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Glenn Greenwald Responds to Widespread Lies About Him (on Cato, Iraq War, and more)
If you're a regular reader of Glenn Greenwald's like I am, you may have occasionally come across some rather vicious lies about his character - that he's a right-wing libertarian and that he ...
SuperBowlXX 01/30/2013 563 279 21 -
It's time to play Name That Kossack!
It's time for another edition of Name That Kossack, the picture riddle game where a username is worth a thousand words. You can follow the new Name That Kossack group [
SuperBowlXX 07/28/2011 125 20 1 536
Meta Monday: What is the Best Daily Kos Diary You've Ever Written?
It's a simple question, Kossacks: What is the best diary you've ever written? Okay, I lied. It's not necessarily a simple question, especially if you've written a lot of diaries. Or rather, it's ...
SuperBowlXX 07/11/2011 83 18 - 202
Mr. President, There Is No Victory In Afghanistan
"We have put Al Qaeda on a path to defeat, and we will not relent until the job is done." --President Barack Obama, June 22, 2011 For the past several years, I had often ...
SuperBowlXX 06/22/2011 122 86 - 461
It's time to play Name That Kossack!
It's time for another edition of Name That Kossack, the picture riddle game where a username is worth a thousand words. Here's how it works: I will give you a series of Photoshopped pictures, and ...
SuperBowlXX 06/06/2011 108 19 - 373
It's time to play Name That Kossack!
It's time for another edition of Name That Kossack, the picture riddle game where a username is worth a thousand words. Here's how it works: I will give you a series of Photoshopped pictures, and ...
SuperBowlXX 05/23/2011 139 36 - 697
Fun with Mathematics: The Finite and Infinite Universe of YouTube
If you've ever sat down to watch one YouTube video, you've no doubt spent a lot of time ...
SuperBowlXX 05/19/2011 35 46 3 410
Meta Monday: You Know What I Hate? DK4's Save & Preview Function.
Welcome to Meta Monday, a forum where I like to complain about some of my least favorite Daily Kos trends and functions. Today's edition will be something for DK4's Cranky Users, where I focus on ...
SuperBowlXX 05/09/2011 15 7 - 162
Human Rights Diary Rescue: 4 Great Diaries on Osama, Torture, Manning, and the Patriot Act
[,-Bagram,-and-War Last Thursday], I decided to highlight a few diaries related to civil liberties ...
SuperBowlXX 05/05/2011 6 16 1 76
Death of an Enemy: A Personal Story
When I was in high school, there was a group of guys who used to torment me mercilessly. I never once got into a physical altercation with them, but they did just about everything else that could ...
SuperBowlXX 05/04/2011 21 30 1 202
18-Across: Guess which Kossack was mentioned in the NYT today!
I have a fun little story to share with you: Someone very special in the Daily Kos community has been mentioned in today's New York Times , but it's not in the way you might think. In fact, ...
SuperBowlXX 05/03/2011 47 21 - 406
Human Rights Diary Rescue: 3 Must-Reads on Gitmo, Bagram, and War
There were a few excellent diaries written this past week that I wanted to highlight for their incisive and informative analysis of issues pertaining to civil liberties and human rights abuses. ...
SuperBowlXX 04/28/2011 9 23 2 92
Name That Kossack!
It's time for another edition of Name That Kossack, the picture riddle game where a username is worth a thousand words. Here's how it works: I will give you a series of Photoshopped pictures, and ...
SuperBowlXX 04/21/2011 111 27 - 532
It's time to play Name That Kossack!
It's time for another edition of Name That Kossack, the picture riddle game where a username is worth a thousand words. Here's how it works: I will give you a series of Photoshopped pictures, and ...
SuperBowlXX 04/12/2011 132 30 1 603
St. Patrick's Day: A Diary in Green
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! I decided to repost [ this diary] from last year in which I described a little ...
SuperBowlXX 03/17/2011 36 14 - 106
Meta Monday: A Requiem for DK3
DK3, child of Markos Moulitsas, beloved student of Meteor Blades, trusted colleague of Susan Gardner, siblings of the late DK1 and DK2, and notable frenemy of political commentators everywhere, died ...
SuperBowlXX 02/14/2011 43 54 3 397
It's time to play Name That Kossack!
