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Green Diary Rescue: A weekly series of what's happening on the eco-front
Before presenting this week's collection of more than 60 environmentally related diaries, a word about a story that's been haunting me for the past month. If you haven't read about the terrible ...
Meteor Blades 03/16/2013 61 97 6 -
Former Vice President Al Gore Joins Our Climate Change SOS Blogathon!
Meteor Blades and I are pleased to announce that Former Vice President Al Gore is now a kossack and will be participating in our Climate Change SOS Blogathon . We first invited him to join us with ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 08/23/2012 56 157 3 521
CCSOS: Climate change just isn't Santa anymore.
Climate denialists are having some trouble with science these days. Well, they've had trouble all along, but the final nails are in that coffin. The simple fact is that all of their attempts at ...
rb137 08/20/2012 47 83 2 535
Building Resilience in a Changing Climate: CCSOS
Climate shocks are on the way. We’ve already spewed so much carbon into the atmosphere that a cascade of worsening crop failures, droughts, floods, and freak storms is virtually guaranteed. You, ...
RichardHeinberg 08/20/2012 28 57 1 196
Climate deal: shifts the cost to our children..too little..too late
Guardian Yeah! So a climate deal has been agreed to in ...
VL Baker 12/11/2011 23 19 1 137
Climate Deal Cut, Kyoto Extended, All Nations Have CO2 Limits
Breaking, Al Jazeera: Agreement was reached to extend the Kyoto climate protocols that apply to developed nations ...
FishOutofWater 12/10/2011 122 131 5 628
Africa Talks Expose Fatal Flaws in COP Process
The last plenary of the UNFCCC Durban Negotiations is about to begin, with the chair announcing why this COP must come to an end.
boatsie 12/10/2011 1 7 - 35
COP17: Endame Redux.
"Get It Done": Urging Climate Justice, Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai ...
boatsie 12/09/2011 2 3 - 27
WATCH Occupy COP17 inside Talks Watch the ...
boatsie 12/08/2011 21 20 1 135
eSci: "Global Cooling Assured for the Next 3 Decades"
Three decades of global cooling was the bold prediction made by geology professor Don Easterbrook on Anthony Watt's Weblog award winning climate change denier web site. Unlike most of the posts on ...
FishOutofWater 12/08/2011 45 64 4 310
To Everything there is a Season
"To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn. And a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to plant, a time to reap. ... A time ...
jamess 12/08/2011 25 27 2 148
We are the 1% - The US and Climate Change
When it comes to consuming the most energy per capita, we are the leaders. When it comes to pollution, we ruled them all up ...
Ellinorianne 12/08/2011 30 28 1 99
National Security and Climate Change -- When were they going to Tell Us?
It's heart-warming to know Military Planners are busily drawing up their Contingency Plans, to deal the all the 'fallout' expected, from Climate Change, as it continues its "relentless march", ...
jamess 12/08/2011 36 29 1 214
What Really happens in Congress -- where OUR Energy Future is concerned
Laws. We elect fellow Citizens to perform an important Public Service -- to Represent OUR Best Interests; to work on passing Legislation that best meets the Goals and Needs, of those who voted ...
jamess 12/08/2011 10 18 1 95
Nightfall @ COP17
boatsie 12/08/2011 1 12 - 54
Africa ROARS as US Punts @ COP17
No surprise here as the official US negotiating position at COP17 aligns with leaked information before the conference ...
boatsie 12/07/2011 22 30 1 126
Outing the Oligarchy: 50 Billionaires Who Profit From Today’s Climate Crisis
A s government officials shadow box at global climate negotiations in Durban, it is increasingly obvious ...
Victor Menotti 12/06/2011 21 45 3 223
The Durban Daily: Report from Durban: Oxfam on Saturday's March
Singing, dancing and lack of decision at COP17 Climate Change ...
Ellinorianne 12/06/2011 2 12 1 37
Report from Durban - The Sierra Club at the Climate Change Conference
I am posting this diary on behalf of Nichole Ghio of the [...
JekyllnHyde 12/06/2011 7 21 2 97
Macca's Meatless Monday...Meteor Blades Request
In this weekly series we have been discussing the benefits of a vegetarian diet including: better ...
