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China's Big Banks Probed over Bad Loans
Major Chinese banks such as ICBC are being probed by regulators for failing to ...
The Anomaly 06/08/2012 17 7 - 60
JP Morgan Chase: $70 Trillion Hedge Fund
Give a man control of the nation's money supply and he cares not who makes the laws. Who sits both on the NY Fed's Board of Directors and is the CEO of its biggest shareholder ? His bank's bets ...
The Anomaly 05/02/2012 9 13 - 134
Say on Pay: Citigroup CEO's $15m Package Rejected
Citigroup shareholders unhappy with the company's performance have rejected a proposal to increase the CEO's pay to $15m : Vikram Pandit, Citigroup’s chief executive, turned around this week to ...
The Anomaly 04/21/2012 2 5 2 43
CIA Chief: Exploit 'Smart' Devices for Spying
Since GPS tracking was recently ruled unconstitutional , the State department is looking to exploit alternative avenues of surveillance. The nation's top spy boss has an eye towards 'smart' devices :
The Anomaly 04/16/2012 5 11 - 92
FDA finds Lead in Leading Lipstick Brands
Does lipstick really lower IQ? The FDA found up to 7.2 ppm of lead in a recent survey : Four hundred types of lipstick from brands such as L’Oreal SA (OR) and The Procter & Gamble Co. contain ...
The Anomaly 04/11/2012 25 26 1 212
High Deductibles Force Patients to Question Hospital Pricing
Faced with high deductibles and ever mounting hospital costs, patients are being forced to behave like shoppers and negotiate the price of services: Amy Freedman's 16-year-old daughter was having a ...
The Anomaly 03/30/2012 16 20 4 139
Morgan Stanley Confiscates Half of Italy's Tax Increase with Derivatives Deal
To escape an onerous derivatives deal with Morgan Stanley, Italy was forced to pay billions of dollars amounting to half of the country's sales tax increase . When Morgan Stanley (MS) said in ...
The Anomaly 03/25/2012 20 29 4 176
Following Fungicide Scare, Duties Lifted for Imported OJ
Over the objection of domestic producers, a U.S. trade commission has removed anti-dumping duties that had been imposed on Brazilian imports : The United States on Wednesday said it will eliminate ...
The Anomaly 03/22/2012 1 5 - 55
Foreign Fridge Makers Slapped with Anti-dumping Duties
Foreign refrigerator manufacturers who used subsidies to sell appliances in the U.S. below market rates have been hit by the U.S. Commerce Dept. with anti-dumping duties : The United States on ...
The Anomaly 03/21/2012 4 12 - 72
Median Wage Lowest Since 1999
The stock market index more than doubled in three years, so why do Americans feel so poor? The working class has seen the median wage drop nearly 8% : According to a newly released report from ...
The Anomaly 03/15/2012 9 9 - 45
Pink Slime: Chemically Treated Beef By-Product Found in School Lunches
A chemically treated beef by-product that was recently removed from fast food restaurants is still being served in school cafeterias : The "slime" consists of beef by-products: cow intestines, ...
The Anomaly 03/09/2012 9 12 - 84
Cost of Living: 'Everyday Price Index' Rises 8% YoY
While the cost of electronics may be dropping, consumer goods such as food and fuel which make up 40% of the average household budget have risen by 8% : Forget the modest 3.1 percent rise in the ...
The Anomaly 03/08/2012 16 24 - 131
Offshore Corporate Cash Hoard Swells to $1.2T
The offshore stash of corporate cash at top U.S. companies has ballooned to over $1 trillion : U.S. companies led by General Electric Co. (GE) and Pfizer Inc. (PFE) stockpiled an additional $187 ...
The Anomaly 03/05/2012 1 3 1 31
US Oil-Product EXPORTS Reach Record High!
For the first time in over sixty years, the United States is a net exporter of oil-products : The U.S. exported more gasoline, diesel and other fuels than it imported in 2011 for the first time ...