Greetings, soon-to-be-DK4 users! I've developed a fun little picture riddle game for everyone which I'm calling Name That Kossack. Here's how it works: I will give you a series of pictures, both ...
SuperBowlXX 02/03/2011 143 42 - 237
Pentagon: No Evidence that WikiLeaks Docs Harm Security
(Updated below) After the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks released more than 91,000 documents pertaining to the Afghanistan War, the Obama Administration was quick to [http://...
SuperBowlXX 07/26/2010 122 41 1 48
Purity and Other Argumentative Fallacies on Daily Kos
One thing that has always intrigued me about debating politics on Daily Kos is the types of arguments that people use to express their political views. As someone who has frequently criticized ...
SuperBowlXX 07/08/2010 233 68 2 111
Plans for a 2010 Daily Kos Chess Tournament
To the Daily Kos community: I am writing to discuss a proposal for a second ...
SuperBowlXX 06/19/2010 51 25 - 104
RIP Gary Coleman: 1968-2010
This will be a quick, non-political diary. Actor Gary Coleman, famous for his role as Arnold Jackson on "Diff'rent Strokes," [
SuperBowlXX 05/28/2010 121 52 - 56
Tea Party Leader Mark Williams: "Allah is a Monkey God"
Mark Williams, the conservative radio host and [ chairman] of the Tea Party Express, had a few choice words on his blog [ ...
SuperBowlXX 05/18/2010 92 25 - 129
Disgraceful Government Hypocrisy Over WikiLeaks & ACORN
This will be a tale of two cities: Two Washingtons, two governments, two mass medias, and two political topics that bind them. Earlier in the month, the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks ...
SuperBowlXX 04/27/2010 28 40 2 257
Tell Me Your Story, Daily Kos
"History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are." -- David McCullough Reflecting on the time I've spent on Daily ...
SuperBowlXX 04/19/2010 52 21 - 37
"Kagan is Gay" Rumors Prove We're Still an Adolescent Nation
Last Sunday, former Republican Senate staffer Ben Domenech published a [ blog post] in The New Ledger in which he outlined President ...
SuperBowlXX 04/17/2010 75 35 - 102
The Lasting Consequences of Slaughtering Civilians
On Sunday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked by Jake Tapper on ABC's This Week if the now-infamous [ WikiLeaks video] showing the slaughter of Iraqi ...
SuperBowlXX 04/13/2010 114 49 1 41
Shocker: CNN Creates a False Equivalence Over "Wingnuts" (late update)
Yesterday on American Morning , John Avlon of The Daily Beast presented his "Wingnuts of the Week," in which he identified two groups that apparently represent the political ...
SuperBowlXX 04/03/2010 200 384 6 137
California AG Clears ACORN of Criminal Wrongdoing
[ San Francisco Chronicle, April 2, 2010]: California Attorney General Jerry Brown said Thursday that he will ...
SuperBowlXX 04/02/2010 19 33 1 67
I Joined the Tea Party Today
To the Daily Kos community: I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. Earlier today, I made the decision to join the tea party. Please join me over the fold to hear my story.
SuperBowlXX 04/01/2010 43 32 2 59
Bartlett: GOP is Now Demanding "Absolute Subservience" (Update)
Following close on the heels of conservative commentator David Frum's [ recent column] in which he lambasted the Republicans for their obstructionist tactics, former ...
SuperBowlXX 03/26/2010 388 612 9 140
Journalism Win: Jeremy Scahill Wins the Izzy Award!
SuperBowlXX 03/25/2010 23 39 - 39
St. Patrick's Day: A Diary in Green
SuperBowlXX 03/17/2010 39 26 2 37
2010 Oscar Predictions (and open thread!)
SuperBowlXX 03/07/2010 40 7 - 39
A War Criminal Confesses: Bush Authorized Torture
Last Sunday, the disingenuous and discredited (but still happily employed) torture supporter John Yoo wrote an op-ed in the [
SuperBowlXX 03/03/2010 72 66 2 36
New Rules: Let's Talk About GBCW Diaries, Shall We?
Welcome to another addition of New Rules! This is an ongoing series in which I compile some of my least favorite meta trends on Daily Kos and then complain about them. You can read the previous ...