VL Baker 12/05/2011 133 154 29 821
eCOP Week II: durban drones arrive
It's the climactic battle of David and Goliath Redux17 this week as seasoned and highly funded sharp shooters arrive at the COP under cover of corporate drones, which loom overhead controlling the ...
boatsie 12/05/2011 14 26 1 96
Durban climate talks enter the week when we'll see if anything gets done. China budges (maybe)
Scientists have created this BEDMAP image of Antarctica ...
Meteor Blades 12/05/2011 69 44 3 174
There ARE Costs of Doing Nothing ... about Climate Change
Too often the debate about climate breaks down over cost , with many Americans rightfully concerned about what limiting pollution would do to our economy. But what this ...
jamess 12/05/2011 35 24 2 93
2010 had biggest surge of CO2 emissions on record
Our planet's oceans are in trouble as they soak up the increasing amounts of carbon in the atmosphere making ...
Lefty Coaster 12/05/2011 20 35 1 114
Chris Hayes agrees with Amy Goodman, about who we should be fighting for
Here's the relevant segment of the 1st hour of today's show, Up with Chris Hayes . Chris gets the inside scoop, from reporter Amy Goodman on scene, of the Climate Change conference, ...
jamess 12/05/2011 35 35 - 224
The Most Important News Story of the Day/Millennium
The most important piece of news yesterday, this week, this month, and this year was a new set of statistics released yesterday by the Global Carbon Project. It showed that carbon emissions from our ...
Bill McKibben 12/05/2011 349 489 15 2241
"Africa is a crime scene and we want the climate criminals stopped."
boatsie 12/03/2011 24 25 1 147
Pew: Dems, Indies & Moderate Repubs Agree Global Warming is Real
Global warming is now a wedge issue splitting the Republican ...
FishOutofWater 12/02/2011 31 19 1 87
Updated: eCOP: 99% Take On Conference of Polluters
Police standoff with OccupyCOP17 protestors and members of numerous climate justice movements and ngos as they convene ...
boatsie 12/02/2011 7 13 1 64
eCop: Arctic Enters a New State
Profound and continuing changes in Arctic ecosystems, initiated by record-setting changes occurring throughout the Arctic environmental system were found by a science team of 121 Arctic experts from ...
FishOutofWater 12/01/2011 39 91 5 346
1000 Durbans: #Occupy the COP
With the Occupy movement spreading faster than wildfire, it's hard not to ask how every issue relates to it. Climate change is no exception. The question is particularly compelling right now because ...
JanetRedman 12/01/2011 5 8 - 52
Some Prime-Time Considerations for weaning away from Fossil Fuels
You know, those damn environmentalists, they want to change the world or something ... make it safe for future generations and stuff. What are they thinking? It's not like Energy grows on ...
jamess 11/29/2011 4 17 1 72
Oxygen in, CO2 out ... CO2 in, a more livable planet out.
Trees do it. People do it. The Birds and Bees do it. They all Breathe. Even the Ocean "breathes" to some degree; currently it's holding its breath, with about as much CO2 ...
jamess 11/29/2011 24 15 1 143
Framework Convention on Climate Change is seeking that 2°C Ceiling
Our dedicated community member boatsie , has been following the proceedings of a group of 195 Nations, who are trying to act like the "adults on the planet", -- they are trying to reach ...
jamess 11/29/2011 16 12 - 66
That Ozone Hole will go away Sooner or Later ... Right?
Well, this is unusual. I thought the world's 'socks' only got "holes" in them at the South Pole ... Arctic ozone loss at ...
jamess 11/29/2011 6 18 - 89
guerilla gardening @OccupyCOP17
boatsie 11/29/2011 7 10 - 77
eCOP: HOT STUFF! From Durban to Rio - Introducing International Ecocity Framework & Standards
After largely ignoring the role of cities and local governments at its first 15 climate conferences, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( ...
citisven 11/29/2011 22 43 6 181
Sierra Club: Durban's Dirty Energy Week
by Justin Guay, Sierra Club International Program As world governments gather for another round of climate change negotiations, they continue to ...
boatsie 11/29/2011 3 9 1 43
eCOP: Drowning Songs, Drying Songs, Dying Songs
Music. Music. Music. Once I was working with a group of high-school students in a classroom that was undergoing minor renovations. I had asked them to define "music," and the discussion that ...
