38 1 -
Sunday Train: The Solar Fight, Is Going Right, Deep in the Heart of Texas ...
Well, what do you know? I look around, and see a story saying Solar power gains momentum after long struggle in Texas . And not in "Grist" or "Solar Energy News!" or any such ... but in the Dallas ...
BruceMcF 06/09/2014 69 96 4 -
Sunday Train: A "Bipartisan" Transport Bill You Can Support
For me, when I hear the word "bipartisan", my first reaction is to brace myself to confront a piece of corporate mischief making being peddled under the excuse that there is some other piece of ...
BruceMcF 06/01/2014 12 36 3 -
Defending Clean Energy in Ohio and Beyond
If you watched this week's episode of Showtime's climate series Years of Living Dangerously , you saw a fantastic piece by America Ferrera called "...
Mary Anne Hitt 05/22/2014 3 16 - -
Sunday Train: GOP Transport Bill proposes to Cut That TIGER
I guess Sunday Train did not cover the White House transport proposal, which put forward a $302b 4-year surface transportation authorization, more than $20b per year higher than current levels. With ...
BruceMcF 05/11/2014 12 52 2 -
Sunday Train: Freight Transport and the Highway Funding Crisis
We are going to be hearing increasingly this year about the Highway Funding Crisis. Much of that discussion will be directed toward exploiting the political leverage that our car addiction gives to ...
BruceMcF 05/04/2014 34 57 7 -
Sunday Train: What's in SUPERTRAINS for Small Town and Rural America?
{Reprinted from the Hillbilly , April 21, 2009.} { Except for updating images to correct for link rot, edits in braces and italics.} This last weekend I wrote up a [http://midnight-...
BruceMcF 04/20/2014 17 30 2 -
Sunday Train: Transport Cycling and Austin's Awesome Bike Plan
Last week, I came across a post at People for Bike , called Four Simple Lessons from Austin's Brilliant Bike Plan Update ... and after reading the post, I clicked on through to the overview of the ...
BruceMcF 04/13/2014 103 62 - -
Sunday Train: Koch Brothers Aim to Screw Tennessee Transit Riders & Motorists
In a move to squash the freedom and local political autonomy of Nashville residents, the Koch Brothers-finded Americans For Prosperity turn out to be supporting a proposed State of Tennessee law ...
BruceMcF 04/06/2014 56 80 4 -
Sunday Train: Our Trebly Broken Highway Funding System
Over the balance of this year, you are likely to hear more and more about our broken Highway Funding system. For instance, William Moore, of the consultancy group Vianovo and member of the ...
BruceMcF 03/30/2014 41 61 3 -
Sunday Train: Car Subsidies & Ebbing Vehicles Miles Travelled
Earlier this month, the from the Philadelphia Inquirer carried a story, Drop in traffic on area highways forces review of plans . It cites several "area" road funding decisions based on ...
BruceMcF 03/23/2014 19 27 - -
Sunday Train: Four Rules for Transit-Oriented Development from Five leaders
This week's Sunday Train features a piece from John Karras' , How Your City Can Succeed In Transit Oriented Development . John looks at DC, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake ...
BruceMcF 03/16/2014 7 18 1 -
Sunday Train: Cap&Trade Funds should help finance the California HSR
An encore of a Sunday Train from 22 April, 2012, on a topic that has come back in the news Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence One element of the recent California HSR "revised"
BruceMcF 03/09/2014 15 16 - -
Sunday Train: The Ends of Amtrak
At the beginning of last month, Paul Druce of "Reason & Rail" discussed the possible impact of the pending upgrade of the Amtrak Acela route in Acela II is the path towards Amtrak operational self-...
BruceMcF 03/02/2014 70 62 1 -
Sunday Train: Carolina High Speed Rail & The Piedmont Service
The Southeast HSR corridor can be divided between the "real" SEHSR corridor, where there is actual, ongoing work on improving the speed and, even more critically, the capacity of the corridor in ...
BruceMcF 02/23/2014 87 65 4 -
Sunday Train: Portfolio Theory vs the Myth of Intermittent Wind Power
This last week, in the comment section of the EnergyCollective , I saw the same myth that I have seen time and time again regarding wind power: Fact 1: renewables are aleatorically intermittent, and ...
