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The Future of U.S. Israel Relations
You will not hear any American or Israeli politician deviate from this script: “The U.S. Israel relationship is rock solid, and deeper than any possible disagreement between any two leaders.” ...
Tom Rinaldo 03/02/2015 8 2 - -
I believe Jihadists must be forcefully countered
Forcefully does not always mean "with force", but sometimes it does mean that, and I believe the use of force is an important aspect of countering Jihadists now. I have always resisted the use of ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/24/2014 132 11 1 -
Grenada, the Crimea, and the GOP
In 1983 a government of disputed legitimacy in Grenada, a small Caribbean nation well within the long acknowledged U.S. sphere of influence, was itself overthrown by a coup amid social turmoil that ...
Tom Rinaldo 03/06/2014 15 7 - -
"Make me do it" is the most honest and important statement Obama ever made
Want a progressive agenda implemented? "Make me do it" is the presidential reply. That not only applies to President Obama, who actually once said words to that effect, it also applies to every ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/13/2014 45 19 1 -
Bridget Kelly woke up one day and realized "Hey, my life is too dull".
It's the only explanation left for what happened with the George Washington Bridge access lane closures if you take Chris Christie at his word. Sure Bridget had a secure six figure job with a ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/04/2014 139 246 4 -
Steve Kornacki, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow: Promise Kept
I, like millions of other Americas, have watched the emergence of this new generation of television journalists with delight. Like the whole political world, it seems, I am glued to their collective ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/01/2014 160 297 5 -
Iran in U.S. Senate Crosshairs
Pending legislation actively supported by a significant minority of the U.S. Senate, including 15 Democratic Senators, establishes strict economic sanctions to be imposed on Iran should it not ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/27/2013 28 13 1 -
It simply is true. Current Capitalism is failing the American People
This isn't a rant. It's not even really about ideology in any black or white sense. Capitalism, like most human endeavors, isn't static. It evolves, it gets modified and it changes. For all the love ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/06/2013 155 194 6 -
The case for throwing Republicans a fig leaf
It's a straight forward argument. If Republicans get some face saving fig leaf in return for backing off the creaking branch that they've climbed out onto, the odds increase that our American ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/14/2013 51 6 - -
The Republican Idea of Compromise
So now it is looking like the best case scenario end game to stave off the two headed Republican sponsored monster of government shutdown and defaulting on our fiscal obligations is for Republicans ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/10/2013 6 2 - -
There is no new world order. The last one ended in Iraq.
I have mixed feelings about this. People always strive to establish order, that’s one of the main things that we do. We set up homes and make friends. We set up governments and make allies. We ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/10/2013 7 4 - -
Corporate Democrats think we'll tire of "flavor of the month" outrage re: the Chained CPI
We are just liberals being liberals after all, flitting from one burning cause to another. By Summer at the latest they count on us moving on to something else; it might be GMO crops, or Fracking, ...
Tom Rinaldo 04/12/2013 45 28 1 -
So, protest from "his base" can strengthen Obama's hand, eh?
The media has Sister Souljah Psychosis. We are no longer in the 1990's. It is no longer "news" when a Democratic politician rattles liberals. It doesn't stand out as "a refreshing show of ...
Tom Rinaldo 04/10/2013 12 19 - -
War or Peace? A Political Decision
OK, you might call this a flat out rant, written in the wake of a certain official budget leak. Over dramatic? Perhaps. But how many lives continue to be lost to a circle of widening poverty? For ...
Tom Rinaldo 04/06/2013 12 2 - -
This Middle Class Amnesia Won’t Last Much Longer
In these enduring economic hard times, class consciousness in a lagging indicator that most Americans are still loath to recognize. Wall Street C.E.O.s lend their support to campaigns for sweeping “
Tom Rinaldo 03/11/2013 62 158 6 -
The Ultimate Wedge Issues: Rebellion and Civil War
The fringe has been creeping out from under the rocks for decades now and have reached the edge of the playing field, in open view of anyone not caught intentionally looking the other way. Call them ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/14/2013 40 15 - -
The Republican Fraud
It’s no accident that politics has two poles. Conservatives and liberals have debated each other for centuries. The wisest in both camps always acknowledged some virtue in their respective ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/10/2013 6 3 - -
The Anti-Democratic Party: An Overview of the Modern Republican Party
Changing the Rules: Ultimately there are three reasons why anyone might propose changing how Americans elect our government(s); to make the process more or less fair, to make the process more or ...