WarrenS 11/28/2011 6 17 1 81
Macca's Meatless Monday...Come Together in Durban
In this weekly series we have been discussing the benefits of a vegetarian diet including: better health , animal rights, public health, food safety, frugal ...
VL Baker 11/28/2011 59 42 2 177
eCOP: Ian Sullivan for Oxfam: Hungry for climate action: COP17 begins
The United Nations has unpacked the bunting and draped the decorations around Durban, ...
boatsie 11/28/2011 2 14 - 31
Earthship COPernica Week l
boatsie 11/28/2011 9 11 1 90
eCOP: Drowning Songs, Drying Songs, Dying Songs
Music. Music. Music. Once I was working with a group of high-school students in a classroom that was undergoing minor renovations. I had asked them to define "music," and the discussion that ...
WarrenS 11/28/2011 8 15 3 81
eCOP: Why would Canada censor artist, Franke James? See “Banned on the Hill”
The Daily Durban: The Blacklisting of Franke ...
frankejames 11/28/2011 15 20 1 131
Darwin Comes to Durban: Overcoming "Survival of the Fittest" Mentality at UN Climate Talks
T his recent Bloomberg headline sums up just about everything that's wrong with the UN climate negotiations,
Kelly Rigg 11/27/2011 13 16 - 81
The Deniers -- got Denied!
This should be Headline News, emblazoned across the National Agenda ... The Climate Deniers -- got Denied! The Planet is indeed warming due to human influence ...
jamess 11/26/2011 55 181 8 1107
Did UK Police Quietly Sideline ‘Climategate’ Hacker Investigation?
To view the graphics associated with this story visit the orignal post at The UK police force tasked with investigating the hacking of emails and documents from the Climatic Research ...
bdemelle 11/26/2011 14 72 1 449
Is the next stage after Climate Change Denial, Climate Change Acceptance?
"Denial" must have some adaptation-survival purpose -- but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. Perhaps, the emotion of Denial, gives humans a chance to "catch their breath", "to ...
jamess 11/26/2011 36 20 - 129
Climate Bullies Use 4 "D's" To Control COP17
"The globe is small but the world is so big. These conferences are just too big, too complicated. Businesses, national governments NGOs, academics, and scientists -- they put you all into a ...
boatsie 11/26/2011 8 17 - 86
Earthship COPernica I
boatsie 11/25/2011 11 17 2 157
eCOP Primer
Background on the UNFCCC Almost two decades ago, countries joined an international treaty, the United Nations ...
boatsie 11/25/2011 1 5 1 43
eCOP Video Festival
The video shorts provide informational and inspirational background chosen to provide some understanding of the key issues in the Climate Talks.
boatsie 11/25/2011 1 2 1 25
"ClimateGate" redux: An opportunity to show learning ...
There is a term out there in common use: lessons learned. The term, in fact, is fundamentally flawed: we should speak in terms of "...
A Siegel 11/22/2011 6 20 - 69
Mic Check: 1% Says NO 2012 Climate Deal? We Say "350 Airwaves
boatsie 11/22/2011 7 17 - 78
Amplify Africa IX: Innovative Farming Feeds 11 & Keeps Gods Happy
Madagascar. Emile Jean lives in Tsiandriona Nord, a small village ...
boatsie 11/21/2011 3 8 1 184
Occupy & the Climate Negotations
Cross posted with permission of author, Tom Athanasiou, from ecoequity. Anyone who claims that the fate of the climate talks is bound to the fate of the Occupy movement ...
boatsie 11/21/2011 9 21 - 75
Amplify Africa I: Ghana
boatsie 11/21/2011 2 6 2 35
Durban Daily I: Climate Train & Carvan of Hope en route to COP17
With 18 days remaining until the November 27th opening of the UNFCCC ...
boatsie 11/09/2011 3 9 - 45
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