BruceMcF 02/16/2014 37 46 3 -
Sunday Train: Taking That High Speed Train in Georgia
I saw this news back in early January (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 8 Jan 2014) : A high speed rail line between Columbus and Atlanta would cost between $1.3-$3.9 billion over the next 20 years to build,
BruceMcF 02/09/2014 21 27 - -
Sunday Train: The Central Flaw of the Keystone XL Economic Analysis
Well, Sunday Train has the analysis of a couple of intercity rail projects in the queue, but for a weekly column devoted to renewable energy and transport issues to focus on some early stage ...
BruceMcF 02/02/2014 18 30 2 -
Sunday Train: The Solar Photovoltaic Price Evolution Revolution
In early December, the Guardian covered ALEC's latest corporate-written attack on freedom , an effort to penalize households that place solar panels on their roof: An alliance of corporations and ...
BruceMcF 01/26/2014 192 202 13 -
Sunday Train: California Sierra Club Allies with Tea Party Against High Speed Rail
It's a quite odd alliance. The Sierra Club is fighting the Climate Suicide Club both on the side of Supply, with the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline as one example and the fight against the ...
BruceMcF 01/19/2014 73 78 3 -
Sunday Train: The Rumored Death of Peak Oil Was Greatly Exaggerated
From Earth Insight by Nafeez Ahmed, hostsed by the Gardian, Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies' : Dr. Richard G. Miller, who worked for BP from 1985 before retiring ...
BruceMcF 01/12/2014 81 52 1 -
Sunday Train: Bringing This Oil Tanker to a Halt
Its been said that it takes miles for a fully-loaded super-tanker to come to a stop, because an ordinary stop takes 20 minutes, and even an emergency, or "crash", stop takes 14 minutes. But that is ...
BruceMcF 12/22/2013 4 20 - -
Sunday Train: A Vision for Rail in Sustainable 21st Century Transport
I'm flat out, finishing one and working on another of my two biggest projects for the end of the year ~ the one that I'm finishing has a drop dead deadline of Monday, but I'm hoping to finish it and ...
BruceMcF 12/15/2013 41 31 - -
Sunday Train: Traveling to our deaths and the fatal Metro North derailment
Last Sunday Morning, the 5:45am from Poughkeepsie was running through the Bronx with 100-150 passengers aboard, when it sped through a 30mph speed limit curve at 82mph , derailed, over-turning four ...
BruceMcF 12/08/2013 63 75 - -
Sunday Train: 'the successful communities are going to be the ones who get rail.'
In covering the upcoming vote on the planned North Metro Rail line in Denver, the Denver Post writes : People and circumstances over the years have tried to change the gritty image of Commerce City. ...
BruceMcF 12/01/2013 16 48 1 -
Sunday Train: Trains & Buses Should Be Friends
The Salt Lake Tribune adopts the familiar mode-warrior framing in comparing rail and upgraded buses, typically called "BRT" for "Bus Rapid Transit": The Utah Transit Authority figures the many new ...
BruceMcF 11/24/2013 37 56 1 -
Sunday Train: Is Dirty Ethanol Here to Stay?
The AP Reports ( courtesy of yahoo ): The failure so far of cellulosic fuel is central to the debate over corn-based ethanol, a centerpiece of America's green-energy strategy. Ethanol from corn has ...
BruceMcF 11/17/2013 110 59 2 -
Sunday Train: Will We Be Ready for the Great 2017 HSR Policy Unlock?
I've posed a question in the title of this week's Sunday Train that I have no intention of answering myself. The first thing you may have noted is that the title presumes a "Great 2017 Policy Unlock"
BruceMcF 11/10/2013 106 70 1 -
Sunday Train: The Cross-Rail Chicago Project and Midwest HSR
The Midwest HSR Association has long been a Chicago-Centric organization, which is fitting because for many of the urban areas in the nine states that are members of the "Midwest Regional Rail ...
BruceMcF 11/03/2013 49 49 - -
Coming FRA rule changes will boost passenger rail, cut costs, maintain safety
(Cross Posted at The Makeshift Academic ) Little bureaucratic rule changes can sometimes make a big difference. And a pending rule change at the Federal Railroad Administration, which oversees ...