Tom Rinaldo 01/30/2013 48 39 4 -
If Republicans Obstruct Again They Do So At Great Peril
Nothing is the same this time around, other than the fact that Barack Obama once again got elected President. He isn’t the same as he was four years ago. The nation isn’t the same as it was four ...
Tom Rinaldo 01/23/2013 68 62 3 -
Money and The Maxed Out Right
What will Wall Street do? The Republican Party has been their go to team for most of the last century. Sure Wall Street curried favor among some Democrats also. They are after all the folks who ...
Tom Rinaldo 01/16/2013 2 9 - -
I remember the old definition of "Middle". You know, like the 50 yard line in football.
Mid field has as much turf extending to the right as it does to the left. And when a team runs a fullback up the middle he plows into the center of the opposing line. Middle still means middle in ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/30/2012 12 10 - -
What's not being said about Guns
A small but increasingly influential element of the Republican Right opposes all efforts to regulate assault rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and high capacity ammo magazines precisely because they ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/15/2012 17 5 - -
Tax Cuts, F-35s, or Medicare?
Social Security and Medicare were instituted to combat the damning scourge of Senior poverty in America. Today most Americans may be living longer, but becoming poor younger. Our economy has changed ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/10/2012 13 8 - -
“Shared Sacrifice” and “The Fiscal Cliff”.
The United States by all accounts is deep in debt and something has to give. Our Government needs more income and/or fewer expenses; either that or a lot more credit cards from China. Americans need ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/06/2012 1 - - -
Romney Forfeited His Closing Argument
It’s a tradition when Election Day looms, candidates for President fashion their closing argument to voters. Even when they have nothing new to offer they attempt to make a definitive case. On a ...
Tom Rinaldo 11/05/2012 10 12 - -
For Democrats the Short National Nightmare is Over
On October 4th 2012 we woke up to a chilling prospect. A man who hired for his advisors most of the foreign policy team that thrust America into a disastrous Iraq war; a man who pioneered the ...
Tom Rinaldo 11/02/2012 15 10 - -
An Opportunist Candidate.
It’s not subtle, it’s stark. Rarely has a major party candidate for President so positioned himself to ride any and all prevailing currents, regardless of the facts, the way that Mitt Romney has ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/29/2012 1 - - -
Obama Courts the Motherlode of Undecideds
When you can't see the forest for the trees it becomes easier to get lost. President Obama's swing state scramble has sent a number of political analysts off barking up the wrong tree, failing to ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/26/2012 15 22 - -
Romney Was Afraid of Something Last Night
It wasn't so much his policy shifts, which pretty much left him endorsing Obama's foreign policy agenda - though there certainly was that too. It was the personality transplant that Romney underwent ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/23/2012 60 31 1 -
For Mitt Romney, the Great Recession Never Happened
Not according to his campaign anyway, not when he can get away with it. When Romney says "If you re-elect President Obama, you know what you’re going to get. You're going to get a repeat of the ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/17/2012 5 7 - -
What Recession is He Talking About? Not What a Real Recovery Looks Like???
It was one mean mother fracking recession that the last Republican administration left us with, not at all like the 11 more or less garden variety previous recessions that the United States ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/15/2012 7 8 - -
What Was Buried By The Debate Fixation
While attention stays focused on the words said at the first Presidential debate, and how well or poorly they were spoken, there is a trend gaining momentum in the real world in which Americans ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/10/2012 7 12 - 156
G.O.P. Govs laid off thousands, Repub House killed jobs bills, Big Corporations sat on huge profits
And the unemployment rate still just dropped below 8%, down a full half percentage point this Summer/Fall to 7.8%. Republicans and Romney's Wall Street backers tried every trick in the book to delay ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/09/2012 11 14 1 101
Incoherent on the Middle East
Probing for a weakness to exploit, Mitt Romney’s campaign has turned to attacking President Obama on U.S. policy in the Middle East. Romney claims U.S. leadership is lacking in the region, and ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/25/2012 19 2 - 109
The Politics of "Bring it On!"