The Anomaly 03/01/2012 26 9 1 117
Japanese Firm Frozen over Missing Pension Funds
A Japanese investment advisory firm has been frozen over missing pension funds in a major accounting scandal :
The Anomaly 02/27/2012 2 5 - 55
Sibel: U.S. Training Syrian Rebels
A former FBI whistleblower says the U.S. is training and arming Syrian rebels : A former employee with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said that American and NATO forces are ...
The Anomaly 02/24/2012 70 17 1 233
Flashback: U.S. Funding Iranian Nuclear Program
The world military junta continues to promote the pretext for war with Iran, despite the fact that even Israel admits it is not pursuing nuclear weapons. Moreover, the U.S. itself has helped Iran ...
The Anomaly 02/24/2012 10 8 1 73
Insurer Cracking Open Countrywide's Internal Fraud Tracking Database!
Buried deep beneath the rotted rubble that is the securitized housing market lies an internal record of the fraud that occurred at Countrywide. It may yet see ...
The Anomaly 02/22/2012 13 57 2 228
Pop: China Housing Slump Deepens
Unsold building left incomplete in Hainan province (Source: Bloomberg) The bottom is falling out of the China property bubble, evidenced by a ...
The Anomaly 02/21/2012 19 17 - 131
With New Models, Truckers Mull Switch to Natural Gas
As domestic natural gas output reaches record levels , low prices are driving the purchase of CNG vehicles : In a time when natural gas is relatively cheap, but manufacturers build mostly gasoline ...
The Anomaly 02/19/2012 12 7 - 108
Dirty Laundry: Chemical Hormones Found in Big Brand Clothes
The Anomaly 01/22/2012 11 43 2 272
Copyright War: Is Microsoft an Unlikely Ally, or Mole?
The Anomaly 12/26/2011 7 3 - 91
Scandal: MF Global Stole Billions to Make Speculative Bets
The firm recently led by former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine stole billions from its clients to make speculative bets on the Eurozone. After the wagers went sour, the brokerage collapsed. Its ...
The Anomaly 12/18/2011 10 19 1 108
Rigged: Japan Probes UBS, Citigroup over Interest Rate Manipulation
The Anomaly 12/10/2011 6 16 - 91
Currency War: 'Bazooka' Ben Blasts Chinese Yuan
Did Ben " Bazooka " Bernanke turn the tide in the ...
The Anomaly 12/02/2011 2 1 - 44
Fed President: Break Up the Banking Giants!
The Anomaly 11/15/2011 6 23 2 157
Unaccountable: Fraud Unchecked at Corporations in US and China
The Anomaly 11/14/2011 2 4 - 48
Fossil Fuel Welfare: Annual Subsidies Surge to $409 Billion
What industry benefits from government subsidies six times greater than renewable energy? That would ...
The Anomaly 11/13/2011 6 12 4 64
Iceland's Lesson: Let the Banks Go Bust
Are Europe's PIIGS destined for economic slaughter? The only way to avoid ...
The Anomaly 11/08/2011 16 27 1 143
Money Laundering: India Exports Billions to Bahamas
The Anomaly 11/06/2011 3 6 - 53
Hacker Wares Hawked at Secret State-sponsored Spy Conference
The Anomaly 11/02/2011 5 13 - 99
Lawmakers Probe $75T Derivatives Dump by Bank of America
Bank of America is being probed by lawmakers over their multi-trillion dollar liability dump ...
The Anomaly 10/31/2011 238 354 19 1887
Protests Hit CHINA as Homeowners Decry Loss in Property Value
The Anomaly 10/30/2011 5 22 2 98
The Abuse of Emergency Lights and Sirens
Need a coffee now? Why wait for traffic, when you can fire up an ...
The Anomaly 10/29/2011 4 4 - 124
Intimidation: 'Soft Torture' Used to Harass Diplomats
Lose your keys? It may have been a Russian spy : Russian spies have launched a campaign of ...
The Anomaly 10/26/2011 4 1 - 67
Stagflation: Wages Down, Cost of Living Up
As the U.S. median wage continues to fall , the cost of living ...