Fake Irishman 11/02/2013 31 54 3 -
Good News for Amtrak - and Us!
A perennial target of conservatives (i.e.: the Cato Institute ), Amtrak nonetheless is still around and growing ridership . (pdf file) The latest news (here in the Washington Post) should ...
xaxnar 10/28/2013 40 34 - -
Sunday Train: Steel Interstate Revolution
The Steel Interstate is a proposal to pursue dramatic gains in the energy efficiency of long haul freight transport in the United States, resulting in: Substantial reductions in Petroleum Imports; ...
BruceMcF 10/27/2013 31 45 1 -
Sunday Train: A Train Running A Profit is Charging Too Much
This is a repeat of a Sunday Train that originally ran on 24 January 2010 Note that the statement is abbreviated for the title. The full statement is, a common carrier like a train, bus, or plane ...
BruceMcF 10/20/2013 10 25 1 -
Sunday Train: eBikes & Green Austerity
About a week ago, the following story caught my eye: For the first time on record, bicycles have outsold cars in Spain.   Higher taxes on fuel and on new cars have prompted cash-strapped Spaniards ...
BruceMcF 10/13/2013 6 16 2 -
Sunday Train: A Nation of Cycleways vs Level of Service
Sacramento Kings fans rejoice! The California State Legislature has passed and Governor Brown has signed a ...
BruceMcF 10/06/2013 10 27 - -
Sunday Train: Unleashing the Political Power of Bio-Coal
cross-posted from Voices on the Square One point that constantly comes up when the push to 100% sustainable, renewable power is raised is the problem that "renewable power sources cannot be relied ...
BruceMcF 09/29/2013 128 80 11 -
Sunday Train: Rapid Rail and Pedal to the Metal Climate Change Policy (pt 2)
cross-posted from Voices on the Square Last week, I considered the concept of Pedal to ...
BruceMcF 09/22/2013 6 38 1 -
Sunday Train: Rapid Rail and Pedal to the Metal Climate Change Policy (pt 1)
cross-posted from Voices on the Square Earlier this month, Micheal Hoexter offered ...
BruceMcF 09/15/2013 43 70 5 -
Australian Greens lose ground in Australian Federal Election
crossposted from The European Tribune , elaborating on a comment at Daily Kos . Given the relevance to Carbon Pricing, this is a substitute Sunday Train, since technical difficulties ate the Sunday ...
BruceMcF 09/08/2013 5 15 - -
Sunday Train: The Proposed Chicago - Fort Wayne - Columbus Rapid Rail Service
cross-posted from Voices on the Square The Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association , on 28 June 2013,
BruceMcF 09/01/2013 191 99 2 -
Sunday Train: Florida Rapid Rail project moves toward a 2015 ribbon cutting
crossposted from Voices on the Square I saw on the twitter feeds of some transit/transport bloggers (twitter list) some interesting ...
BruceMcF 08/25/2013 67 62 1 -
Using the Hype-Loop to Understand the California HSR System
Cross-posted from its origin station at Voices on the Square On Monday, entrepreneur Elon Musk launched on attack on the California HSR system in the guise of a pie in the sky alternative that he ...
BruceMcF 08/18/2013 390 97 - -
Sunday Train: The Myth of Baseload Power
cross-posted from the Sunday Train origin station Voices on the Square In Baseload power is a myth: even intermittent renewables will work , Mark Diesendorf, Asst. Professor and Deputy ...
BruceMcF 08/11/2013 58 53 4 -
Sunday Train: The Triboro RX & the G Train to the Brooklyn Army Terminal
Cross-posted from Voices on the Square A transit rail corridor plan has been taken off the shelf, dusted off, and tossed into the NYC Mayoral Race, and according to Alon Levy, the circumstances are ...
BruceMcF 08/04/2013 17 21 - -
Sunday Train: Traveling to Our Death and The Fatal Santiago Train Derailment
At the time that I start writing, the death toll from the train wreck that took place in Santiago de Compostela in Spain has risen to 79 . According to an account shortly after ...