That notorious quote from President George W. Bush continues to echo in today's Republican Party. The same macho posture, the same "our troops can handle anything the enemy throws at us, so let them ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/12/2012 5 1 - 53
Focused Like a Laser on a Mirror Ball: How a Paul Ryan Fiasco Became Almost Unavoidable
So I wrote and first posted this (somewhere else) over two weeks ago; on Sunday August 25th to be precise. Both the Republican and Democratic Conventions were still yet to come`Somehow it seems ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/10/2012 9 19 - 277
One Crazy Too Many
No one exactly saw it coming, not then, not there anyway. And certainly not in the person of Clint Eastwood; who is widely viewed as a relatively down to earth and thoughtful man. .But it happened ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/02/2012 116 203 1 1432
Retro Man Lyrics
I filed my taxes many years ago Seperated from my firm And I'm gonna be richer than you forever more I didn't have to quit being CEO on time I kept my pay for three years The past has no hold ...
Tom Rinaldo 07/16/2012 3 - - 22
2016 Tea Party Platform: Privitize Citizenship
Today as we celebrate the American Revolution, let us look forward to future milestones of freedom, independence, and the ultimate triumph of free market forces. Once again ...
Tom Rinaldo 07/04/2011 15 4 - 97
The World Grown Smaller: Wealth Holds No Allegiance
I remember all the optimistic visions of our future generated by the first photos taken by NASA of "Spaceship Earth". No borders could be seen dividing one branch of the human family from another. ...
Tom Rinaldo 04/09/2011 2 - - 23
Heroes in the Dark with names I will never know
The Egyptian citizens who held out through the night to hold onto their position inside Liberation Square saved their Revolution. They showed incredible courage facing down the hoards of armed ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/03/2011 4 4 - 76
Obama's NAFTA moment: Reaganism under a Democratic Banner
Cut the size of Government, give taxpayers back their money, depend on the private sector for solutions to whatever ails us. Our nation is still in the worst economic crisis since the Great ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/13/2010 35 7 - 25
No one ever pooled their tax cuts to build a high speed railroad
The hidden cave in to Republicans,and perhaps the most far reaching in consequences, is Obama's surrender to Republican ideology; tax cuts as the cure all for all that ails us. With the nation in ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/11/2010 28 9 - 33
My Big Picture Populist Rant
Deficits aren't the problem. An untenable economic future is the problem, and while ongoing massive deficits could lead us to that state someday they do not currently pose our gravest economic threat.
Tom Rinaldo 01/28/2010 10 6 - 14
Nine Ways Obama Didn't Fight
The debate continues over whether our support is deserved for Health Care Reform in its current guise, but I can't ignore the paths not taken. The consequences of the choices Obama made on the road ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/23/2009 804 381 13 118
Co-Pays, Deductibles, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Me
As a self employed person who had private insurance and dropped it a few years back, let me simply share this with you. As I kept getting older and my premiums kept increasing, I couldn't afford ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/21/2009 22 10 1 51
Casey Jones you better watch your speed (would have been better off just pushing insurance reforms)
That is what makes this current compromise surrender to special interests so doubly tragic. Like any exercise in legislative sausage making, near infinite deals and trade offs went into crafting the ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/20/2009 23 1 - 128
Comparing Unhealthy States and Electoral Votes; New Data
Forbes Magazine, which has never been called a liberal rag by the Right, recently published a 2009 national survey by the United Health Foundation entitled: "The Healthiest And Unhealthiest States". ...
