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Pepsi and aspartame–an unscientific decision
Unless you're a follower of the junk science presented by the pseudoscience shill, Joe Mercola and other crackpots, you probably didn't think much of the artificial sweetener called aspartame (or ...
SkepticalRaptor 04/29/2015 143
The other ones - overlooked aircraft of WWII
I struggled to come up with a decent title for this one. This is about the planes that were overshadowed by their more glamorous counterparts. Everybody loves Mustangs, Spitfires and Hellcats. I ...
Major Kong 04/28/2015 232
How Much Radioactivity Are We Exposed to While Sampling Seawater for Fukushima Radioisotopes?
The purpose of this diary is to introduce a brief, informal movie made while using a Geiger Counter in the laboratory today. This diary is part of an ongoing effort to communicate what the ...
MarineChemist 04/20/2015 5
Sink or Swim: UVic's Mike Irvine First to Defend His Masters Thesis Underwater
In case you're interested (ICYI) you will be able to watch the first Masters degree defence conducted underwater. It will live stream in about 30 minutes from now. From the YouTube description: ...
MarineChemist 04/20/2015 3

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