BruceMcF 07/28/2013 70 119 - -
Uncappable underground blowout spills thousands of barrels of tar sands oil in Cold Lake, Alberta
At the microphone, Crystal Lameman of the Beaver Cree First Nation of Canada, speaking against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, D.C. in February 2013. A spill on traditional Cree land in ...
Meteor Blades 07/23/2013 183 410 6 -
Sunday Train: Net Energy Yield and the Steel Interstate Energy Revolution
crossposted from Voices on the Square In the online support for the April, 2013 Scientific American article on Energy Return on Investment (EROI), Scientific American online interviewed Charles Hall,
BruceMcF 07/21/2013 49 78 8 -
Sunday Train: Why Does Congressman Mica Lie About Amtrak?
cross-posted from Voices on the Square Congressman John Mica, Republican from the Florida 7th district and member (former chair) of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, has ...
BruceMcF 07/14/2013 53 79 6 -
Sunday Train: Sidestepping the Koch Brothers' Climate Suicide Pact
cross-posted from Voices on the Square Grist this last week covered an often overlooked element of climate suicide ...
BruceMcF 07/07/2013 11 31 - -
Sustainable Real Estate Development is Good for the Economy and Other Growing Things
The Sunday Train is once again rolling out of its station at Voices on the Square ... Sustainable Real Estate Development is Good for the Economy and Other Growing Things As a member of the ...
BruceMcF 06/30/2013 7 13 1 -
Sunday Train: Steel Interstates and Using the Defense Budget to Improve National Security
Note: This post is a central junction ~ the entire post is contained in the locations linked to below. All that is reposted here is the above the fold "teaser". Comment at the community blogs posted ...
BruceMcF 06/23/2013 1 14 - -
Sunday Train: 2013 ~ the Year of American Bikeshare
The Sunday Train is now up at Voice on the Square: Sunday Train: 2013 ~ the Year of American Bikeshare New York City gave me Bikeshare for my birthday (June 2): Citi Bike officially launched to ...
BruceMcF 06/16/2013 6 9 - -
Sunday Train: All Aboard for the Cross Illinois Line
While browsing the Midwest HSR Association site recently, I came across this story: Midwest High Speed Rail Association Lauds Rep. Moffit’s Proposal for New Midwestern Amtrak Link ...
BruceMcF 06/09/2013 12 21 - -
Sunday Train: Social Dividends and Carbon Taxation
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square One thing we will likely be hearing soon, once the election is over and attention inside the beltway ...
BruceMcF 11/04/2012 22 30 2 -
Sunday Train: Is Big Oil Striking Back against the California Bullet Train vote?
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence cross-posted from Voices on the Square One of the biggest difficulties in the fight for sustainable energy independence is that Big Oil and ...
BruceMcF 10/14/2012 71 112 5 -
Sunday Train: Trains and Not Destroying Civilization
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square When one first thinks about it, one would think the politics of not destroying civilization should be ...
BruceMcF 09/30/2012 44 56 4 321
Myth of the High Speed Rail "Boondoggle"
Last month, the California State Senate followed the State Assembly to vote to authorize the issuance of $4.6 billion in state bond funds to begin construction on the first phase of a planned ...
Edmund Xu 09/23/2012 302 141 5 977
Sunday Train: Breaking Free of the Population Density Myth (2)
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices On The Square , this is a repeat of a Sunday Train from The Hillbilly Report of 4 Oct, 2009 ... about an evergreen ...
BruceMcF 09/16/2012 27 37 4 181
Sunday Train: Take This Train to Vegas, Baby!
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square At the beginning of this month (the 3rd of September, to be precise), ...
BruceMcF 09/09/2012 58 41 1 265
Sunday Train: Powering the Steel Interstate
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square The fundamental objectives of a national Steel Interstate project are two-fold: Reducing CO2 emissions;
BruceMcF 09/02/2012 58 72 5 363
Sunday Train: Neil Armstrong and an America that can do Great Things
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square By now, you would likely have seen the headline that ...
BruceMcF 08/26/2012 9 23 1 92
Sunday Train: Southern Comfort ~ Upgrading Amtrak's New York Sleepers
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square Back in early June, ...