SuperBowlXX 03/01/2010 133 34 1 30
New Rules: If It's a BREAKING Diary, It Has to Be a Diary
Welcome to another addition of New Rules! This is an ongoing series in which I compile some of my least favorite meta trends on Daily Kos and then complain about them. You can read the previous ...
SuperBowlXX 02/25/2010 87 39 - 41
New Rules: Stop Thanking Daily Kos for Making the Rec List
Welcome to another addition of New Rules! This is an ongoing series in which I compile some of my least favorite meta trends on Daily Kos and then complain about them. You can read the previous ...
SuperBowlXX 02/23/2010 162 61 1 58
New Rules for Daily Kos Users: "How to Blog Good"
Last week, *BFSkinner* enlightened us on the finer points of " How to Write Good ." He did a pretty good job of explaining some tips ...
SuperBowlXX 02/19/2010 135 41 2 39
How to Embed PDFs, Powerpoint, Excel into DKos Diaries
So, let's say the Supreme Court handed down a big ruling, or the Senate published a groundbreaking report of some sort, and you want other Kossacks to be able to read the PDF file. You could put a ...
SuperBowlXX 01/28/2010 49 61 53 335
Kossacks, Please Please PLEASE Stop the Abuse.....
of my username! Okay, maybe "abuse" is too strong of a word. In fact, Kossacks aren't really abusing my username at all. But, I do have a point of procedure to make that I'd like others to follow.
SuperBowlXX 01/26/2010 78 5 - 37
Daily Kos Crossword Puzzle: 1-23-10
Greetings, puzzle solvers. Today's 13x13 crossword puzzle is titled "It's All Greek To Me!" You can solve it online or on paper by printing out the PDF file in the diary. See below the fold for ...
SuperBowlXX 01/23/2010 10 7 - 24
Daily Kos Crossword Puzzle: 1-16-10 (solve it online!)
Greetings, puzzle solvers: It's been a while since I built a crossword puzzle for the community -- about 8 months, to be precise. Back then, one of the problems I ran into while posting crosswords ...
SuperBowlXX 01/16/2010 48 14 - 10
Like Crosswords?  Then You'll Love Fireball Crosswords
To puzzle solvers and friends of puzzle solvers: Last year, the New York Sun folded, taking with it one of the best series of crossword puzzles in the country. Peter Gordon, the former New York ...
SuperBowlXX 01/08/2010 11 10 - 43
Huff Post & Pataki Bash Obama on Terrorism, Fail Miserably
Earlier this evening, the Huffington Post ran an [ editorial] by former Republican Governor of New York George ...
SuperBowlXX 01/06/2010 35 17 - 180
The Poster Boy for Cheerleading the President
Jacob Heilbrunn has a [ new essay] up at the Huffington Post titled "Please, Cut Obama Some Slack." It is ...
SuperBowlXX 12/18/2009 120 24 - 94
Happy 20th Birthday, The Simpsons! (with VIDEOS galore)
On December 17, 1989, the first episode of The Simpsons hit the airwaves with "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire."
SuperBowlXX 12/17/2009 37 25 1 37
Republican Rep Calls Waterboarding "Torture", Still Likes It
Last night on /Hardball/, when discussing why he was opposed to bringing Gitmo detainees over to a supermax prison in Thomson, Illinois, freshman Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) defended the use of ...
SuperBowlXX 12/16/2009 27 14 - 157
The Irresponsible Stonewalling of Torture Evidence in Britain
A couple of months ago, the British High Court [ ruled] that a document containing information on the torture of Binyam Mohamed should be ...
SuperBowlXX 12/15/2009 6 11 - 147
Thanksgiving With Teabaggers
I spent the Thanksgiving holidays with my girlfriend at her sister's house. My girlfriend and I talk politics fairly often, since she knows that it's very important to me. We also share many of ...
SuperBowlXX 12/12/2009 58 31 - 228
An Objection to War, From My Father to Me
Since today is my Father's birthday, I thought I'd share a brief story about one of his experiences 40 years ago, and how learning about this experience contributed to my perspective today. On ...