Tom Rinaldo 11/18/2009 6 3 - 392
A Rant for Reid
Even if Harry Reid knew he didn't have 60 votes locked up, Reid made the right choice. Even if the White House worried that he didn't have 60 votes, he made the right call. The corporate centrists ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/29/2009 4 3 - 53
Red States and Camel Noses
I will feel bad for people living in states that opt out of a public insurance option. However it won't help them one bit if people in NO states are given the choice of a public option instead. ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/27/2009 5 3 - 42
The Problem with a Race to 60 Votes
Yes rumors continue to swirl about President Obama's tactical preferences for pushing health care reform through Congress this year. Some believe that Obama is playing 11 dimensional chess which ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/25/2009 17 1 - 17
A fig leaf for a trigger?
It's true Olympia Snowe does call herself a Republican and she did give her tepid and pointedly non binding support to the Baccus "we don't need no stinkin public option" health care reform approach.
Tom Rinaldo 10/24/2009 6 - - 42
The Democratic Party has been put on notice.
The strong upswell of grassroots support for a real public option in health care reform caught some Party leaders a bit off guard. But what really caught them off guard was the tenacity with which ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/23/2009 17 16 - 21
Political Convergence: Bank Bail Out Profits and the Public Option
The great Wall Street Bail Out, TARP and the various programs associated with it, continues to breed deep levels of resentment and cynicism in the American public who footed the bill for rescuing ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/21/2009 7 - - 41
"Keep your powder dry"
Pick your fight, give it your best shot, wait for the moment to be right; all battle related cliches with more or less the same meaning: be strategic in your timing to increase your chance of victory.
Tom Rinaldo 10/19/2009 3 4 - 55
The Problem with Profits; Case in Point
A small story appeared in the New York Times that few nationally are likely to have noted. It was published on page MB1 of the New York edition, not exactly high profile placement for a national ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/18/2009 18 6 - 78
If Democrats get it right this time...
they will be America's Party for the next two decades, or more. If Democrats find their voice, declare their beliefs, and affirm their values now, they will be ascendant for a generation, or more. ...
Tom Rinaldo 10/15/2009 13 16 1 222
When a Political Party will not defend my interests I will not defend that Party
I am ready to write off the Democratic Party as a cause that I am willing to invest any time, energy or money into. I am willing to see the Democratic Party lose power if that is what it must come to.
Tom Rinaldo 09/30/2009 43 14 2 41
Is the Democratic Party still Proud of Medicare?
It sure doesn't seem like it. For generations the Democratic Party defined themselves as the Party that fought for and won Social Security and Medicare benefits for Americans who needed them most. ...
Tom Rinaldo 08/18/2009 16 2 - 2
A Challenge to Blue Dog & Republican Senators
How many of them would feel comfortable voting on a Sense of the Senate Resolution such as this one?
Tom Rinaldo 08/17/2009 6 2 - 1
I dislike dynasties & I back Caroline Kennedy for Senate
There are two related arguments used against her; that she seeks the office without sufficient experience based on the power of her family connections. In my ideal universe name recognition and ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/17/2008 104 23 - 24
Obama is forming the U.S. near equivelent of a National Unity Government
He hasn't moved to the center, he has moved the center to him. 8 years of George W. Bush's Administration has progressively deepened a national crisis on every front. With challenges as severe as ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/01/2008 71 33 - 22
September 12th - A day and a nation later
In October of 2004, I had the following piece forwarded to the John Kerry campaign by a contact I then had who had access to it's inner circles. It was my proposal for the theme Kerry should have ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/11/2008 6 - - 9
Obama and the Sacred Pow
The Republican Party, true slackers when it comes to upgrading the nation’s mass transit infrastructure, have none the less been busy electrifying the tracks of American politics with all the ...
Tom Rinaldo 08/21/2008 20 12 - -
Why not Rhonda Cornum or David Eberly for VP?
I'm just throwing out a couple of names here, no doubt with a little effort scores more good potential Commander in Chiefs in waiting VP's can be found by pursuing this line of inquiory. It all ...