BruceMcF 08/19/2012 63 71 4 404
Sunday Train: zOMG these aint REAL HSR trains!
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square This is more or less the three year anniversary of the first Sunday Train ~ a bit less than more, ...
BruceMcF 08/12/2012 33 24 2 180
Sunday Train: Cycle & Pedestrian Islands and Tiny Trains
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence "Oh, sure, more than 1/5 of journeys to work in Eindhoven, The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands are by bike, but they are flat.
BruceMcF 08/05/2012 19 20 1 112
Sunday Train: Rescuing the Exurb from its Design
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square Back in April, Hope Yen was on the Huffington Post with Sprawling Suburbs Growth Falls To ...
BruceMcF 07/29/2012 42 57 4 436
Sunday Train: Trains, Buses, Bikes and Plan C
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square So, you've got Plan A. And in case something goes awry with Plan A, you've got your fallback plan, ...
BruceMcF 07/22/2012 53 61 2 264
Sunday Train: NEC High Speed Rail for Under $20b
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence crossposted from Voices on the Square One of the transit bloggers that I enjoy reading is Alon Levy who blogs his observations on a variety ...
BruceMcF 07/15/2012 31 32 3 163
BREAKING: California Legislature Votes For Continuing High Speed Rail.
I am happy. I can now look forward to being able to take a train to Los Angeles instead of driving sometime before I die. Maybe. Seriously, though, this is excellent news. I've never quite ...
jpmassar 07/08/2012 200 173 3 714
Sunday Train: California Senate Approves High Speed Rail Construction
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Crossposted from its home station at Voices on the ...
BruceMcF 07/08/2012 33 42 1 143
Sunday Train: Is State Sen. Simitian aiming to kill High Speed Rail in California?
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence This coming week is supposed to contain an important symbolic Independence Day: the day when the California State Senate votes whether or not ...
BruceMcF 07/01/2012 13 18 1 113
Will Alan Lowenthal, candidate CA47, kill or save California HSR?
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Ralph Vartabedian at the LA Times, one of HSR opponents favorite conduits to push their messaging into the press, writes: California bullet ...
BruceMcF 06/26/2012 11 9 - 63
Sunday Train: Livable Tranport if the Future Differs from the Past
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence California is on a deadline from DC to either appropriate the funds to begin work on the first segment of the California HSR project, or else ...
BruceMcF 06/24/2012 10 21 1 98
Sunday Train: The Steel Interstate and the Great Highway Lie
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence The last two weeks on the Sunday Train, I've been writing about the Steel Interstate. Steel ...
BruceMcF 06/17/2012 60 87 4 497
Sunday Train: Putting Steel into the Amtrak Long Distance Backbone
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Express HSR is sexy. Indeed, its sexy enough that when Big Oil propagandizes against it, they have to paint it as too expensive or something ...
BruceMcF 06/10/2012 87 104 4 553
Sunday Train: Steel Interstates & An America That Can Do Big Things
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Steel Interstate (noun): A Network of Electrified Heavy and Rapid Rail corridors that will allow the United States to remain a sovereign ...
BruceMcF 06/03/2012 48 74 3 360
Sunday Train: Sustainable Steam Train? / SF Muni - HSR Disconnect? / A Geary Aerobus?
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence This week's Sunday Train is a trio of shorter topics. The first is a research development project to develop a modern steam train to run on ...
BruceMcF 05/27/2012 52 26 - 191
Sunday Train: Driving Ohio on Lake Erie
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Note: a reprint of a Daily Kos diary from Jan, 2007 There is a common trend in my part of the Great Lakes States (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan) ...
BruceMcF 05/20/2012 6 13 - 87
Sunday Train: Faster Trains Yields More Services Per Day
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence Back in the 29 Nov 2009 Sunday Train, Frequency and Waiting on a Train , I reacted to a point made in John McCommon's book, ...
BruceMcF 05/13/2012 23 23 - 103
Sunday Train: The Rock Island Line is a Mighty Fine Iowa Rapid-Rail Road
Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence The Iowa Department of Transport has just completed the Chicago to Omaha Regional Passenger Rail System Planning Study, to select its ...
BruceMcF 05/06/2012 26 33 - 209
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