SuperBowlXX 12/11/2009 17 26 1 385
Embedding MSNBC Videos into DKos: A New Method
Daily Kos users know that embedding video from MSNBC is much trickier than embedding YouTube videos. The FAQ contains a link to a [ ...
SuperBowlXX 12/10/2009 38 34 22 415
The Despicable Acceptance of Torture in Our Culture
SuperBowlXX 12/08/2009 222 188 3 246
Pew Poll: 54% of Americans Support Torture (update)
You remember about four or five months ago when Daily Kos was ablaze with diaries either supporting or excoriating President Obama for blocking the release of photographs depicting torture of war ...
SuperBowlXX 12/03/2009 367 98 1 251
The Straw Men of War Escalation Supporters
One of the things that fascinates me about debating the supporters of President Obama's decision to send in 30,000 troops to Afghanistan is how often I feel confronted by arguments that don't ...
SuperBowlXX 12/02/2009 802 547 10 411
I Wrote a Book! Come Celebrate With Me!
At a few minutes after 9 pm Eastern time, I completed the [ National Novel Writing Month] challenge on my first try. I just wrote a novel in 30 days! Okay, so I didn't ...
SuperBowlXX 11/30/2009 24 25 - 48
Ugh.  Even ESPN is Buying the Obama Bowing Nontroversy
Gregg Easterbrook, the senior editor at The New Republic and ESPN columnist who writes under the moniker "Tuesday Morning Quarterback," has an item in his [
SuperBowlXX 11/24/2009 23 3 - 185
It's "Ridiculous" to Criticize Palin's POTUS Qualifications
Mark Whitaker, the Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News, has a [ column] up on entitled "Spare Sarah Palin the Self-Righteousness," in which he argues ...
SuperBowlXX 11/19/2009 79 31 - 253
"Did you ever see the one with the F*GG*T?"
In the wake of the hideous referendum on civil rights by the voters in Maine last week, I wanted to share a personal story with the DKos community about a brief encounter with homophobia and hate ...
SuperBowlXX 11/10/2009 84 32 - 142
National Novel Writing Month: Write a Book in 30 Days!
Earlier this week, my girlfriend passed along a link for [ National Novel Writing Month] (NaNoWriMo), a 30-day program for people who have always thought about sitting down ...
SuperBowlXX 10/29/2009 117 38 5 82
Ross Douthat Calls for Holy War on Islam
Ross Douthat, the NYT's conservative writer who's clearly there to balance out all that so-called "liberal bias" of the Gray Lady, has a very bizarre (creepy, actually) [
SuperBowlXX 10/26/2009 52 12 1 171
Mike Pence Flips Out Over Hate Crimes Bill
Earlier today, the House passed the [ Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act], a significant piece of hate crimes ...
SuperBowlXX 10/08/2009 45 25 - 69
This Chicagoan Congratulates Rio
This will be a short diary. So, Chicago didn't get the Games for 2016. It sucks. We didn't even make it out of the first round of ballot voting. That sucks even more. Bringing the Olympics to ...
SuperBowlXX 10/02/2009 47 30 - 74
Arizona Loosens Gun Regulations, in Bars AND Schools
Yesterday, two new laws in Arizona that loosen restrictions on gun ownership went into effect. The first one, documented by [
SuperBowlXX 10/01/2009 69 14 1 239
Michael Jordan Enters Hall of Fame (My Favorite MJ Moments)
Last night, Michael Jordan cried as he was given perhaps the finest accolade of his basketball career by being [ inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame],
SuperBowlXX 09/12/2009 28 8 - 91
Add Me to the 9.7% Unemployed.  I Need a Public Option NOW.
I did not spend Labor Day Weekend celebrating a day off from work. I spent it regretting that every day from here on will be a day off until things turn around. On Friday, I was fired from my job.
SuperBowlXX 09/08/2009 39 36 - 41
Meet the 2009 Daily Kos Chess Champion
MakeChessNotWar is [ Eric Schiller], a World Chess ...
SuperBowlXX 09/02/2009 86 61 - 79
Enough is Enough. I'm a Happy Atheist, Damn it.
Today I was hoping to publish a "victory parade" diary celebrating *MakeChessNotWar*'s victory in the 2009 DKos chess tournament. I've been working on it for the past few days, collaborating with ...