The Anomaly 10/23/2011 3 6 1 37
Analyst: U.S. Should Scrap FED Cartel to Save Economy
In order to escape the current economic crisis, the U.S. should switch away from its private banking cartel : [T]he core issue we ...
The Anomaly 10/19/2011 7 13 1 87
Rigged: $400bn Federal Reserve POMO Pushes Markets Higher
The slush fund for the 1% otherwise known as the Federal Reserve's POMO program is once again pushing Wall Street higher :
The Anomaly 10/18/2011 15 4 - 101
Gender Bender: Chemical Hormone Found in Canned Kids Food
A gender-bending chemical hormone was found to be present in tests of popular canned kids food :
The Anomaly 10/17/2011 6 17 2 192
Bailout: IMF Pushes for $1.3 Trillion to Fund Europe
The Anomaly 10/03/2011 12 10 - 95
Bubble: Student Loan Default Rate Reaches 15%
The Anomaly 10/02/2011 21 7 - 108
Red Chaoda: Fraud Alleged at Chinese Agricultural Firm
The Anomaly 09/27/2011 3 2 - 40
Chinese Protest Dumping of Poisonous Fluoride at Solar Plant
After a large number of fish were killed from poisonous fluoride being dumped into a local river, hundreds of residents in Haining City, ...
The Anomaly 09/23/2011 10 15 1 62
That Was Easy: Researchers Print Solar Cells on Paper!
The Anomaly 09/20/2011 24 30 3 194
New Zealand-listed companies linked to Money Laundering
There is a common element between three seemingly disparate international crime stories – 1) A flight out of N. Korea bound with 35 tons of explosives; 2) A money laundering scheme by Mexican drug ...
The Anomaly 09/16/2011 10 3 - 44
Hong Kong may Sever Peg from US Dollar
The Anomaly 09/14/2011 11 12 - 113
CEO Pay Exceeds Tax Bill at Major Corporations
At many large American corporations, more money is paid to a single executive than ...
The Anomaly 09/11/2011 5 4 - 30
Outrageous: FED Paying Banks to NOT Lend Money
Despite the huge drop-off in lending to small businesses and ...
The Anomaly 09/06/2011 6 7 1 81
Cracks Appearing in Chinese Economic Model
Is the global financial crisis catching up with China? The credit bubble that swallowed the developed world may be seeping into the red dragon. Non-performing loans are on the rise, with the ...
The Anomaly 08/31/2011 15 11 2 225
Bankster Mafia: Financial Institutions Infiltrated by Organized Crime
Criminal syndicates in Russia, Japan, Italy and Mexico have penetrated financial institutions in the U.S., ...
The Anomaly 08/27/2011 12 9 1 101
How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule
How is it that a nation whose top companies hold nearly $2 trillion in cash can't afford to pay for public ...
The Anomaly 08/24/2011 13 8 1 86
Quantitative Easing: 'Good for the Rich, Bad for the Poor'
Quantitative easing in the U.K. has stirred social unrest by exacerbating inequality : As the Bank of ...
The Anomaly 08/22/2011 4 9 - 55
Study: Antidepressant Use Increases Risk of Autism
A new study has linked an increase in the risk of autism to antidepressant use during pregnancy :
The Anomaly 08/04/2011 31 4 - 217
CNN Exposes Fake US-funded Islamic Terrorist
How far will the department of homeland security go to construct the narrative that evil brown-skinned folk are itching to kill Americans? In at least one case, this has ...
The Anomaly 08/02/2011 14 12 1 152
CNN Anchor Piers Morgan Tied to Phone Hacking Scandal
The Anomaly 07/31/2011 62 149 2 1203
Updated: Federal Reserve Should Sell Holdings, Remit to Treasury
One way to close the deficit without screwing over seniors would be to have the Federal Reserve sell off a portion of its holdings, the profit ...
The Anomaly 07/28/2011 3 4 - 53
Private Military Corporations Writing Their Own Pentagon Contracts
The Anomaly 07/25/2011 4 14 - 54
Reign of the Robo-Signers: Foreclosure Fraud Epidemic Continues
Nine months after banking behemoths suspended foreclosures to internally examine their own fraudulent practices, mortgage ...
