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Data Grab? Experian now controls web access to Social Security Admin
Starting in January, your ability to access personal Social Security earnings and benefits via online access has been handed over to Experian - the same company that keeps your credit information ...
TechBob 01/23/2013 322 148 7 -
O/T: advice on TECH upgrades
I’m my family & friend’s (retired) geek and a recent rec’d diary started me thinking about how often I hear these complaints: “I HATE the new (Windows, OSX, iTunes, iPhone, Windows Phone, ...
TechBob 01/16/2013 50 20 1 -
Canadian Telecom monopolies show US what's on the way...
Wonder what we're in for when there are only a few Cell & ISP providers and no "Net Neutrality" in our near future? I just came across this sad story that could give us a clue; (no ...
TechBob 05/29/2011 5 12 - 132
Psalm 109:8 crazies actually call God's wrath on themselves!
In a deliciously ironic twist, it turns out the Obama detractors promoting the hateful "Pray for Obama, Psalm 109:8" merchandise have seriously misinterpreted the scripture and are actually calling ...
TechBob 11/20/2009 43 39 - 328
HP as a progressive model to avoid lay-off pain?
Everybody's Financial's suck this quarter, but HP announced that they will try to avoid 20,000 layoffs by reducing employee salaries across the board. The shocker is the progressive nature ...
TechBob 02/19/2009 209 192 5 35
Shut up and vote - my conversation with a fellow liberal
I recently had an email exchange with a fellow liberal who is in the process of vetting the Democratic candidates for disqualifiers w.r.t. her personal list of priorities. I am tired of listening ...
TechBob 08/08/2007 17 5 - 2
US Marines mum on brutal new weapon
TechBob 11/15/2005 10 13 1 29
$450+ Billion Tax Giveaway? "Ka-Ching!"
TechBob 10/28/2004 4 3 - 16
Bush's wireless prompting Solution!
TechBob 10/12/2004 7 8 - 11
Metrics vs. Ethics: Bush Admin Deceits ARE Corporate "Values"
TechBob 10/04/2004 1 3 - 30
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