SuperBowlXX 08/28/2009 161 56 4 57
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Final Standings
SuperBowlXX 08/25/2009 38 28 - 74
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: And The Winner Is......
SuperBowlXX 08/24/2009 109 74 1 66
DKos Chess Tournament: Championship Liveblog! (UPDATE!)
SuperBowlXX 08/23/2009 90 41 - 58
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Finals on Sunday Night!
SuperBowlXX 08/21/2009 35 19 - 64
DKos Chess Tournament: A Playoff Tiebreaker Scenario
SuperBowlXX 08/18/2009 35 16 - 36
DKos Chess Tournament: Championship Sunday is Set!
SuperBowlXX 08/17/2009 22 13 - 19
Atheist Digest: Common Myths & Misconceptions About Atheists
Welcome to another chapter in Atheist Digest, a summer series started by *XNeeOhCon* and written from the point of view of agnostics, skeptics, and atheists alike. Today's topic will cover some ...
SuperBowlXX 08/16/2009 206 28 1 35
DKos Chess Tournament: Championship (?) Next Weekend
SuperBowlXX 08/14/2009 36 8 - 25
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: The Beginning of the End
SuperBowlXX 08/13/2009 8 10 - 22
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Final Round Match-Ups!
SuperBowlXX 08/12/2009 33 20 - 47
DKos Chess Tournament: Final Round Match-Ups TBA Tonight
SuperBowlXX 08/11/2009 28 17 - 36
DKos Chess Tournament: Semi-Final Results
SuperBowlXX 08/10/2009 104 18 2 35
DKos Chess Tournament: Semi-Final Liveblog (update)!
SuperBowlXX 08/09/2009 37 13 - 49
DKos Chess Tournament: Semi-Final Liveblog!
SuperBowlXX 08/08/2009 54 22 - 59
DKos Chess Tournament: Semi-Final Tomorrow
SuperBowlXX 08/07/2009 25 16 - 39
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Big Semi-Final on Saturday
SuperBowlXX 08/06/2009 20 16 - 25
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Round 7 & Semi-Final Match-Ups!
SuperBowlXX 08/04/2009 48 19 - 60
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Semi-Finals Are Approaching
SuperBowlXX 08/03/2009 26 16 - 16
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Big Semi-Final Match Coming Up
SuperBowlXX 08/02/2009 41 17 - 16
Komposers for Kossacks: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Welcome to Komposers for Kossacks! Today I am filling in for *droogie6655321* as your humble host in the continuing journey through time and the music of yesteryear. First, a little about me. I ...
SuperBowlXX 07/31/2009 61 23 1 79
DKos Chess Tournament: Giving Props to Daily Kossacks
SuperBowlXX 07/30/2009 45 14 - 1
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: We Now Approach Endgame
SuperBowlXX 07/29/2009 37 19 - 15
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Match-Ups for Round 6!
SuperBowlXX 07/28/2009 60 19 - 26
DKos Chess Tournament: Searching For Bobby Fischer
SuperBowlXX 07/25/2009 22 21 - 212
DKos Chess Tournament: Round 5 Open Thread (7/24)
SuperBowlXX 07/24/2009 29 11 - 5
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Round 5 Open Thread (7/23)
SuperBowlXX 07/23/2009 14 11 - 3
DKos Chess Tournament: Keith Olbermann Weighs In!
SuperBowlXX 07/22/2009 57 19 - 25
DKos Chess Tournament: Match-Ups for Round 5!
SuperBowlXX 07/21/2009 11 14 2 25
DKos Chess Tournament: Round 5 Match-Ups TBA Tomorrow
SuperBowlXX 07/19/2009 20 15 - 24
DKos Chess Tournament: I Challenge Keith Olbermann
SuperBowlXX 07/17/2009 26 19 - 33
DKos Chess Tournament: "Mongo Only Pawn in Game of Life"
SuperBowlXX 07/16/2009 24 18 - 51
DKos Chess Tournament: Return From a Brief Hiatus
SuperBowlXX 07/15/2009 29 19 - 35
DKos Chess Tournament 2009: Round 4 Open Thread (7/9)
SuperBowlXX 07/09/2009 40 11 - 40
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