The Anomaly 07/22/2011 7 7 1 38
News Corp Stalked Subjects through Cell Phone 'Pinging'
A board member of the Metropolitan Police Authority has asked Scotland Yard to investigate the allegation that News Corp employees stalked subjects ...
The Anomaly 07/21/2011 8 27 1 143
Crude Oil Casino: Chevron Made $360M Betting on Futures
An email leaked from a Chevron employee to the media reveals how one of the world's biggest oil companies makes $2 million per ...
The Anomaly 07/20/2011 4 6 - 37
NYT: News Corp Hacked Rival US Company
A ...
The Anomaly 07/18/2011 106 280 5 2081
Fmr. Fox News Executive: Americans' Phones Were Hacked
The Anomaly 07/17/2011 367 606 23 3921
BREAKING: News Corp Took $4.8B from US Taxpayers over 4 Years
How low can corporate taxes go? Apparently letting these country-sized entities literally ...
The Anomaly 07/12/2011 139 353 10 1877
Officials Ran Coordinated Effort to Cover-up Fukushima Meltdown
Fearing that the incident would impact plans for new nuclear plants, officials in the UK ...
The Anomaly 07/11/2011 7 17 - 98
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Debt: China's Toxic Assets
Tucked away in the soft underbelly of the economic dragon is $540 billion in debt undisclosed by China's National Audit Office. The country's ...
The Anomaly 07/06/2011 5 9 - 73
When Food Kills: Coalition Demands Less Antibiotics on Farms
A broad-based global coalition of consumer groups is demanding a reduction in the amount of ...
The Anomaly 07/05/2011 3 12 - 45
Legalize It: Bill to Repeal Pot Prohibition Introduced in House
The House has introduced a bill to protect people who grow and use marijuana in states which have ...
The Anomaly 06/24/2011 11 42 1 209
Breakthrough: New Flow-Battery Design Provides 10-Fold Improvement
Researchers at MIT have published a new flow-battery design which provides a 10-fold improvement in energy density over ...
The Anomaly 06/22/2011 143 300 22 1949
Goldman uses Artificial Aluminum Bottleneck to Squeeze Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola has accused aluminum warehouse operators Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan of squeezing end users by ...
The Anomaly 06/19/2011 108 124 2 811
Abbott sued after Arthritis Drug leads to Fungal Infection
An advertising executive has brought a lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories after ...
The Anomaly 06/18/2011 12 6 - 89
Exposed: BP attempted to control research into Gulf oil spill
Released emails have exposed BP's attempts to control research into the environmental impact of the ...
The Anomaly 06/04/2011 10 40 - 117
Researchers say Cell Phones Damage Brain, DNA and Sperm
A group of international scientists have released new research confirming risks of cell phone ...
The Anomaly 05/30/2011 49 17 1 303
Cisco Accused of Helping China Track Falun Gong Dissidents
The Anomaly 05/28/2011 10 7 - 50
China Stock Fraud: SEC Launches Probe into Longtop
The Anomaly 05/25/2011 3 8 - 60
Senators Look to Curb Patriot Act Abuses
Two senators have introduced an amendment to the Patriot Act extension bill which ...
The Anomaly 05/23/2011 8 16 - 66
Exxon CEO: Oil Price is 9x Higher than Production Cost
At the recent Senate hearing where Big Oil CEO's defended their billion dollar tax breaks , it was disclosed that the production ...
The Anomaly 05/22/2011 75 123 5 737
Is Thorium the Key to a Nuclear Renaissance?
What type of power avoids the pitfalls of nuclear meltdowns ,
The Anomaly 05/17/2011 95 11 1 218
Microsoft used tax-dodging scheme to fund Skype deal
To fund its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype, Microsoft tapped into its trove of cash stashed ...
The Anomaly 05/15/2011 10 17 1 100
To Protect Libyans, NATO Bombs their Capital
Early Tuesday morning NATO launched new attacks against Libya's ...