Tom Rinaldo 08/18/2008 6 - - 8
Obama; his Church, our People.
I fully accept and understand that Barack Obama has remained a member in good standing of Trinity Church for twenty years, even though some pretty outrageous things have been said there from time to ...
Tom Rinaldo 05/30/2008 80 22 2 23
Majority Voices Support for Hillary
The voices of women, who of course make up the largest majority group in America, are featured in two new video ads released by the Hillary Clinton campaign. An appeal to women, and support from ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/27/2008 163 32 1 16
“Opting Out” Undermines Core Democratic Values
Most core Republican Party special interests, with a partial exception for some elements of the Religious Right, essentially believe in Social Darwinism. They heap high praise on “The ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/26/2008 72 8 - -
It's Time for Barack Obama to Call Out Jon Stewart. Who is with me!?!
Jon Stewart just took the malicious racial and religious smears that the Right Wing will try to use to bring Obama down and made them viral. He openly injected America's fear of Islamic extremist ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/25/2008 132 15 - 33
Ron Paul '08: A Primary vs Caucus Results Case Study
No serious political observer ever believed that Ron Paul had a real chance to win the Republican nomination for President in 2008. Ron Paul was always destined to be a spirited also ran. But one ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/10/2008 27 5 - -
I Think I Would Really Like Hillary Clinton If I Knew Her Personally
It's a funny thought for me to settle on now, with a huge election test looming on Super Tuesday. But it's the one that has slowly been working it's way up from my sub conscious mind, and now that it'
Tom Rinaldo 02/03/2008 45 44 - 15
A Strategy to Contain Nuclear Proliferation: Peace
This has become my annual Christmas Day post. May the day come when I feel no need to post this: Some times the obvious must be stated, and this seems to be one of those times. It may almost be too ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/25/2007 4 7 - -
Wes Clark Got 2 Steps Ahead of the Netroots
General Clark went well beyond the mainstream Democratic Party in preemptively positioning himself, and those who stand with him, to confront a growing threat to peace, and also to our Party. For ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/04/2007 89 59 2 25
Poll: Compared to when Wes Clark ran for President in 2004, What do you think of him Now?
The Labor Day weekend is now here which is traditionally when political campaigns begin in ernest, and it is making me think about what was going on at this time in 2003, and how I was feeling when ...
Tom Rinaldo 09/02/2007 44 31 - -
Option "C" for Democrats - Winning on National Security
Labor Day is approaching and George Bush and Dick Cheney are now almost certainly the least popular President and Vice President team in American History. John McCain, the G.O.P. pretender to the ...
Tom Rinaldo 08/22/2007 31 42 1 12
The Case for Clark 08: Best if Used before 10/07
Two things the media loves nowadays are sports and reality TV. No wonder they are so enthralled by Presidential contests. What could possibly be better than two fields of high profile celebrities ...
Tom Rinaldo 07/31/2007 100 70 3 16
Gore, Clark, Kos, and the 2008 Election
For readers of tea leaves, the omens have not been favorable lately for a 2008 Gore Presidential run. For one thing, the man himself still sounds decidedly less than enthusiastic about the prospect,
Tom Rinaldo 07/24/2007 120 68 3 18
Freed from the Shackles of Ideology: Today’s G.O.P.
Some observers perceive a double standard in how the Republican Party of today trumpets the righteousness of President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence compared to their ...
Tom Rinaldo 07/05/2007 25 9 1 -
“If we want a war with a billion Muslims we can probably have one.” - Wes Clark
Subtitle: When Pushers Sell You a First Hit Cheap – Worst Case Scenario. The Neocons are mobilizing again, this time pushing hard for an American strike on Iran. Few any longer doubt their ...
Tom Rinaldo 06/23/2007 401 258 9 35
We Are Losing the Fight Over Iran
The neocons have selected the designated next enemy of the United States, and they are hard at work convincing Americans to fear Iran. The public comments we just heard Joe Lieberman utter about the ...
