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New Oil Drilling in West Scarred Land Harmed Ecosystems
A recent study published in the prestigious journal Science shows that the fragile ecosystems of the West have suffered extensive damage as a result of increased drilling for oil and gas. This ...
Steven D 04/30/2015 27
How Balt. Riot Police Helped Spark the Rioting - The Psychology of Militarized Police & Crowds
There are many factors that contributed to the riots that broke out yesterday in the lower income community of West Baltimore, the day of Freddie Gray's funeral, despite the best intentions of ...
Steven D 04/28/2015 22
Are You That Crazy? Do You Really Think That Destroying Baltimore Will Solve Anything?
Are you that crazy that you think that destroying Baltimore will end police violence and brutality? Are you that crazy? Have you seen the destruction, violence and fires in Baltimore? If you have,
inclusiveheart 04/27/2015 206
Teen Posts Video Re: Bullying - School Makes Her Take it Down (It's now back) - TRIGGER WARNING
This is the video Dana Hamrick originally posted to YouTube last Monday about the bullying she endures every day at Truman High School in Taylor, MI. I know that was hard to watch. It was hard ...
Steven D 04/27/2015 79
The Global Warming "Pause" That Wasn't Explained in One Simple Video Graphic
Deniers have repeatedly claimed the global warming "hit the pause button" over the last few years. This idea that global warming had "paused" has been their biggest talking point of late. They ...
Steven D 04/26/2015 7
Best.Bill.Ever: The Restrain Steve King From Legislating Act Of 2015
Just when you thought that Congress was an utterly dysfunctional institution that couldn't get anything done, Colorado representative Jared Polis introduces legislation that may be the precursor of ...
News Corpse 04/26/2015 7
Fox News Buries Bad News For Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio On Their Latino Niche Website
In October of 2010, Fox News launched the Fox News Latino website in order to mitigate the massive disadvantage Republicans faced with Latino voters. Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in ...
News Corpse 04/24/2015 7
Koch Funded Heartland Institute to Send "Real Scientists" to School Pope Francis on Climate Change
This is what is known as hubris to the nth degree: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, April 28 is hosting a workshop titled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity” to “raise ...
Steven D 04/24/2015 36
11 Newtown Families Distance Themselves from Tim McGraw Concert Controversy Re: Charity
Many people and organizations (e.g., the NRA ) have been blasting Tim McGraw ever since he announced that the proceeds from his concert in Hartford, Connecticut on July 27, 2015 would be donated to ...
Steven D 04/22/2015 12
Hillary Clinton Is Rich And It Is Driving Republicans (Even More) Nuts
Anyone who thought that Hillary Clinton's road to the White House was going to be littered with trash from the GOP's Benghazi obsession or frenzied raving about ghost emails may be disappointed to ...
News Corpse 04/22/2015 7

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