The Anomaly 05/10/2011 34 1 - 150
Monsanto Herbicide could face ban over Infertility, Cancer Concerns
Concerns over links to cancer and infertility ...
The Anomaly 05/08/2011 16 18 1 152
FBI Pursues Financial Fraud by Tracking 'Serial Killers'
The FBI is using behavioral profiling to target suspected white collar criminals. Agents assigned to the task are drawing from ...
The Anomaly 05/07/2011 3 18 1 132
Striking Truckers in China Rattle Beijing
Protesting rising fuel costs, increased fees, and low wages, striking truckers blocked shipping ports in Shanghai :
The Anomaly 05/01/2011 4 11 - 69
Treasury Proposes $30T Forex Swaps Loophole
Undeterred by the global currency war being waged through the foreign exchange ...
The Anomaly 04/29/2011 11 8 - 90
Chinese Reverse Merger Fraud Exposed
Since 2007, more than 600 privately held foreign businesses have merged with U.S. listed shell companies to gain access to NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. Using this form of “backdoor ...
The Anomaly 04/27/2011 6 14 1 65
Japan Unearths Site Linked to War Crimes
In February, Japanese authorities began excavating the site of a former medical school that may reveal dark secrets about the country's WWII-...
The Anomaly 04/26/2011 5 13 - 128
LA Police Pension Fund Decimated by Bad Investments
State pension funds across the U.S. have been crushed by careless investments that suffered massive losses after the property market crashed. In ...
The Anomaly 04/25/2011 13 14 1 123
DOJ Probes Global Bankster Cartel for Fixing LIBOR
Some of the world's largest financial firms are suspected to have manipulated the benchmark Libor interest rate, prompting a ...
The Anomaly 04/20/2011 14 19 1 126
The Next Fukushima: It Could Happen Here
The level 7 nuclear crisis which hit Japan has reverberated across the ...
The Anomaly 04/19/2011 10 8 1 82
Union wins landmark court ruling on pensions
Pensioners' claims in corporate insolvency cases were given a boost in a precedent-setting decision by a ...
The Anomaly 04/18/2011 8 28 1 243
Fishy WI SC Election Results Warrant Recount
A secretive, opaque, corruptible vote-counting process has no place in our society. With a fast-approaching deadline ...
The Anomaly 04/17/2011 5 18 2 140
Calif. advances bill to ban 'Blood Minerals'
California has advanced a bill to ban 'blood minerals' ...
The Anomaly 04/14/2011 3 17 - 117
ALEC: Secretive Conservative Org. Ghostwriting Legislation
A shadowy conservative organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has ...
The Anomaly 04/12/2011 6 23 2 88
Commodities Bubble Correlated to Fed. QE
The Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program has driven ...
The Anomaly 04/10/2011 20 29 2 131
60 Minutes Exposes Massive Foreclosure Fraud
Leading mortgage servicers such as HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank have been using forged documents to foreclose on homeowners, ...
The Anomaly 04/08/2011 13 19 1 124
Major U.S. Bank Laundered up to $378bn for Drug Cartels
As the death toll from the drug war in Mexico surpasses 30,000 , a bombshell report ...
The Anomaly 04/06/2011 229 367 10 2188
Corporate Tax Cuts Protested from London to Los Angeles
On the last Saturday of March, 500,000 people marched in London to protest the ...
The Anomaly 04/05/2011 6 4 1 44
Betting on Hunger: Barclays makes £340m on Food Speculation
By turning basic necessities like food into ...
The Anomaly 04/03/2011 4 15 - 65
Banking for the People: End the Money Monopoly
This week’s court-ordered document dump by the Federal Reserve may ...
The Anomaly 04/01/2011 9 6 1 134
GOP Holding America Hostage at the Gas Pump
As hedge funds push the price of oil to painful heights, Republicans are ...
The Anomaly 03/23/2011 1 - - 15
Barclays Pulled Currency Bets as Dollar / Yen Crashed
Last Thursday, the yen mysteriously surged by more than 4% against the dollar in a matter of minutes,
The Anomaly 03/22/2011 6 2 - 74
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