Tom Rinaldo 06/15/2007 440 321 18 43
2008's Second Season
America’s omnipresent attention deficit disorder is again on an annual collision course with the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. With more temptations calling our attention than sun drenched ...
Tom Rinaldo 05/29/2007 26 19 1 6
READ THIS ON IRAN: "Diplomacy at Its Worst" - Nicholas D. Kristof
All the dirty secrets about the disaster the Bush Administration has been for America have been flooding out of the closet of late, but this one is particularly timely now, on the eve of Condi Rice'...
Tom Rinaldo 05/02/2007 22 32 1 15
The Netroots' Greatest Challenge
It's a big one this time, a really big one. It isn't about electing the right person to office, no matter how high the office. It isn't about changing Congress, no matter how poorly it functions. It'...
Tom Rinaldo 02/23/2007 352 172 9 19
Our Canary in a Neocon Coal Mine
It’s been over 40 years since LBJ refused to choose between Guns and Butter, and we all came out losers because of it. Had he chosen only Guns, fewer Americans would have paid an economic price,
Tom Rinaldo 02/09/2007 33 37 1 10
"I Heard a Clark Candidacy at the DNC Meeting in Washington"
I am posting this Diary for a friend, Gordon Suber, who neglected to become a member of kos in time to post it here himself. His observations are important. They should be shared. I'll add my own ...
Tom Rinaldo 02/04/2007 184 110 3 66
Clark Challenges Bush in DC on Iraq
Smack dab in the Beltway's Morning newspaper, The Washington Post, General Wesley Clark takes it right at the Bush Administration today, in an OpEd I'm sure that they don't want to read, but which ...
Tom Rinaldo 01/08/2007 593 383 7 20
Looks Like Big Trouble Ahead for Clinton and Obama.
The recent performances by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in national opinion polls measuring the support potential Democratic Party Candidates for President currently have, is enough to set off ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/27/2006 31 18 - -
How I First Came To Support Wes Clark For President
I probably wrote this piece about a year ago actually, but nothing has changed. While all of us are waiting to find out for sure if Wes Clark will run again in 2008, I thought I could share with ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/20/2006 387 261 10 22
The Lid On Pandora’s Trunk; Stopping the Next War NOW
With eyes fixated on the horror of Iraq, it is hard for our minds to grasp the greater pending horror of Iran, but our government is still stuck on a collision course for disaster with that ancient ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/18/2006 32 35 1 19
Startling True Confession: I Am A Candidate Advocate
I wasn't always like this. I still remember what life was like before this overcame me. I remember when I used to wear political buttons that NEVER had anyone's name on them - unless of course I ...
Tom Rinaldo 12/10/2006 28 33 6 11
The Donkey In The Room: Wes Clark 2008
Tradition says an elephant in the room doesn’t get talked about, but tradition’s just another word for conventional wisdom, and CW until a few months ago said the U.S. Senate would stay ...
Tom Rinaldo 11/20/2006 639 316 12 30
Rep. John Boehmer and I agree about Donald Rumsfeld
Tom Rinaldo 11/02/2006 4 5 - -
Why not have the Vice President Deny that he Beats his Wife while he's at it?
Tom Rinaldo 10/28/2006 18 7 1 -
Clark Flys Under National Media Radar For Dems In 06
Tom Rinaldo 10/18/2006 92 78 3 13
Republicans Will have the Cash, so do We have the Will?
Tom Rinaldo 10/05/2006 9 14 - 146
Election Math for Democrats: 2 + 2 + 2 = Clark
Tom Rinaldo 09/26/2006 101 49 2 16
Will NY Return Hillary To Washington With A Message?
Tom Rinaldo 09/08/2006 31 8 1 2
TV Station Sets $$$ Threshold to Block NY Clinton vs Tasini Primary Debate
Tom Rinaldo 08/03/2006 40 11 - 111
Bush's Low Tide Line On North Korea
Tom Rinaldo 07/05/2006 15 8 - -
Wes Clark's 4th of July Comments
Tom Rinaldo 07/04/2006 12 16 - 6
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